Circular saw stationary saw What to choose. DeWALT Dwe550

Choose a circular saw for home and for a summer residence: all the most important for a successful purchase

Today, a very extensive assortment of manual disk saws is presented on the construction tool market. Models can differ in design, technical characteristics, operational properties and cost. This publication will tell you about the types and varieties of this tool, given recommendations for choosing the optimal circular saw for the home, presented the rating of the most popular models.

The disc saw is a very popular tool for home masters and professional builders. And this is not surprising, because this tool allows relatively quickly and almost without the physical efforts of the operator to cut large volumes of wood, sheets of chipboard, fiberboard, OSB, MDF, plywood, etc. Changing the discs and “playing” at the speed of rotation, you can cope with the sawing of plastic, slate, metal and artificial stone. Cuts can be made along, across and at the angle of the main plane of the material.

Important! The only thing this tool does not know how to do is to make curved cuts.

The modern “circular” is a technically complex tool consisting of several mandatory elements:

  • Body (bed) with controls placed on it (handles for convenient retention of the operator with manual execution);
  • Power unit. The engine can be electric or gasoline;
  • Cutting disk;
  • Guide site;
  • Protective casing;
  • Lubrication and ventilation system.

Despite some constructive differences, the principle of transmission of a rotational moment from the shaft of the power unit to the cutting disk was laid in the work of all disk saws without exception.

How to choose a circular saw

First of all, it should be determined which circular saw is suitable for a certain work, since this tool happens in constructive execution: it happens:

  • Stationary. In fact, a machine, which is a saw installed on the frame. Requires free space in the workshop, and sometimes a separate room. Such a circular is intended for constant processing of lumber, and in large volumes.
  • Desktop. The previous option in miniature, is installed on a separate workbench or table, is also used to saw a large volume of wood, for example, in the construction of a bathhouse.
  • Manual. Mobile tool designed for processing blanks in various planes. This is the most common type of disk saw, but the least powerful of the described. When working requires periodic rest, is used to saw small volumes of material.

A hand tool is more universal than stationary options. It is much cheaper, but under certain conditions it is able to cope with the same tasks, albeit with less efficiency. When choosing it, you should FOCUS on the criteria below.


By type of power, disk power plants are divided into 2 classes:

  • Network. Work from a household power supply for 220 in. If we talk about professional machines, then they require a line for 380 in. The lack of this connection option is the need to have a power grid at the place of work, as well as some inconvenience of operation due to the wire.
  • Battery ones. Work in autonomous mode, also require the presence of a socket, but for charging the battery, because their radius of work is not limited. Depending on the battery capacity, they are able to work on one charge for no more than 50 minutes.

The second option makes sense to acquire only if for some reason it is impossible to use a network saw.

Type of work

Standard disc saws are designed for sawing wooden blanks at different angles, but there are special options for this tool:

  • Submersible saws. Are stationary and manual. Their difference lies in the fact that the saw disc is in its original position above the workpiece, is able to fall into its center. This allows you to start the cut not from the edge of the material, cut through the through holes.
  • Circular saws for metal are powerful models that are equipped with more durable or abrasive disks. Capable of sawing sheet metal, pipes, profile. Some of them cope equally well with wood.

Dewalt 60V Max Blade Left Circular Saw DCS577X1


The diameter of the disk directly depends on the power of the saw electric motor. The more powerful the tool is, the greater the disk it is able to rotate, the more stable the frequency of rotation of the latter, the longer duration of continuous operation, less likelihood of wedge. In addition, powerful saws allow you to process more dense material, but in addition they are harder. So, for example, 2 kW models weigh on average 7 kg, while 1.2 kW is about 4 kg by 1.2 kW.

By the power of the saw can be divided as follows:

  • Up to 0.8 kW. A low.Power tool for working with small blanks.
  • 0.8-1.2 kW-an instrument of medium power, is able to cope with most household tasks.
  • Than 1.2 kW. Saws for professional use.

Revolutions and disk diameter

The larger the diameter of the disk, the more powerful the electric motor should be, the more thick blanks can work saw. Landing diameter is another parameter that determines whether a specific disc is suitable for the selected saw. Here the most common standards are 20 and 30 mm.

At high speeds for sawing, a smaller torque is required, which means that dense material is easier to process. It should be remembered that with an increase in speed increases the temperature of the material at the site of contact with the saw, the same laminate or plastic requires less revolutions. Ideally, it is better to choose a saw with an adjustable speed speed.

The depth drank

This parameter depends not only on the diameter of the disk, but also on the structural features of the saw itself, indicates to what depth the immersion of the saw element is possible. Conditional classification of saws in the depths of the cut:

  • 40. 50 mm. Entry.Level models with the lowest power.
  • 50. 65 mm. The most common saws that solve most of the problems.
  • 65. 140 mm. Professional class models related to a difficult tool.

The above values ​​relate to the sawing of the material at right angles. Some models are able to change the angle of the cut within a wide range, and therefore manufacturers usually indicate a depth for 90 and 45 degrees.

Additional functions

Protective and auxiliary systems, the presence of which reduces the injury of the tool and protects it from breakdowns:

  • Constant electronics allows you to maintain the specified speed of the saw disk under load.
  • Smooth start increases the working resource of the motor and gearbox, excludes the tool jerks when starting.
  • Overload protection disconnects the tool when jumping a network load, preventing engine overheating.
  • The electrodynamic brake serves to quickly stop the saw disk.
  • The sliding clutch prevents the saw breakdown in the case of a sharp jamming of the disk.
  • Protection against unintentional starting. A separate button designed to unlock the start key.
  • The spindle stopper serves to fix the spindle, preventing its spindle, simplifying the replacement of the saw disk.
  • The guide tire and parallel emphasis increase the accuracy of sawing the material.
  • A springy casing automatically closes the dill of the disk when it does not contact with the workpiece.

Among other things, when choosing, you should pay attention to the ergonomics of the saw. This includes the shape of the handles, their location, the presence of rubberized inserts. It is also necessary to visually evaluate the viewing area of ​​the tool, which depends on the design features.

Choosing a disc sawdrift for a workshop

Consider several models, among which there will be both household discs and relatively inexpensive professional.

Skil 5866 AF disc

The Skil 5866 AF disk saw attracts attention, first of all, with a rather strict design and excellent characteristics. The disc saw is very convenient when working, it can be easily held in the hands. Special rubberized saws of saws not only allow you to better hold the tool in their hands, but also reduce vibration when working. The Skil 5866 AF disk saw has a powerful engine (1,500 W), a 190 mm saw that allows you to do a cut to a depth of 66 mm, which is quite enough to work with a variety of materials.

One of the important advantages of this tool is a special double laser pointer, which allows not only to accurately produce the material, but also shows the thickness of the saw disk that is installed on your tool. Thanks to this, you can see which part of the details will go into the consumption when changing the material. The saw is equipped with a universal disk with 24 carbide teeth. However, given that the tool has 55,000 about.\ min, replacing the disc you can achieve excellent quality processing and the most accurate cut of the material. Saw is equipped with a special plastic case. The disk saw can be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner using an adapter, or a special bag for collecting chips can be installed on it. The cost of this product is about 7000 rubles.

AEG HK 75 A disco

The AEG HK 75 A disk saw has a powerful engine (1400 W), the speed of the saw disk is 5600 about.\ min. The diameter of the circle that is installed on the saw is 210 mm. The front handle is mounted directly on a stamped support platform, which allows you to reliably hold the saw in the hands during operation. The undoubted advantages of the saw include a fairly long network cord (4 m) which allows you to use the tool without the use of extension cords.

The start button is equipped with a special emergency lock, which excludes spontaneous turning on the tool. The delivery set includes the side line, which allows you to cut the materials as accurately as possible. The disk saw has the ability to connect to an industrial vacuum cleaner. The cost of a saw is about 7500 rubles.

Circular saw Black Decker XTS1660KA

The circular saw Black Decker XTS1660ka has the same catchy design as Skil saw. A powerful engine (1600 W) allows the tool to make 5000 about.\ min. The circular saw is equipped with a 190 mm with a saw disk with a diameter, which allows you to do a cut to a depth of 65mm. There is a special laser pointer, which makes it possible to make an accurate sawing of the material.

Casting support platform of the saw is made of aluminum. The weight of this tool is about 2.2 kg. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the product for 2 years. The cost of the Black Decker XTS1660KA disc is about 7800 rubles.

All saws that we talked about above have approximately the same possibilities. Adjusting mechanisms allow not only to change the depth of the cut, but also allow you to cut workpieces at an angle of up to 45 degrees. AEG HK 75 A disk is a professional saw. But most of all I liked the Skil 5866 AF disk saw. The laser pointer of this saw has a more convenient location and is less at risk of damage. The front handle has a more convenient shape than on the AEG HK 75 A disk file and is much better held by the hand than the straight handle on the Black Decker XTS1660KA disk file. In addition, the laser pointer on the saw Black Decker XTS1660ka does not make it possible to see the place of sawing the material, which is not always convenient during operation. The choice of tools is an exclusively individual business, but we liked the Disk saw Skil 5866 AF most of all.

It is worth recalling that using a disc saw is necessary very carefully, be sure to use special protective glasses while working.

We hope that this material was useful and you got acquainted in more detail with all the capabilities and features of such a power tool as a manual disc saw. Good choice and safe work for you.

Battery Disco

Recently, such aggregates seemed to us a real fantasy. But time goes on, wireless technologies go to a new level. The batteries have become so capacious, special engines are so economical, and the charging devices are fast that even for such a powerful tool as circular, developers managed to organize uninterrupted energy supply. We take two modern batteries and a half.Hour charging. That’s all, there will be no problems with energy (Makita BSS 610 RFE). It is even easier if your disc saw is equipped with a unified battery of the same manufacturer that the rest of your tools. Power characteristics (output power, torque) of wireless circulars are no longer inferior to the indicators of similar network machines-Bosch GKS 18 V-Li (cut depth 51 mm). Well, as for mobility and ergonomics, then they are beyond any competition, they are especially loved by roofers-operatives working on top.

Makita BSS 610 RFE

Types of circular (disk) saws

It is important to determine before the purchase, for which the unit will be used. About how to choose a disk saw, you should think at the initial stage of activity. After all, repairs are not carried out in one hour after the results of a spontaneously made decision. It is worth thinking about which type of tool to stop and what parameters will be the most priority.

Submissive circular saw

Has a low accuracy of the saw. But to fix this situation can fix other equipment. The circular saw differs from classic variations. The difference is that the unit allows you to observe the position of the disk in relation to the workpiece. Not knowing how to choose a circular saw for home, do not rush to shop. You need to do in detail the development of the material.

While in the off state, the cutting disk is completely isolated. It is located under a protective casing, and when activating the unit, it lowers and this is required to continue work.

The scope of submersible saws. Repair work in relation to flooring. The accuracy of the equipment is measured in millimeters. Depending on the functional capabilities of a particular tool with an angle of 90 degrees, 10-75 mm depth is performed.

The immersion tool is characterized by the mode of multifunctionality. He is configured to execute the transverse, as well as longitudinal cut. However, there are difficulties with cutting blanks of small width.

Battery Disco

The most compact and oversized models used for work at altitude. They will be useful for activities in hard.To.Reach places. Tools of this type are designed for a short period of work, their functionality depends directly on the required charge.

The equipment is powered by the battery. Depending on its type and power, the charge for work is enough for 15-50 minutes. As you work, the tool needs charging. For many models, it is at least 4 hours.

Due to the nuances of the structural plan, the equipment of the battery type cannot work for a long time. Therefore, it is not recommended to include it with large.Scale activities.

Circular saw for metal and concrete

Typical variations of circular saws are not suitable for working with metal and concrete. Their design does not withstand a significant load, because the equipment breaks. For this case, a manual and specialized device is released.

A manual tool works from power supply. It is characterized by increased efficiency, considerable power and speed, performance. The equipment functions from a socket or battery. Buyers buy a hand saw more often and due to its low cost compared to automatic device.

For work in complex construction sites, specialized equipment is produced. These are angina.Cutting machines, rope installations and slope. Their scope of use. Large construction facilities. Such tools are characterized by an increased level of accuracy, multitasking, excellent operational parameters.

Stationary circular saw

This tool is perfect for owners of small home workshops. A saw with excellent operational parameters makes a cut 50-140 mm, which depends on the type of blanks and model.

The peculiarity of the tool is the presence of a bed. In some units, it has a prefabricated design, which allows you to quickly move the installation. For more solid models, a casting bed is used. It has a significant mass and dimensions, characterized by stability. A tool of this format is used to work with large blanks.

Stationary circular saw is endowed with such predominant indicators:

  • Reduced vibration of the tool, due to which the quality of processing of workpieces increases significantly.
  • Low noise.
  • Accurate settings processing settings.
  • Work with the widest possible circle of workpieces, including bulky.
  • Stationary tools have a vacuum cleaner, which reduces the amount of garbage and waste.

Circular saw with a guide tire

To make a clear, even cut, the tool is equipped with tires. They process parts as quickly as possible.

Tires are one- and bilateral. The former is used for cutting angular blanks, the latter for working with complex details. Depending on the method of use, they distinguish:

  • Universal. Characterized by maximum simplicity of design and high functionality. Suitable for any type of saw, from disk to manual.
  • Specialized tires. To work in complex areas. Installed exclusively on circular type devices.
  • Tires for transverse cutting. The simplest version of the device that allows cutting blanks at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

The tire should be high. The lack of deformations, stability is important.

Appointment and device

A manual circular or disk saw belongs to household appliances, which cuts wood horizontally straightforwardly, plastic and other “soft” materials (including metals of low thickness) at different angles.

The basic elements of the design of the device, regardless of the brand and model:

  • Power unit;
  • Engine (with or without gearbox), rotating the leading shaft;
  • Metal disk-saw with acute gear borders;
  • Dense plastic or rubberized casing.

In the design of the model, one or two handles of various shapes, lock elements, fixing or guide supports and pulleys, power cord, battery and others (laser pointer, ruler, etc. May be present.P.).

A variety of manual circulars on specialized sites or in construction stores can put an unprepared buyer into a dead end. Therefore, you should determine in advance for yourself which device will be required for the planned construction or repair. Conditionally presented on sale, the models can be divided into the following categories.

Depending on the intensity of use

This characteristic is determined based on the volume and period of the continuous operation of the device. Are divided into:

  • Household. These are mainly relatively small in dimensions manual disk saws, with medium.Power engines.
  • Professional. Are characterized by increased reliability of the design and a more powerful power unit and engine. The elements of the device are more massive and are produced from better materials, which is reflected both in greater intensity and in the price of the device. Such models will be much more expensive.

According to the type of work performed and the materials used

The next question, which is worth considering in advance. What and how it is supposed to cut with the help of the device.

Based on this, there are the following types of circulars:

circular, stationary, choose, dewalt
  • Hold or standard. In such models, the toothed disk is closed with a safety casing and from below, allowing them to evenly and as safely cutting the sheet surfaces along the entire length, “stretching” the device along the surface of the material;
  • Submersible. A design feature of the model is a completely open lower edge of the cutting disk. This allows you to accurately configure the depth of entry into the material and cut through through openings and grooves from any point of the surface of the workpiece.

Separately, circular saws are distinguished, the discs of which are made of more durable composite materials, which makes the edges of the teeth sharper. Thanks to this, such devices can be used for the cut of various materials, including pipes and other metal products and surfaces.

By type of supply of electricity

The type of power supply is another category by which models are divided:

  • Network.More powerful, professional devices operate on 3 phases and voltage of 380 V, and manual household on standard 220 V for Russia. For power from the network, a cord is required, which, accordingly, its length will limit mobility;
  • Battery. In the package of the power unit of manual saws of this type includes a battery and charger. This allows you to operate with the device regardless of the availability of a power grid near the place of work. The disadvantage of this design is that powerful saws require long preliminary charging-from 4 hours per hour of work.

Best electric disk saws

Disk saws are also called circular. This name comes from the English word circulus, which means “circle”. It is explained by the circulation of a rounded disk at a given speed. Such saws are designed to work at construction sites, in workshops, as they have high power and do not need to be recharged. Their discs are durable, and weight ranges from 2-10 kg.

Our team picked up several stationary and portable saws from these categories. Reviews are based on the opinion of professionals, comparing technical characteristics.

Zubble PD-65

Popular tool among masters. Famous for reliability, versatility and budget price. With a weight of only 4.2 kg, it has impressive characteristics: 4700 revolutions per minute with a capacity of 1600 watts. Sprinkles in any direction: directly, longitudinally, transversely and at an angle of 45-90 °, and at the lower value, the saw depth is 42 mm, and on the upper-65 mm. The values ​​are small for a professional tool, but they can be adjusted.

Due to the locking of the spindle, the disk after completion of the work goes into a static state. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. He will automatically collect the sawdust during the cut and leave the surface clean, and the marking lines. Clear.

The accuracy of the cut provides parallel emphasis. The move back in time was cut smooth and quiet, without knocking and noise. The diameter of the disk is 19 cm.

Pros React: DeWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 7-1/4 in. Cordless Worm Drive Style Saw (DCS577B)

You can buy an electric disk saw and you can find details for it in large quantities in Russian online stores thanks to its popularity in the professional market.

  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Long wire;
  • Convenient rubberized handle;
  • Low price;
  • Aluminum cast sole;
  • No backlash.

Masters recommend stocking with another disk, since the complete disk is not universal. If you need cuts on nails, it is better to use DeWALT DT1951.

At the same time, it is noted that the engine pulls on full 1600 watts, the case is made of high.Quality material, height and inclination are regulated in one movement. Thanks to the mounting of the sole on two supports, the machine can be made in a stationary. The disc 24 teeth saw purely sawing plywood and bars. Together with a 5-year guarantee, this is an excellent tool for semi-professional work with personal objects.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

Great tool for construction and roofing. It is equipped with a mechanism of cut depth, which is regulated in the range of 0-45 mm at 45 ° Tilt and 0-65 mm at 90 °. Smooth start ensures safety and smooth completion of work. When turning off, the spindle is blocked. This makes the work less traumatic.

Sprinkles boards, bars, logs at a speed of 4800 revolutions per minute and with a capacity of 1600 watts. Dust and sawdust will help assemble the connected automatic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the guide tire, the cut is flat, and with the help of a parallel stop, you can cut off exactly along the length that is necessary.

From random inclusion is protected by the fixation of the key. The tool can be placed on the ground and leave next to the children. Under the action of the spring, the lower protective casing closes. This protects the disk from dull, and the master. From traumatic situations.

Ergonomic rubberized handles will not let the saw slide down even in thick gloves. After the opening of the lower casing, the drain of a few seconds is a tug. The main load is on the handles. Also, if the disk “rises”, the crumbling knife will return it to working condition. It is regulated by two bolts as the disk is worn out.

The saw set, compatible with this tool, should be no more than 190 mm with a spindle size of 20 mm.

  • Cast sole;
  • Convenient adjustment of the height and corner drank;
  • Simple disk replacement;
  • Compactness;
  • Power;
  • Long network cord. 4 m.

In addition to a parallel stop, the kit includes the key to replace the disk and documentation. Users note that the saw has a high noise level. 108 dB.

The disk at a speed of 4700 revolutions per minute in one entrance vehicles vehicles 35-55 mm thick at angles of 90 ° and 45 °. Using a parallel stop, you can achieve the same bars in length.

Small in diameter, but fast, the disk has 24 teeth with solid attacks, copes with rough wooden and plastic materials. The full.Power work of 1300 watts is facilitated by two ergonomic rubberized handles. The ventilation holes on the aluminum case provide heat. This makes the tool hardy, does not allow you to overheat.

Scales of degrees and centimeters allow you to accurately set the necessary values. On the basis of the saw, there are transporters and two latches: lever and screw. You can separately adjust the angle and cut off the depth.

A two.Meter network cable is protected from tears and rubbing.

Parma 255d

Disco circular saw for transverse, straight, longitudinal and angular cutting is suitable for working with plastic blanks, wood foundations, chipboard, laminate, plywood. The slope is adjustable in the range of 45-90 °. During operation, thanks to the vacuum cleaner connected through the pipe, it remains clean, without sawdust and dirt.

A 2300 W engine copes with the coarse and most thick wooden surfaces, such as oak and beech. Spare brushes come to the powerful engine. Access to the brush node is designed to independently change worn brushes.

Due to a high speed of 5,000 rpm, it can deftly cut bars up to 90 mm. A 25 cm disk with many teeth with smooth starting gently copes with the cutting of thin wood and plastic materials. From random inclusion, spindle lock is triggered.

The best inexpensive disk electric saws

A powerful circular with complex functionality is not required for a home workshop. A small electrical mini saw can easily cope with sawing a beam, boards, block house, Eurolinka, will become a reliable assistant in the planned repair of a suburban cottage or cottage. The main advantages are low price, simple maintenance. We studied 9 nominees and recommend 4 household circular saws with reliable, economical electric motors.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

Performs longitudinal and transverse cuts of boards, plywood, OSB, chipboard. Used in the processing of composite materials, non.Ferrous metal, plastic. A reliable 1600 W electric motor allows you to work at a high pace with raw wood. The maximum cut of 65 mm simplifies the sawing of the thick board used in the construction of frame houses. The user can install discs 175-190 mm in diameter.

A smooth start is provided that reduces the load on the electric motor at start. The supporting platform is made of aluminum alloys resistant to corrosion. There is a lining that simplifies the work using the tire. Electronic protection, spindle fixation provide a high level of security.

  • Long wire in reliable braid;
  • Good equipment;
  • Long service life;
  • Low weight;
  • Even cut;
  • Available spare parts, consumables.

The adjustable angle of inclination of the mini saw in the range is from 0 to 45 degrees, the presence of a vacuum cleaner pipe, a double handle for a reliable grip allow this tool to be classified as a semi.Professional. The lower casing has a spring that closes the cutting part in a non.Working state.

Bosch GKS 190

Dimensions make the circular convenient for operation in a small workshop. A powerful electric motor copes well with a board, 60-70 mm thick. High speed of 5200 rpm increases productivity, quality of the sawing, allowing you to compete with professional equipment. The ability to block the spindle simplifies the change of equipment, the aluminum casing improves the level of safety.

A comfortable rubberized handle has overlays that reduce sliding. Parallel emphasis for more accurate operation includes. The presence of a turbody blowing dust improves a review of the cutting line, and the adapter for a vacuum cleaner helps to organize cleanliness on the desktop.

  • Low level of vibration;
  • Convenient marking of cut depth;
  • Long cord in rubber braid;
  • Perfect geometry of steel sole;
  • Available spare parts, simple repair.

Designed for sawing blanks made of wood, plastic. Installed an economical engine that easily tolerates intensive load. It is equipped with 185 mm consumables, the maximum depth of vertical cut 65 mm. The electric motor is resourceful, at a speed of 5,000 rpm provides even cutting without chips, makes a productive cutting of the slab material.

The angle of inclination, the depth of the cut are regulated. The set of parallel emphasis is delivered, which increases accuracy in performing complex work. The model has a strong protective casing, there is a blocking of random inclusion. According to users, the level of security is one of the highest in its class.

The Ultimate DeWalt Circular Saw Video

Enkor PDE-1300/55

The novelty in the program of power tools for the home workshop is equipped with an economical electric motor. The depth of the maximum cut, the angle of a lightweight steel base is regulated. For more accurate cuts, there is a parallel emphasis, wide holes in the sole help to improve the review.

The lock protects the operator from random start, the casing. From flying chips. It works at the same speed, which reaches 4700 rpm at idle. Equipped with 165 mm disks with a 2 cm landing diameter. For instant removal of chips, there is a pipe connection of a construction vacuum cleaner.

Which sawing machine is better

If you choose the unit by type of engine, then the most powerful motors of category S1 are considered to be the most powerful. They are designed for uninterrupted work. In budgetary tools, an element of the S3 series is installed, the duration of the functioning of which does not exceed 15 minutes. The higher the speed of the disk, the better the quality of processing of the workpieces. The device will be more compact and mobile. Smaller speed guarantees the accuracy of the cut of wood of any density when working without stops. Sliding elements in the table allow the processing of large material material. The level of safety and the ease of operation of the operator depends on the type of additional functions. The project of the Choice project recommends paying attention to the following machines:

  • The best inexpensive model-Zads ZPDS-200-800;
  • Augot with better performance. Metabo BKS 450 Plus. 5.5 DNB;
  • The most compact-EPN-900 caliber;
  • The selection of users-BlackDecker Bes720-QS;
  • The best functionality is Bosch GTS 10 XC;
  • The best option in the ratio of “price/quality”. Metabo TS 216 Floor;
  • The most convenient way to use is Ryobi RTS1800EF.

Various models of machines are presented on the market, so the main criterion for the choice is the scope of the tool to use. For household needs, models of lower power are suitable. Professionals are recommended to buy units that are designed for uninterrupted work, which ensures their high performance. Almost all devices have pros and cons, so analysis of reviews in the ranking will help to understand which device is suitable for specific work.

A circular saw. Types and device. How to choose and features

Circular saw, or a disk saw. A tool for cutting various materials by sawing a disk with teeth. It is mainly used to perform carpentry and carpentry work.

Manual Devices consist of a case with two handles in which an electric motor is located. A gear disk is fixed on the engine shaft of the engine. Part of the disk protruding from the case is closed by a casing. During sawing, the protective casing is pushed by the workpiece. Upon completion of sawing, the casing is returned back by the spring.

Stationary The saw has a table instead of a compact case. The engine is fixed under it so that part of the saw disk goes through the slot in the countertop. At the same time, the disk itself can be located both on the shaft of the motor, so be associated with it through the belt gear.

Differences between manual and stationary saws in terms of convenience and functionality

Portable manual and desktop stationary disc saws differ among themselves in terms of convenience of use when performing various types of work. For some tasks, one tool is preferable, and for others another. Therefore, no variety has a clear advantage over another.

Features of a desktop circular

Stationary circular saw is equipment for the workshop. It is applicable when performing a large volume of the same type of work. The presence of a table, as well as the use of various auxiliary devices with it, allows you to achieve high accuracy when cutting.

  • Cutting small plates of sheet materials.
  • Cut the boards, rails, timber.
  • Sample of a quarter.
  • Patch.
  • Remove the chamfer.
  • Saw wood.

To make such an extensive volume of work on the circular table, it is required to use in addition to a parallel emphasis on a number of other devices. At the same time, the functionality of the table largely depends on the size of its countertop. If the material is not placed on it, then many types of work become excessively complex or almost impossible. In addition, since for cutting the workpiece should be raised to the table, two operators have to perform work with large.Sized lumber.

Table circular saw can be used to harvest firewood. With its help, thin wood trunks and branches into short blocks are sawed. For these purposes, the cheapest tool is usually bought, which does not support the function of adjusting the disc leave, changing its angle.

Features of a manual circular

Hand disk saw is a mobile tool. It is light, therefore it is used on construction sites, where there is a need to produce accurate sawing.

Mobile circular saw takes up little space, it costs cheaper. Due to the presence of parallel stops with its help, you can dissolve long lumber along. In this case, it is possible to obtain a mowing cut. In general, such a tool can work with much larger format blanks than it is possible to process on a circular table. The mobile saw can be raised to the roof to file rafters or beams in place.

circular, stationary, choose, dewalt

Applying the setting of depth of the cut, you can make a sample of a quarter or long groove. However, the implementation of such work is limited by the capabilities of the lateral emphasis. Despite many restrictions in terms of accuracy and functionality, disk mobile saws are the best. The possibility of modernization speaks in their favor. In particular, they can be installed on a homemade table, thereby turning into a full.Fledged stationary machine. Having finalized the circular in this way, it can be used for a more accurate cut, manufacturing the spike-puzzle connection, remove the chamfer on the workpieces.

Technical parameters of circulars

Various devices of saws, even with a similar constructive structure, still differ among themselves in a number of technical features. Each parameter is important, since it directly affects the possibility of performing certain tasks.

  • Disk diameter.
  • Power.
  • Adjusting the depth of the disc and tilt of the disk.
  • The presence of a smooth start.
  • The number of revolutions.

The disk is directly involved in the cut part of the saw. It depends on its diameter how thick the part can be cut with a specific tool. This is extremely important if it is planned to use it for the cut of thick timber, for example, beams or wooden pillars for fences. The depth of the drunk of the grinder is slightly less than half of the diameter of the disk.

Table circular saws can have a disc diameter of 400-500 mm or more. Such equipment is specialized and used for cutting thick lumber, as well as cuts on the boards. The most popular desktop models are rarely equipped with discs of more than 210 mm.

As for the manual circulars, the diameter of their saw disc is mainly up to 210 mm. At the same time, such a tool is equipped with a heavy powerful engine, which makes it carrying and using it complex. For example, a saw with a disc 335 mm on average has a mass of 13 kg. At the same time, a tool with a saw of 165 mm weighs 3.5 kg. Most often, a mobile circular saw is equipped with a dial with a diameter of 160-190 mm, which gives the necessary level of maneuverability when carrying and working. The tool with such parameters saws deep enough, while it is quite lifting.

Power is one of the defining criteria when choosing a tool. However, when using a new sharpened saw disk, even with a low.Power motor, it will be able to saw better than a powerful tool with worn equipment. Thus, the lack of power of torque can be compensated by consumables. It is necessary to decide in advance. Overpay for a powerful circular once, or then sharpen the discs more often.

A circular saw with a motor up to 800 watts can be used to work with plywood, thin slats and boards. Tool with engines 800-1200 W is the most universal. He easily cuts almost any lumber, but when sawing thick blanks, he does it slowly. When choosing a desktop circular, it is better to stop on a motor from 2 kW. In this case, it will have a power supply for any type of work. At the same time, its weight does not matter, since the table is always in the workshop.

Electric circular hand sawing device

Each of the models of manual disco electric saw works according to the same principle. Inside the tool body, an electric motor is hidden, which rotates a cutting disk. The main differences are always in the type of design. Manual or electric. The disk in manual disk saws is manually driven, as the name can be seen, but the electric motor is in the electrical.

These two types of saws differ not only in weight and dimensions, but also by the method of transmitting torque. In a manual circular saw with the possibility of a stationary installation, the disk is installed directly on the shaft, in electrical models, torque transfers a drive belt.

Compact and powerful manual circular saw Mafell K 65

Also, regardless of the type of saw, it has a special support site that allows you to regulate the depth of the saw and its angle.

A separate type of mini-drill of disk electric manual-models operating from the battery. Of course, they cannot boast of the same power as their brothers working from the network, but with their help you can carry out work away from the sources of electricity.

How to Choose and Use a Circular Saw | This Old House

Additional nozzles to control the accuracy of the sawing facilitate work with a disc saw

Like any other complex tools, circular saws are:

  • Household ones. Are characterized by a relatively small power and set of settings, but they are extremely easy to operate and perfectly cope with the cut of small volumes of materials;
  • Semi.Professional. Slightly more powerful and functional than household, but do not reach professional;
  • Professional. Withstand heavy loads with prolonged work, can have a number of useful additional functions, are used in the field of professional construction.

If you plan to often saw large volumes of building materials, then you can not do without a professional model. But with normal repairs on their own, a semi.Professional saw is quite enough.

Manual circular mini-drill Bosch PKS 16 Multi-light and compact tool

Best battery circulation saws

When working outside the premises, quite often arises the question of supplying electric tools with a power source. Alas, it is far from always easy to solve the problem. You have to look for a generator that is expensive and consuming a large amount of fuel. But there is another solution. The use of battery saws. With the same disk size, they weigh more than usual, but they allow you to freely move around any territory, without pulling the extension cord behind them. It is not surprising that many masters prefer to buy them. We select several successful circulation saws from this group.

One. AEG BKS 18BL-0

If you do not know what kind of disk saw to choose to work in the country without access to electricity, then look at this model. Unlike most of the battery models, it has a relatively small weight. Only 3.6 kg. This does not prevent her from having a set of all the most necessary functions. Let this be not the most powerful disk saw in the ranking, but definitely one of those. In addition, the diameter of its disk is 190 mm, therefore, the height drank the corresponding. 64 mm, and this will be enough for most users.

Rotation speeds of 3800 rpm are quite enough for a high.Quality and even cut of any material. An excess plus can be called the presence of a modern brilliant engine, which can please a long service life. So, do not hesitate. The AEG saw will definitely not disappoint you.

Makita HS301DWAE

A very successful disk saw from Makita, which is guaranteed to last more than one year. The battery capacity is quite large. 2 a/h, which allows you to work productively for a long time without being distracted by the need to recharge. It’s nice that even with a battery weighs a tool only 1.6 kg. In addition, the kit has a spare battery so that you can not waste time, waiting for the only one to charge. You can always replace it with the second, working easily and with comfort. The disk is not too large-the diameter is only 85 mm, which is why the depth drank only 25 mm. Therefore, this convenient saw is suitable primarily for not too large volumes of work. Serious advantages, according to many users, are the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner and a smooth launch function.

Bosch Universalcirc 12 0

Before you, of course, is the best battery saw of the rating. Its mass is only 1.4 kg, which allows you to work for a long time, not knowing tired and performing a large amount of work. A disc with a diameter of 85 mm provides a saw 26 mm with a depth. For small work it is quite enough. Drank very even and neat due to the speed of rotation of 1400 rpm. Important additional functions are the connection of the vacuum cleaner, locking spindle and backlight. With all this, the noise level during work is small. About 80 dB. With all this, this saw is one of the best in reliability, after all, Bosch is a really serious company.

Scheppach circular machine (Workzone) HS 100 WZ

The German company Shepach produces inexpensive circular saws with excellent power and the possibility of uninterrupted operation. Scheppach HS 100 WZ. The best circular for home, serves to saw wood and plastic. The machine performs longitudinal and transverse cuts, cut at an angle. It works accurately and efficiently, so it is actively used in carpentry and furniture workshops. He is convenient to manage, compact, weighs only 24 kg. Equipment class. Semi.Professional. The manufacturer installed a sufficiently powerful electric drive. It is single.Phase, power 2 kW. Sprinkled is carried out by a disk equipped with 48 teeth. And also there is another disc for 65 teeth for pure cut. The cutting disk is protected by a casing, which increases safety during operation. The cutting head leans at an angle of 45 degrees, the right and right, which expands the capabilities of the machine. With a direct cut, the depth reaches 73 mm, with a cut at an angle of 45 degrees. 53 mm, the depth can be adjusted. The cutting line is highlighted by the laser dimensions of the desktop 640×430 mm. The table is durable, metal, equipped with three expanders. On both sides and behind, which increases its area. Dust and shavings gather in a fabric bag. Installation on a stand with four legs is stable on a flat surface.

Top 4 best mini circular saws

Makita HS301DZ

Another model of the circular saw that works from the battery with a voltage of 10.8 W.

Very light, well suited as an addition to a more powerful tool or for small household tasks.

At the same time, the cost of the device is small, and a qualitatively assembled case and internal device does not allow the model to give in to Western, more expensive brands.

The angle of inclination is adjusted to 45 degrees. The saw launches very smoothly, with just one click of the button. A very convenient handle with a rubber lining fits tightly in the palm of your hand, does not slip out, does not tremble during work.

A worthy tool for a home or a summer residence that will provide freedom from a socket. But for long.Term work, of course, it is better to buy several more spare batteries.

  • Pilage power. 430 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 85 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 1500.
  • Cable length. From the battery.
  • Weight. 1.6 kg.

Bosch GKS 12V-26 0

The German brand produces reliable tools for home and professionals and this model of circular saw was no exception.

Light and compact, mobile, due to the battery and a quiet saw, will cope with simple, household tasks, and will become an assistant when working with a more powerful device, or replace it on the road, where there is no way to connect to the outlet.

In the configuration you will find a parallel emphasis, a key to adjustment, a disk and an adapter for connecting to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

It is important to note the smooth start, braking of the engine and the installed bright backlight, thanks to which you will never miss the markings and will see the working surface one hundred percent.

The saw disk of diameters of 85 mm is used, which rotates at a speed of 1400 revolutions per minute, does not dust and does not make noise.

  • Saw capacity. 530 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 85 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 1400.
  • Cable length. From the battery.
  • Weight. 1.4 kg.

Makita HS301DWME

Another battery circular saw that works with saw discs with a diameter of 85 mm.

Light and comfortable, does not take up much space in a workshop or trunk, you can take with you to leave.

Users highly evaluate high.Quality assembly and an excellent cooling system, which allows you to work with a large amount of material.

But for this you will have to buy several batteries to two from the kit. The manufacturer also offers a charger and a case made of durable plastic.

The tool is smoothly and simply starts, does not break out of the hands and is easily controlled. The saw does not make noise, due to a small number of revolutions, it does not dust, does not scatter sawdust.

Of the shortcomings, it is worthwhile to indicate that it is very difficult to find discs for replacement, so you should take care of this in advance, on order from the official manufacturer.

  • Pilage power. 630 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 85 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 1500.
  • Cable length. From the battery.
  • Weight. 1.6 kg.

Worx WX527 2.0ach x1

An excellent representative of the circular saw operating from the battery with a voltage of 20 V.

Weighs only 2 kg, conveniently controlled with one hand, quiet during operation, does not scatter sawdust in different directions due to low speed. 2500 revolutions per minute.

The case is equipped with a comfortable handle with a rubber lining, which provides a reliable grip and does not allow the tool trembling when starting.

Smooth start and smooth braking of the disk, an industrial vacuum cleaner can be connected to the device to remove dust and sawdust so that nothing spoils the cut overview.

The saw depth is 27 mm, this indicates the purpose of the device. Small household needs at home or cottage, as an assistant to a more powerful saw, when it is not possible to connect the device to the outlet.

  • Saw capacity. 530 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 85 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 2500.
  • Cable length. From the battery.
  • Weight. 2 kg.

TOP-3 best sawing machines with a stand

Blackdecker Bes720-QS

Blackdecker Bes720-QS

Convenient and practical desktop saw of Black Decker created for sawing different forms and structure of wooden products. The machine consists of a durable metal table with a retractable part, expanding the working surface. The protective cover of the saw disc is opened automatically and protects the user from random damage. The built.In bag allows you to collect sawdust and ensure the cleanliness of the workplace. If desired, you can connect a vacuum cleaner.

  • Power -1800 watts.
  • Disk diameter - 254 m.
  • Landing diameter- 30 mm.
  • Rotation frequency -5200 rpm.
  • Sprinked depth -80 mm.
  • Tilt angle -45 °.
  • High.Speed engine with braking function.
  • Intuitive and safe management.
  • Affordable price;
  • Adjustment of the angle of the cut.

Ryobi RTS1800EF

Ryobi RTS1800EF

The best sawing machine among these -ryobi RTS1800EF is effective and widely used by professionals. Does not go unnoticed from the fans of carpentry skill. Equipped with an aluminum table with a good margin of strength for wear, it allows you to evenly promote lumber to the disk. The guides with stops recreate the accuracy of cutting wooden blanks. The cutting element is a saw disk with 48 teeth. The size of the table is 560×710 mm, 2 wrench, folding bed and support are included in the complete set.

  • Power -1800W.
  • Disk diameter 254 mm.
  • Landing diameter- 30 mm.
  • Rotation frequency -4500 rpm.
  • Sprinked depth -80 mm.
  • Tilt angle -45 °.

Encor Corvette 13m

Encor Corvette 13m

A wonderful sawing machine, widely used in household chores and in production carpentry workshops. The machine is perfect for longitudinal and transverse cut of wooden blanks. The cast.Iron desktop provides sufficient reliability in the work, and the longitudinal emphasis with the function of instant fixation creates the conditions for excellent quality and accuracy of the saw. Wheels help transport the machine without unnecessary effort. The saw disk is equipped with a transparent casing that protects the owner from various injuries.

  • Power -1500 watts.
  • Disk diameter 254 mm.
  • Landing diameter- 30 mm.
  • Rotation frequency -2950 rpm/min.
  • The depth drank -80mm.
  • Tilt angle -45 °.

TOP-10 best budget circular saws for the house

Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W

Bosch PKS 55

German circular saw, which is assembled at Chinese factories and is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1.2 kW. Will please with high.Quality assembly, affordable price and standard details that can always be selected in the nearest store. A drive with a diameter of 16 centimeters rotates at a speed of 5600 revolutions (per minute). The depth of the drain of 55 mm indicates the tools of the tool to household varieties that will help make repairs or quickly deal with simple tasks. It is allowed to use the apparatus with industrial vacuum cleaners, there is a spindle lock and parallel emphasis.

  • Type of structure. Manual.
  • Pilage power, W. 1200.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 °. 55.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 160/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5600.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). There is.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.9.

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

Inexpensive low.Power disc type for manual use when working with wooden blanks. Despite the power of 550 watts, the disk has a good speed of rotation, it makes 4500 revolutions in a minute. The device is compact and light, is good to control, provides a clean and even cut. The depth of drank here is only 25 mm, the disk has a diameter of 85 mm. To connect to the network, a two.Meter cable is used in a dense braid, the cord does not twist and does not interfere under the feet when working with the tool.

  • Type of structure. Manual.
  • Pilage power, Tue. 550.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 25 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 85/10.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 4500.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). Is absent.
  • Design weight, kg. 2.

Makita HS6601, 1050 W

Makita HS6601

Beautiful and compact saw from the Japanese brand, the power of which is estimated at 1050 watts. The drink is obtained quite deep. 55 mm, which is optimal for a household tool. The model works from the network, to connect to the outlet, a two and a half meter.Length cable is used. The cord does not tower at minus temperatures and does not twist the rings. There is an engine braking, the handle has an anti.Slip coating. In the kit you will find a high.Quality saw disc with a diameter of 165 mm and parallel emphasis. The weight of the tool is 3.4 kg, you can work on weight or vertical surfaces.

  • Type of structure. Manual.
  • Pilage power, W. 1050.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 55 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 165/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5200.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). No.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.4.

Blackdecker CS1550, 1500 W

Blackdecker CS1550

The budget model of the circular saw, which, despite the low cost, is able to surprise with optimal power indicators and performance. An industrial vacuum cleaner is allowed to connect to the tool. The diameter of the disk reaches 190 mm, this provides a quick cut to a depth of up to 66 mm. Spindle blocking guarantees the safety of storage and operation, the saw will not turn on without the participation of the operator. In the kit, in addition to the saw blade, you will find parallel emphasis, the device is easy to control, the weight of the model reaches almost 4 kg.

  • Type of structure. Manual.
  • Pilage power, Tue. 1500.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 66 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 190/16.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5500.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). Yes.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.9.

Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W

Interskol DP-190/1600M

A worthy model of household saws, which in many ratings earned the title “Choice of Buyers”. Inexpensive, compact and light, with high.Quality assembly and a reliable electric motor, the power of which is estimated at 1.6 kW. The sole here is stamped, but moderately thick and durable, the tool will last a long time. The model works from the network, with a 190 mm disk. The cut depth reaches 65 mm, there is enough power to work with wood and for composite materials. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a smooth start that removes the load from the engine and electric networks at the time the device is connected. There is a spindle lock and electronic engine protection from overheating. It is convenient that the length of the network cable reaches 4 meters, which does not constrain movements during operation and allows you to use the saw at a considerable distance from the outlet.

  • Type of structure. Manual.
  • Pilage power, BT –1600.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 65 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 190/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 4800.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). Yes.
  • Design weight, kg. 5.5.
  • A popular model with high estimates of customers;
  • Optimal power;
  • Deep drink;
  • Affordable price;
  • Fat sole.

Hyundai C 1400-185, 1300 watts

Hyundai C 1400-185

Varieties of models

For inexperienced in electrical tools of consumers, choosing a model of circular saw is a difficult task. The modern market is full of both brands located at all by ear, and entered the market recently.

Among the professional class brands are known models such as Mafell, Bosh, Miluo, Makita. The domestic class presents brands Prorab, bison, interconnected, bort.

Mafell Erika 85 EC

Erika machine has a little weight and high mobility. The design provides for special handles for convenient carrying, as well as folding aluminum legs with elastic nozzles that do not slide and do not spoil the floor. These legs allow you to quickly bring the machine to the working position.

It is equipped with a powerful Cuprex 2400 W engine with a high torque. Electronics provides the main launch of the device, sets up the speed of the saw disk and supports it under load. The branded saw discs are used to cut a variety of materials: wood, MDF and chipboard, aluminum profile and composite materials.

A device is provided for expanding the table with the possibility of installing a hand cutter

The design of the system for removing sawdust is noteworthy, which is much more effective reducing the dustiness of the air. The price of such carpentry equipment from 145 thousand

Mafell Kss 400

Electric tools of top-level for professionals are produced by Mafell. Her arsenal has many models with interesting solutions.

The stationary KSS saw is equipped with a 1100 V and 160 mm engine with a saw canvas. The magnesium-aluminum alloy from which all the load-bearing parts of the machine are made, guarantees strength and lightness to the device.

Engine protection is provided by built.In electronics. Thanks to it, the model has a smooth start, the number of revolutions under load does not decrease, the revolutions are reduced during idle.

The machine is equipped with a guide tire, which, together with the canvas, is a coordinated complex capable of accurately adjusting the workpiece at the location and open the plates. This system is a reliable assistant for a professional. The average cost varies from 40,500 rubles.

Bosch GKS 55 GCE

GKS 55 GCE models are planned to work with the Bosch FSN brand precision rail systems. This combination of guide tires and saws makes it possible to make neat and accurate cuts. Cars are able to work with guides from other producers.

The power of the motor is 1350 V, the diameter of the canvas is 160 mm, the cut depth is 55 mm. These are the main technical parameters of the device. The GKS 55 GCE model is equipped with electronic systems. The user can adjust the speed of the wheel that is on the device handle from 2100 to 5100 revolutions per minute.

The devices are unpretentious and reliable in work. To replace the canvases, the models are equipped with a spindle lock. Straps are thrown out through the opening in the case, and they are blown off from the cutting line of the air with a stream of air. If there is a need, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. Cars have small dimensions and weight. Their average price is 14 thousand. Rubles.

Prorab 5221

The circular saw manual PRORAB 5221 is based on its technical characteristics to the middle class.

  • Engine power. 16 kW;
  • The diameter of the canvas. 19 cm;
  • Rotation frequency. Up to 5 thousand. Rpm;
  • Cut depth. Up to 63 mm;
  • Oblique cuts. Up to 45 °.

The necessary stiffness provides a stamped base made of aluminum. The metal case covers the saw disk. A laser marker indicates a laser marker, which provides the accuracy of the saw and is a feature of the machine. There is a saw from an electric network. The device is equipped with a parallel emphasis. On average, you can purchase such a model for 3 thousand. Rubles.