Chainsaw Forward Starts And Stalls Failure Cause

Each owner of a chainsaw throughout the life of the tool regularly encounters problems. As a result of various malfunctions, the chainsaw refuses to start, or works with noticeable failures. Specialists will help to fix any of the malfunctions. However, to save your time and money, you can try to repair the tool yourself. For this, you do not need to have expensive equipment. It is enough to have tools that can be found in any garage.

How to start a chainsaw?

Before you start the tool, you need to read the manual for its operation. The instructions for some models indicate that before starting the saw, an inertial brake must be applied to instantly stop the chain. Thus, starting the tool will be safer for the operator. However, with the brake on, it will be much more difficult to make a saw. In practice, it is best to start the saw with the brake off, while adhering to safety regulations.

To properly start a cold chainsaw, you need to adhere to the following procedure:

  1. First of all, you need to move the throttle adjustment lever to the lowest position. It should be noted that the lever can be moved to this position only when the gas lever is pressed. During this, the carburetor throttle will close. To perform further actions, the gas lever must be locked in the pressed position;
  2. Then you will need to sharply pull the standard starter cable several times. This must be done until the saw motor starts up, and then stalls. Next, the flap position lever must be moved one position up;
  3. After that, you need to again sharply pull on the starter cable;
  4. Then you need to quickly press the throttle lever and release it. In this case, the damper adjustment lever will automatically move to its working position. The engine speed will fall, which will indicate the readiness of the chainsaw for further work.

To make the tool hot, you will need to move the throttle control lever to the middle position and rarely pull on the starter cable.

Why not start a chainsaw. causes and solutions

Each model has its own weaknesses. Some saws require regular carb adjustment. The disadvantage of others is the chain lubrication system. Be that as it may, any breakdown can be eliminated with your own hands, if you understand what its cause is, and what are its signs.

What should I do if the chainsaw stalls when I press the gas?

As a rule, owners of chainsaws begin to encounter this breakdown after the first 6 months of intensive use of the tool. There may be several reasons for this malfunction.

Their list includes:

  • use of fuel mixture prepared in the wrong proportion. If you regularly pour low-quality gasoline into the chainsaw tank, in which too much or too little oil is placed, the tool will not start. In this case, it will be necessary to drain the fuel and also dry the engine cylinder. To do this, you need to sharply pull the starter cable a few times. After this, you need to fill in the correctly prepared fuel, and start the saw engine;
  • filling the spark plug with oil at the time of starting the engine. This problem can be solved by removing, cleaning and drying the candles. After 30 minutes, the candle will dry and it can be screwed in. After that, you will need to start a chainsaw;
  • lack of spark. This indicates a bad contact between the factory high-voltage wire and the tip of the plug. If the contact is not broken, but there is still no spark, then you need to check the electronic unit of the chainsaw ignition system. This item is not repairable, so it will need to be completely replaced;
  • clogged air filter. This element of the saw must be regularly cleaned of debris, small insects and dust. Otherwise, air will not enter the carburetor, where it should enrich the fuel mixture. As a result, the saw will stop starting up. To solve the problem, you need to clean the filter, or replace it.

Chainsaw Forward Starts And Stalls Failure Cause

In most cases, the chainsaw ceases to start due to the use of low-quality fuel and engine oil. No need to save on working fluids, as this will lead to complex and lengthy repairs.

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The chainsaw starts up normally, but stalls when gas is added

One of the common breakdowns of household chainsaws is to work only at idle, and instantaneous failure when you press the standard gas trigger.

There can always be several reasons for this malfunction:

  • clogging or initially incorrect adjustment of a standard carburetor. in this case, you will need to clean the unit and adjust it according to the instructions in the instruction manual;
  • clogging of the base air filter of the tool used. because of this, air does not enter the saw carburetor, which leads to a gradual loss of power;
  • clogging or wear of the fuel filter. as a result, the part is not able to pass the amount of fuel that is necessary for the engine to gain speed.

If the chainsaw is idling but stalls under load, the first thing the owner should do is check the condition of the filters. Only after this can you start setting up the carburetor.

Chainsaw starts and stalls. repair malfunction

This problem often results from a carburetor breakdown. Its cause is often the malfunction of the main fuel jet or pump, which is responsible for pumping fuel.

It is also a common cause of chainsaw failure. this is air leaks in the crankcase. If it is insignificant, then the operation of the engine will not change much, only its power will drop slightly and the speed will increase, which will lead to its accelerated heating. With a gradual increase in suction, the chainsaw motor will stop idling and will quickly overheat when working under load. Too much air suction will cause the saw motor to quickly stop working immediately after starting it.

To eliminate the breakdown, the nozzle and the fuel pump of the chainsaw must be completely replaced. You will also need to clean the tool cylinder from deposits and oil residues.

What to do if the chainsaw warms up and stalls?

The situation in which the saw is gaining momentum and stalls is well known to many owners of semi-professional tools.

The main causes of failure can be as follows:

  • incorrect carburetor adjustment. This will be indicated by the filling of a candle with a hot engine. To accurately determine the breakdown, you need to start a saw with a cold engine. If for this the operator does not have to close the throttle, and to start it, a preliminary flash is not necessary, then the fuel is not formed correctly. To solve the problem, you will need to configure the base carb of the instrument;
  • spark plug breakdown. A sign of this malfunction will be the absence of sparks when the engine is hot. It is best to immediately replace the candle with a new part. If this does not work, then you will need to check the standard ignition coil, as well as the gap between the factory flywheel and magneto.

If the chainsaw stalls when heated, then most often the cause of this is the malfunction of the magneto. In almost all chainsaw models, this element is not repairable, which is why it is better to replace it immediately.

Chainsaw stalls under load. causes and solutions

A common reason that the saw stalls when you give gas is the incorrect setting of the factory carburetor. Another symptom of a malfunction is an increased air leak through the holes in the carburetor gaskets and oil seals located next to the crankshaft.

To eliminate this malfunction, it is best to take the chainsaw to a service center, as special devices will be required for diagnosis. If this is not possible, then you can try to fix the problem yourself. To do this, you need to disassemble the carburetor and check its tightness. You also need to inspect all seals and gaskets. If necessary, all worn seals will need to be replaced.

If the cause of the malfunction is not in the poor condition of the seals, then you can start adjusting the standard carburetor of the saw.

There is a spark, the candle is wet. how to solve the problem?

A wet candle indicates an imbalance in the preparation of the fuel mixture. In this state, the part is at first still able to form a spark, but gradually this property of the candle is lost. In addition to the wrong ratio of oil and fuel, there are a number of reasons why the element fills.

These include:

  • strong blockages of the air filter;
  • failures in the carb settings;
  • malfunctions in the work of the standard ignition system;
  • incorrect sequence of actions when starting a cold motor;
  • poor quality gasoline.

In the first case, chainsaw repair is carried out by thoroughly cleaning or completely replacing the instrument air filter.

If during operation the tool began to consume a large amount of fuel, and the engine speed began to “float” constantly, decreasing and increasing every 5-10 seconds, then the owner of the chainsaw should adjust the carburetor.

Repairing a standard ignition system is a bit more complicated. To do this, check all electrical wiring and measure the clearance between the high voltage wire and the tip of the plug. If necessary, the ignition system must also be cleaned of blockages.

If none of these malfunctions could be detected, then you need to study the instructions. Perhaps the operator starts the tool in the wrong sequence.

If none of the above helps, then the cause of the breakdown is poor fuel. In this case, you need to drain the remaining gasoline and fill in new fuel with a higher octane rating.