Choice Of Chainsaw For Summer Cottages 2019

Choosing a chainsaw for a summer residence; from amateur devices to professional units: dimensions, functions, headset Choosing a chainsaw for a summer residence: inexpensive, best. Instructions on how to choose with your own hands, advise which one is better, rating, and price

Intermediate level: specialists

This class of devices is quite suitable for solving quite serious problems:

  • Felling trees;
  • Major construction work.

The main drawback that does not allow these units to be classified as professional devices is short operating time. In the case when a chainsaw is needed for daily and intensive use, it is better to stop at more expensive and reliable modifications. If you are considering which chainsaw is best for a summer residence that is still under construction, perhaps a mid-level model will be the best choice.

Main technical characteristics of mid-range devices:

  • Engine power from 2 to 3 kW;
  • The maximum diameter of the tree trunk for sawing is 40 cm;
  • The weight of the unit when equipped for operation is from 5 to 6 kg.

As already mentioned, this modification is perfect for a person who is starting the independent construction of a private house, where a large amount of carpentry work is needed:

  • Arrangement of the roof frame;
  • Flooring;
  • Installation of windows and doors and so on.

But even after that, the acquired chainsaw will remain a faithful assistant, making it easier to care for the garden.

Choice Of Chainsaw For Summer Cottages 2019

Types of units for cutting wood

Chainsaws of this level are used by high-class craftsmen who are professionally engaged in AL-KO and wood sawing. Their main difference is the presence of a very powerful (from 3 to 6 kW) and reliable gasoline engine capable of withstanding increased loads for many hours.

These units are purchased by enterprises whose main activity is logging.

The main advantages of professional chainsaws:

  • High wear resistance;
  • A large number of hours between failures (about 2000);
  • The ability to work with thick tree trunks.

Buying such a model for private use in the country can hardly be considered justified, unless you are going to build a large log house, a bathhouse, a gazebo, a barbecue, and so on.

Among other things, working with the models of chainsaws under consideration requires certain dexterity and skills, because the unit has a lot of weight and vibrates strongly during sawing (this is what determines the high performance).

Another factor is price. The cost of these models, although quite consistent with the quality, hardly makes this purchase worthwhile.

A professional tool is essential for daily felling

Entry level: amateurs

Devices that can withstand the minimum load fall into this category. They are suitable for those people who assume periodic no more than 30-40 minutes a day to use a chainsaw. Considering the rating of chainsaws for giving in this category, it should be noted that most gasoline engines installed in them do not produce more than 2 kW of power.

However, to facilitate the work of a non-professional, special low-profile cutting chains are installed on them, thanks to which the saw vibrates less during the sawing process. The disadvantage of this solution is low performance.

The main field of application of amateur chainsaws:

  • Preparation of firewood for a bath and fireplace;
  • Do it yourself pruning trees in the garden;
  • Small carpentry work on the farm.

The advantages of the described devices:

  • Light weight;
  • Ease of use;
  • Unpretentiousness in service.

This set of characteristics allows us to say with confidence that this is hardly the best chainsaw for a summer residence or a small country cottage.

An amateur chainsaw is the best choice for giving

Saw bar

In addition to choosing the saw itself, it is necessary to decide on the modification of the tire that supports the working chain.

There are three main modifications:

  1. Narrow and flat. It is the most common hobby saw tire. It is designed to install a special low-profile chain, which is protected against the so-called kickback (rebound of the saw’s working element from the tree trunk).
  2. Lightweight. Structurally, this tire consists of two metal plates, between which a polyamide insert is clamped, which reduces the weight of the unit. These tires are great for a variety of gardening jobs. For example, cutting the upper branches of trees will be more comfortable, your hands will not get tired.
  3. Replaceable head. These tires fit into professional-grade chainsaws. They are able to withstand high speed chain operation for a long time.
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You should also pay attention to the tire size, which depends on the power of the engine installed on the chainsaw.

A long bar allows you to work with thicker barrels, but the chain put on it will spin slower, which can lead to the following negative consequences:

  • The amount of time to work will increase;
  • Engine wear will increase;
  • The consumption of gasoline and oil will increase.

The optimum size of the working element is indicated in the operating instructions. It is allowed to install tires whose length is equal to or less than this parameter.

The main working element of the chainsaw is the chain. It is this element that affects both the speed of work and the ability to work with heavy and massive wood.

There are three main cutting steps:

  • 0.325 inches;
  • 0.404 inches;
  • 3/8 in.

This system is accepted as an industry standard, therefore it is suitable for any model, regardless of the country of manufacture of the device.

Let’s dwell on each of these sizes in more detail:

  1. 0.325 in. Used in non-professional models equipped with low profile tires. This size is ideal for sawing small logs and planks. In addition, such a pitch of the cutting elements avoids strong vibration. The main disadvantage is the impossibility of long-term work with a large amount of material. In this case, the chain will quickly become dull and fail.
  2. 0.404 and 3/8 inches. It is used in professional chainsaws and mid-range models. They can be used to cut trees and boards of various thicknesses for a long time. But remember that frozen and dirty wood cannot be processed. For this, special carbide-tipped chains should be purchased.

All chainsaws can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • Household or hobbyist chainsaws are good for occasional use (up to 30 hours a month). Lightweight and compact, they will become your faithful helpers when preparing firewood for the stove. As a rule, their power does not exceed 2 kW, and the low-profile chains used in them have low vibration. For all garden and small construction work, this is the best option.
  • Semi-professional chainsaws have a power of up to 3 kW. They are heavier, withstand prolonged almost continuous loads (no more than 1.5-2 hours). For construction work on a summer cottage, cutting trees and thick branches, such a technique will be just right.
  • Professional chainsaws have a power of up to 6 kW. They are used by the builders of wooden houses. Such a saw may be required by a summer resident when erecting a large log house of a gazebo bath on his own. This tool is much more confident when sawing old thick trees, it can work continuously for up to 8 hours.

If you are not planning serious construction work, it is better to choose a lightweight household option. If you will use it universally and you yourself do not yet know exactly how to do it, stop the choice on a semi-professional model. For a summer residence and a country house, its capabilities will be enough in 90% of cases for the eyes.

Vibration protection

If you buy a chainsaw for frequent and prolonged work, pay particular attention to the vibration level. Powerful semi-professional and professional models, as a rule, have built-in anti-vibration protection. Without it, such tools can only be used for a short period of time.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice, do not be lazy during the buying process to turn on the chainsaw in order to assess the degree of its vibration and weight.

Popular brands

Try to buy a well-known brand to avoid problems with spare parts later when they are needed:

Also on sale you can find the Carver brand and the German brand Huter, the chainsaws under which are made in China. Models from these manufacturers are characterized by an average price-quality ratio.

If you have free funds, I advise you to choose an Echo, Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw. This, as they say, is a win-win option, both in performance and equipment, and in ease of use.

In the middle price segment, it is better to opt for chainsaws from the Makita company.

If your budget is tight, then take the Carver, Champion, Huter or Patriot. This is the so-called factory China, the quality of which has grown significantly lately. Yes, there are not enough stars from the sky, but this technique will serve you for many years with careful handling.

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Chainsaw characteristics

When choosing a chainsaw, first of all focus on its power. The depth and speed of cutting depends on this parameter. It is also important that the power does not conflict with the weight of the instrument. For comfortable work, these 2 indicators must correspond to each other.

The basis of any chainsaw is a two-stroke engine. There is no gearbox, the saw chain is driven by a single-stage chain drive. Modern models are necessarily equipped with a system for cleaning the air entering the carburetor, a chain tensioner, a starter, a muffler, an ignition coil, a tire, a fuel tank and a number of other elements.

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First you need to understand for what purposes you first need a chainsaw and how often it will be used. For seasonal harvesting of firewood and trimming large tree branches, you can take a low-power unit. A more powerful model is required for construction work.

Using attachments

A variety of attachments allow you to significantly expand the functionality of the chainsaw. On the saw output shaft, you can install:

  • Drill (the speed of rotation of the auger will be inferior to that of the younger models of motor-drills).
  • Drum or disc debarker for cutting transverse and longitudinal grooves in a bar, removing bark from a tree.
  • The gas cutter is a special nozzle that will allow you to cut tiles, bricks, stone and metal objects using a chainsaw.
  • The winch is needed to move heavy objects: towing boats and cars. It is important to remember that the power of the saw directly affects the pulling force.
  • The outboard motor is obtained by replacing the saw chain boom with a 2: 1 gearbox and propeller. Such an improvised motor will allow you to reach a speed of 20 km / h at a flow rate of 1 liter per hour.
  • The pump will allow you to pump water. It is connected to the saw using a slotted bracket and a pulley that spins the pump turbine.

What is on the counter learning to distinguish

Chainsaw operation does not depend on weather conditions, rainfall and humidity. The tool is mobile and is not tied to an energy source, as is the case with power tools. In this regard, all chainsaws are the same, but according to their technical characteristics, it is customary to divide them into three groups, namely: household, semi-professional and professional chainsaws.

Each category has its own advantages, knowing them, you will not go wrong with the choice! First you need to decide how much power we need a chainsaw. Household chainsaws with a power of up to 2 kW are suitable for small jobs, the manufacturer’s operating period is calculated within 35 hours per month.

Semi-professional from 23 kW are suitable for sawing trees of medium diameter, and the operating time is increased to 320 hours per month. Professional from 3 kW are intended for sawing trees of large diameters. You can work 500 hours or more per month with such a tool. When choosing a chainsaw for your home, keep in mind that the more the power of the chainsaw, the greater its weight.. Accordingly, it will be more difficult for you to handle such a tool. Household models most often weigh up to 4.5 kg, semi-professional ones are produced in the range from 4.5 kg to 5.5 kg, professional ones from 5.5 kg and more.

What chainsaw to choose for home and for giving the secret of a successful purchase

An important factor when choosing a tool is the length of the tire. It determines what diameter of the tree you can cut in one go. Again, bus length is related to power: the more power, the longer the bus can be placed. It makes no sense to put a long tire on a low-power saw, and you will ditch the tool, and you will not achieve the desired result. But on the contrary, a smaller tire for more power is possible. This will not harm the instrument at all.

There is also such a thing as the chain pitch determines the distance between two teeth. The smaller it is, the less noise and vibration the chainsaw creates in operation. But the cutting speed will also be small. Household tools have the smallest chain pitch. For a house and a summer cottage, this is an ideal option for small volumes of work speed does not matter, but the absence of unnecessary vibration and noise in a small yard will become a very tangible advantage.

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According to their characteristics, household tools are designed for light load and short-term work for several hours a day. The household chainsaw is easy to use as it is small and lightweight. With such a chainsaw, it is easy to climb into hard-to-reach places: on a high ladder, on a roof or a post to cut down an unnecessary branch when pruning trees. The tool will help out both in garden work and in construction in the country. Chainsaws are small, but at the same time they consume a little fuel. You should not save on the latter, use the A-95 gasoline brand, without any additives and impurities.

Choosing a chainsaw is a reliable tool for home and garden

Pruning trees, preparing firewood for a brazier, for a fireplace or for heating rooms in winter with a chainsaw, you will cope with these tasks in a few days! But the tool must be chosen wisely.

Choosing a chainsaw for your home why it makes no sense to overpay?

Many sellers are convincing to buy with a margin! Manufacturing firms seem to be playing along with them, offering hundreds of models with a wide variety of characteristics. Do not forget that you are buying a chainsaw for rare use and small amount of work. Why overpay for additional features: double air filter, additional gas tank, anti-vibration system, increased revs.

When choosing a chainsaw, you should pay attention to whether it has a protective pedal, which is triggered by the so-called reverse impact, when the saw is thrown back when it comes into contact with wood, especially with thin branches. Kickback accounts for the bulk of all chainsaw-related injuries. Mostly this happens from inexperience in handling the instrument or due to improper use. If you are a beginner, then it is worth reading the operating instructions before performing any work. For example, never cut wood with the very end of the bar, or start sawing an object that is not securely attached. Always try to be in a comfortable position and hold the instrument with both hands.

And finally, when buying a chainsaw, save within reasonable limits. Too cheap tools cost this way, because they are made of low-quality materials, which after several hours of work lose their properties: the plastic is deformed, the spark plug becomes dirty, the chain tightens, the fuel filter gets dirty. A good tool will rarely remind you of a need for maintenance.

For woman

For women, a chainsaw is perfect, equipped with the maximum number of all kinds of devices to facilitate its operation. Models with easy start and decompression valve, and saws with quick chain tensioner.

Saws for the forestry industry

Powerful chainsaws, with an increased service life, are usually distinguished into a professional look. Professional models are used in the forestry industry, when felling wood. Chainsaw models for forestry are distinguished by their endurance, the ability to work all day long. In professional models, the chrome-plated cylinder technology can be used. The essence of the technology lies in the special coating of the cylinder, which ensures its long service life.

Saws for home and garden (household)

The first type is a light gasoline-powered tool designed for cutting firewood and maintaining the land. Simply put, these are chainsaws, designed to cut firewood from time to time to light a barbecue or heating a bathhouse, and also with their help you can trim small and medium growth around the perimeter of the site, cut dry branches. Some manufacturers are positioning this tool as a household tool. The main distinguishing feature of this type of equipment is engine power. It usually does not exceed 2 kW.

Home and garden saws are small and lightweight for easy transport. This type of tool has a limited engine life and a recommended daily operating time. As a rule, it should not exceed 1.1.5 hours per day.

For giving

Choosing a chainsaw for a summer residence is not a problem. Any saw that is small and powerful enough to cut wood for a bath will do. This is due to the fact that not everyone has the opportunity to store an expensive tool at their summer cottage.

Chainsaw classification

All manufacturers of chainsaws divide products into four main types:

  • Household
  • Semi-professional
  • Professional
  • Special purpose

Chainsaw selection