Circular saw which review to choose

Miter saws pros and cons:

  • Great for getting accurate angles for things like skirting boards and picture frames
  • Your hand is usually not that close to the blade.
  • Limited by cuts about 30 cm wide, so no work (for example, plywood sheets are out of the question).
  • The machine is stationary, so the wood must be fed to the saw. You cannot take her with you. It also takes up space in your workshop.

How to choose the right circular saw?

A good circular saw is a key element in almost every professional’s toolbox, thanks to its ability to make fast, accurate cuts in a wide variety of materials. But they have different functions and also vary greatly, which is why we have compiled this circular saw blade selection guide.

When it comes to choosing a good circular saw for you, it’s important to keep in mind the type of job you are going to use it for, as well as how often you are going to use it. The best cheap circular saws tend to have fewer features that would be useful for long or difficult jobs. But they are more than enough to carry out a number of simple household chores.

But if you expect to work with hard materials or your circular saw will be used regularly, then using one of the best circular saws with more power and durability will be much more beneficial in the long run.

circular, which, review, choose

Makita 5008MG circular saw: the best circular saw for professionals

The Makita 5008MG is made of high-strength magnesium components with a powerful 1800W industrial motor, creates clean cuts and is light enough to prevent hand fatigue over extended periods of time. It has features you will often find on other saws, such as a built-in dust collector, as well as useful things like built-in LED lights to illuminate the mowing line on a cut.

The Makita 5007MG circular saw is also equipped with one of the best blades. Premium Ultra-Coated 7 1/4 ” with carbide tips, so it can easily cut through even wood with nails. With a high-grade blade and powerful motor, the Makita 5008MG can handle a wide variety of jobs with ease, be it dense structural panels or framing walls, floors and roofs made of lumber of various sizes.

Dewalt DWE575 circular saw: Best circular saw overall

The Dewalt DWE575 is a versatile circular saw that is a good upgrade to previous popular Dewalt circular saws. With the Dewalt DWE575 you get an increased bevel ratio and a more sophisticated design. all within a reasonable price range.

While it may cost twice as much as real budget models, it offers enough features to compete with more expensive models for a spot in the professional toolbox.

With a powerful 15 amp motor, durable power cord and an ergonomic design, the Dewalt DWE575 circular saw has been carefully thought out for long and tough jobs. Weighing only 4 kg. and features such as a built-in dust extractor are also very enjoyable to use. It also has a decent warranty to help you get the most out of this saw.

Cordless or corded circular saw?

Then you will need to choose whether you want a cordless circular saw or a chain saw. The best AC-powered circular saws offer more power at a lower cost than comparable battery-operated counterparts. Until recently, they were also much more suitable for continuous cutting in tough conditions, as you didn’t need to worry about battery levels, but technology does not stand still.

Cordless circular saws are still very useful if you need to cut in places with no electricity, but cordless circular saw models tend to be a little more useful due to their ability to deliver more power.

The best circular saws are generally rated for amperage, with 15 amperes being fairly standard. While you will find lower power models available and generally at a lower price point, the loss in performance is not really worth the savings, especially if you are investing in a tool that you expect to use in the coming years.

If you are looking for the best circular saw for plywood, it is worth noting that most of the circular saw’s performance depends on the blade itself and most come with a blade designed for rough cuts in construction timber. For a smoother cut on plywood, use an 80-tooth blade. Small teeth reduce chipping and provide a smoother edge.

Convenient shape and design

You might think that the best circular saw is simply the best model with a lot of power. But in fact, it’s all about little things like dustbags, cord lengths, spindle locks, safety guards and electric brakes.

The saw can cut at 6,200 rpm, but if it lacks any of these features, it will be difficult to use in the long run. These features greatly increase the durability and versatility of the tool. A simple accessory such as the included carrying case makes the saw more portable and therefore more useful.

Circular saws pros and cons:

  • Can handle longer cuts on large pieces of wood
  • Smaller and more convenient to pack making it versatile
  • Less expensive
  • Miter cuts are more difficult with a circular saw
  • Bad reputation for leaving splinters around the edges, although a fine-toothed blade can minimize this

Cutting features

Cutting angle: the larger the better so you can cut with more choices. Positive tilt stops are also important as they allow you to quickly adjust the shoe to common angles.

How thick can you cut with a circular saw?

Circular saw blade diameters range from 6 1/4 “to 10 1/2”. Generally speaking, the most common blade diameter is 7 1/4 inches, which can cut wood up to 50mm thick. You can also cut materials up to 50mm thick. using a 6 1/2 “blade, but 7 1/4” is still the most popular.

However, the less common, large blades can come in handy if you are working on projects that use large wood beams.

Besides size, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right drive for the job. Buy special brick blades when you need to cut a brick or cinder block, and tile knives for your flooring.

Also, for certain jobs, you may need discs made of special durable materials. There are high speed steel blades that stay sharper than regular discs, and carbide coated discs that stay sharp even longer. Diamond coated discs can improve tile cut quality.

Types of circular saws

Which circular saw to choose

Recommendations for choosing a circular saw for home and garden:

To perform a small amount of work from time to time, you can purchase a tool with a power of 1-1.2 kW.

For construction work at a summer cottage where it is required to cut timber, boards, plywood and other sawn timber, you can purchase a circular saw with a power of more than 1.2 kW and a cutting depth of at least 60 mm.

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For professional use, you can purchase models with a capacity of more than 1.2-1.5 kW, with a high number of revolutions (more than 5 thousand) and a maximum cutting depth at right angles (more than 60 mm).

If you need to make grooves and cutouts in blanks, you can purchase a plunge saw.

When performing work related to the construction of metal structures, where metal cutting is required, you can consider the option of using a circular saw for metal. The advantages of using it are described above.

Body material

Most of the models are made of high-strength plastic. The body of a professional tool can be made of metal, which increases the working life of the tool.

Additional functions

Most of the models have additional functions that make work easier and more comfortable:

Smooth start. when cutting the workpiece, sharp cuts into the material are minimized, the quality of the cut is increased. Engine service life is increased.

Collecting sawdust. the presence in the structure of a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Laser mark. the laser beam forms the trajectory along which the cut must be made. The beam avoids the use of a guide bar when working with a circular saw. However, mastering the function requires a certain skill of owning the instrument as a whole.

Stationary chip removal system. practical for small volumes of work, when there is no need to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Start blocking. protects the master from accidental starting of the tool (to turn on the saw, press two buttons).

Plunge-cut circular saw

The plunge-cut saw was developed to solve a problem that arises when cutting a workpiece with a circular saw: insufficient sawing accuracy. Positioning the saw blade with absolute precision is not possible, since there is no way to control the position of the blade relative to the workpiece.

The plunge-cut saw is devoid of these drawbacks, it has a slightly different principle of operation. In non-working position, the disc is completely hidden under the protective cover and located above the base plate. The cutting blade is lowered only when the tool is switched on.

The plunge saw can be used to make local repairs to floorboards or to cut a desired opening in the worktop. Cutting precision is adjustable to the millimeter. Sawing capacity at 90 °, depending on the model, ranges from 10 to 75 mm.

When working with laminated material, the top layer is cut to an incomplete depth of the workpiece, excluding the appearance of chips.


  • High precision of workpieces processing;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • The ability to perform cross and longitudinal cuts.


  • High price compared to conventional models;
  • Difficulties in cutting parts of small width. their minimum size is limited by the dimensions of the support part of the tool.

Cordless circular saw

The tool is powered from its own power source. a rechargeable battery. The saw is used to work in hard-to-reach places. Depending on the type of battery used and its charge capacity, the tool may be sufficient for a short working period of 15 to 50 minutes. After which the battery needs to be charged, which lasts about 4 hours.

Best Circular Saws in 2020. Top 8 Circular Saw Picks


  • Compactness, mobility;
  • Ability to work in the absence of an external power source.


  • Short working time;
  • High price for models that can run for about an hour.

Working at an angle

Most of the offered models are capable of cutting not only in a straight line, but also at an angle of 45 °. Manufacturers have mastered the production of models with the ability to cut at an angle and 60 °.

It is important to pay attention to the characteristic “maximum cutting depth at an angle of 90 °”, this is the depth of the disc insertion into the workpiece when the saw moves perpendicular to its surface. To work with workpieces up to 40 mm thick, choose a saw with the same cutting depth at a right angle, that is, 40 mm.

BOSCH UniversalCirc 12 2.5Ah x1

The circular saw is suitable for working with wood and other materials. Powered by a rechargeable battery, so the user is not limited in movement.

Cutting angle can be selected from 0 to 45 degrees.

At right angles, the maximum depth is 26 mm. A tool with a guide rail can be used. The set includes two discs with a diameter of 15 and 85 mm.

There is a lock against accidental start-up. Can be supplemented with a vacuum cleaner for quick removal of generated dust.


  • disc diameter. 85 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 26 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 1400 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 12 V;
  • weight. 1.4 kg.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • a light weight;
  • high performance;
  • work from different angles.
  • speed control;
  • no dimension marks.


The tool is effective when working with wood and metal workpieces. The CutControl system ensures maximum precision when cutting along the marks.

The cutting depth is supported at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Right angle cuts up to 48 mm.

The saw is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery.

Supplied with a disc with a diameter of 150 mm. The bore diameter is 16 mm. Spindle lock makes tool operation as safe as possible.


  • power. 1800 W;
  • disc diameter. 150 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 48 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 3800 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • weight. 2.6 kg.


  • comfortable to hold in hand;
  • saws perfectly;
  • adequate price;
  • high performance.


  • the saw blade is loose;
  • no battery indicator.

Makita HS7601

The tool is designed for vertical and 45 degree cuts. Can work with wood, aluminum, gypsum and other materials.

High performance is provided by a power of 1.2 kW and 5200 rpm.

The model is equipped with a disc for a maximum straight cut up to 66 mm, at an angle of 45 degrees. 30 mm.

The saw makes virtually no noise during operation. It can be supplemented with a construction vacuum cleaner so that the workplace always looks neat.

The model is equipped with a 2.5 meter cable, due to which the user’s movements are not limited.


  • power. 1200 W;
  • disc diameter. 190 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 66 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 5200 rpm;
  • cord length. 2.5 m;
  • size. 309x255x232 mm;
  • weight. 4 kg.


  • high power;
  • even cut;
  • ergonomics;
  • vacuum cleaner adapter.


  • poor quality gearbox bearing;
  • no laser mark.

Interskol DP-190 / 1600M

The tool with a 1.6 kW electric motor is suitable for cutting laminate, plywood, wall paneling and other materials. The maximum cutting depth is 63 mm.

Disk rotation speed is 4800 rpm.

It is very convenient to work with this tool thanks to the adjustment of the cutting depth. The model is supplemented with protection against accidental activation, as well as an ergonomic handle.

You can work with materials at an angle of 45 degrees. Connect a vacuum cleaner for convenience to keep your workplace clean.


  • power. 1600 W;
  • disc diameter. 190 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 65 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 5200 rpm;
  • cord length. 4 m;
  • weight. 5.5 kg.


  • low price;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • smooth start;
  • high performance.


  • a little backlash;
  • heavy.

Hammer CRP 1800 D

Model with a powerful 1.8 kW electric motor, complete with a 21 cm disc with a landing diameter of 30 mm.

With this tool, you can perform a large amount of carpentry, locksmith and construction work.

You can cut material to a depth of 70 mm at an angle of 90 degrees. Due to this, you can work with labors, sheet materials and profiles.

The soft start makes the saw more comfortable to use, and the switch-on lock makes it safer. Includes replacement carbon brushes for the motor, parallel angle and hex wrench.

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  • power. 1800 W;
  • disc diameter. 210 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 70 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 4500 rpm;
  • weight. 6 kg.


  • excellent build;
  • ergonomics;
  • high revs;
  • work with any materials.


  • the gearbox buzzes during prolonged work;
  • not enough holes in the sole.

Makita 5008MG

Circular saw with a comfortable handle with rubber pads to prevent the tool from slipping out of the hand. The model is equipped with a 1.8 kW electric motor, which provides a performance of 5200 rpm.

Sawing is carried out using a disc with a diameter of 210 mm in a straight line and at an angle of 50 degrees.

The maximum cutting depth is 76 mm. The saw is equipped with lighting, a spindle locking system and an electric motor protection system.

Set includes hex wrench, guide and saw blade.


  • power. 1800 W;
  • disc diameter. 210 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 76 mm;
  • tilt angle. 50 degrees;
  • revolutions. 5200 rpm;
  • weight. 5.1 kg.


  • performance;
  • powerful engine;
  • suitable for working with thick boards;
  • long cord.


  • few holes in the sole;
  • loud noise during operation.


Compact circular saw with adjustable blade speed. Suitable for processing wood, panel material, plexiglass, aluminum and other materials.

Thanks to its aluminum sole, it can withstand heavy loads.

The comfortable grip ensures comfortable work for a long time. Provides speed adjustments and Constant Electronic system for precise cuts at different angles.

High performance thanks to 1.4 kW motor.


  • power. 1400 W;
  • disc diameter. 165 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 57 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • revolutions. 6250 rpm;
  • size. 310 × 240 mm;
  • weight. 4.7 kg.


  • smooth start;
  • speed regulation;
  • convenient disk change;
  • precise work with guides.


  • tight vacuum cleaner connector;
  • inconvenient tilt angle adjustment.
circular, which, review, choose

How to choose and what to look for?

When buying a circular saw, it is enough to focus on the main parameters of the tool:

  • Power. is selected taking into account the thickness and density of the processed material. Power is small. up to 0.8 kW, medium. 0.8-1.2 kW and large. more than 1.2 kW.
  • Weight. the saw is always on weight, so it is more convenient to work with a lightweight model.
  • Sawing depth. depends on the blade. For everyday tasks, an indicator of 40-50 mm is enough, for professional. from 60-70 mm.
  • Speed ​​- affects productivity and the ability to cut different materials. The higher the value, the denser materials you can cut.
  • Angle cutting. most of the tools are used for straight cuts and 45 degree floor cuts. There is a model with a cut at 60 and 90 degrees.
  • Disc diameter. ranges from 130 to 250 mm.
  • Additional functions. make it easier to work with the tool. Among them are soft start, laser mark, sawdust collection, engine blocking from accidental start, stationary chip removal system.

An example of using household and professional tools

If you are looking for a handheld circular saw, which one to choose, you can decide by reading the guidelines below. If you use a professional model, then in 1.5 hours of continuous work you will be able to cut as many pieces of chipboard, which will be enough to assemble 4 cabinets. If you use a conventional household model, then the same work will take 2 times longer. The quality will remain at its best, but the cost of a professional tool will be 2 times higher.

Choosing a household saw: Einhell RT-CS 190/1

The main features are the ergonomic handle, due to which even a beginner can handle the tool. This is also why the saw is most convenient to use when solving household tasks. The master can easily change the saw blade thanks to the key and the spindle lock. There is no need to purchase a key additionally, as it is included in the kit. It will be possible to work with the equipment at home, as it has a low noise and vibration level.

This reliable and inexpensive circular saw has a dust extraction device with a special adapter that connects to the vacuum cleaner. With this functionality, you can keep your workplace clean. The gears of the reducer are made of a material of increased hardness and strength, which is distinguished by wear resistance and a long service life.

The manufacturer has made sure that the work is made easy, this is also possible thanks to the practical cable clamp. Among other things, it prevents damage and cable coiling. The size of the disc is 190×30 millimeters, the number of teeth is 24. At an angle of 90 degrees, the operator can go 66 millimeters into the material, and at 45 degrees, the cutting depth will be equivalent to 48 millimeters.

Model Specifications

One of the most important parameters is the power, which in this case is 2100 W. The cutting depth is 100 millimeters, and the rotation speed is equivalent to 3800 rpm. The size of the circle used is 270×30 millimeters, the weight of the device is 9.4 kilograms. For more convenient work, there is a soft start function, which ensures accurate cutting. Safety is guaranteed by instant engine stop due to electronic brake.

The equipment is equipped with a sturdy and reliable die-cast aluminum support base. The operator will not be faced with the problem of a jammed disc, as the device has a riving knife. Safety in the operation of such tools is above all, in this case it is ensured by protection against accidental start, which became possible thanks to a fuse switch.

Good hand-held circular saw. How to choose a circular saw: tips and tricks

Previously, only a hand circular saw was found in sawmills. Many private craftsmen are already thinking about which model of such equipment to choose. If you also decide to acquire a similar device, then it is important to consider the main characteristics, among which, for example, a power supply.

Battery Saw Performance Overview

If you prefer autonomy, then it is best to choose a battery model, but you should be prepared for less performance. Among other things, the rotational speed will also be significantly lower than in electric circulars. Such models perfectly cope with wood of small thickness and low density. As practice shows, the battery charge may be enough for 30-50 minutes of operation, after which the battery will need to be charged. This can cause some inconvenience, since charging sometimes takes up to 4 hours.

Recommendations for choosing a model depending on engine power

Quite often, in the process of carrying out repairs or construction work, a hand circular saw is needed. After reading this article, you will decide which one to choose. The consumer must also take into account the fact that the tool can have a motor of different power. With higher motor parameters, the equipment will be able to cut material and high-density products in a short time. The operator will have no difficulty in cutting. A powerful engine is not afraid of even knots in the wood. But low-power circulars have a significant advantage, which is expressed in low weight. Thanks to this, the tool can be carried from place to place. Thus, models with a capacity of 2000 watts or less will weigh about 7 kilograms. If the saw is characterized by a power of 1200 watts, then the weight will be reduced to 4 kilograms. Do you need a hand circular saw for household tasks? Which one to choose? Price. an important factor when buying. For private use, models with a power of 1000 to 1200 watts are excellent. If the tool is not used professionally, then the power reserve will remain unclaimed. The cost of the product will also depend on this parameter, the difference in price can reach 100 percent or more.

According to users, this good hand-held circular saw is versatile as it can be used to cut different wood densities. Safety is especially appreciated by users, as it reduces the risk of injury. The operator can change the range from 0 to 50 degrees during operation. Users emphasize that when using the equipment, they get an excellent view of the mowing line of the cut, as the design is ergonomic.

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Features of trimming products

There is a special variation of hand tools. this is an electric circular saw of a miter type. Such devices are installed on the bed, but have a fairly compact size and light weight (10-30 kg). With their help, you can cut wood, plastic and metal at different angles.

In household models, the rotation of the desktop is made only in one direction. Because of this, the angle is limited. However, for professional products, the work surface is capable of rotating in both directions. Unlike massive stationary devices, trimming devices cost much less.

Rating of electric circular saws for the home

The range of products in the form of circular saws is striking in its diversity, so it is able to confuse the home craftsman. The table shows the most popular models suitable for home use. They are not suitable for professional use.

Bosch GKS 190

The lightest and most ergonomic products ranked first. Despite the power of 1400 W, the saw manages to cut up to 70 mm. It is quite pleasant to work with the instrument, as its weight is only 4.2 kg

Rebir IE-5107 G2

The second line of the rating is occupied by a product with a high engine power (2150 W). In this regard, the weight also increases. It is 6.5 kg. The weight is large enough for comfortable work. However, if necessary, the handheld device can be converted into a small-sized machine.

The third position is occupied by the saw, which is inferior in power to the other participants, but loses only the leader in terms of ease of use. If the work is carried out not so often, then the product will fit perfectly. With 1200 W power, the device weighs 4.9 kg

“Fiolent PDZ-70”

The fourth place is taken by a product with a high power (2000 W), while not so expensive. Despite its impressive weight, the tool is quite comfortable to use. Product weight is 5.9 kg

“Interskol DP-1600”

The last line of the rating is occupied by a saw, the advantages of which are low cost and affordable service. The device has proven itself well in tough working conditions. Power is 1600 W and weight is 5.6 kg

Despite the position held, the Interskol circular saw is incredibly popular among craftsmen.

Historical data

The electric circular saw is believed to have been invented in the 18th century. Its main purpose was to process sawn timber at sawmills. Until that time, wood was cut by hand using tools that produce reciprocating movements. The swivel mechanism requires more energy, but allows you to cut much faster.

There is information that the circular saw was invented in Holland around the 16th-17th centuries, but they are not officially confirmed. The first large tool was used in a sawmill in 1813.

Working with the tool

The circular saw is a hazardous tool that, if handled incorrectly, can result in serious injury or destruction of workpieces. Before work, it is advisable to apply a straight line to the material to be cut, along which the cut will be made.

Marks on the front of the support indicate where to position the electric circular saw. Instructions for using the tool say that just before turning on, you need to press the lock button, and then start the device. This avoids inadvertent switching on.


For safety reasons it is necessary:

  • make sure that the operating voltage in the network is maintained;
  • carry out work in well-lit places;
  • use special clothing when cutting materials;
  • refuse to carry the device by the cable;
  • always hold the device with both hands;
  • forcefully stop the disk;
  • make sure that the safety devices are reliable;
  • move the cover only with a special lever.

What to consider when choosing?

Before purchasing an electric circular saw for wood of a hand-held or stationary type, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria that affect the nature of the work. The purchased model of the tool must be suitable for specific operating conditions.

The most important criterion is power. The higher it is, the longer the purchased tool will be able to serve, since there is less load on the motor winding. It doesn’t get so hot. However, with an increase in power, the weight of the product increases, so you need to choose something in between.

An equally important indicator. the depth of the possible cut. It can vary, but not as noticeably. Larger products typically have a maximum depth of 70 cm. Lightweight saws can cut up to 65 cm or less. In any case, the product will cut less at an angle, so the depth must also be taken into account when cutting.

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the complete set. Additional elements provide an opportunity to make work easier and more efficient. Spare discs can be supplied with the tool. Sometimes a stopper is included for better edge removal. It helps to saw off a piece of board or plywood perfectly straight.

How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

Consideration should be given to the compatibility of the cutting blades directly with the saw. Their diameter is different, there is a different fit on the tool, and the number of teeth also varies.

Cleaning and care

Circular saws do not require any special maintenance, but they should be kept clean. During such events, it is necessary:

  • disconnect the device from the electrical network;
  • use a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt;
  • refuse to use chemically active detergents;
  • wipe the tool dry after cleaning is complete;
  • prepare a weak soap solution in some cases for better cleaning performance.

Store the circular saw in a dry place out of reach of small children.

Design features of hand tools

The most commonly used hand-held circular saw is used at home. Its main advantage over other designs is its light weight, so it is as comfortable to work with it as possible. If necessary, the tool can be moved to the desired location without unnecessary complications.

The design of such products is relatively simple. Typically, the tool includes the following items.

  • Housing with electric motor and gearbox, as well as special tools for chip evacuation.
  • Support sole equipped with a folding cover for safety during work.
  • Basic and additional handles for comfortable grip of the tool directly in the hands.
  • Power cord of a certain length for connecting the device to the mains.
  • Spindle with blade lock.

Additionally, the tool can be equipped with:

  • laser pointer in the form of a strip or a simple point;
  • backlit for working in dark places;
  • electrodynamic brake;
  • a latch to ensure a stationary position;
  • soft start chain;
  • various indicators.

In the body of an electric circular saw of a hand-held type, there is usually a commutator motor, which moves the spindle with a disc directly through a gearbox. Rotation can be controlled by an opening clutch. It triggers when there is a significant increase in torque.

For cooling the engine, special holes are made on the body. An impeller is installed on the motor itself, which provides the necessary air pressure. The outflow also makes it possible to remove sawdust from the cutting area. The basic handle is equipped with a push-button switch.