Change Fishing Line To Huter Trimmer

Huter GGT 2500S is one of the most productive trimmers in the Huter brand line. This mower allows you to perform a large amount of work, and in a very short time. The technology effectively cleans the surface to be treated thanks to special tools that are already included in the basic delivery. A powerful and reliable engine, as well as other components and equipment components, ensure uninterrupted operation for several hours. This lawn mowers are eagerly bought all over the world, including on the Russian market.

General information

Huter GGT 2500S has a range of significant advantages that will satisfy the needs of any owner. So, the car is very popular with summer residents, farmers, gardeners and utilities. Huter GGT 2500S will be indispensable in the urban economy, including the processing of both thin and soft, and thick and hard grass vegetation. over, in rural conditions, the unit under consideration is able to become an alternative to a conventional scythe, as it is excellent for haying livestock. lawn mowing is convenient and effective in caring for roadside areas, and also finds its application in the garden and parking zone. It is customary to install a cutting head or a steel knife on the equipment. special equipment necessary for a specific task.
Quick and easy start, the Huter GGT-2500S trimmer provides an electronic starter. Particularly noteworthy is the powerful two-stroke engine, which consumes a minimum of fuel even under extreme loads. We also pay attention to the refueling tank, made in a translucent case, so that you can see the level of remaining fuel. By the way, the volume of the tank is 0.7 liters, which will be enough for many hours of work until the next refueling.

Another integral design element is a three-blade knife, designed for cutting widths up to 255 mm. As an alternative, you can use a trimmer head that can bevel a strip in one pass up to 420 mm wide. As the fishing line wears out quickly, a replacement kit should be purchased in advance. You can adjust the fishing line directly in the process of work. for this it is enough to lightly hit the coil on the ground, after which the fishing line will acquire the necessary length.

Change Fishing Line To Huter Trimmer

The GGT-2500S trimmer includes two components, into which it can be easily disassembled with the help of simple devices that come in the basic kit. Note that the modification in question is very convenient when transporting to the place of the processed area. But there is an even cheaper modification of the GGT-2500T, which is deprived of such ease of use. Therefore, both versions that are similar in name are not worth it. Otherwise, they have an almost identical design, for example, it is possible to adjust the position of the handle depending on the height of the operator. In addition, an additional convenience is provided by the shoulder strap, which reduces the load on the hands and suppresses vibrations coming from the engine to the handle. Thanks to this, the operator will be less tired and will be able to work much longer. There is also a protective casing made of durable plastic. It protects the operator and the trimmer housing from flying solid objects, grass and twigs during the operation of the cutting unit.

To summarize the key features and advantages of the technique:

  • Reliable and safe operation thanks to the protective cover
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • Ergonomic bicycle handle with a comfortable grip. contributes to uniform and natural movements of the operator, up to the end of work
  • Trimmer transport is effortless thanks to the split bar
  • On the handle are all the controls
  • The trimmer is able to mow both young grass and dense growth
  • The motor is air-cooled
  • The engine reaches a maximum speed of 9500 rpm
  • Quick electronic start
  • Anti-Vibration Noise Reduction System


The Huter GGT-2500S trimmer is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine with an air cooling system. The working volume is 510 cubic meters, the maximum power is 2500 watts.

Equipment with such a motor and blades is designed for bevel widths up to 255 mm. using a cutting disc. In this case, the sound pressure level can reach 100 dB. Tank capacity. 700 ml. The mass of equipment is 7 kg without fuel and additional options. A split bar is included.


Owner reviews

  • Michael, Bryansk. Huter GGT-2500S is a powerful and convenient technique for regular use. Almost everything is chopped with a knife. I use the trimmer for about a year, about two weeks ago I discovered a leak of oil from the fuel tank. it flows directly from under the cover. I had to fix the problem at the wrong time. It is very inconvenient to use the wrench provided. I threw it right after the first turn. In general, I am more satisfied with the purchase of the Huter than I am dissatisfied. The car starts up a maximum from the third time. Made in China, the build quality is not to say that it is very high. But the delivery set was pleased. each item was packed in a separate bag. Initially, there were problems at startup, the engine overheated, made noise and emitted vibrations. But gradually, after the break-in, everything fell into place. the details were worked out. The machine ideally cuts grass and nettles, burdocks and other light sticks. The technique is capable of mowing 20 acres of weeds in six hours, though with a break. This takes about 4 liters of 92nd gasoline. Once, cutting knives stumbled upon a metal bar. As a result, the knife bent in two places, I had to level it with a hammer. But the hammer was not enough, he still worked with a sharpening blade, put it back, and everything worked on a new one. It was only after this incident that there were vibrations on the steering wheel, but this does not affect productively.
  • Leonid, Nizhny Novgorod region. I use equipment for 5-6 hours a day. For mowing 20 acres it takes 3-4 liters of fuel, I fill up with 92-m gasoline. I have not yet found any particular flaws. The engine is powerful, it delivers 3.4 power. the difference is noticeable, compared to my former Tehas single-force trimmer. I get a lot of pleasure from working with Huter. The device is equipped with a thick fishing line that effectively cuts thick and thick stems of burdocks and elderberries. so much so that the spray flies. Fortunately, a protective cover protects me from them somehow. Before using, I had to adjust the handle to my height. In the assembled state, every detail keeps well, no catch or defect. But during the assembly process, I had to tinker with it. for example, it was necessary to tighten the protective cover with utmost care so that the nuts would not crash into the plastic and damage it. By the way, the casing is made of plastic, which at first glance is quite plastic and durable, and dampens blows well. After two months of using the equipment, I noticed that after a gulf of fuel, the engine speed suddenly dropped, especially if you untwisted the engine to maximum. I decided to try to adjust the idle speed, for this I turned the upper bolt to the desired position. After that, the problem resolved by itself. Once when working with a lot of obstacles, stones and other debris, I came across a metal strip 20 mm wide and 3 mm thick. I heard only a click, then stopped, checked and made sure that the disks were not damaged. they easily cut the strip. In general, the technique is good, but you still need to make sure that there are no obstacles on the road. Otherwise, working like me is for the time being, as they say.
  • Alexey, Yaroslavl. Huter GGT-2500S is a powerful, compact, and inexpensive everyday trimmer. He has a fragile coil and a fragile trimmer casing, but I was not particularly upset about this. I use the technique for three hours a day, this is enough to gradually treat the grass with an area of ​​6 acres. First, he loaded the motor to medium revs, then decided to try it at full power. After a couple of days of hard work, the coil could not stand it and scattered. Hard grass wound around her, and the reel quickly dwindled. In general, I bought a better part on the market, now it works fine. The engine generally loves high revs. I put a complete knife, which turned out to be surprisingly effective compared to a worthless reel. For mowing dry grass, I use a complete fishing line. The engine starts easily, with 1-2 starts. I’ll give a rating of 4 for minor bugs.
  • Boris, Yekaterinoslavl. I liked the trimmer. It is fast and consumes some fuel. Serving it is easy and simple. The machine pleases the eye until it breaks. Among the quite natural flaws, I note a noisy engine that screams even more under heavy load, and even vibrates. At the same time, the vibrations pass to the handle. so much so that your hands are trembling straight. Unpleasant sensation. I have to work with headphones and gloves. The trimmer is inexpensive, and if desired, it can be replaced with another device. But today I am satisfied with its performance, at least on 14 acres. This area the trimmer processes in three hours. I was pleased that the engine works the same way (noise, vibrates) with any quality of gasoline. So that will be enough and the 92nd.
  • Anton, Ryazan. Huter GGT-2500S is a worthy unit for an undemanding business executive, for someone like me. And he expected that he would show his not only advantages, but also cons. For example, I note the constant vibration and noise emanating from a two-stroke engine. But the scythe is quite powerful, and copes well with solid shrubs and thick stems. The device about Bosch cost me 6 thousand rubles. It is equipped with quality knives. Electronic starter provides quick start. Although the knives are sharp, they are very fragile. several times already I came across solid objects. stones, etc., I had to change several blades already.
  • Victor, Smolensk. Perhaps this trimmer has no shortcomings. It is poorly assembled, and Huter was at least ashamed of the poor warranty service, which suffers from a lack of spare parts and experienced specialists. At the next MOT, there was a need to flush the engine. So it was washed for two months, and during this time the specialist came up with all kinds of excuses and excuses. they say that everything is complicated, there was another malfunction, we are waiting for spare parts, etc. In the instruction manual that goes to the trimmer, there is little useful information. Everything is briefly described; there are no details and nuances in operation. However, I later persuaded the servicemen to explain what and how. Although they are frostbitten, they understand much better than me. In general, I used the trimmer for two months. I complied with all the requirements. running-in, maintenance, refueling, oil change, etc. Suddenly, the engine stopped starting. They looked at the service station and said the engine was flooded, which was the reason for the urgent flushing, which I wrote about above. In general, after two months, he finally took his Huter. A day worked. normal. And the next day, the air filter cover fell off, fishing line with a reel, fishing line limiters, wires from the handle and something else. And from the measuring canister in general is no use. I was extremely dissatisfied with the technology.

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The average cost of the Huter GGT-2500S trimmer in the Russian market is 6 thousand rubles for a full base kit.