Choice Of Electric Trimmer

Hammer ETR900

Choice Of Electric Trimmer

An excellent garden trimmer is the Hammer ETR900. The affordable price of the Chinese device is perfectly combined with the high power (950 W). The electric scythe is very convenient to use due to its compactness. With a bevel width of 35 cm, it is possible to mow the grass in the narrowest places in the garden or between the garden beds. The overhead position of the motor prevents moisture from entering the electrical part of the unit. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a bicycle-type handle, which makes the work comfortable and less tiring. By moving the handle along the bar, you can adjust the mount to your height.

The manufacturer also took care of the operator’s safety. There is protection against accidental start in the form of a two-button switch. The cover is precisely positioned in the work area, so grass does not get on the worker’s clothes and shoes. The set also includes a knife for mowing weeds and small bushes.

10 best electric trimmers

Feature in the rating

Many owners of private houses and summer cottages carefully look after their personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, there is a need for a special technique. The modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric trimmers. The latter compare favorably with an affordable price, so there is a steady demand for them. Electric trimmers are especially effective in small areas where the extension cord is easy to stretch. But difficulties also arise at the purchase stage. The range of power tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should you pay the closest attention to??

  • First of all, you need to decide on performance. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas where the growing grass will have to be cut, a power of up to 1,000 watts will be enough. There is another reason not to pursue high performance. The stronger the engine, the more the trimmer mass.
  • The location of the engine affects the price and usability. Cheap low-power models have a bottom-mounted electric motor. But this design has serious disadvantages, for example, grass clogging and poor cooling.
  • For overhead models, shoulder straps will be required. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers with these accessories.
  • Electric braids and handle shape differ. Lightweight machines are equipped with D-shaped holders, which give the trimmer maneuverability. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.

Our review includes the best electric trimmers. When compiling the rating, the following criteria were taken into account:

Best inexpensive electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize your work, but are on a budget, electric trimmers from this category are what you need. All of them do an excellent job with the task, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Let’s look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.

Monferme 21327M

The convenient and stylish Monferme 21327M trimmer is designed for comfortable lawn mowing. French engineers made the device not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. The model has a bottom-mounted engine with a power of 500 watts. A distinctive feature of the trimmer is the 4-position cutting angle adjustment. The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of using the device for people of different heights. The length of the bar is easily adjustable for the most comfortable grip of the D-shaped handle.

Huter GET-600

Electric trimmers GET-600 are assembled in China under license from the German company Huter. The tool impresses with its low cost in comparison with famous brands. But won’t you have to pay twice, as the saying goes? Let’s figure it out.

The bottom motor pivots 180 degrees on the boom. But unlike the previous model, the GET-600 is equipped with a wheel that makes vertical mowing more convenient.

D-shaped telescopic handle allows you to increase the trimmer length from 100 to 120 cm. Height adjustable and additional handle.

Attention! We want to warn you, in the first models, the design of the cutting head was unsuccessful and often failed. Manufacturers have taken this into account, but such models are still on sale. So be careful. In new models, the head device has been simplified, now to remove it, you just need to unscrew 1 bolt. In the old version, it was mounted on a shaft, and so that an attempt to remove it led to final destruction.

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User recommendation:

  • Excellent performance for its power, mows almost everything, a good choice for a summer residence;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • There is a wheel for vertical mowing;
  • Height adjustable;
  • Good value for money.
  • A large percentage of defects in the first trimmer models;
  • Low-quality native fishing line.

Petrol trimmers

The principle of operation of this type is similar to electric, but the rotation here is provided by an internal combustion engine. To do this, an additional fuel tank is attached to the bar, due to which the device receives a large mass.

With such a tool, you can freely move around the territory and even work where there are no buildings and electricity. There is no need to constantly remember about the cord and be afraid to cut it. It is actively used for mowing grass on the side of the road, maintaining a beautiful condition of courtyards in multi-storey areas and on the territory of large enterprises.


  • Powerful models;
  • Replacement of knives;
  • No space restrictions;
  • High performance;
  • Reliable construction;
  • Wide range of commercial use.


  • Heavy;
  • Additional fuel costs;
  • noise;
  • Air emissions.

Grass Trimmer Selection Options

Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.


The trimmer power rating is indicated in kW and affects performance. The higher this value, the faster the cutting element will rotate and the larger the area will be processed.

1. Gardening tools can have a small figure from 0.25 kW and reach 1.8 kW.

2. For utilities to care for the local area in neighborhoods and along roads along the sides, where you have to work all day and mow large amounts of grass, it is advisable to purchase models of 0.9-1.8 kW.

3. For giving and caring for a small lawn, an engine with parameters of 0.25-0.7 kW is sufficient.

Tank volume and battery capacity

In the case of autonomous fuel-fired trimmers, tank capacity plays an important role. It can be from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. Manufacturers calculate its volume based on the ability of the engine to run continuously for a certain amount of time.

1.With a minimum tank, it will be possible to mow for 20 minutes, after which you will need to stop for a break to cool the motor and refuel.

2.With the maximum indicator, it is possible to work for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large areas.

For rechargeable models, the battery is measured in amperes / hours. 1 unit of A / h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging takes three times longer.

1. For cosmetic care of a small lawn far from the outlet, 2 A / h is sufficient.

2. To care for the territory of a kindergarten or a small company, 3-4 A / h is required.

Which grass trimmer to choose

1. To work on uneven terrain along the fence, you will need a device with 2.7 mm line. For productivity, a cutting width of 250 mm and a speed of 7500 rpm are sufficient. The device will be more convenient to operate with two equivalent handles. If the size of the territory allows you to use an extension cord, then it is better to purchase a model with an electric motor.

2. Utilities, which have a large territory with paths and courtyards, as well as road services, will need a trimmer that runs on gasoline with a 1.5 liter tank, 12,000 rpm, with a capacity of 0.9-1.6 kW, coverage 300 mm wide and 3.0 mm line thickness.

3. For a large private area or enterprise with green areas, you need to buy a garden tool with an internal combustion engine of 1 kW, 10,000 rpm, an iron blade or a line of 2.4 mm and a cut width of 420 mm.

4. In a small courtyard for a summer cottage, an electric model with a power of 0.25 kW, 6,500 rpm, a line thickness of 1.4-2.0 mm, and a coverage of an area of ​​250 mm along the cut width is sufficient. Mounting method will fit one under-engine belt.

5. To care for the territory of kindergartens, boarding schools and recreation centers, it is practical to buy rechargeable versions that silently perform their functions over a vast territory. A model with a power of 0.7 kW, a battery capacity of 3 Ah, 7500 rpm and a line of 2.0 mm will do.

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Types of grass trimmers

The trimmer cutting unit is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers fall into three categories.

Hyundai GC 1400

  • Heavy duty motor for demanding tasks;
  • Bicycle handle. Lawn mowing design;
  • Due to the upper location of the motor, dust and moisture do not enter the engine through the air grilles;
  • Collapsible design;
  • Smooth start;
  • Large cutting width in one pass.


The Chinese braid FORTE EMK-360 is an irreplaceable assistant for work in the garden and vegetable garden. This device helps to get rid of excess thickets around flower beds, between trees or bushes. Thanks to the rotating trimmer head, even the most difficult to reach places can be trimmed. The cutting element is a 1.6 mm fishing line, cutting width 360 mm. The lawn mower works from the mains, produces 580 watts of power. The total weight of the structure, including the motor, housing, rotating shaft, additional elements, is 5 kilograms. The FORTE EMK-360 trimmer has many advantages, among which the location of the motor can be distinguished. Thanks to the convenient lower engine position, the trimmer is easy to operate. To make it convenient for the operator to hold the device in his hands, the handle has an adjustment function, with which you can adjust the position of the unit in a manner convenient for a person.

  • Small dimensions and convenient equipment make it easy to carry and transport the unit;
  • Adjusting the handle facilitates the operator’s work, reduces the load, makes the work more comfortable;
  • Powerful motor provides high performance while saving energy;
  • The number of engine revolutions per minute provides fast cleaning of the area in a short time;
  • Versatility in use, which lies in the ability of the trimmer not only to care for lawns with small vegetation, but also to mow grass for hay.

Vitals Master EZT 144vrs

The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric scythe is intended for cleaning lawns, as well as mowing grass where a normal scythe does not pass: around trees, flower beds, between fences, on lawns with an uneven surface. The spit has an electric motor with a power of 1400 W. This electric tool is very comfortable to start. It is equipped with a soft start function, with which the unit turns on without jerking. The engine runs on a belt drive, which does not emit unnecessary noise during the operation of the scythe and does not create strong vibrations. The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric trimmer has many advantages, including the fact that the rotor and stator of the electric motor are wrapped in copper, which provides the device with durability and durability. In the complete set you will find a belt with which the scythe is put on the shoulder and a knife with three teeth for mowing vegetation. The line spool must be purchased separately. Depending on the hardness and size of the vegetation, choose either a three-pronged knife (mows 255 mm) or a spool with line (designed for mowing plants with a diameter of 420 mm). The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit the height of the person, while it can be detached separately from the braid. After adjustment, the belt is very easy and quick to attach to the mowing device.

  • High-quality material for the manufacture of the rotor and stator windings, as well as the housing, rod and handle as a whole. This is a guarantee of a long service life;
  • Smooth, jerk-free start-up prolongs the operation of the unit and simplifies the load on human hands;
  • The powerful motor makes it possible to change nozzles and use a knife for cutting weeds;
  • Bicycle handles provide a firm grip and comfortable control, designed for cutting vegetation of different sizes;
  • When working, the tool is convenient and simple, does not create unnecessary noise and vibrations.

AL-KO BC 1200 E

AL-KO models in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and the very scanty% of service hits. This German electric trimmer can be safely called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average service life is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all the characteristics testify to premium quality: 2 cutting speeds, motor overload protection, soft start function, light and durable aluminum rod. As practice shows, the engine power is 1.2 kW. The most optimal trimmer. This motor handles most vegetation without overloading. over, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. It is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But who appreciate a reliable manufacturer, this trimmer is for them.

  • The lowest percentage of users’ calls to service centers;
  • Has established itself as the most reliable grass trimmer;
  • Two-speed;
  • High-quality copper-wound electric motor;
  • Drive from engine to gearbox. Steel forged shaft;
  • Weed cutter included.
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Iron Angel ETR 1400

The Dutch electric trimmer Iron Angel ETR 1400 is designed for quick and thorough clearing of the garden and suburban area from vegetation. The manufacturer of the machine from the Netherlands offers two attachments to choose from: a knife for mowing grass with a diameter of 25.5 cm and a line for vegetation no more than 38 cm. The motor power is 1400 W, the total weight is 7 kg. The motor starts smoothly without generating unnecessary noise and vibration. Depending on the nozzle, the electric scythe makes from 4800 to 6300 revolutions per minute. A metal shaft acts as a drive. In addition, the parts of the electric trimmer are a handle with a D-shape, a shoulder strap, a steel, collapsible straight bar. As for the motor, it is on top. This kind of arrangement protects it from accidental impacts against the root or hard object, which increases the life of the braid. The Iron Angel ETR 1400 electric trimmer not only benefits from the power of the motor, but also the fact that the motor is equipped with a thermal protection function that protects the device from overloads and overheating. In addition, the device has an additional handle, which makes it more convenient to use. Leading units are lubricated automatically.

  • Robust construction and wear-resistant, stainless material of the body and drive shaft ensure long-term use of the tool without any repairs;
  • Ease of use and comfortable grip handle make the tool lightweight and trouble-free in work;
  • Engine power of 1.4 kW in combination with a steel shaft makes it possible not only to mow with a fishing line, but also to cut off hard growth with a sharp knife;
  • Equipped with an air flow cooling system protects the equipment from overheating in case of prolonged operation;
  • Efficiency is noted, which consists in prolonged operation of the engine while consuming a small amount of energy.

AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

If you need to clear an area of ​​overgrowth where a normal scythe will not pass, the AL-KO GTE 550 Premium trimmer will handle this task with ease. The unit of this type is designed to destroy vegetation between trees, under a bench, along fences and walls. This type of equipment is very easy to use. The presence of a rotary handle and a bar allows you to adjust the scythe so that it is easy to hold it during operation. So that the trees are not damaged during mowing, especially for young seedlings, a special bracket and a wheel that moves in different directions are mounted in the trimmer. The unit is equipped with a powerful motor that operates at a load of 550 kW. In one go, the scythe mows up to 30 cm of grass, which allows you to clear a large amount of area in a short time. A semi-automatic cutting head with a double nylon line is responsible for the cutting, main part. The head can be adjusted, due to which the electric trimmer reaches the places where the usual scythe cannot reach. This trimmer on the electric motor has many advantages. Its motor, unlike other similar devices, is located on top. This provides it with protection from impacts during operation of the unit, which affects the rock and its duration. Another important advantage is affordable cost and convenient transportation.

  • The uniqueness of the design, which lies in the ability of the scythe to work in narrow and hard-to-reach places;
  • The proprietary AL-KO electric motor has a continuous operation with minimal electricity consumption;
  • It is possible to clean large areas in a short time due to the double line head;
  • Low weight of 3 kg provides ease of use and reduces stress on the user’s hands.