Circular Saw For Wood How To Choose

Circular saw for woodwork: on how to choose a tool What is the best circular saw for wood, how to choose the right tool. These questions concern every novice master. During construction work, a tool is often needed with which you can quickly process wood.

Circular saw for woodworking: how to choose a tool

Circular Saw For Wood How To Choose

What is the best circular saw for wood, how to choose the right tool, these questions worry every novice craftsman. During construction work, a tool is often needed with which you can quickly process wood.

Steps for choosing a circular saw

Electric circular saws are available in three sizes:

  • Large;
  • Small;
  • Average.

Large electric saws are suitable only in cases where the tool is purchased for work in the factory, with a large scale of work. It is difficult to use such circular saws at home.

Medium saws are usually bought by professionals, since the tool is already quite easy to use, has enough power for work, but you do not need to apply serious physical effort to operate it. Saws for medium-sized wood and for domestic use will be useful. Just keep in mind that such tools are very clumsy.

Small saws for wood are ideal for home use. They are more maneuverable than medium tools. The power is also sufficient for carpentry work. At the same time, they will be completely useless for professionals.

Next, we choose an electric hand saw, depending on the characteristics.

One of the most important indicators that you should pay special attention to before buying is the price. For this parameter, the tools can be very different. A set of characteristics of a particular model affects the price of circular saws:

  • Saw power;
  • Overheating protection system;
  • The presence of a braking system.

Circular saw device

It is these parameters of the model that need to be evaluated before choosing a circular saw. Then you need to estimate the size and weight of the tool. Saws that are too heavy are inconvenient to work with. In addition, the large weight and size of the saws do not guarantee sufficient power of the tool; in some models, the motor is very weak.

Circular saw design

Hand-held circular saw a tool used in construction work to cut soft metal, wood or plastic. You can’t do without a circular saw when assembling furniture, during roofing and carpentry work. With this tool, you can significantly increase the speed, accuracy and quality of work. By purchasing special discs, you can even work with exotic materials.

Unlike older models, the modern circular saw has become more powerful and lighter. The design itself remained virtually unchanged. Only the shape of the working disks has changed dramatically.

The main elements of a circular saw are:

  • Platform;
  • A motor with a capacity of 500 to 2500 watts, but there are models of saws with a motor up to 5000 watts;
  • A casing for protecting internal elements, most often the casing is made of durable plastic (polyvinyl chloride), less often of metal.

A modern hand-held electric circular saw is equipped with a high-quality protection system, since working with a circular saw is accompanied by the appearance of dust. The tool can be connected to construction vacuum cleaners, so that 90% of sawdust and dust can be removed, which is very convenient if the volume of work is small.

Separately, it should be said about cordless circular saws, which allow you to work without having to connect to the mains. These circular saws are very light and compact.

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Some newer circular saw models are equipped with a laser pointer, so even a very dusty surface will not affect the quality of work in any way.

Selection of circular saw blades

It is wrong to think that choosing a circular saw is very easy. The selection of tools is not limited to purchasing the cheapest or favorite model and two replaceable knives. It is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the tool and the working conditions with the circular saw.

One of the most important parameters is the quality of the discs, since the quality of the cut will largely depend on them. All disc models differ in the following parameters:

  1. Tooth parameters: pitch, number, etc.
  2. The design of the saw material: the size and shape of the teeth, the slope, the thickness of the blade, the presence and shape of the plates.
  3. The material from which the disc is made. Some alloys are quite brittle. The blades must be coated with diamond chips. A disc without such a coating quickly becomes dull.
  4. The type of material for which the disc is intended.
  5. Minimum and maximum rotation speed.
  6. Rotation frequency.
  7. The outer diameter must be selected depending on what the rotational speed of the disk is.

At the moment there are the following models of circular saw blades:

  1. With variable teeth. The cutting elements have a negative slope of 15 degrees. The blade is suitable for pendulum or radial cutting. The material is solid, solid, damp or dried wood. Discs with variable teeth are best suited for working in a summer cottage.
  2. Carbide tipped with solders, so they can perform cross cutting. Suitable for cutting chipboard or wood against grain. Suitable for work with hard and soft materials.

A separate group of special discs with undercut knives, variable tooth and reduced kerf. Used for rip cuts. Not suitable for poplar wood. Suitable for cutting soft or hard wood with little moisture.

If for any reason physical activity is contraindicated, it is worth purchasing a circular saw with a special attachment to the table. After fixing the tool on the stand at the required angle, you can start working, but with a small difference: now you need to supply wood to the machine and only after that start the process. This way of using it is very convenient.

Such a stand for a circular saw is also convenient in that it excludes the human factor, which can often lead to poor-quality results. Most often it is not possible to remake defective parts.

In the process of choosing a tool, it is important to immediately find out how the sharpening should go. Often, improper sharpening spoils even a quality saw.

Equipment types by functionality

Today there are several varieties of this tool on the market.

  • Mini circular saw. This is the most common version of the tool in question. It belongs to the category of portable equipment that is equipped with an electric motor. It is the ideal choice for those buyers looking for a device for small to medium sized jobs.
  • Fixed circular hand saw for wood. A distinctive feature is that it has a support. It is she who provides support for the tool. If we compare this model with a circular saw, then here the engine is under the support, and it is turned on using a cord from a stationary network.
  • Another type of technique in question cordless circular saw on wood. This variety is also very popular with Russian buyers.
  • The fourth and last variety of tools available for purchase on the Russian market Miter saw. It is distinguished by a rather simple design, which includes a handle with a start button, an operating unit and a saw blade.
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Popular manufacturers of saws for wood

  • The reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Tool price.

For the sake of economy, you should not buy cheap Chinese equipment, because, in addition to the fact that it cannot provide high quality work, in some cases it can create dangerous situations for the user. It is most reasonable to purchase circular saws from well-known brands Makita, Bosch and others. Although they are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts, their specifications are fully consistent with the manufacturer’s price.

Also on the market are products of Russian manufacturers, which are more affordable than their foreign counterparts. A fairly well-known among them is the equipment from the Russian manufacturer Interskol, which for many years has been producing a wide range of models of circular saws for wood.

Circular saw for wood: how to choose a good tool?

To find a tool for the job high level of complexity, you need to know what technical parameters it should have. There are many varieties of professional equipment on the market today, including a special place is occupied by a circular saw for wood.


Continuing our acquaintance with a circular saw for wood, it is necessary to dwell on what constituent elements this device consists of.

The main component in this equipment is the electric motor. It has a shaft on which the saw blade is located. Most models use synchronous collector motors. They are equipped with special brushes, which gradually wear out during operation.. They must be constantly monitored, otherwise, if these parts are not changed in time, the engine may fail. For this reason it is recommended to buy a circular saw with the ability to automatically turn off the motor.

The engine power directly affects how efficiently the tool will perform the operation. Powerful models can easily cut thicker boards. The power also affects the diameter of the knives used in this tool. Accordingly, the price for them will differ depending on this indicator.

In addition to the above circular circular saws are more bulky equipment if a sufficiently powerful device is purchased. For this reason, before making a final decision in favor of a particular model, the buyer should already know for what amount of work he is going to use this equipment. If you a tool is required to perform a large number of operations, there is no point in spending a lot of money on a very powerful circular saw.

Equipment parameters

Choosing a hand-held circular saw for wood of an electric type, the buyer has to take into account many different parameters, among which the number of revolutions is quite important. The most optimal option is a circular saw model that has the ability to adjust this parameter. As a result, it is possible to achieve a better cut with an optimal level of load on the equipment.

You also need to pay attention to the fact what the purchased equipment looks like. It is convenient if this equipment is equipped with an additional handle. Much attention must be paid to the material from which the product is made; it must be strong and able to cope with stress and mechanical stress.

The cost of a circular saw is influenced not only by the power indicator, but also by the frequency of disassembly. It is best to choose those models that provide the ability to comfortably balance the tool during operation, and the handles do not slip. Then the user will be able to hold the instrument firmly in his hands without fear of injury.


The hand-held circular saw for wood is a fairly versatile tool, because it can be used to perform cuts on a flat plane and at an angle. To be able to perform such operations, plates for support and pins are used. An eccentric system is connected to it. Thanks to the pin, the tool can be locked at a 45 degree angle. Also on sale you can find models where you can select an angle of inclination equal to 60 degrees. The tool can be tilted in working condition only to the right. On the left side, most models have an engine.

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Modern circular saws for wood for the home have the ability to adjust the level of immersion of the saw in the material. As part of preparing the equipment for operation, the mechanism is fixed on a fixed axle, which is located in front of the support.

The design of this tool includes a protective cover. In the upper part, it has a movable protection, and in the lower one it is rigidly fixed. The latter has the ability to remove sawdust from it using a conventional vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a circular saw for wood for your home, you must remember that it must meet certain requirements. One of the main ones is the presence of durable and rubber insulation. It is wise to use batteries when there are no other options. Most often, a similar power source can be found in mini circular saws.

Circular saw BlackDecker CS1550. Tilt angle adjustment mechanism.

Sometimes you need an end, not perpendicular to the surface, but made at an angle to it. Just tilting the tool will not get it, the degree of inclination must not only be set, but also followed along the entire length.
To perform it on the base plate, on both sides, vertical semicircular posts with a slot for the retainer are installed. They include strips that connect the top casing.
The setting of the value occurs steplessly or with a quick setting (small indentations) of the most demanded angles (0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees).
A well-executed mechanism, after tightening, does not go astray during operation. But the exact setting of the angle of inclination is not trusted by the factory markings, but checked by a goniometer.

Support outsole.

Should be perfectly flat. With its lower part, it rests and slides over the surface of the workpiece.
According to the material of manufacture, it can be cast from an aluminum alloy or stamped from a solid steel billet.
The former, due to the numerous ribs and reinforcements, are considered more rigid. But when deformed, it is no longer possible to align them; replacement is required.
Thin-walled (1.5 mm) stamped ones are installed on budget inexpensive circular saws. Professional and model rollers in a circular machine can have a steel base with a thickness of 2.5 and 3 mm.
The rulers located on most sides of the sole add to the comfort of use.

Circular from a circular saw. What is a shape-shifter?

It is very convenient if you can turn the device over and use it as a mini circular saw for wood.
These models are easily distinguished by their angular shape: flat top of the body and rectangular front grip. Due to their stability on the surface and special clamps-clamps, installed on one side in the casing, and on the other attached to the workbench (always included in the kit), provide a stationary installation.

Gaps along the disc, in width and technological cuts in the support sole are removed by installing a panel on top of it (steel plate).
As with conventional sawing, the safety of the carpenter is also ensured by the protective bottom hood.
Depending on the version of the circular saw, the maximum weight of the workpiece placed on top of the tool is limited: 10, 15, 20 kg, etc.

Circular saw for wood Yato YT-82151. Circular saw Titan PCP16185