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A rather important factor before buying any of these tools is the opinion of consumers. They emphasize that the fuel mixture is quite often prepared from AI-92 gasoline and two-stroke oil, using the traditional 50 to 1 ratio. only allowed for a short time.

Consumers emphasize that during the operation of “Husqvarna 142” for an hour, it can be noted that it is ideal as a household tool. There is almost no vibration in the hands, and the noise level. quite bearable. Excellent cutting performance is an important factor. If you take trunks of dry birch and fresh pine with a diameter of 26 cm, then they can be cut repeatedly in 7 seconds each. If there is such a need for dry oak, it lends itself to sawing a little more slowly. It will take about 14 seconds for a 24 cm log. The cutting speed, as the craftsmen emphasize, is slightly lower in comparison with professional chainsaws, which belong to a different order of cost.

Carrying out carburetor adjustment

Setting up your chainsaw is easy. To do this, you will need to follow several steps. To begin with, the engine is regulated to run smoothly at low rpm. Then the carburetor must be set to deliver the fuel mixture at maximum rpm. In addition, you will need to adjust the carburetor to idle and test the unit in all modes. Such manipulations are carried out after the engine warms up a little.

Husqvarna 142 Won’t Run, Too “lean” ( Poulan Carburetor, Pulse Pipe, & Fuel Line Replacement )

You have to use 3 screws for this. The one denoted by the letter T is responsible for tuning in idle mode. With screw H, you can adjust the work at maximum speed, but you can adjust the mixture for the formation of a mixture at low speeds with screw L. The fuel mixture can be leaner by tightening the 2nd and 3rd screws, while the speed will increase.

If the carburetor is not adjusted and starting is not possible, adjustment starts with screws L and H. These must be set to the standard adjustment position. After that, the engine is started and left until it warms up. In the next step, you can start setting up the low speed mode. Optimum engine operation can be achieved using screw L and idle screw T. To do this, screw the 1st screw to maximum engine speed and then loosen it by a quarter. With the second screw, it will be possible to bring the idle speed back to normal. As soon as the tuning of the work is carried out at the bottom, you can adjust the traction and correct the maximum speed. To do this, screw H is slowly tightened, and the speed can be checked with an electronic tachometer.

If you are familiar with the characteristics of the Husqvarna 142 chain, the first thing you should pay attention to is the pitch, which is 0.325 inches. The chain thickness is 1.3 mm. Lubrication prevents overheating of the chain and accelerated wear. Lubrication is carried out automatically, which applies to the tire. No oil is supplied at idle speed, which contributes to economic consumption.

If you notice that the chain is not lubricated at operating speed, the reason here lies in the oil line, which can be clogged with sawdust. The defect can be eliminated by cleaning this assembly. The technical characteristics of the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw are outstanding. But this device also has its drawbacks. Among others, consumers highlight the absence of a toothed stop, which is necessary for fastening the unit when cutting round timber. In addition, there is no visual control of the fuel level, which also applies to chain oil.

Buyers consider a disadvantage and not a very convenient chain tightening scheme. You should also not use an expensive carbide chain for sawing oak, as later you may encounter problems with its sharpening.

Some features

Looking at the technical characteristics of “Husqvarna 142”, you can understand that it does not have a primer. Fuel is pumped for the first time using the starter handle. This has both a minus and a plus. The latter is that a decrease in the number of nodes leads to a decrease in the number of breakdowns.


The Husqvarna 142, which performs quite well, belongs to the class of household tools designed for sawing wood materials. Affordable price combined with impressive performance features.

The equipment is powered by an air-cooled two-stroke motor. The power here is 2.58 liters. sec., which is equivalent to 1.9 kW. The working volume is 40 cm 3. A rather important characteristic is the ignition system. This is a capacitor device. The distance between the electrodes is 0.5 mm.

Among the main characteristics of “Husqvarna 142” should be allocated the capacity of the fuel compartment, which is equal to 0.37 liters. Gasoline recommended for use. high octane unleaded. The ratio of gasoline to oil when preparing a mixture for refueling is 50 to 1. As for the chain lubrication system, this is a capacity of 0.19 liters. The cutting headset is a 15 “bar, which is 38 cm. The chain pitch is 0.325”.

Overview of controls

In this matter, the described chainsaw is a classic minimum. The controls are represented by a switch that can be moved to one of two positions. The choke position lever should also be highlighted. It can be set in one of three positions. Upon examining the body, you will notice the throttle position control lever. It is combined and has a stopper. Only the suction requires an explanation. There is a stable position between the open and closed positions of the damper, which will correspond to a damper that is half open. This applies to the carburetor choke. This position is necessary when turning off a cold engine after jerking a starter, when the damper remains closed.

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Chainsaws of the Husqvarna brand are among the three most common models in Europe and the CIS countries. As for the specific model “Husqvarna 142”, the characteristics of which will be described in the article, it is listed in the category of devices of the household group, but by its features it is suitable for semi-professional specialists. The product has a design that is developed on the basis of a classic layout using mechanical engineering and assembly and assembly technologies.

When the development of the model was carried out, the technologists focused on increasing the comfort during operation, the safety of performing various types of work, as well as extending the resource of the most important units and parts.

additional characteristics

You may also be interested in the ergonomic characteristics of the Husqvarna 142. Thus, the level of noise emitted during operation varies from 98 to 108 dB. The final value will depend on the measurement technique. Without the chain and bar, the chainsaw will have a dry weight in the range of 4.8 kg. If we analyze the characteristics, then we can note three main features. Among them. sufficient power for a household device. If we analyze professional units of the same manufacturer, then their average power is about 20% more.

Additional opinions

Start-up and heating

Depending on the modifications, different enrichment devices are installed:

  • On carburetors K65S and K65V, a starting device with an autonomous drive is used.
  • A cable drive is installed on K65g carburetors, as well as K65Zh carburetors.
  • A corrector is installed on the K65i carburetor.

The trigger device consists of the following parts:

  • plunger;
  • guide;
  • return springs;
  • needles;
  • starting device;
  • sealing gum;
  • protective cap;
  • stock;
  • holes;
  • two channels;
  • fuel well.

In the standard closed position, the needle closes the fuel line. Plunger. Remaining 2 holes. The starting device is triggered when the stem is raised. At this time, it must be rotated 90 degrees and fixed in the grooves of the guide. All 3 channels, including the fuel one, open. The fuel in the well, under the influence of vacuum, moves to the sub-plunger space. Here it mixes with air, turns into an emulsion and moves into the mixing chamber. Then its level decreases and the mixture becomes leaner.

To return the starting device, you need to disengage the stem and the spring will return it to its place. It is protected from above by a rubber cap. This prevents dirt and dust from entering.

The cable drive, which is used in the K65g and K65zh devices, is characterized by the absence of a stem, and the throttle valve is opened using a cable.

The corrector-concentrator is installed on the K65i modification. Here, the flow of combustible matter comes from the well. The amount of fuel consumption depends on the diameter of the jet. The mixture reaches its maximum enrichment when the plunger reaches the bottom. When it is lowered, the gap between the needle and the channel walls decreases. This leads to a depletion of the combustible mixture. When the stem is in the down position, the needle completely covers the hole. This modification is installed on the Buran snowmobile.

About the manufacturer

The company under the name “Husqvarna” was founded in 1687. Husqvarna (Husqvarna) is the favorite in the production and gardening equipment market. Enters a Swedish concern that unites several companies within itself. Manufacturing all kinds of equipment, from small sewing machines to impressive ATVs.

Husqvarna offers its customers a very wide range of special machinery and equipment. In recent years, the company has increased the number of patented innovations. Husqvarna stands firm on the watch for progress.

The manufactured products of this brand turn hard work into an ordinary occupation that does not harm either humans or the environment.

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 137” belongs to equipment produced under the category “Forest Professionals”. Together with this model, the manufacturer also produces universal professional chainsaws, blowers and pole saws. All manufactured equipment is distinguished by its small dimensions and ease of operation. All Husqvarna chainsaws are distinguished by three features. the ability to absorb unnecessary vibrations, an improved air filtration system, the highest power.

Chainsaw chain

The advantage of these models of chainsaws is the standard parameters of chainsaw chains. Almost any chain with a length of the bus (40 centimeters in general) with a groove width of 1.3 millimeters, a chain pitch. depending on the model, will do. For those starting with “1”. 3/8 “- which is true for the 135 model, for analogs starting with” 4 “- 0.325”.

In any case, any chain can be used for a chainsaw, it is only important to monitor its tension. To adjust the tension of the chain, you should use an adjusting screw and the rule according to which the chain should not sag on the tire, sit quite firmly, but at the same time should not interfere with the rotation of the sprocket, in the off state the chain should easily rotate along the tire of the chainsaw by hand

An important feature when adjusting is that the chain stretches slightly during operation, so it is necessary to periodically check its tension. The correct adjustment will be in increments of 1/4 turn of the adjusting screw.


The carburetor device K 65 includes an idle system, which consists of the following elements:

  • fuel tube;
  • air channel;
  • screws of the quantity and quality of the mixture;
  • idle holes;
  • via.

When the car is running at low speeds, a vacuum is formed in the mixing chamber. This helps to lift the fuel up the pipe. Subsequently, it mixes with air coming from a special channel and an emulsion is formed. At low speeds, for the emulsion to exit, there is an idle channel. With an increase in the engine speed, the throttle valve opens more strongly, and the emulsion begins to flow through another hole. This is due to the fact that the vacuum also increases in this zone.

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Adjusting the carburetor step by step

  • We check the condition of the air filter. We remove it and either clean it or change it. If the air filter is clogged with dirt and sawdust, the chainsaw will not work normally.
  • We check the condition of the muffler. It should be clean and unforgotten. Read more about cleaning the muffler HERE.
  • Before you start adjusting the carburetor, you should fill the fuel tank at least half.
  • If the chainsaw is capable of starting, then let it run for a few minutes so that it warms up. If the adjustment is carried out “cold”, then the mixture will be re-enriched after warming up.
  • It is necessary to start the adjustment by adjusting the idle speed-screw L. It is highly desirable to have a tachometer, then focus on 2700 rpm. If not, then we need to find the highest idle rpm. In this case, the chain should not rotate. If it still turns (the chain, of course, not the Earth), then we achieve its stopping by rotating the screw T. The sound of the chainsaw should be like listening to the file below.https: // /Chainsaw. on. idle.wav
  • We regulate high rpm. screw H. If we rotate it clockwise, then the rpm will increase, and if counterclockwise, it will fall. We twist it until there are dips in the ignition. After that, we turn it out about one-fifth of a turn. The sound of the chainsaw when working at maximum rpm should be the same as when listening to the file below.
  • We check how the chainsaw is gaining momentum. She must type them smoothly and quickly. If the revolutions grow slowly, then slightly unscrew the screw L.

Remember that the optimal carburetor setting is:

  • The maximum possible resource of the chainsaw
  • Optimal fuel consumption
  • Good performance

Features of the device of the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw

Their design and parameters differ, depending on what power and model they are intended for a chainsaw. All of them are almost identical to the original carburetors in design, but not always in quality. Today, all Chinese products cannot be considered 100% trash. In turn, according to their quality, they can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Substandard. Unsuitable alloys are used that oxidize, crumble and break. There is no accuracy of fit, the calibrated holes do not correspond to the required values, which leads to excessive consumption or shortage of fuel in the combustion chamber. Critical parts quickly fail. Plastic parts quickly coarse, or vice versa, soften from gasoline and stop working. Axles and tie rods bend, fastener threads break off. Such products are the cheapest. They are made in semi-handicraft industries, on adapted equipment. As a rule, they do not have a name or label.
  • Medium quality carburetors. These are pre-assembled products. They do not save on alloys here, they have established in-line production with quality control. These are fully functional carburetors that can have an even longer service life than an entire chainsaw.
  • Quality carburetors. First of all, these are products of world manufacturers, whose facilities are located in the PRC. By geography, they can be considered Chinese, but they are made according to the technologies of the company. the owner of the brand, which values ​​its reputation. For example, in China, Japanese Walbro carburetors are produced.

In addition, among the Chinese manufacturers there are those who rely on high quality. They invest heavily in powerful production facilities, register their own brand and work on its reputation.

The reason why the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw won’t start

If your Husqvarna 142 chainsaw won’t start, there may be several circumstances. Of the more common, the following can be distinguished:

  • Damage to candles. in order to realize if a candle is in good order, it is necessary to unscrew it and inspect it. In this case, if the porcelain insulator gives off a crack, you see a burnt or warped electrode, you should immediately change the candle. In addition, after working for several seasons, the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw asks for a spare parts inspection. The candles also develop their own resource, and in order to secure the operation of the saw, replace them with new ones.
  • Blockage of the carburetor. during operation, evenly, fuel vapor settles on the inner walls, forming a sticky consistency that can clog the carburetor, preventing the engine from starting. You will need to clean it with a special detergent. When repairing a Husqvarna 142 chainsaw, carburetor adjustments are always carried out with a warm engine and cleaned systems.
  • Malfunction of the ignition coil. before you decide to replace this part, make sure that the spark plugs correspond to the required technical condition.

Screw adjustment (L)

We begin setting up the carburetor Husqvarna 142 by setting the factory settings with the saw turned off. After that, we start the saw, let it work for a few minutes. Next, turn the screw (L) in the direction of movement of the clock hand until you find the moment where the engine is picking up the highest speed. Once you have the right moment, turn the screw a quarter turn in the opposite direction. In case of chain movement, adjustment of the screw (T) is required.

DIY carburetor repair

If in the process of carrying out a full diagnosis of the Husqvarna chainsaw, carburetor defects were found, then some of them can be repaired without contacting a Husqvarna AB service center. For example, you can independently:

  • change the gaskets under the covers of the main chamber and the fuel pump;
  • clean or replace the strainer;
  • replace the diaphragm or needle valve of the main chamber;
  • troubleshoot the fuel pump diaphragm.
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Gaskets, diaphragms and a rocker needle valve can be found in the repair kit provided for each Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor model.

Also, if you have some experience, you can try to restore a faulty injector valve, but you cannot guarantee a positive result when trying to restore an injector, if it is faulty, manufacturers recommend changing the carburetor completely.

The first thing to do before removing the carburetor from Husqvarna is to clean the saw with a compressor, since dirt can interfere with a quality repair. Next, you need to open the top cover of the chainsaw, remove the air filter, disconnect the rods from the air and throttle control levers. After that, unscrew the screws securing the carburetor.

It is quite easy to disassemble the carburetor body for repair. The main chamber cover is held in place by four screws, which can be removed with a regular screw, the fuel pump cover is secured with one wide screw.

Below is a video that will make it clear how exactly you can repair the carburetor without contacting a Husqvarna service center.

Chainsaw starts and stalls. repair methods

If the Husqvarna 142 starts up and immediately stalls, the main reason for this lies in the wear of the rings, which leads to loss of compression. If the engine starts and stalls during a cold start, then the muffler should be checked, as well as the contact between the high-voltage wire and the spark plugs.

To fix the malfunction, you will need to disassemble the saw and inspect the piston rings. They must be replaced if necessary. It will not be superfluous to clean the cylinder walls from fuel residues.

If the rings are in good condition, then you need to inspect the contact between the spark plugs and the chainsaw wire. You also need to clean, remove the muffler and inspect its walls. As a result of prolonged use of the tool, a thick layer of carbon deposits accumulates on the walls of the muffler. In this case, you will need to blow out the element with compressed air from a cylinder.

After completing all the listed procedures, you need to assemble the tool and start it. Allow the saw to warm up the engine for a few minutes before using the saw. Then you can continue to use the tool in normal mode.

Algorithm and description of setting the carburetor Husqvarna

Husqvarna carburetor, adjustable in the same way as carburetor settings on other brands of chainsaws.

Immediately before adjusting, it is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the saw and make sure that there is no difficulty in supplying fuel and air leaks into the crankcase of the chainsaw. It is also necessary to make sure that the air filter is clean and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

The order of work is as follows:

  • Saw muffled with Husqvarna carburetor factory setting.
  • The engine starts and the saw warms up for a few minutes.
  • By turning the screw (L) clockwise, the position is found at which the engine develops maximum speed, after which the screw must be unscrewed 1⁄4 back. If at the same time the chain of the chainsaw rotates, then it is necessary to reduce the idle speed by adjusting the position of the screw (T).
  • The next stage is adjusting the power of Husqvarna at maximum speed and adjusting their number. To do this, the tachometer is connected to a running chainsaw, the throttle knob is squeezed out to full, after which the tachometer readings are checked. If the value of the maximum speed differs from the maximum number recommended by the manufacturer, then by changing the position of the screw (H), the tachometer readings are returned to normal.

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What to do if your Husqvarna 142 chainsaw won’t start?

The most common cause of this problem is the spark plug. If the saw does not start either cold or hot, then you need to carefully examine the candle.

If the spark plug is completely dry, it means that the fuel is not going into the cylinder. In this case, you need to inspect the fuel pipes through which the fuel must circulate. Defective hoses will need to be replaced and the engine cylinder cleaned from carbon deposits.

If carbon deposits and a large amount of fuel were found on the spark plug, it means that the part is flooded with fuel during start-up. To fix the problem, you will need to unscrew the candle, clean and dry it. All internal space under the part must also be blown out with compressed air from a cylinder and wiped off with a towel.

After the steps taken, the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw will start the first or second time. In order to prevent such problems from occurring, only high-quality gasoline and oil should be used for refueling the tool.

When does the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw need adjustment?

There are a lot of problems that can be solved by adjusting the carburetor. Adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is necessary when such malfunctions appear:

  • increased idle speed;
  • strong smoke during tool operation;
  • Difficulty starting a cold or hot engine;
  • lack of traction and reduced maximum revs.

This is by no means a complete list of problems that can be solved by tuning the Husqvarna carburetor. In some cases, the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture is adjusted after an overhaul of the engine or in the process of scheduled maintenance of the chainsaw.

Husqvarna AB recommends adjusting the carburetor before and after running in.

Husqvarna 142 no idle

Modern chainsaws have a complex system and consist of several main units that periodically require maintenance and adjustment. In this article, we’ll talk about how to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw.