Choosing a Home Hammer 2018

Choosing a Home Hammer 2018

The best home punchers

Since home punchers are purchased for periodic and often short works, the requirements for them are relevant:

  • the device should be compact enough not to take up much space during storage;
  • power sufficient for at least short work on strong concrete;
  • reliability (the ability to periodic work in the "wear" mode). you can not use the punch for several months, and then start a full-fledged repair;
  • the presence of additional functions. mode switch, reverse, speed control. all of them are useful in any case.

All devices that fall into the rating of punchers for home, without fail comply with the listed requirements.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR

The device, which the manufacturer himself positions as a model of the "Professional" class, which shows his ability for long continuous operation. Its electric motor with a power of 800 watts produces 900 rpm, with the possibility of electronic adjustment of their frequency, there is also a reverse function. In the mode of a puncher, 4,000 strokes are made on the working surface within a minute, but the device can also be used as a drill or a screwdriver. an adapter for conventional drills is included. Drills with a diameter up to 26 mm are used.

Pros of Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR

  1. There is no ruler on the depth gauge.
  2. The drill chuck does not tolerate sticking of concrete dust. it is advisable to store it in appropriate conditions.
  3. Expensive to repair. If the hammer breaks and this is not a warranty case, then repair will not always be advisable.

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Such a device will be a reliable assistant for frequent minor work. Suitable for domestic and professional use. The main thing is not to try to use it in cases where you need a very powerful hammer drill. He will probably cope with such work, but this will greatly affect the overall service life of the device.

Makita HR2470

A universal three-mode rotary hammer for work on concrete bricks and similar materials. Ergonomic handle design maximally absorbs vibration. Equally, the device is convenient for use by left-handed and right-handed people. Motor power 780 watts. The rotation speed of 1100 revolutions per minute. there is speed adjustment and reverse. In the chiselling mode, 4,500 strokes are made on the working surface.

Pros of Makita HR2470

  1. Low vibration compared to competitors.
  2. Unpretentious to working conditions, in particular, shows itself well in case of high dust content.
  3. High-quality cooling. when overheating cools down even without turning it off. at idle.
  4. A large number of consumables in free sale at relatively low prices.
  1. There is no chuck for drilling in the factory equipment, although the possibility of its installation is provided by the design of the device.
  2. There are complaints about the backlash of the cartridge, because of which it is impossible to accurately drill a hole of a small diameter or work with long drills. it is advisable to check this point when buying.
  3. During overheating, it may begin to squeeze out the lubricant from the cartridge mechanism.

The hammer drill is intended primarily for light work. It is in these conditions that he demonstrates all his positive aspects.


720 Watt multi-function medium-power rotary hammer with SDS-Plus chuck for drills up to 24 mm in diameter. The rotation speed of the electric motor is 1500 revolutions per minute with the possibility of adjustment and reverse stroke. The number of strokes on the working surface is 4500 / min.