Choosing a Lawn Mower For Home: Petrol Or Electric?

and more owners of suburban areas are abandoning tomato beds in favor of a beautiful lawn. The house, surrounded by a well-kept green carpet, looks luxurious and stylish. The lawn not only decorates the site, but also acts as a place for relaxation and even active games. However, not everyone thinks how hard it is to maintain plants in perfect condition. All possible assistance in this matter is provided by the lawn mower. The wide variety of lawn mowers makes consumers think. Let’s try to figure out what criteria to follow when choosing a lawn mower.

Choosing a Lawn Mower For Home: Petrol Or Electric?

What is a lawn mower?

Lawnmowers can be called any device whose purpose. destruction of vegetation. By types of tools are divided into trimmer, brushcutter and lawn mower. The first two options are similar in design: boom, motor and cutting part. The equipment is held in hands, and auxiliary straps are thrown onto the shoulder. As for the differences, the trimmer is inferior to the scythe in power. This is an excellent choice for the care of uneven areas, as well as the area under the trees. The power of the brushcutter allows the tool to cope with shrubs and thick weeds. Lawn mower. in simple words, it is a heavy wheeled trolley with a motor. Knives are used here as a cutting element. It’s easy to control the tool, just roll it in front of you. Lawn mower. An excellent choice of a tool for a summer residence, because it’s convenient to process it only smooth areas without interference (shrubs, trees, stones). Due to differences, experts recommend having both types of cutting tools in the arsenal. Then you can take care of every hidden corner of the site.

The difference between gasoline and electric

Gasoline lawn mower allows you to care for remote areas, because the tool works autonomously. The power of gasoline models is higher, working with them, without risk of harming the engine, can be much longer. In terms of speed, a petrol tool also surpasses a model powered by electricity. The disadvantages of the tool include the loud noise during operation (some models are even equipped with headphones) and the high cost of fuel.

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Gasoline Lawn Mower:

  • power;
  • independent of electricity;
  • the ability to work longer;
  • – the high cost of the apparatus;
  • -constant purchase of fuel;
  • -noise;

It would seem that a gas mower is superior to electric in all respects. Work on electricity initially can not assume a lot of power, because our network can not withstand voltage, more than 220 watts. Often, models are supplemented by another battery, but the cell should not exceed 2 hours. However, there are pluses here: the noise level is lower, high environmental friendliness, and high operational efficiency. By opting for an electric lawnmower, you tie yourself to a network. During operation, extension cords and endless wires greatly complicate the task.

Electric Lawn Mower:

  • Low noise;
  • Significantly cheaper, the cost of operation is lower;
  • Lungs;
  • -The presence of an electrical network;
  • -Cannot work for long;

Which one should I choose?

  1. The maximum power of the gasoline model can cause its failure. A medium-sized braid, colliding with a pebble, will stall. But the most powerful tool will not stop the work, which will entail the curvature of the cutting elements and the deformation of other parts. It can not do without major repairs. Consider this moment when choosing a tool. Objectively assess the needs of the site. A gas mower for a home on gasoline can have 6-7 horsepower. It’s enough.
  2. If you need to cut large and medium sections, stop at a gasoline powered tool. Their productivity is much higher due to their high power.
  3. An electric lawnmower is convenient to cut the area in front of the house. The model can work for 15 minutes with a short break. A standard cord (20 m) will be enough. You will save money. If the site is more distant, then you will have to buy a good cable (maybe not one). It is worth considering and comparing expenses. perhaps the purchase of a gasoline model will be the best option.
  4. The electric tool is unpretentious in leaving. You do not have to constantly monitor the level of oil and gasoline.
  5. The level of security plays an important role when choosing. A gasoline-powered tool dooms its owner to inhaling exhaust fumes. When working with electricity, it is forbidden to mow the lawn in wet weather. For safety reasons, rubber boots should be on the feet. There is also a risk of the device running into the extension cord and cutting it.
  6. Due to the powerful motor, gas mowers are very heavy, which makes driving difficult. Only a man can cope with such a technique. The power tool benefits in maneuverability and ease of operation.

Before buying a lawn mower, the owner should assess the real needs and nature of his site, for a small summer cottage it is completely useless to buy an expensive gasoline mower, you will have enough electric power (provided that electricity is supplied to the site). The choice of model will depend on the estimated amount of work, the presence of shrubs and trees on the site, the shape of the landscape, as well as who will control the tool. If possible, in addition to a large lawn mower, purchase a trimmer or a brushcutter, which will allow you to get to the difficult places of the site, as well as cut the overgrown areas.