Choose a Circular Saw For Home

Choose a Circular Saw For Home

Engine power

Circular efficiency depends on the engine power parameter. The dependence here is direct. the greater the power, the larger the diameter of the disk will “pull” the tool during operation. Accordingly, the depth of cut and the force with which the disk rotates increases.

Power is very important when working with dense materials. A saw equipped with a small engine can jam when sawing a knot in thick wood. It is always worth buying a tool with a power reserve. this will extend the life of the engine. However, with increasing power, the weight of the tool increases. For various summer cottages, a circular circular of the middle class is suitable, which makes a cut of about 65 mm. This is enough for repairs and building operations around the house. If you have to cut thick boards or timber, then choose a professional model. Conventionally, aggregates are divided into classes:

  • household up to 800 W;
  • average up to 1200 W;
  • Professional over 1200 watts.

For home use, a medium power saw is suitable

Saw blade

Saw blades are produced for cutting various materials, they differ in the geometry of the teeth, their number and frequency. Compensation slots level the expansion of the metal during overheating, vibration and noise. All information about the cutting disc is indicated on its surface. The permissible number of revolutions must coincide with the circular. If there may be nails in the sawn wood, purchase a FWF marked tooth disc.

Tip. It is not necessary to buy a powerful professional-grade tool for cutting thick boards. Propyl is carried out from two sides.

Types of Saws

When choosing a circular saw, you should know about some varieties of this tool:

  • The modern cordless saw comes with a capacious battery and fast charger. The power parameters of such devices are in no way inferior to the wire counterparts. Two batteries are enough to provide wireless operation. Such a unit is especially useful when roofing, you do not need to drag an extension cord, and it is not always possible. When working in a humid basement, the cordless saw will be safe; an 18 V battery will not harm the operator in an extreme case;

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Bosch PKS 16 Multi circular hand saw

  • a submersible saw can cut into the material anywhere, and not just cut from the edge. In such models you will not find the lower automatic protective cover. The disc is lowered only after pressing the power button and is located above the base plate. Cutting depth can be adjusted to the nearest millimeter. A similar mechanism is implemented in wall cutters, it allows you to cut a hole under the sink in the countertops, cut a window into the roof of the attic or remove the floorboard. The cut angle can also be changed.

Additional selection options

The random start lock button can and does create a slight inconvenience at first, but this is a prerequisite for your safety. the cutting disc must be under control.

The presence of a soft start function extends the life of the saw. It will protect the engine from power surges and overload if the operator does not listen to the health of the tool.

The electrodynamic brake will instantly stop the rotation of the disc after depressing the start button. This will protect the sawed part and the operator from damage. When a disk is jammed, which often happens with inexperienced beginners, the slip clutch is activated. It will not allow the motor to fail: the working shaft will continue to rotate when the disk is stopped.

Of great importance is the base plate of the tool. It is to her that auxiliary devices and adjustments are attached. Cast platforms are considered more reliable, since they preserve geometry, they are installed mainly on professional class circulars. Pressed metal plates are more resistant to impact deformation. The thicker the plate, the more reliable it is.

Be sure to follow safety precautions.

An additional advantage of a good stove is the ability to install the tool in a stationary position. Under the spring-loaded casing, which hides the disc, it should have a smooth glide and always return to its original position. The wedging knife will not allow the sawn material to clamp the disc.


Like all disc aggregates, a hand-held circular saw is a very dangerous tool. Despite the fact that the designers made every effort to ensure the safe operation of the operator, do not neglect the protection of eyes and hands. Use the guide rail to prevent the disc from jamming. If this happens, do not try to pull it out with the tool turned on so as not to provoke a backstroke. Remove the disc after turning off the power.

Be sure to hold the tool in your hands, evaluate the ergonomics and visibility of the cutting zone, the balance and weight of the unit. Handles should be comfortable and rubberized, their shape may be different. It is good if the power cord is located at the rear and is long. Very often, with the lateral position of the input sleeve, the cord is cut by the user. Repair of the engine anchor can cost a pretty penny, so pay attention to the carbon brush replacement unit and the speed of access to them, then it is not necessary to bring the tool to the service for replacement. If there is an indicator of the wear of the brushes and the function of their self-switching off, this is an ideal case. But in general, evaluate the scope of work of the future saw and the load, and based on this, choose a model.