Choose a Good Home Screwdriver

Every real man at home has a screwdriver on hand. Screw a shelf, a fallen off handle, or simply unscrew an unnecessary self-tapping screw. everything becomes possible with its help. However, many inexperienced in these matters people often wonder how to choose the right screwdriver.

The first, and important, moment in this matter will be determining the type of screwdriver that you want to purchase. Needless to say that their different models exist.

Screwdriver and its types

The name "screwdriver" in the vocabulary of the average consumer can imply several types of such tools at once. Very often they include electric screwdrivers and electric wrenches, although for all the similarity of functions they do not belong to this category.

Household screwdrivers can perform most of the declared functions, however, the load on these models will be lower than on professional models. Professional screwdrivers are more powerful, but the prices for these models will be much higher.

How to choose a good screwdriver?

First of all, it is worth noting that the quality of any screwdriver will depend on the characteristics that are declared for it. For household chores, an economic screwdriver is quite suitable, for longer loads. a professional one.

The main characteristics of any screwdriver are rotation speed, torque and battery characteristics.

Household, or household, screwdrivers have a torque of about 10-15 nM, in turn, professional. up to 130 nM. Professional high-torque screwdrivers (1300 rpm) are considered almost universal, since, in addition to twisting screws, they are capable of drilling quite hard materials, such as wood and metal.

simplified models cope with the function of mounting and dismounting at 500 rpm. When choosing a screwdriver, you should pay attention to the presence of a reverse stroke, since the drill may get stuck.

Battery specifications

Before buying the selected screwdriver, pay attention to the battery in your favorite tool. The time of its operation without recharging will directly depend on this. Batteries are:

  • nickel cadmium (Ni Cd);
  • lithium-ion (Li –Ion);
  • nickel metal hydride (Ni MH).

Main characteristics any battery will be:

  • number of exercises. LThe lithium-ion batteries are the most capacious by this feature. Their energy is enough for more than 1200 charges, nickel-cadmium for 1000, nickel-metal hydride for 500;
  • memory effect. the property of batteries to reduce capacity due to the fact that the battery has not been fully charged. This is pronounced in nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion does not possess such a property;
  • resistance to increase or decrease in temperature. As a rule, nickel-cadmium batteries are used for work in frost and at low temperatures, other types are not intended for this.

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How to choose bits for a screwdriver?

There are basic rules for selecting nozzles (bits) for a screwdriver.

But even describing the many characteristics of devices, it is impossible to understand which screwdriver to choose or which screwdriver is better than its "counterparts".

Should highlight some moments, from which it will become clear how to choose a screwdriver for the home.

Choose a Good Home Screwdriver
  • Stationary screwdrivers that do not require constant recharging are perfect for homework. They are durable and easily withstand continuous operation.
  • In terms of parameters, professional screwdrivers are many times superior to household ones. However, if the tool is intended for a single assembly of furniture or screwing in a self-tapping screw, such an investment does not always justify itself.
  • A cheap professional screwdriver is a myth. If you want to buy a high-quality tool, and the professional version is too expensive, it is worth considering more budget models, network-powered tools.
  • One of the best batteries are lithium-ion. Their capacity and the number of charges are many times greater than nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hybrid.

An ice screwdriver. Which to choose?

An integral attribute of any winter fishing is the ice drill, which allows you to drill a thick layer of ice. However, its application requires certain conditions and high physical effort.

A good alternative to him was a screwdriver. Based on expert opinions, it is best to purchase a screwdriver with a nickel-cadmium battery, due to its resistance to low temperatures.

Bosch GSR 18-2 screwdriver

It must be remembered that the capacity of the battery in cold weather can be significantly reduced, reducing the performance of the device, so you need to have a spare battery.

Choosing the best model will help Overview of the best models for winter fishing:

  • Bosch GSR 18-2;
  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-Li;
  • Makita 8414 DWAE;
  • Makita 8434 DWFE;
  • Hitachi DS 18DSFL.

Top 4 best home screwdrivers

Choosing a home screwdriver is not easy. Today, there are a huge number of tool manufacturers. Among domestic, it is worth noting Interspol and Zubr. Among foreign manufacturers, Bosch, Makita, AEG, Metabo, Dewalt, Hitachi are considered the best.

Makita 6347 DWDE

This screwdriver is an ideal option for ice drilling. Withstands the battery voltage of at least 18 V, the torque is 40 nM.

over, this model quickly and easily performs work and copes with the tasks.

Makita DF 330 DWE

If you choose from a generation of cordless screwdrivers, then Makita DF330DWE will be the perfect option.

The power tool is equipped with a lithium battery, an economical engine and highly competitive features. The small size and built-in flashlight make it very practical and convenient.

Hitachi DS 10 DFL

If we compare the manufacturers, it is better to choose a Hitachi screwdriver. The lightness and compactness of this model is its hallmark.

Thanks to the quick-clamping chuck, it takes no more than a few seconds to replace the nozzles. A powerful and capacious battery allows you to work for several hours without recharging.

Hitachi DS 14 DVF 3

If you enter the query "How to choose a drill screwdriver for the house?" in popular search engines, then in most of the results found, this model will be in the first places.

The convenient rubberized case, a complete set of two batteries and a capacious case make the Hitachi DS 14 DVF 3 one of the most reliable and durable devices.

Bort BAB.12-P

  • Makita 6271DWPE;
  • Hitachi DS14DVF3;
  • Bosch GSR 1440-LI;
  • Makita 6281DWPE;
  • Makita 6261DWPE.