Choosing A Miter Saw For Home

Selecting a Miter Saw Selecting a Feed Through Miter Saw

Miter saw speed

This is another important technical feature. The most common values ​​are from 2800 to 6000 rpm. A high-quality cut without defects, chips and wood splitting is possible only at high speeds. For example, if the saw blade diameter is 260 mm, then the minimum rotation speed is 2800 rpm. Professional models of miter saws are capable of developing 4-5 thousand revolutions per minute even with a large diameter disc installed.

Cutting depth limitation

This feature aids in grooving or trimming jobs by limiting the depth to which the disc can plunge.

Choosing A Miter Saw For Home

Tips and rules for choosing trimming

In this block, we will give brief advice on the main points for choosing a miter saw for wood and optimal technical performance.

Outer and bore diameter of the disc

The rim of the blade affects whether it can be fitted to the saw at all. The most popular value is 30 mm. As a rule, you will come across saws designed to work with just such a consumable.

There is much more variety in the outer diameters of the discs. It can be specified in inches or millimeters. The most popular is 255 mm. The larger the diameter of the consumable, the larger the workpiece you can cut. To work with a large blade, the saw will need more power. In any case, you will not be able to install a disc with a diameter larger than the allowable one, it will not snap into place. This design feature of miter saws ensures safety during work.

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It is also not recommended to install discs of too small diameter. When the saw is turned on, the engine will experience a minimum of resistance and will start to rotate too much, this will damage the saw.

Disc thickness

The width of the cut and the material they recommend to cut depends on the thickness of the disc. Thin discs have a smaller margin of safety, but when working with them, a thinner cut is obtained. This is important in the processing of valuable wood species. Thicker discs are stronger, but take up more material when cutting.

Engine type selection

The saw motor is often installed on the right side of the working part. There are also saws that have it pushed back a little to give more room to work. This allows the operator to operate with either hand and also tilt the disc to either side.

There are 2 types of motor that can be found in miter saws:

  • Asynchronous;
  • Collector.

Elitech (PT 1625 series)

Power is comparable to Makita 1.6 kW at the same shaft speed. Disc for 255 x 30, depth and width of cuts at 900 (mm) respectively 65 and 150. Possibility of turning both axially and at an angle is provided.

The price is 12,060 rubles.

Rotary system design

What to look for:

  • No backlash.
  • Fixation accuracy.
  • Possibility of turning at various angles. What are the (limit values)?

What is the difference between a professional and an amateur (household) instrument?

From the point of view of the circuit design, none. There are only a number of parameters that determine the price discrepancy:

  • Manufacturing material. Amateur models are less reliable, so they are not intended for intensive use, including at the limit of capabilities.
  • Sample cutting quality. All parts in professional cross-cut saws are carefully fitted with high precision. But a household tool sometimes gives big errors in work.
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Nevertheless, in skilled hands, an amateur saw behaves just as well as a professional one. And if you treat it carefully, it will last long enough.

Cutting parameters

The cutting width is determined by the parameters of the installed blade. But the working tool itself in some models can only move in a vertical plane (up / down), in others also in a horizontal plane. That is, it becomes possible to either take the disc away from you, or pull it in. The second option is more convenient to use, since the cutting line is one and a half times longer, at least. If the miter saw is used for cutting dimensional sheets, boards, plates, then you should pay attention to the models with two guides.

Miter saw device

It is difficult to decide on the choice of the optimal model without understanding which of its constituent parts are being discussed when considering a particular characteristic. A typical tool diagram explains everything well.

There are many different models of miter saws on sale, which may differ slightly in design. In general, the device of all products is practically the same.

How to choose a reliable and inexpensive wood miter saw for your home

A good owner always has a tool at hand with which you can cut a workpiece made of wood, plastic, metal, or cut a parquet board, laminate, and so on. But if you need to cut at an angle, there are many problems. Even a professional carpenter is not always able to perform such a specific operation with high quality.

In such (and not only) situations, a miter saw will help out. How to choose it, what parameters to evaluate the article will give answers to all possible questions on this topic.

Miter saw 185mm Yato YT-82172. Construction, main units and elements.

Each model consists of a wide, thick-walled aluminum base on which a turntable is mounted. A stand departs from the bed, carrying the electric motor and the saw unit, ending with a control handle.

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Electric motor.

Most devices have a brushed motor. It is much smaller than asynchronous, with similar dimensions and weight, has a high torque and is able to develop 5000-6000 rpm. The disadvantages include increased operating noise and the need for maintenance.
An asynchronous motor is preferable, but rarely installed on miter saws. Its main drawback is weight. It is difficult to lift the saw unit with a motor over 10 kg.

The connection of the electric motor with the equipment can be carried out:

The saw blade is mounted directly onto the shaft. The absence of contacting parts ensures high reliability of such a circuit and quiet operation. The disadvantages are: low, compared to other installation methods, torque and minimum cutting height. When inserting and tilting the saw unit not only to the left, but also to the right, it will rest against the workpiece with its end part of the body, not allowing you to make a deep cut at an angle.

Through straight gears.
This design allows you to raise the trimming motor higher, and when installing helical teeth, turn it as much as possible from the axis of attachment of the equipment.

By using pulleys, you can significantly distance the motor from the blade and place it not on the right, but behind the saw unit. Belts, due to their elasticity, partially damp vibrations that occur when cutting fibers, which in the case of direct transmission would affect the bearings. The elasticity of the connection softens the action of overload in the event of a jam. The belts will simply slide over the pulleys.

Miter saw 255mm Sturm MS5525S with broach. Wood trimming with broach 255mm Yato YT-82173. Miter saw 255mm Yato YT-82174