Chainsaw chain oil what to replace

Chainsaw chain oil, 10 tools than can’t be substituted for expensive chainsaw chain oil

In order for the chainsaw to work properly, qualitatively performing its functions, it is necessary to use the appropriate chain oils. The choice of consumable determines the service life of the saw unit. What to replace oil for chainsaw chain, if there is no possibility to buy expensive options?

The alternative is a lubricant that has good adhesive properties. Compounds with low adhesion rates accelerate the wear of the unit, because the lower part of the bar is left without lubrication. There are also variants that are forbidden to use for saw chains.

Volga Oil M-8V

Multi-purpose engine oil, which is suitable not only for gasoline and diesel cars, but also for chain saws. The product, known as “Autol”, contains a mineral base and multifunctional additives. Inexpensive option to work at subzero temperatures.

  • Excellent adhesion values;
  • high level of heat resistance;
  • Increases the service life of the unit;
  • freezing temperature. 25-35 degrees below zero.

Chains Chains Oil How to Replace Chains Oil

Chainsaw chain oil. What oil to use for chainsaw chain lubrication?

Chainsaws are a popular tool for those who have to do many household chores without help from others. They can be used for many purposes. for making firewood, to cut off dry twigs But for the device to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it, choosing the different compositions well. How to choose chain oil for chainsaws What to consider. Chain oil for chainsaw chains plays a special role, depending on the mechanism of the tool and its features.

What to consider?

Chain lubrication should be given as much attention as possible. First you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. That’s because it makes sure the self-lubrication system works flawlessly. The chain requires and proper storage, that is immersion in oil, and in case of wear it is not worth trying to reanimate the old chain. it is easier to replace it. What chainsaw chain oil to choose to be safe and meet all requirements?

Types and Composition

Choose a particular oil depending on where and how the chainsaw is used. Chainsaw chain oil, how to properly prepare the mixture yourself, what are the proportions of oil and gasoline, in what to mix. Mineral compositions are suitable for summer and warm seasons. In other cases it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. When it is necessary to lubricate the chain, you should not use waste oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel system, and then to serious damage to the tool.

Chainsaw chain oil must be thoroughly cleaned in order to lubricate properly and accurately. If you use a low-quality lubricant there is no contact between the blade and the machine, sparks will start to form and then the moving parts of the saw will be worn out.

How to choose?

Every chainsaw has a carbureted two-stroke engine and two tanks: one is filled with gasoline, the other with oil. When choosing a lubricant, zoning plays an important role. it should be minimal. Different chainsaw manufacturers produce chain oil for chainsaws. The more. Another important indicator is resistance to low temperatures: the oil should not freeze in severe sub-zero temperatures, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

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For the lubrication it is advisable to use the adhesive oil for chainsaw chains, which contains special substances that make the compound adheres well to the chain. Good-quality oil will stay on the chain as it turns, and the chain will be more reliable in use.

Another important indicator of grease. density: if the composition is liquid, it will be consumed in larger quantities. In order to avoid environmental damage when using a chainsaw, it is important to use oil on a plant basis. its waste will decompose in the natural environment.

What chain oil for a chainsaw to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a wide range of options? Among the specialized producers it is possible to mention such brands as Divinol, Bio-Kettenol, Ravenol, VegOil, Mobil, Castrol, Shell. Let’s consider the features of their products in more detail.


This brand offers a high quality chain lubricant that has good adhesion and lubrication abilities, so that the lubrication is done well and the chain links and joints are reliably protected from wear. The optimum combination of viscosity and temperature characteristics ensures that this oil can be used in any season and at any temperature.

Divinol offers different chain oil for chainsaws. Which one to use? Zweitaktoel FF impresses with its economical consumption, compatibility with any fuel, prevention of fuel aging and excellent corrosion protection. Easier to replace. Use chain oil for chainsaws. Also this oil can be used in all temperatures. Divinol Kettenol and Divinol Kettenol Bio can be used for the lubrication of chainsaw chains and bars. These formulations protect chain links and joints reliably against wear and ensure economical use of oil. The high quality organic chain oils in this brand ensure perfect lubrication and adhesive properties and are therefore not only easy to use but also environmentally friendly.

Chain oil

Chain oil is a very important part of a chainsaw. VK.

Which is better for chain lubrication: oil or used oil??

When it’s useless to argue and prove, watch this video, what’s the right way to lubricate your saw?


Which chainsaw chain oil to choose? Many people note Ravenol’s formulations. We can offer you sharpening machines for chainsaws. Chainsaw chain sharpening oil consumption. Thus, Ravenol Saegekettenoel S 85 is a special mineral oil, created in Germany from high quality base oil with a number of additives. Buy a professional chain sharpening machine Oregon at a bargain price from an official dealer. It is suitable for the lubrication of saw chains, has good adhesion and lubrication properties. Thanks to special additives oil remains on the chain even at high revolutions of the saw, and the chain itself becomes more reliable in operation. Provides oil and reliable protection against corrosion even if the work is not carried out in the most favorable conditions. Thanks to the use of this compound it is possible to:

  • reduce saw chain vibration;
  • to protect it reliably against corrosion;
  • to cool the chain due to good thermal conductivity;
  • gives a clean, fast cut in all types of wood.

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Everyone is familiar with STIHL sawmill bearings. STIHL ecological STIHL chain oil is particularly effective, as it is based on vegetable compounds. This chain oil has a high quality that can be appreciated in all climates. STIHL products have always been popular with customers because of their environmental friendliness. The STIHL BioPlus chain oil deserves special attention, because it is designed for fast-moving chains. It is different:

Importance for the sawing mechanism

Electric chainsaw chain oil lubricates several parts of the sawing mechanism at the same time:

Lubricating device Source dm-st.See also: Directory of companies that specialize in landscaping of any complexity

The ideal setting is for the lubricating substance to flow slowly and in portions. at set intervals. Initially falling into the bar groove, then it is distributed along the guides and the entire surface area and teeth of the sprockets. The oil thus reduces the frictional forces between the parts that set the movement and the guides.

Switching from an electric model to a liquid-fuel model in operation, the user often has questions about what oil to pour for chain lubrication chainsaw. is it acceptable to use the previously used for the analog with an electric motor. The manufacturers have answered in the affirmative.

The only thing the user may encounter is the need for manual lubrication. some models still do not have an automatic lubrication system. At the same time, the more advanced models are equipped with special pumps with the ability to regulate the delivery flow.

chainsaw, chain, replace

Please note! Most electric models equipped with an oil pump do not have the function of adjusting the lubricant flow. That’s why the questions of how to properly feed the chain oil of an electric saw. which oil to use for specific operating conditions, solved only by the selection of substances with different viscosity.

electric saw with automatic oil supply to the cutting part Source

Oil to gasoline ratio for a chainsaw

To find out how much oil to put in your gasoline for your chainsaw (as well as for any other two-stroke technique: grass trimmer, power drill, etc.).д.), you need to look up the correct oil ratio in your chainsaw manual or on the packaging. Usually, when using the “native” version, the proportion is 1:50. If you use another type, it is recommended to mix it in proportion of 1:40. For example, if the proportion is 1:50, we divide 1 liter by 50 and receive 0.02 liter. This is the amount we need to add to 1 liter of gasoline. That is, pour 20 ml per 1 liter of gasoline.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw must be followed with great accuracy, so to determine the right amount, I advise to use an ordinary medical syringe for 20-25 ml. In addition, there are special packages with dispenser, as well as containers for mixing. The latter allow you to measure as the right amount of both mixed products.

If you use a syringe or a package with a dosing device, you should have a container, with which you can measure necessary amount of gasoline.

So, after adding the required amount of oil to the gasoline, just shake the container in which they are mixed, and that’s it. the fuel mixture is ready.

You should not stock up on gasoline, because it has a limited shelf life. Usually the storage time after mixing should not exceed one month, but some service centers recommend not storing the finished fuel mixture for more than 3 days at all.

Chain oil

In other cases, it is quite possible to replace the oil for chain lubrication with any other oil except waste oil. However, there is one more nuance Users often have a question.”Why chain lube oil consumption is higher than petrol mixture? Their consumption is connected with each other?” Here it is worth bearing in mind that chainsaw manufacturers consider the consumption of oil to lubricate the chain, pouring their proprietary. Consumption of any other oil may be higher or lower.

On many chain saws, from the semi-professional there is a possibility of setting the oil consumption for chain lubrication. This is done by adjusting the capacity of the oil pump.

If there is no such adjustment, the settings come from the factory. How to check if your chainsaw is using the proper amount of chain oil? Start the saw, throttle it up and bring it to a board, log or other surface that is horizontal. Chain oil particles should fly off the running chain and leave a thin, even trail of oil.

When to use special oil for chain lubrication

The use of special oils for chain lubrication will be justified in the following cases:

  • You have a new chain saw under warranty and you should use the oils recommended by the chain saw manufacturer to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, if the oil pump fails, for example, the repair will not be made under warranty. Especially for the more expensive professional chainsaws.
  • You respect the environment and would rather not contaminate it unnecessarily. In this case, oils with “bio” prefix are suitable.
  • When working at critical temperatures.

Let’s look at several types of oil from different manufacturers and sort them by price range, environmental friendliness and container volume.

Brands of chain saw chain oil

  • Nanotech Standard Chain Lubricant. Suitable for temperatures down to.20 degrees.
  • Adhesive oil Nanotech Premium. For working at.30 degrees.
  • Chain oil from the renowned machine tool and equipment manufacturer. Encor. Capacities of 1 liter.
  • And last in this category is Champion oil. Capacity 1 liter.

Brand-name oils intended for use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Makita oil
  • Makita Biotop oil.
  • Husqvarna Bio Adhesive Oil.
  • Oregon Chain Oil 1 liter.
  • STIHL Bio Plus oil.
  • STIHL oil 1 liter

Large capacity oil packs save money when purchasing. Relevant for companies with high volume of work.

Often the easiest choice for chain and bar lubrication is the straightforward M-8 or M-10 oil. Its performance is adequate for the required purpose.

At low temperatures, oil with a low pour point is necessary, otherwise the oil pump might break.

Operational properties

Branded or conventional chainsaw chain oil has the density, viscosity, contaminant removal and other specifications that are specified by special standards.

  • Organic and mineral formulas do not differ significantly in their working properties.
  • Experienced users recommend operating on organic consumables if the intervals between use of the chainsaw are not more than a few days.
  • Anticorrosive and other protective properties of more expensive mineral oils, if the tool is used for sporadic jobs.

It is easy to check the oil for compliance with external temperature conditions, as well as check the lubrication system for proper operation. Hold for a few seconds the headset of a medium-speed saw over a clean sheet of paper.

The breadth and intensity of the oil band is an indication of the suitability of the compound for continuous use at a given air temperature and the performance of the built-in oil pump.

Criteria for independent choice

The problem of how to replace brand name chain oil that is not available on the market is a problem for many peripheral regions. According to experts, a full-fledged analogue is the products of the well-known brands STIHL and Husqvarna, which are identical in their main characteristics. The motor and chain oils from these manufacturers have proven to be the best in every respect.

Given the possibilities of the offered range, the consumer can make a choice in favor of a more expensive chain oil or its budget analogues. In addition to branded products, the list also includes Enkor, Nanotek Standard and Nanotek Premium oils which retain their performance at temperatures up to.30°С.

Mineral-based versions are represented by Makita and Makita Oregon brands, organic chain oils Makita Biotop and STIHL Bio Plus have identical lubricating properties and are sold in packages of 1 to 25 liters.

Professional sawyers for the most part prefer brand lubricants of the same brand. Using the same brand of oil all the time allows you to explore and get the most out of it.

Determining the right level

For reliable operation it is important to know not only what oil to use for chain lubrication, but also how high the oil level should be in the tank. The manufacturer of the electric models usually puts special markings on the containers and gives the corresponding recommendations in the technical documentation.

chainsaw, chain, replace

The gasoline counterparts have a simpler design. In most modern models the volumes of oil and gasoline tanks are proportional to each other. This means that they are consumed at the same rate as you work. Therefore, it is better to fill them to the top immediately before use, so that during strenuous work there is no need to refill one or the other.

If the oil for an electric chainsaw or its gasoline variation is used excessively, the only drawback will be overconsumption. Lack of lubrication is another matter. It can result in severe consequences of the following nature:

  • Tire breakage.
  • Rapid wear of the guide slot.
  • Jamming and grinding on the drive sprocket.
  • Boring, resetting, or breaking the chain.

Chainsaw repairing Source

Chain saw lubricant is available today from the following popular manufacturers:

The best-selling lubricants are from German company STIHL. Its three popular varieties:

  • ForestPlus. with increased adhesion, for temperatures up to.15 °C.
  • BioPlus is biodegradable, suitable for cold up to.15 °C.
  • SynthPlus. allows the chain saw to be operated in cold conditions up to.25 °C.

Good to know! When solving the problem of which oil for a chainsaw is best when there are several different blends, you should know that substances of the same type, but different brands are acceptable to mix. However, storing such a mixture for a long time is not recommended. Mixing oils of different types, e.g. synthetic and mineral, even of the same company, is by no means allowed!

Starting chain saw in freezing temperatures Source

What oils are suitable for chain lubrication. classification

The following types of chainsaw chain oil are recommended for chainsaw chain lubrication:

  • from world-renowned manufacturers (STIHL, DAEWOO, Husqvarna and others, the packaging of such oils usually has an o);
  • original chain from the same manufacturer (if available in the range);
  • With a good biodegradability index according to CEC-L-33-T-82 (95%);
  • with viscosity according to European quality and safety standards. Standard example: viscosity index 130 DIN ISO 2909, density at 15°C. 0.89 g/cm³ DIN 51757, thickening point.25°C DIN ISO

Selection criteria

We recommend that you choose an oil for your electric chainsaw or its gasoline equivalent on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Product must not have any obvious fractional separation or sludge.
  • Specifications must be certified by the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer must be registered and legally registered.
  • Before buying a particular oil, it is useful to read the reviews of real consumers of the product.

Chainsaw Check Source com Deciding which chainsaw chain oil is right is impossible without a hands-on test. The product should ideally not smell of overheated wood at 100% load, and the engine should not show signs of overloading.

Selection criteria

It is advisable to choose an oil for an electric chainsaw or its gasoline counterpart based on the following criteria:

  • The product should have no obvious fractional separation or sludge.
  • Specifications must be officially certified by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturing company must be registered and have a legal address.
  • Before buying a particular oil, it is useful to read the reviews of real users of the product.

Chain saw inspection Source com Deciding which chainsaw chain oil is right is impossible without a practical test. Ideally, at 100% load, there should be no smell of overheated wood in operation, the engine should not show signs of overloading.

What to replace the original expensive oil with and is it worth it?

In situations where the original cannot be used, it can be replaced by car engine oil. Cheap automobile oils like motor oil or diesel variants of grease, due to low adhesive properties, are unsuitable for long-term use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. This oil can not have any negative effects on the lubrication system, and therefore the difference is only as a protection of the tire from chain friction.

chainsaw, chain, replace


Budget substitute for expensive chain oil. Due to the presence of functional additives in the composition has a number of unique properties. In particular, the use of “Caliber” can increase the service life of the chain and the whole unit. There is a special scale on the side of the canister that shows how much grease is available.

  • mineral basis;
  • Protects against corrosion;
  • Low evaporation;
  • Reduces chain vibration;
  • it is consumed sparingly.

Oil does not flow to the chain, what are the causes?

It is not always possible to immediately see when working that there is no oil in the chainsaw chain. Signs of Lack of Lubrication:

  • The level in the tank does not drop;
  • Sawing is difficult, accompanied by a burning wood smell;
  • No oil droplets come off the tip of the chain saw bar.

If you find an oil system malfunction, you need to determine the cause. There are few of them. a clog, a broken hose, or a faulty oil pump.

Dirt and swarf are most likely to clog the oil supply line. Blowing with air or purging with a thin wire is sufficient to correct the fault. oil tank has its own internal filter. With normal oil, clogging is unlikely, but with used oil, clogging is quite possible. It will have to be cleaned.

The oil hose could be damaged or completely ruptured. Temporarily it is possible to seal the damaged place, but it is more reliable to replace it with a new one.

And the most serious problem is a broken oil pump. The reasons may be different. the worm gear teeth have worn out, the plunger has jammed, and others. It will not be easy to remove the pump and replace the damaged part yourself. It’s easier and more reliable to call a service center.