Circular saw blades overview

The best saw blades with a diameter of 216-260 mm

The accessories for circular saws with a diameter of 216-260 mm are used for sawing boards, panels and large cross-section bars. The maximum workpiece thickness should be slightly less than the disc radius (105-120 mm). But if the cut edge is additionally processed or veneered, then it is allowed to cut through the wooden element from both sides, combining the two cuts, which doubles the maximum thickness indicator. TOP saw blades for wood for circular saws will show which equipment to choose for cutting wood of different moisture content and type of cut.

The best saw blades with a diameter of 190 mm

Such equipment is used for cutting small wooden materials. boards and beams up to 75 mm high. The small size of the blade allows it to be used on compact hand-held circular saws. Here is a rating of saw blades for wood for a circular saw with such a diameter, which are characterized by speed of cut, cleanliness and a thin kerf, and are also suitable for chipboard and MDF.

Bosch 2.608.640.633 190×30 mm. quick cut

When cutting speed is a priority, discs with a small number of teeth are chosen. This design has less resistance to rotation and facilitates faster cutting of the material. But due to the large distance between the cutting elements, the cut sides are rough and they will have to be ground for finishing.

Circular Saw Blades Explained. Gear Up With Gregg’s

This disc from the German brand has 12 soldered teeth and additional reinforcement on the back. Leaves a cut 2.6 mm wide.

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Pros Bosch 2.608.640.633 190×30 mm

  • Suitable not only for wood, but also for aerated concrete, cement-based fiber boards.
  • Cuts even boards with nails.
  • Very low price and proven brand.
  • Interacts with a tool with an output of up to 4900 rpm.

Output. Use this inexpensive blade for fast cutting wood roughing jobs.

Dewalt DT1957 CONSTRUCT (250×30 mm; 48 ATB). raw wood cut with nails

Sometimes there is a need to use particularly durable saw blades that can easily cope with the load and will not lose sharpness from collision with nails. The Dewalt DT1957 CONSTRUCT saw blade works well for this. It contains 48 teeth with a 10 degree sharpening angle. Has a thick solder on the tips of the teeth, providing a wide cut of 3 mm.

Pros of Dewalt DT1957 CONSTRUCT (250×30 mm; 48 ATB)
  • Cuts quickly and without jamming. 80×80 mm timber cuts in 1 second.
  • Excellent balancing. almost no vibration is felt despite the tool diameter of 250 mm.
  • Keeps sharpening well.
  • Due to the thickness of the disc, it does not drift to the side.
  • On the disc itself, clear instructions for sharpening teeth.
  • Four large slots to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Due to the thick cut, there is a lot of dust in the air and a lot of shavings are left on the floor.
  • A sharpening angle of 10 degrees will have a worse effect on finished products.
  • Poor for end cuts when you need to make an exact size, and not just saw a bar in two.

Output. It will not be difficult to disassemble building structures with nails remaining in them with such equipment. The owner will be able to work for more than a year without a significant loss of sharpness.

CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64). specially for cross cut

Cross-cutting wood is not easy for every blade. The reason lies in the perpendicular arrangement of the fibers, which creates increased resistance. To understand which saw blade for wood is better in this case, you need to remember that it must have alternately beveled teeth. This provides a soft impact and allows you to cut without severe scoring and chips.

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CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64). excellent disc from the brand CMT of Italian origin. Has a diameter of 216 mm and 64 teeth, which are effective especially for cross cuts.

Pluses CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64)

  • Soldering on the teeth facilitates fast cuts even in hardwoods.
  • Suitable for all brands of circular saws with a 30 mm seating shaft.
  • The soldering lasts a long time despite the intensive use of the circular.
  • When sawing the platband, there are no explosions.
  • Applied designations for which types of wood it is best suited.
  • Four hook cutouts to compensate for expansion.
  • Some users received a curved disc (with lateral runout), although there were no signs of damage on the packaging.
  • So that there are no chips at all, it is necessary to add a zero liner.
  • After it becomes blunt, it is very difficult to sharpen it correctly.
  • If used on hard wood, it may burn the butt a little.

Output. An excellent choice for making a large volume of cross cuts, which then do not have to be processed additionally. all ends can be made to size the first time.

The best saw blades for wood for circular saw

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42). clean thin kerf

For extra thin cuts with a clean edge, thin blades with a large number of teeth are needed. Such equipment is used in furniture production, where accurate precise cuts and rational material consumption are required. But the payment for this is the thin section of the metal, which leads to biting or deformation. This disc should be handled more carefully than others.

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42). extra thin disc with a thickness of 1.1 mm. Has 42 teeth and leaves a cut 1.7 mm wide. Manufactured directly in Italy and designed for finishing.

Pluses CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42)

  • Suitable for circular saws up to 8000 rpm.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • With it, it is easy to make longitudinal and transverse cuts in materials of different densities.
  • Does not leave lumpy fibers at the edges.
  • The price is much higher than analogues.
  • Sophisticated sharpening that is not easy to restore at home.
  • For installation on some circular saws, adapter rings are needed. those that are included in the kit are thicker than the blade itself, so the latter is not clamped to the end.
  • You cannot rush to make a cut, otherwise it will be chipped.

Output. Ideal for a furniture workshop. It will allow you to cut through OSB and similar materials as cleanly and accurately as possible. Eight slots inside the disc provide good vibration damping and promote quiet operation.


  • – cordless circular saw
  • – a wrench for tightening the disc
  • – parallel stop

The cordless circular saw is supplied in a cardboard box. There is no protective foam box, so I recommend paying extra for insurance.

Saw blades:

The circular saw supports common cutting discs. A nice feature is the double-sided spindle with bore diameters of 20mm and 25mm:

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The fit is excellent, there are no backlashes. As an example, Matrix disc 185mm20mm:

The limiting diameter is about 192mm, because then the spring-loaded casing interferes, but if you remove it, then 200mm discs will do:

It is possible to use discs with adapter rings, for example, 185mm22.2mm. The maximum cutting depth is about 62mm:

The revolutions do not exceed 5000 rpm (3800 rpm declared), almost all available discs will do without restrictions:

Remember, with a blade, the saw becomes a dangerous tool and requires extra attention. Fortunately, there is a lock against accidental activation.


The circular saw is a multifunctional device designed for cutting wood and other building materials. It looks like this:

This model represents some copy of well-known brands, adapted for the batteries of the Makita LXT 18V line. General view of the saw from all sides:

At the heart of the work is an efficient brushless motor, which has a much higher efficiency compared to traditional brushed motors. The motor is on the left, the saw blade is on the right:

If in a mini-saw it is not very convenient, then in a full-size saw it is more of a plus, since the power is higher, and the size of the blade is larger. In addition, there is a hole in the protective casing for the exit of chips and somehow this element cannot be realized.

The saw is equipped with a double rubberized handle, with the help of which it is reliably held in work:

The main handle has a built-in switch with blocking against accidental pressing, there is a supporting element in front:

The distance between the handle and the casing is sufficient, there is no inconvenience:

A nice feature is the presence of a spring-loaded return casing, which contributes to the safety of work, protecting the operator from flying chips and knots, as well as protecting products and accessories in cases where the tool is put down without waiting for the disc to stop:

The return casing is fixed with a retaining ring and attached to the spring. It is he who limits the maximum diameter of the cutting disc to 185mm.

This model has all the necessary adjustments both in the cutting depth and in the inclination of the cut. The maximum cutting depth is 62mm and is adjusted with a special screw:

The angle of inclination is no more than 45 ° and is regulated by a special bar with a screw:

The only drawback is that the thickness of the sole is small and some elements have a riveted connection:

I do not often saw at different angles, so this is not critical for me.

Power is supplied from the popular line of Makita LXT 18V tools. You can use both branded batteries and Chinese counterparts. Slide type mount:

The dimensions are relatively small, thanks to which the saw fits perfectly in the hand:


A small video demonstration of work:


  • – Tool type. circular (circular) saw
  • – Body. metal plastic
  • – Power supply. Makita LXT (18V) or analogs
  • – Motor. brushless (brushless)
  • – Number of speeds. 1 speed (no more than 5000 rpm)
  • – Adjustments. tilt (up to 45 °) and cutting depth (up to 62mm)
  • – Used discs. 185mm
  • – Dimensions. 270mm130mm180mm


The circular saw is designed to be powered by the popular line of Makita LXT 18V tools. Rechargeable batteries of the slider type BL180 or Chinese counterparts are suitable:

The most optimal ones are BL1840 or BL1850 with a capacity of 4Ah and 5Ah, respectively:

I use proven Chinese counterparts for 4Ah and homemade ones for 6 / 8Ah, the assembly of which, perhaps, will tell you separately:

This model is not so demanding on the current output of the batteries, so any will work:

Number of teeth per disc

The cutting speed and the quality of the cut depend on their number. With a decrease in the number of teeth, the cutting speed increases, but the quality of work decreases, the number and size of chips increase. If you use a disc with a large number of teeth, then the cut is smooth, without chips, but this reduces performance and increases the load on the electric motor.

Depending on the number of teeth, the discs are divided into three groups: a small number of teeth (10-40), an average number of teeth (40-80), a large number of teeth (80-90). Most versatile medium tooth discs.

Tooth inclination

If the tooth is tilted forward relative to the radius of the disc, this tilt is called positive. Positive inclination blades are used for ripping material. Such discs cut down the material in a similar way to a plane. When the tooth is inclined backward relative to the radius of the disc, this inclination is called negative.

Discs with negative inclination of the tooth are intended primarily in cutting saws, the main purpose of which is to cut wood fibers across. Negative tilt discs load the engine more than positive tilt discs.

The standard positive tilt ranges from 5 to 15 degrees, the aggressive tilt increases to 20 degrees, and the negative tine tilt ranges from 0 to 5 degrees. In addition, the discs use teeth with zero inclination, the so-called flat cutter.

Saw blades are available with teeth in various combinations depending on the tasks to be solved. Most versatile discs with alternating positive and negative slope teeth.

Circular saw blades overview

The quality of the work performed directly depends on the correct choice of a blade for a circular saw. There is no universal disc that can handle any tool or material. Therefore, the choice of equipment must be approached as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible.

The time spent on this will not be wasted and will give good results in the future. This article describes in detail which blade to choose for a saw, depending on various parameters.

When choosing the type of disc, first of all, the following characteristics of the power tool should be taken into account: electrical power consumption, permissible rotation speed, motor shaft diameter, diameter of the protective cover. These basic parameters must be observed, otherwise the operation of the equipment will be abnormal, because of this, the processed material may be damaged or the tool may be broken.

Next, you should choose a disk in accordance with the planned work. Any materials can be processed on a circular saw: wood, chipboard, plywood, laminate, all kinds of plastics, soft metals (copper, aluminum), iron products (for example, corrugated sheets).

Wood is the most commonly used construction material requiring cutting, so wood discs for circulars are the most common.

Brief content of the article:

Attaching the disc to the power tool

The discs are available with different mounting holes: 16,20,22,30 and 32 mm. Disc and shaft diameters must match.

Some discs have pin holes. Accordingly, it is necessary when purchasing to ensure that the location of these holes corresponds to the location of the pins on the power tool.

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External disk size

For a small, portable tool, the size of the discs is from 13 to 25 cm.This size does not affect the cutting speed of the material.

This parameter determines only the possible cutting depth. To increase it, a tool with a higher engine power is required.

Main characteristics of disks

Disc thickness

The discs have a standard thickness of 3.2 mm. With an increase in the thickness of the disc, its strength increases, but at the same time the thickness of the cut increases. a larger volume of processed materials is transferred into chips.

Saw blade material

Monolithic discs are made from a variety of steel: high speed steel or high carbon steel. These discs are inexpensive, easily and repeatedly sharpened, when using them you will have to learn how to sharpen a disc for circular.

Such discs are used for cutting wood and polymers. Such discs are rare and have been replaced by discs with carbide teeth.

Blades with teeth made of carbide steel containing tungsten or cobalt carbides are more productive, simple and reliable, have a longer service life, but such blades are more expensive and require special sharpening equipment.

Knowing these technical characteristics, you can choose the right saw blade for your circular. The characteristics of the disc are applied to its lateral surface.

First of all, the following information is applied: purpose (for a machine or a hand saw), outer and bore diameters, processed material, kerf width, number of teeth, speed and direction of rotation. The inclination of the teeth can be estimated from the photo of discs for circular or read the specification.

Packaging and delivery set

The GreenWorks G24CS cordless circular saw is delivered in a cardboard box, which contains brief information about the device and recommendations for use.

Inside the box, the saw is fixed with two cardboard pads, which provide a very rigid fixation of the saw, so that during transportation the device does not dangle, and the side edges received additional protection in the form of a seal.

The delivery set, in addition to the GreenWorks G24CS circular saw, includes a hex key, a metal parallel stop, a saw blade for wood (GreenWorks 165×15.89×1.6 mm, 18 teeth), as well as a set of paper documentation and a warranty card.

Traditionally, GreenWorks cordless tools do not include a charger and rechargeable battery, which must be purchased separately.

The battery is sold in a separate cardboard box, which contains brief information about the manufacturer and the battery itself. Inside the box there is an instruction manual, a warranty card and a rechargeable battery.

The charger is also sold in a separate cardboard box, which also contains brief information about the device, its image, main characteristics and information about the manufacturer. Inside the box is a charger, warranty card and instruction manual.


  • Type: electric disk
  • Construction: manual
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Sawing capacity (90 °): 54 mm
  • Disc diameter: 165mm
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • Features and Capabilities: Laser Marker
  • Warranty period: 3g.


Before starting testing the instrument in operation, several measurements were made. Measurement of the noise level of the circular saw GreenWorks G24CS with the blade installed at idle speed showed that the noise level is 99.7 dB. During testing we used NKTECH NK-D2 household sound level meter (30-130 dB).

GreenWorks G24CS is not positioned as a professional tool, although the workmanship and technical characteristics are very decent, so you should not expect the device to adjust the rotation speed, which would allow you to set the required indicator for cutting materials, which in turn would not fire the ends. This model has a fixed speed of 4300 rpm.

Disk rotation speed was measured using a UNI-T UT373 tachometer (10-99999 rpm).

The rotational speed of the disk was 3734 rpm, which is slightly lower than the declared value, while it should be noted that almost all manufacturers sin by overestimating the actual number of revolutions in the technical characteristics.

Test cuts were carried out on different materials:

Bar 40×60. the circular saw easily coped with the task, making an even, thin cut. To complicate the task at hand, several small nails, 2 mm in diameter, were driven into the timber. The circular saw GreenWorks G24CS did not have any special difficulties with this, but the complete disc is not intended for this, and you should not get too carried away with cutting nails.

Then several cuts of MDF sheet with a thickness of 16 mm were made. In this case, the main quality criterion is the edge quality. Of course, there were no chips without Bosch, most of which were located on the lower surface, but in general, the edge quality is at a decent level.

Further test cuts were carried out on a 10 mm thick plywood sheet. Again, the main criterion for cut quality is edge quality. On the lower surface without fringes, there was no Bosch (which is quite normal, because its formation is inevitable). The top surface quality was decent. There was a small amount of chips.

After that, several test cuts were made in the laminate panels. The seam quality is really good. The circular saw cut the panel with ease, leaving a thin, neat cut with few gouges on the top surface and little to no gouges on the bottom.

It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the quality of the cut depends largely on the quality of the installed circular saw. For the GreenWorks G24CS cordless saw, it is recommended to purchase thin blades, the use of which allows the motor to work in a more gentle mode, and thereby extends the service life.

Further, the control was carried out for compliance of the cutting depth readings with real results. For these purposes, several cuts were made, with different set values ​​on the device. The tilt angle was 90 degrees:

  • The value on the depth scale is 10 mm. the actual cutting depth was 10.94 mm;
  • The value on the depth scale is 20 mm. the actual cutting depth was 21.40 mm;
  • The value on the depth scale is 30 mm. the actual cutting depth was 30.62 mm;
  • The value on the depth scale is 40 mm. the actual cutting depth was 41.12 mm;
  • The value on the depth scale is 50 mm. the actual cutting depth was 52.07 mm.

Compliance with the tilt angles is also an important criterion for judging the quality of a circular saw. For these purposes, test cuts were carried out:

  • The value on the scale of the device is 20 degrees. the actual angle of inclination of the cut is 22 degrees;
  • The value on the scale of the device is 35 degrees. the actual angle of inclination of the cut is 37 degrees;
  • The value on the scale of the device is 45 degrees. the actual angle of inclination of the cut is 47 degrees;
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Sawing the boards at an angle of 45 degrees showed that the cutting depth was approximately 39.27 mm. Maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 55.08 mm.

It is very important to remember that the manufacturer provides for the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the base using a special adjusting screw located on the bottom surface of the bed.

If we talk about comForte, the GreenWorks G24CS is a very comfortable, lightweight and ergonomic tool. The right-hand arrangement of the engine favorably distinguishes the device against the background of competitors, the device is excellent for working with both left and right hands, which is facilitated by a fuse that allows you to unlock the start button on both the left and right sides.

Separately, I would like to note the laser pointer-guide and the operation of the chip blowing system, both functions greatly facilitate the work of the master, providing him with comfortable conditions.

Speaking about the autonomy of the device, here the manufacturer gives the user the right to choose. Use a 2.0 Ah battery, which is quite enough for everyday tasks, such as pruning branches in the garden, sawing a fence or preparing several bars. If desired, the user can purchase a 4.0 Ah battery. It is quite enough for periodic use of the tool, carrying out repair work on the roof, etc. At the same time, a very important characteristic of GreenWorks tools is fast enough charging.


The body of the device is made of shock-resistant plastic, the handles and the start button have rubber pads. The device is designed for both left and right hand use. On the side surface, near the start button, on both sides, under the thumb, there is a spring-loaded fuse.

In the front of the device there is a comfortable, rubberized handle, which allows you to securely hold the tool during operation. A little to the right is the spindle lock button. Nearby is a laser pointer that has the ability to calibrate. There are two fixing devices on the bed, one of which allows you to change the slope of the bed (the slope of the cut) by an angle from 0 to 50 degrees (a graduated scale is provided on the bed body, with marks at 0/15 / 22.5 / 30/45/50 degrees). The fixing mechanism is made of metal, it is informative and convenient, the zero is the same, moreover, there is an adjusting screw on the back surface of the platform that allows you to control the angle of inclination. The second mechanism allows you to fix the parallel stop (guide) on the bed body.

The plastic side cover that protects the motor housing has rubber pads that provide additional protection if the unit falls on its side.

The main guard, protecting the saw from above, is made of thick cast metal.

To protect the cutter and the user, a cover made of transparent plastic with a spring-loaded mechanism is provided on the body, so that during the sawing process, the cover moves, giving the cutter access to the material to be processed, and after the cut is completed, it automatically closes.

On the back surface there is a block for connecting the battery, to the left there is a large adjustment lever for fixing the diving mechanism. The fixation is convenient, simple, does not require additional efforts, access to the lever is very convenient. The scale of the immersion mechanism is located to the left, it has marks from 0 to 50 mm, with a step of 5 mm, the scale itself is pronounced and easy to read. Directly below the battery compartment is a slot for storing a hexagon (included in the package).

The platform is cast, made of an aluminum alloy, the composition of which the manufacturer does not inform (silumin, but which brand is unknown), the platform thickness is 3.4 mm, a large number of stiffeners are located on it. The platform is rigid. A special adjusting screw is provided on the back surface to correct the angle of inclination.

The rechargeable battery is made of impact-resistant plastic. On the upper surface there is a locking mechanism with a spring-loaded latch and a contact group. In the front part there is a three-position LED indicator of the battery charge level, as well as a mechanical button for its activation. The button for opening the locking mechanism is also located here.

On the bottom surface there is a sticker with brief technical characteristics of the battery and four screws securing the bottom cover.

The charger is made of plastic. The top cover is painted in light green, it has a battery fixing mechanism, a contact group, an LED indicator informing about the battery charging process and, quite informative, illustrated picture.

The bottom cover is made of black plastic. The side surfaces are provided with a sufficiently large number of ventilation holes to remove excess heat from the charger case.

On the bottom surface there are four rubber feet that ensure reliable fixation of the charger on a horizontal surface, as well as two mounting holes with a specified center distance for fixing the charger on a wall or an inclined surface.

In general, the device looks reliable and of high quality.


  • Lack of fixed platform tilt angles;
  • Lack of a dust extraction system (there is no possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner).
  • No rpm adjustment;
  • Brush motor.

Circular saw GreenWorks G24CS: down with wires!

A circular saw is a very versatile tool that comes in handy when carrying out construction or repair work. This tool is indispensable for roof repairs. It is often necessary to use the tool in an area where there is no electrical outlet nearby. In this case, the cordless circular saw comes to the rescue. Today’s review is about the GreenWorks G24CS cordless circular saw.


  • Build quality and quality of materials used;
  • Good delivery package;
  • Saw blade 165 mm included;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Comfortable, rubberized handles;
  • Mobility;
  • The ability to adjust the angle of inclination of the disc from 0 to 50 degrees;
  • A laser pointer that helps to follow the guidance of the saw along the marked mowing line;
  • Magnesium alloy outsole;
  • Battery charge level indicator;
  • Battery compatibility with all 24V tools;
  • Disc protection from below;
  • Built-in blowing of the cutting line;