Chainsaw Partner 340 How Much Ring Piston

Interskol chainsaws: a review of the lineup

Chainsaw Partner 340 How Much Ring Piston

In the market of domestic and professional chainsaw equipment, a wide selection of high-quality and productive products from leading brands and models of lesser-known companies that operate in the production of similar equipment at a budget level is presented.

Interskol branded chainsaw range includes a number of proprietary developments of various capacities and purposes. A relatively small assortment allowed designers to focus on the excellence and technical equipment of each model individually.

Structural advantages

Despite the budget level of selling prices, the characteristics of Interskol chainsaws in many respects are identical to the analogues of the semi-professional class.

In the list of structural differences, it should be noted:

  • made of light alloy crankcase;
  • easily removable filter element of the air intake device;
  • lateral placement of the chain tension adjustment mechanism;
  • complete set of all models with Oregon saw sets and the best in its category Valbro carburetors.

A number of technical and engineering solutions uncharacteristic for budget models have also been implemented. This is an easy-start system with a spring starter, adjustable performance of the oil pump of a standard headset lubrication system. The shape of the stop allows you to securely fix the tool when sawing wood of increased diameter.

Stable demand for Interskol branded chainsaws is based on:

  • on compliance of operational characteristics with operational requirements;
  • on the use of modern production and installation technologies;
  • on the full supply of the repair fund with spare parts and branded consumables.

Operational capabilities

As a standard, the Interskol chain saw is a light, powerful enough, convenient and durable tool suitable for the full or partial mechanization of labor-intensive sawing operations.

In the range of working capabilities of the saw:

  • mechanization of labor-intensive firewood procurement;
  • kronirovanie of the trees located on sites and forest-park zones;
  • application in classical technologies for the construction of wooden structures.

Independent selection of the best for the country economy or the construction of Interskol chainsaw will help to make a periodically updated catalog and prices that practically do not go beyond the budget price range.

Structural and technical properties of the basic model range

This review includes the characteristics of the most popular branded developments.


The tool with a dead weight of about 5 kg is equipped with a two-force carburetor 2-stroke drive with a volume of 32 cm3. The compact guide rail for the chainsaw of this series with a length of 350 mm is equally suitable for sawing wood with a cross section of up to 300 mm and working in limited volumes of building structures.

The stability of working and idle engine speeds ensures the use of the economical and easy-to-maintain Japanese Valbro carburetor. The list of design features includes the presence of a durable chromium-nickel coating on the engine cylinder mirror, a convenient and time-saving tool-free adjustment of the saw chain tension.


In terms of versatility and application features, the saw of the 14 / 37L series is identical to the previous model. The tool is activated by the engine of the same type in design and equipment with a volume of 37.2 cm3 and a power of 1.6 hp.


The improved working properties of the 16 / 38L series chainsaw allowed manufacturers to extend the warranty repair period to 2 years. The working capabilities of the tool are expanded with a powerful 2.2 strong carburetor drive and a powerful 16-inch guide bar with a wear-resistant saw chain.

The advantages of this model:

  • short-stroke starting device;
  • additional compression ring on the piston;
  • the presence of a primer and automatic setting of the optimal speed mode;
  • in terms of security, the start key lock has been improved.


The chainsaw manufacturer is positioning itself as a universal tool adapted to cold climate conditions with increased operator comfort.

  • Power of a 40 cm3 petrol-engine power unit at a level of 2 hp The presence of additional purge channels allows you to operate the tool on fuel with lower octane rating.
  • The safety of complex sawing operations, in addition to the emergency braking brake and the chain catcher, is ensured by the Oregon Double Guard tire design, which eliminates the consequences of a kickback when the 16-inch headset fails to cut.


The 14 / 45L gasoline-motor chain saw is a transitional model between household and semi-professional products. The tool differs from the same type of branded counterparts with a 45 cc engine of 2.5 hp. and a standard 16 inch performance headset.

The saw weight of 6.9 kg is compensated by the ergonomic shape of the case, excellent balance and comfortable hand grip when sawing wood from non-standard positions.


The household chainsaw of this series is one of the most powerful in its category. Reliable in operation and economical 45 cc carburetor engine with power up to 2.4 hp serves to bring into operation a 16-inch saw mechanism.

Due to the presence of a primer and a quick start system, the tool does not have winter start-up problems typical of chainsaws.

The advantages of this model:

  • full vibration protection;
  • centrifugal clutch;
  • the presence of a combined mechanical and inertial switch of the stop mode of the saw chain.


A convenient and productive saw in the semi-professional category is equipped with a powerful 45 cc, 3-horsepower carburetor engine. Traction margin realizes the high performance of an 18-inch saw headset.

The advantages of this model:

  • the possibility of continuous operation at high speed;
  • two-stage air purification;
  • simplified access to the configuration nodes of standard equipment;
  • increased autonomy of work by increasing the volume of consumable tanks up to 550 and 260 ml.


The stability of the traction parameters of the 18 / 52L series chainsaw provides the volume of a 3-strong carburetor engine increased to 52 cm3. The level of technical and operational equipment is identical to the previous model.


Completes the review of the Interskol series 20 / 52L chainsaw. The semi-professional class tool is developed taking into account the experience of multi-purpose operation of models of past series and the wishes of potential buyers.

  • Effective measures have been taken to increase the real productivity of sawing operations and the tool’s resistance to increased workloads.
  • The presence of a 20-inch high-performance headset allows the use of a chainsaw for the efficient and low-cost mechanization of logging and construction work.

Advantages and disadvantages

The combination of affordable cost and operational capabilities of Interskol branded chainsaw equipment is by far one of the most optimal.

  • The users note the compliance of the design of the entire model range with the recommendations of engineering and operational standards, the requirements of safety regulations.
  • The power units of chainsaws in terms of reliability and resource duration are identical to the same developments of leading European brands.
  • Branded consumables and spare parts are delivered to the free sale on time and in the right volumes, which significantly reduces the level of dependence of Interskol chainsaw owners on service and repair structures.

Video: Chainsaw Partner 340 How Much Ring Piston

For the entire time of supply of design flaws that are significant for full operation, the entire line of chainsaws has not been identified. There are a number of complaints about the moderate tightness of the plastic lining, under which wood dust and the construction of the chain tension mechanism accumulate intensively.

Owner reviews

Interskol chainsaw pleased with the quality of the Czech assembly, at least there are no hieroglyphs on the packaging and tool body. A long tire allows you to confidently saw wood with a diameter of up to half a meter. In warm weather, the engine starts without problems even without pumping. We live to see the cold weather, it will be visible there.
Igor Pavlovich

This article will focus on the line of chain saws with gasoline engines of the Interskol brand. You will learn about who makes them, what models are relevant today, characteristics and purpose.

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Manufacturer Information and Certificates

All models of Interskol chainsaws are developed and manufactured in our country. Company manufacturer Lynx LLC. Address: Moscow region, the city of Odintsovo, st. Railway, house 25.

The entire line of Interskol chainsaws is made in accordance with TU 4851-002-31890695-2016 and has a certificate of the customs union.

According to which, Interskol chainsaws meet all the requirements of the technical union of the customs union “On the safety of aggregates and equipment” (TR TS 010/2011), and also fulfill the conditions of the normative document “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means” (TR TS 020/2011).

Important: information about the manufacturer and any models of Interskol chainsaws can be found on the official website of the brand.

Features of Interskol chainsaws

The entire line of Interskol chain saws has the following features:

  1. Increased level of vibration protection. the handle is attached to the engine through rubber and metal shock absorbers.
  2. Automatic centrifugal clutch. disconnects the drive of the chain movement mechanism from the engine when the speed is reduced or when the chain is jammed, it is clamped during operation. The mechanism allows to increase the life of the engine, by reducing the maximum load.
  3. Automatic chain lubrication. Additionally, there is an adjustment of the amount of oil supplied. The pump shuts off in idle mode.
  4. Double emergency chain brake. can be activated mechanically and due to inertia when the tip of the tire bounces.
  5. Lightweight launch system. Starter, with an improved spring reduces the load on the operator at the time of starting the engine, a fuel pump for forced pumping.
  6. Gear emphasis.
  7. All Interskol chainsaws are equipped with a proprietary tire and chain.


Interskol chainsaws have a characteristic brand color. Like other tools, they are painted in black and gray colors, which are harmoniously combined in such a way that emphasize the aggressiveness and quality of the tool.

All saws of the line have the same design. There are no sharp corners on plastic parts, they are streamlined and well fitted to each other. Joints of parts have the same clearance. In the upper part of the chainsaw there is a hatch facilitating access to the fuel filter and spark plug.


All Interskol chainsaws, the manufacturer manns as follows:

  • chainsaw;
  • the tire;
  • chain;
  • combination wrench;
  • saw case cover;
  • file for straightening the chain (the size depends on the specific model of the chainsaw)
  • adjustment screwdriver;
  • Allen keys S3 and S4;
  • plastic container with measured notches for mixing oil with gasoline;
  • two nuts for attaching the saw set;
  • screws of fastening of a gear stop and a stop;
  • manual;
  • safety instruction;
  • warranty card;
  • Information list of authorized service representatives of the company.

Such a complete set is enough to start using a chainsaw immediately after purchase.

Model range Interskol chainsaws

Now, let’s take a closer look at the most popular Interskol chain saw models, which today can be found on sale, but first we’ll understand the designation of the models. PTsB-14 / 45L. means a gasoline chain saw with a 14-inch tire. Engine displacement is 45 cubic centimeters. Now in more detail.

PTsB-14 / 45L

The chainsaw is designed for non-professional and semi-professional use. Recommended by the manufacturer for work on construction sites, sawmills, for harvesting firewood in the private sector. It can be used by gardeners as a tool for trimming shoots or dry branches.

  1. Headset length 35 cm.
  2. The number of chain links is 59.
  3. Engine displacement is 45 cm3.
  4. The weight of a fully equipped and refueled saw is 6.9 kg.
  5. Power at maximum speeds 2.4 hp

Idling speed 2600-2700 rpm. Recommended maximum revolutions of not more than 9500. The saw is fully consistent with state standards:

  • GOST 31742-2012;
  • GOST 16519-2006;
  • GOST 12.2.030-2000.

What is noteworthy, the manufacturer in the instructions for the chainsaw indicates the designated service life, which is 3 years from the date of sale of the tool, but makes a reservation that this value is for those chainsaws that are used as professional. It turns out that the manufacturer admits that his chainsaw can be used as a professional tool and tested it in this mode.

The following models of Interskol chainsaws are PTsB-16 / 45L and PTsB-18 / 45L. They are made on the basis of PCB-14 / 45L. They differ only in the length of the tire and, accordingly, in the number of chain links that are supplied as standard.

The following is an overview of a chain saw with a 18 / 45L gasoline engine. The video shows the equipment, describes the purpose of this model. The operator also gives advice on where it is better to use a chainsaw and what rules should be observed in order not to harm the engine.

PTsB-18 / 52L

The model is a bit more powerful, which means it is easier to cope with tasks of increased complexity, for example, with the cutting of thick frozen wood.

  1. Engine displacement is 52 cm3.
  2. The tire is 18 inches long.
  3. The number of chain links is 72.
  4. Weight 7.2 kg.
  5. Maximum power 2.4 kW or 3.3 hp

The saw is a bit heavier than the previous model, but this is offset by increased productivity. On the basis of this model, another Interskol chainsaw, PCB-20 / 52L, was made. As in the case of models with a volume of 45 cm3, the PTsB-18 / 52L and PTsB-20 / 52L differ only in the length of the tire and the number of chain links.

It turns out that under the Interskol brand only two chainsaw models are sold, one with a volume of 45 cm, the other 52. All other models are just copies on which saw sets are different in length.

Interskol chainsaws significantly lose to competitors in terms of assortment. For example, the Carver line of chainsaws, which are considered one of Interskol’s direct competitors, has more than five saw models of various sizes and power

Saws Interskol, despite the fact that they are made quite high quality, belong to the low price category. Today on the official website of the company prices for Interskol saws are as follows:

  1. PTsB-14 / 45L. 4490 rubles.
  2. PTsB-16 / 45L. 4760 rubles.
  3. PTsB-18 / 45L. 4940 rubles.
  4. PTsB-18 / 52L. 5120 rubles.
  5. PTsB-20 / 52L. 5390 rubles.

For comparison, a Stihl MC 180 chainsaw with an engine power of 1.5 kW and a 35 cm long tire, which is a leader in the domestic segment, costs about 12,000 rubles.

User reviews

Two years ago, I bought the Interskol chainsaw, for all the time of operation there were no problems with it. Immediately after the purchase, I read the user manual and did everything as it says.

I used proprietary engine oil, I bought a special Oregon to lubricate the chain. A few days ago, he drove a saw to a service center, where she was diagnosed. According to the results of the check, she saw in good condition, and will last a long time.

I recommend Interskol chainsaws to all my friends.

Victor, Perm

Chainsaw Interskol PCB 14/45 in operation


Overview of Interskol chainsaw

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Interskol has been considered the leader among manufacturers of electric and gasoline equipment in Russia. The history of the company begins in 1991, when the reorganization of VNIISMI took place.

The company specializes in the production of construction and agricultural machinery.

In the catalog of the company there are many multifunctional equipment, which includes the reliable and durable Interskol chainsaw.

Manufacturer of domestic special equipment

For the first time, an electric drill entered the market under the Interskol brand name. The technique was made in the experimental department of the educational institution. From that moment, the company began to receive great consumer recognition.

It should be noted that this place is retained by the company until now.

In 2004, the company entered into many contracts, the following well-known enterprises were partners:

By 2008, sales reached 2 million per year, which contributed to the creation of a joint company ICG. A year later, Interskol bought the Falisatti and Casals plant.

Rating of the best Interskol chainsaw models

All chainsaw models have one big list of benefits. Despite this, users have identified a lineup that has distinguished itself by the best performance in the process.

Interskol PCB 14 35L

A gasoline-powered saw is suitable for sawing wood. The complete set contains a chain device, a tire, a chain, a case and a candle key. A two-stroke and single-cylinder engine with an internal combustion system runs on AI92 fuel, as well as oil.

Interskol PCB 14 35L

The power unit is equipped with a Walbro diaphragm carburetor. There is an automatic brake system of manual and inertial type. The design provides 2 rubber bushings and three springs, which significantly reduce the degree of transmission of vibration to the hands of the operator.

Brief characteristics of the Interskol PCB 14 chainsaw: