Champion T333 Trimmer Carburetor Adjustment

Overview of trimmers, lawn mowing and lawn mowing Champion

Champion is the epitome of high-quality Russian technology. All their items are manufactured at Chinese facilities. Champion lawn mowers are a small garden tool designed for mowing grass, shrubs, tree shoots and other vegetation in a country house or in the field.

Champion T333 Trimmer Carburetor Adjustment

Champion trimmers organically combine the comfort of work and the use of high-quality components. The owners of this equipment are confident in the quality and uninterrupted operation of their equipment. The manufacturer offers a wide range of trimmers of various power and weight, let’s look at the lineup of the Champion brand in more detail.

Top Champion Models

Champion brand produces a large number of trimmers, which are different in their technical characteristics. And the new owner is sometimes difficult to determine the necessary model. First of all, it is necessary to proceed from the intended scope.

In private, the EMB1200 electric mower can be successfully used. It is lightweight, reliable and practical. But there is a minus, it is tied to an electrical network. If you are too lazy to bother with the wire, then you can safely take the Champion T284. According to their technical characteristics, they are very similar.

For professional purposes, the Champion T523 and T525 enjoy success. They have great power and are capable of continuous operation over a long period of time.

Petrol models

Champion T221

This is the lightest and most powerful model among the Champion lawn mowing range. The T221 has a two-stroke engine with 0.68 hp. The D-shaped handle allows you to securely hold the trimmer during operation.

When working with the Champion T221 lawn mowers, a 2 mm thick fishing line is used. Cutting width reaches 38 cm.

Champion T233

The Champion T233 is equipped with a gasoline two-stroke engine with a power of 0.87 hp. It can carry out work with fishing line with a diameter of 3 mm, with a cutting width of 40 cm. The Champion T233 trimmer is equipped with a P-shaped handle.

Champion T252

This lawn mower is equipped with a 0.95 hp engine. The Champion T252 Lawnmow has a P-shaped handle that allows you to control the device with one hand.

The weight of the trimmer without nozzle is 4.74 kg. Champion T252 mowing width. 38 cm.

Champion T256

This lawn mower is equipped with a gasoline engine with a power of 0.95 horsepower. The bicycle handle allows you to make movements natural and reduce physical stress on the operator.

The thickness of the line used by Champion T256 lawn-mowers is 2.4 mm and its grip width is 40 cm. A knife with 3 blades for mowing bushes and tree shoots is also included in the scope of supply. Its diameter is 255 mm.

Champion T284

This trimmer is the golden mean in the entire model range of the Champion brand. It has a 1 hp gasoline engine The weight of the Champion T284 lawn mowers is 5.9 kg.

The convenient bicycle handle together with a flexible drive shaft provide the maximum comfort of operation.

Champion T333

Trimmer T333 has a straight bar split type, bicycle handle and motor with a power of 1.22 horsepower. The fuel tank is designed for a single bay of 0.95 liters of fuel mixture. The Champion T333 Lawnmow supports 2.4 mm thick fishing line. Her one-time grip is 40 cm.

The manufacturer offers two modifications of this lawn mowers T333-2 and T333S-2, which are slightly different in their design, but have identical technical characteristics.

Champion T334

The Champion T334 trimmer of this model has a two-stroke engine with 1.23 horses. A bicycle handle, a hard drive shaft and a working width of 40 cm ensure fast work.

Champion T336

This trimmer has a bar length of 1343 mm. As a cutting element in the Champion T336 lawn mowing, a fishing line or knife is used. The first grip diameter is 400 mm and the second 25.5 cm. The power of the Champion T336 lawn mowers is 1.23 hp.

Champion T345

This lawn mower does not support cord work; it is designed to cut bushes and young shoots of trees with a diameter of up to 3 cm. A cutting knife with 3 blades and a diameter of 255 mm is supplied with the Champion T345 trimmer. Champion T345 lawn mowers weigh 7.8 kg without a cutting tool.

Champion T433

This model has an engine power of 1.7 horsepower. The collapsible handle allows you to compactly position the device during storage and transportation. The thickness of the used fishing line can reach 3 mm, and the width of its capture can reach 40 cm.

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The fuel tank of the Champion T433 trimmer has a volume of 0.95 liters, which ensures autonomy for half an hour.

Champion T436

The mass of this lawn mowers is 7.2 kg. The engine can deliver 1.7 horsepower. The Champion T436 can mow 40 cm of grass at a time with 3 mm fishing line. The spindle speed can reach 9000 rpm.

Champion T445

The power of this model is 1.2 kW with a volume of 42.7 cm 3. To facilitate the launch of the Champion T445 mower, an easy start system is provided. Either a fishing line or a knife can be used as a cutting element. The weight of the Champion T445 lawn mowers is 8.9 kg.

Champion T516

This trimmer is used for professional use in intensive and complex work. Champion T516 is equipped with anti-vibration system and electronic fuel supply.

The power of the Champion T516 gas mower is 2 horsepower. In this regard, the volume of the fuel tank increased to 1.2 liters. The thickness of the fishing line can be from 1.6 to 3 mm.

Champion T523

This trimmer has a 1.9 hp petrol engine. and can be used to clean up a densely overgrown area.

The maximum thickness of the cord used with the Champion T523 lawn mower reaches 2.4 mm, with a grass bevel width of 40 mm. The length of the bar is 1493 mm.

Champion T525

This mower has a folding handle, so it can fit compactly in the trunk of a car. The Champion T525 two-stroke gasoline engine has 1.9 horsepower.

The recommended thickness of the line used is 2.5 mm. The fuel tank can hold 1 liter of fuel mixture at a time.

Electric models

Champion ET451

This is the lightest trimmer model with a power of only 460 watts, which is used to maintain a small house area in order. The telescopic rod allows you to adjust the length of the Champion ET451 electric braid to the specific height of the operator.

This trimmer weighs only 3 kg. The Champion ET451 electric mower only supports 1.2 mm thick fishing lines.

Champion ET1004A

This lawn mower is ideal for domestic use. It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1 kW.

The Champion ET1004A electric braid can support work with fishing lines up to 2.4 mm thick and a working width of 35 cm, as well as a four-blade knife with a diameter of 23 cm. The installed P-shaped handle makes the operation not only effective, but also pleasant.

Champion ET1200A

This is the most powerful electric braid model in the lineup of the Champion brand. She can easily replace a gasoline instance in grass cleaning on medium-sized lawns.

The motor power of the Champion ET1200A electric lawnmower is 1.2 kW. The weight of this electric braid is 5.7 kg.

User’s manual


Champion trimmers are designed for long-term use. In order to maximize the service life, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance in accordance with the instruction manual.

After you have finished working with the Champion trimmer, you must clean the device from dirt, dust and adhering foliage.

To do this, use water or wet rags. After that, it is recommended to remove the remaining water with a dry rag to prevent corrosion on the lawn mowing.

Champion petrol trimmers run on a fuel mixture of gasoline and fuel. It is recommended to use SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 as a lubricant. Fuel must be used no lower than AI-92. The proportion of mixing gasoline and oil is 25: 1.

Every 25 hours of operation, it is necessary to clean the fuel and air filter from adhering dirt and dust.

Periodically, it is necessary to lubricate the mounting system of the trimmer coil to prevent it from jamming and reduce friction.

First start

If you became the first owner of Champion lawn mowers, then you must correctly start working with this equipment. To do this, read the operating instructions. It spells out the rules for assembly, safe operation and maintenance.

Before the first start-up, it is necessary to mix the fuel mixture correctly, pour it in, prime the fuel with a primer about 5 times, and let the trimmer work without load for the first 4 hours. This is done so that the engine parts are lubricated, friction is reduced in them, and they fit into the corresponding grooves.

At the end of this period, drain the remaining fuel mixture and fill in a new one.

After that, the trimmer is fully operational.

Rules for using electrical models

Many electric models cause distrust among new customers, as they are tied to the mains.

But they have a number of advantages compared to gasoline. They are quieter, more economical, and most importantly cheaper! The only caveat is the presence of the cable and the limitation of its long range. But this point is easily fixed in the presence of an extension cord.

Electric trimmers are just the perfect solution for owners of small lawns near their own home.

And if you have a rechargeable model? Then you do not just get high-class equipment, but also autonomous. And 50 minutes of continuous operation (a full battery charge is designed for this) is enough for mowing grass on a plot with an area of ​​5-6 hundred parts.

Major malfunctions and their correction

If the motor does not start:

  • Incorrect start sequence (do as described in the operating instructions);
  • No fuel mixture (top up);
  • The fuel mixture is mixed in the wrong proportion (mix it correctly);
  • Carbon or moisture on the spark plug (clean it or replace with a new one).

If the trimmer starts, but does not produce the required power:

  • Incorrect adjustment of the throttle lever (set the choke drive lever to the “/” position);
  • Air or fuel filter is dirty (clean them);
  • Incorrect carburetor setting (contact a service center).

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Owner reviews


“The trimmer is not bad enough in terms of price and performance. Easily copes with both weeds and shrubs. Starts up with a half-turn and almost always the first time, a capacious tank allows you to work for a long time without refueling. But I want to advise the following. immediately check the tightness of the bolts! I did not do this, as a result, I fell off one vibration (the one that holds the tank). I thought I planted it in the grass somewhere, searched, but could not find. Popped into the service center, but he was found in the starter. The main disadvantage is the tangible vibration during operation "


“When you take Champion in your hands, you immediately realize that the equipment is reliable, it feels like it is from the USSR. The main emphasis was placed on simplicity and reliability. Those who say that the fishing line is not served in semi-automatic mode, read the instructions, everything is painted there and is perfectly pulled out. For those in the tank: give a little gas and touch the surface with a coil, you will hear a characteristic whistle of fishing line. The excess will be cut with a knife. It starts up easily and simply, it’s ideal for maintenance, spare parts are always available in any automobile market. ”