Chainsaw Champion Won’T Start

Determine the availability of fuel and its supply.

First you need to make sure that there is a fuel mixture in the tank of a chainsaw that does not want to start, and it regularly enters the carburetor. With a full tank, we check how the mixture is fed through the gas line. Disconnect the fuel system pipe from the carburetor and try to pump it up. In the case of a complete order, when pumping, gasoline will be supplied in jerks in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer. Poor or no fuel supply can result from:

  • The fuel supply channel is clogged;
  • Debris-clogged fuel filter.

Often the reason for a poor start of the chainsaw can be a tank that is too full. In this case, you should pay attention to the presence of smudges under the saw case cover. If present, see the connection of the gasoline feed pipe to the carburetor. Most often, it is squeezed out by pressure when the tank cap is screwed on, filled right up to the neck, which prevents the engine from starting.

The quality of the fuel mixture can also be one of the reasons why the chainsaw does not start. If, after completing the work, the remaining gasoline is not drained, and the tool is left for long-term storage (more than 2 weeks), then the processes of resin formation and polymerization of the components will begin to occur inside the tank. What can cause carbon deposits on the piston, rings and cylinder liner. Therefore, always prepare the mixture only in the required amount before work.

Chinese chainsaw does not work

First of all, what I would like to note is that Chinese devices are quite reliable and powerful, at least as practice shows. And the reasons for its breakdowns are not much different from all other models from other manufacturers. But there is one feature that does not tolerate negligence in relation to chainsaws of Chinese manufacturers, namely the fuel that is poured directly into it.

Since many "smart people" believe that the main thing is to fill, and what to fill does not matter, and so it will do. And then they wonder why the device does not work.

Therefore, special efforts are not needed to eliminate this problem, just use oil and gasoline from the manufacturer who "created" your chainsaw and everything will be fine. Look in more detail at:

Chainsaw won’t start: causes of the problem and how to fix them

Situations when a chainsaw unexpectedly stalls or does not start at all do not happen with high-quality products as often as with cheaper copies, but still good domestic or foreign tools are not insured against this.

Such cases are not only annoying due to stopped work, but can also cause serious injury, because due to problems with the motor, the chain may not stop completely and start moving again abruptly after pressing the lever. To insure ourselves against this, we will analyze in more detail the reasons for stopping the operation of the chainsaw and tell you about methods for solving these problems.

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Chainsaw Champion Won'T Start

Ignition coil

The reason that a new chainsaw does not start, or does not start well, may be the ignition coil. Modern chainsaws are equipped with electronic ignition coils. This part cannot be repaired, and, as a rule, if there is a defect, it changes completely.

Checking the condition of the fuel and air filters.

If everything is in order with the fuel quality, the chainsaw engine may not start due to clogged fuel and air filters. To diagnose these elements, it will be necessary to perform a number of manipulations associated with their dismantling.

For the fuel filter:

  • Disconnect the gasoline supply channel from the carburetor;
  • Pump up fuel.

If there is little or no pressure in the pipe, disconnect the filter. Before this, free the tank from the mixture and remove the filter element itself. Dismantling is done with a wire hook. A clogged replacement cartridge that causes a poor starting of the chainsaw engine can be cleaned, but it is best to replace it with a new one. When using the tool in dusty conditions, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.

A clogged air filter can cause the chainsaw engine to run erratically, making it stalling or difficult to start. Dust and dirt deposited on the adsorbent material impede the flow of air into the system, make the fuel mixture so rich that starting the tool will sometimes be difficult.

Checking the air filter is one of the first steps in finding the cause of a poor start.

Care should be taken when removing the air filter, as dust accumulated on the surface of the saw during operation can enter the carburetor. And this is fraught with more expensive repairs. After detaching the cartridge, thoroughly clean it from accumulated dirt and rinse it with the addition of detergent. Dry the element and place it in place just as carefully.

The chainsaw starts and immediately stalls

The reason for this kind of malfunction may be the pouring of a direct candle at the very moment when you are trying to start the chainsaw. Since a significant amount of gasoline is collected precisely between the electrodes of the plug, therefore, a spark cannot be created. You can fix this kind of breakdown yourself, and you do not have to contact specialized services.

To do this, simply turn out the candle itself and dry it. You can also try to heat up, this will not be superfluous, but remember that this kind of manipulation must be carried out exclusively through a gas burner.

Otherwise, a specific carbon deposit may appear on the very surface of the direct electrodes. In the meantime, while your candle dries out, you need to drain the excess fuel directly using the hole and leave to dry for about half an hour.

Champion produces domestic and semi-professional chainsaws. This means that any of the models is quite suitable for solving simple tasks that do not involve many hours of work. Chainsaws Champion are much better than Chinese consumer goods, but much worse than the German Calm or Italian Oleo-Mac. Where are chainsaws made, their design features, which of the presented models are worth buying and what breaks in them. About all this in order and in more detail within the framework of this article.

Allegedly professional

Celestial engineers do not stand still and are constantly improving their tools by introducing ever more advanced technologies into them. The result of the work was an attempt to swing at the segment of professional chainsaws. In its model range, this class is represented by two saws:

  • Champion 255.
  • Champion 265.
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The 255th model has a 55 cc engine. See, double wiper piston, aluminum housing, impact resistant plastic, 18 ” (45 cm) tire. All these improvements increase the reliability of the tool and bring it closer to the professional class.

Chainsaw Champion 265 has impressive performance and modern technological equipment. Two rings on the piston, robust body, large engine displacement. 64 cu. See Tire length 18 inches (45 cm).

The manufacturer classifies it as professional, although it is not. Still, for a professional coupled with power, reliability is also needed, which makes the saw far from shining in comparison, for example, with professional saws from Husqvarna or Stihl.

Manufacturer country

Saws are made in China. The Celestial Empire is also the birthplace of the brand. Champion has been on the market for a long time and has established itself as a supplier of reliable and inexpensive garden equipment: chainsaws, saws, trimmers, lawn mowers, tillers, etc.

Chainsaw Champion 254

Judging by the technical characteristics, this is a transitional model between two classes. semi-professional and professional. The manufacturer positions it as a household one and does not recommend using it in daily hours of work, although often such saws are found at construction sites.

Equipped with a powerful engine, a productive headset. Differs in increased reliability. It will be an excellent option for harvesting firewood in small quantities. The chainsaw is not suitable for light work, because The heaviest and the tire is long. The tool is sold with a reduced kickback chain as standard.

  • 54 cc engine See, 3.3 HP;
  • Tire length 18 inches;
  • Weight 5.1 kg (assembled approx. 6 kg).

Household chainsaws Champion 137 and 142

Both chainsaws are designed for the household and are the best-selling chainsaws in the Champion range. The 137 model has been upgraded as many as 3 times during its existence. After her, the 142 model saw the light, which is an improved modification of the 137.

For a while they were even called analogues of Husqvarna 137 and 142. Tools still occupy a worthy position in the ratings of chainsaws.

Condition of the air intake and muffler

The cause of a problem start may be a clogged air cleaner filter with sawdust. If the engine starts with the air intake removed, special attention should be paid to cleaning the filter. A large amount of carbon deposits in the muffler affects the power and thrust of the power unit, but the engine should start without much effort.

Pro tips for mixture control

If the performed checks did not give the proper result, proceed to the ignition check. An inverted wet candle indicates an excess of fuel and a lack of air, a mixture that fills the candle at startup cannot ignite even a powerful spark in such a proportion.

To bring the quality and quantity of the air-gasoline mixture to the optimal parameter, a wide range of operational adjustments is used. Fuel overflow in old chainsaws can be caused by leaks in the fuel supply valve and carburetor float valve.

In standard situations, after a short purge of the cylinder with the plug removed or the decompressor turned on, normal start-up is restored completely.

Mechanical seizure of the piston or crank mechanism

This malfunction occurs due to the sticking of the piston in the cylinder or the destruction of the crankshaft bearing. This happens when the engine overheats or if it runs for a long time on pure gasoline.

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In the first case, it is recommended to cool the power unit, then pour a few drops of engine oil into the spark plug hole. In most cases, the engine can be wedged, but the consequence of this incident may be the appearance of scoring on the piston. The tack is not reflected on the chrome surface of the cylinder mirror.

If the measures taken did not give the proper result, the saw must be repaired in a specialized workshop.

Limitations in self-tuning the warranty tool

Even in the presence of an easy start system, new equipment that has not been run in is relatively tight. It is not recommended to disassemble the recoil starter before the end of the warranty service and repair.

  • For service departments, such a revision may become a reason for refusing a free replacement for more valuable equipment that has failed.
  • In case of self-elimination of minor defects, such as "no gasoline is supplied" or "the fastening of the air intake is loose", no penalties are applied.
  • Practice shows that problems with the launch of budget range chainsaws appear after 2-3 years of operation. In such a situation, the owner has to put up with additional repair costs or rely on their own locksmith skills.

Thanks to the higher quality of materials and factory assembly, branded models have much less launch problems. Nevertheless, the recommendations given in this article may be useful for owners of medium and high-end chainsaws.

The information received will tell you the direction of solving the problem when the Chinese chainsaw does not start. Almost all Chinese chainsaw imports are developed on the basis of European models, therefore, design and operational differences are insignificant.

Checking the supply of the combustible mixture and the ignition system

First of all, you should make sure that there is fuel in the carburetor float chamber. After several attempts to start the engine, an unscrewed dry candle will tell you that the reason for the poor start is in the absence of a combustible mixture.

Recommended sequence of actions:

  • Checking the fuel filter;
  • Gas line passability;
  • The cleanliness of the drain hole of the fuel tank cap;
  • Hanging of the carburetor float valve in the closed position is not excluded.

To clean the volume of the cylinder, it is necessary to make several energetic jerks with the starter with the plug removed and the ignition off. In the absence of a new, obviously working candle, it is necessary to dry thoroughly and check the old one for a spark. Heating it up over an open fire is not desirable, since there is a high probability of insulator cracking and its complete failure.

To check for sparking, a spark plug with a cap on must be attached to the saw body and crank the crankshaft with a starter. A working candle gives out a strong discharge, accompanied by a characteristic crackle.

A small spark with a red tint indicates a malfunction of the ignition unit, high-voltage conductor or internal resistor of the standard candlestick.

Features of the return of chainsaw rejects

A defective new chainsaw must be exchanged at the place of purchase within 14 days. After this time, the warranty comes into effect, allowing you to eliminate the malfunction of the instrument at the service center free of charge.