Circular saw with adjustable cutting depth

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The current technologies allow the production of battery flooring. They are more mobile, safer and in terms of technical characteristics are not inferior to network counterparts. Charging the battery takes about half an hour.

Battery voltage may vary. The highest indicator for DeWALT parquet floors. 54 V.

Most cordless tools spin faster than mains powered tools. Perhaps the highest revs are found in Bosch and DeWALT parquet floors. Chain models are prized primarily for their lower cost.

The length of the cord for a professional circular saw should be about 3-4 m. Ideally, the cord is located at the back and has a long and stiff entry sleeve. Otherwise, there is a high chance of accidentally cutting the wire.

DeWALT parquet flooring and other circular (circular) saws

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Saw blade

The number of teeth on the saw wheel determines the cleanliness of the cut and how hard the material will be cut: the more teeth, the cleaner the cut and the more difficult the saw will cope with.

Large consumable requires powerful motor and high torque.

Another indicator is thickness. A thin blade combined with a high speed of rotation cuts efficiently at low power. In addition, the weight and durability of the parquet depends on the thickness. The thinnest consumables for Metabo, DeWALT and Makita circulars.

DEWALT DWE575 Circ Saw. Depth of Cut

Serious manufacturers try to reduce vibration. For this purpose, DeWALT makes special anti-vibration slots, which allow reducing the thickness of the disc to 1 mm. 1.7 mm.

Rotational speed

The permissible density of the material to be cut and the cleanliness of the cut depend on the speed of the saw blade. For domestic needs 1500-4500 rpm is enough. Requires high speed for continuous operation.

Average speed of parquet flooring from leading manufacturers such as Makita, Metabo, DeWALT. 5000 rpm One of the fastest circular saws from Bosch, with a maximum speed of 6250 rpm.

If possible, it is better to choose a circular with speed control, since high speed is not always needed. For example, if PVC is cut too quickly, it may start to melt.

What is parquet for (circular circular saw)

Application and benefits

First of all, you need to understand for what purpose the parquet is purchased. Almost all tools on the domestic market are professional. Household parquetry is produced by BlackDecker, they are also among Bosch products. They are distinguished by compactness, lighter weight, high rotation speed, but they are designed for light use.

The key purpose of the parquet is to cut wood. Of course, other power tools will also cope with this task, but the circular is able to easily and quickly make a flawlessly even cutting line, both longitudinal and transverse, evenly and at an angle. Also, the parquet can cut plastic, chipboard, laminate, plywood, etc.

Some manufacturers, for example, DeWALT, produce consumables that can easily cut wood with nails. Others cope with slate, stainless steel and aluminum. The type of material to be processed depends on several parameters: power, speed of work, size of the saw blade, number of teeth.

When choosing a parquet, it is necessary to determine the required cutting depth. It depends on the diameter of the disc, density and width of the workpiece. You also need to understand whether the parquet will work with the guide and how often. For regular use, a DeWALT circular with a molded sole and grooves for a guide is suitable.


The base plate is rarely given the proper attention. And in vain. After all, the functionality of the parquet depends on it. The best are cast platforms made of aluminum alloys. They are lighter and have excellent shape retention.

Professional massive tool

This classification is conditional, since it may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Makita parquet floors with a shallow cutting depth do not exist at all.

The electric circulator has established itself as one of the best for both domestic and professional purposes. Suitable for working with wood and plastic. It has a powerful 2 kW electric motor. It is connected to a 220 V network. The angle is easily adjustable, a smooth start is provided, there is a protective casing for increased safety. Cutting depth. 70 mm. Rotation speed. 4 500 rpm.

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Vortex DP-235/2200

The parquet floor allows you to work with laminate, wood, plywood, sheet and polymer metal. The tilt is adjustable. The power of the electric motor is 2.2 kW. The use of the upper casing for the removal of sawdust is provided. Sawing depth at right angles. 85 mm. Rotation speed. 4 500 rpm.

Hitachi C10RE

Circular saw on die-cast aluminum base with storage compartment for accessories. There is a dust collector, wheels for easy transportation. The power of the electric motor is 1.6 kW. Sawing depth at right angles. 73 mm, you can choose an angle of inclination of 45 degrees. Rotation speed. 4 800 rpm. Differs in high performance.

Bosch GKS 65

Tool from a German manufacturer. Suitable for cutting wood. It features high cutting accuracy, as well as a powerful 1.6 kW motor and lightness. the circular saw weighs only 4.8 kg. Rotation speed. 5,900 rpm. Cutting depth at right angles. 65 mm, the angle of inclination and smoothness of the cut are adjustable. Circuit breaker interlocking provided.

Evolution RAGE 1B

The leader of our rating is the multifunctional circular saw with the patented Rage technology, which is responsible for the evenness and accuracy of the cut. The model allows you to work with aluminum, wood, steel, brick, concrete, stone, providing high accuracy and cutting speed regardless of the material. Shock and vibration resistant. The angle of inclination and depth of cut are adjustable. Rotation speed. 3,700 rpm. The power of the electric motor is 1.2 kW, the cutting depth at right angles is 60 mm. The weight of the tool is only 5.5 kg. Connection of a vacuum cleaner is provided. No additional heat is generated during operation, no sparks are formed. The model is notable for an excellent ratio of a set of functions, quality and price.

Circular saw rating: top 5

The circular saw is a compact, powerful tool designed for sawing workpieces from a variety of materials. This can be wood, metal, laminate, drywall, plywood or OSB.

Suitable for construction work in summer cottages and apartment renovation. The circular is indispensable for those who like to do housework with their own hands, as well as for professional builders.

Circular saws: how to choose

When choosing a circular saw, you need to understand exactly for what purposes it will serve and what tasks to solve. When looking for a suitable model, pay attention to characteristics such as:

  • Power. This parameter depends on the number of revolutions required for specific work, speed and depth of cut. For simple household purposes, a tool of small (up to 1.2 kW) and medium power (up to 1.8 kW) is suitable, for larger-scale works. from 2 kW.
  • Cutting depth. Most often it is up to 60 mm, up to 150 mm. for professional equipment.
  • Disk speed. The maximum hardness of materials that can be cut with the selected tool depends on it. The higher the speed, the more electricity the circular saw consumes and the less likely the blade will jam.
  • Disc diameter. The outer diameter determines the cutting depth (up to 350 mm). The inner diameter of the disc depends on the size of the power shaft of the tool (up to 32 mm). in case of mismatch, an adapter ring can be used.
  • Body material. It can be high strength plastic or metal.
  • Work at an angle. The depth of cut is indicated at a right angle. this value is considered to be the main one. Sawing at angles of 45 and 60 degrees is used less often, the ability to adjust them provides convenience when cutting in hard-to-reach places.
  • Ergonomic handle. Choose a model that fits well in your hand to protect yourself from injury and improve cutting accuracy.
  • Additional functions. These include:
  • smooth start for greater cutting accuracy;
  • immersion, when the cut needs to start from the middle of the bar (material);
  • the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner to collect sawdust;
  • laser mark that forms the cutting trajectory;
  • start blocking to prevent accidental switching on of the device;
  • adjustable disc speed and quick braking for increased safety.

Types of circular saws

Circular saws are hand-held, table-top, stationary, battery-powered, cable.

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Small handhelds are ideal for a wide range of Spectra household tasks. They are distinguished by ease of operation and transportation, compactness and high performance. When working with this type of tool, the material (workpiece) being cut is motionless.

Desktop and stationary are designed for professional construction work and cutting large blocks. They are distinguished by high power, high accuracy, increased disc diameter and many additional functions. The saw remains stationary, the material being cut moves along the blade.

Table circular saws are suitable for precise cutting of materials at different inclinations. Cutting depth. 40–70 mm.

Stationary models are complemented by a cast or welded bed. The work table is made of aluminum / steel / cast iron sheet, which has a special slot for the disc and ruler guides for convenient and accurate cutting of the material. They have a reduced level of noise and vibration, and often have a built-in dust collector. Cutting depth. 50-140 mm.

Cable tools are powered by the mains and have a limited wire length. They are characterized by high power. Cordless circular saws are battery operated and mobile. They are easy to use and standalone. Often equipped with LED backlighting for easy operation in the dark. The disadvantage is less power than cable saws.

When working with plunge-cut circular saws, the cutting disc can only be lowered from under the special protective cover after switching on. This improves the accuracy of cutting and positioning the tool. Cutting depth. 10–75 mm. Used for cutting openings in furniture and other purposes.

Dewalt DW364. circular saw cut depth adjustment

Any saw can be fitted with a diamond or carbide blade. Diamond blades are designed for cutting stone, tiles and ceramics. Carbide wheels are suitable for metal work.

How to choose a circular saw blade

When choosing a circular saw blade, pay attention to:

  • Diameter: Must match exactly to the design of the tool, otherwise the work will be unsafe and ineffective. With a smaller blade, fingers may get caught under the protective cover, with a larger blade, it simply will not fit on the saw.
  • Tooth Frequency: For soft materials, a wide-toothed blade is suitable for a smooth and precise cut. The fewer the teeth, the harder the material will be cut. Average quantity. 40-80 pieces.
  • Teeth inclination: for cutting wood. in the direction of rotation, for cutting metal. in the opposite direction.
  • Sharpening angle of teeth: positive (from 15 to 20 degrees). for wood, negative (from 0 to 5 degrees). for metal.
  • Tooth configuration: determined depending on the task. Combined cutter (Combi). a universal option. The trapezoidal cutter (TCG) is suitable for processing non-ferrous and soft metals, wood and plastics. Replaceable with increased lateral slope (HiATB). for easily splitting materials. Replaceable without tilt (ATB). for processing composite panels, plywood, longitudinal cutting of wood. Flat (FT). for soft and hard wood.
  • Circular saw spindle speed: this parameter determines the allowable blade diameter for efficient tool operation.
  • Purpose: manufacturers offer special blades for cutting various materials, as a rule, they have all the necessary characteristics. Only the outer and inner diameters remain to be determined independently. This greatly simplifies the choice.

Stationary circular saw Sturm CS50250TB

50 Hz;

  • Chromed table: 626×445 mm;
  • Power: 2000 W.;
  • Disc diameter: 254 mm;
  • Bore diameter: 30 mm;
  • Number of teeth: 24 pcs;
  • Additional table size (left and right): 625×250 mm;
  • Additional table size: 440×320 mm;
  • Disk speed: 5000 rpm;
  • Cutting depth at 45 degrees: 65 mm;
  • Cutting depth at 90 degrees: 73 mm;
  • Net weight: 24.8 kg;
  • Laser function: Yes;
  • Warranty: 24 months;
    • Attach to workbench with mounting screws.
    • Install on a metal frame-frame with a height of 85 cm with rubberized metal legs;

    The buttons for turning on and emergency off of the machine are protected from dust. Also, the engine is protected from dust due to the fact. which is located in a special case under the work surface. Of note is the saw blade guard, which protects the operator from swarf and dust. The casing is transparent. does not cover the cutting site.

    High precision of the operations performed:

    The delivery set includes an emphasis ruler with a quick-clamping device. It should be noted the protractor, the purpose of which is to perform cuts at an angle of up to 60 degrees. The accuracy of measurements is provided by graduated scales with divisions. On the edges there are special clamps to hold the workpiece in a stationary state.

    Adjustable work table:

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    The standard dimensions of the working table are 626×445 mm, but due to special extensions, the width of the table can increase, it is very convenient for processing large parts. There are special brackets to hold the workpiece stationary.

    Adjusting Circular Saw for Angle and Depth

    The Sturm CS50250TB circular saw is a power tool that works when connected to a household 1-phase electrical network with a voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The main component of the machine is a low-noise and environmentally friendly electric motor with a power of 2 kW and an idle speed of up to 5000 rpm. The high rotational speed ensures precise and smooth cutting without the need for additional grinding work. The combination of high power and high rotation speed provides high performance with economical consumption of electrical energy. The engine is equipped with a forced air cooling system that cools the heating elements. this helps to extend the life of the engine. Built-in protections against overheating and overloading eliminate the risk of accidents and premature failure of the unit.

    The saw set is a durable and corrosion-resistant carbide-tipped steel saw blade with sharp teeth (diameter 254 mm). The saw head can tilt from 45 to 90 degrees. And the saw blade on the spindle can also be raised and lowered. The operator’s disc is covered with a protective cover.

    An industrial vacuum cleaner can be connected to the machine, which effectively collects dust and chips.

    TOP 10 circular saws

    A circular saw, or, more simply, a circular saw, is an absolutely indispensable device when working with wood, at a construction site or during repairs. She saws, she cuts, she cuts.

    Circular machines are mandatory in every woodworking workshop, furniture or carpentry workshop. With their help, craftsmen “cut out” a rough workpiece. this is the most unpretentious purpose of a circular machine. A good quality unit is capable of not only such a primitive function. He must transform your workshop into a mini-mill for the production of furniture, windows, doors, flooring and other wood products.

    • Be productive and tough. Work for a long time, without failures, breakdowns and defects;
    • Meet the standards of safety and comfort at work;
    • Ensure rig stability and sawing accuracy.

    Buyers also highly appreciate the unit, which has been tested in practice, and its quality fully corresponds to the price. The TOP-10 of the best circular machines included only such models. In addition, they have a reliable and stable manufacturer, so you shouldn’t worry about service and post-warranty repairs.

    Circular machine Scheppach (Workzone) HS 100 WZ

    The German company Shepach produces inexpensive circular saws with excellent power and the ability to run smoothly. Scheppach HS 100 WZ. the best circular for the house, used for sawing wood and plastic. The machine performs rip and cross cuts, angle cuts. It works accurately and efficiently, so it is actively used in carpentry and furniture workshops. It is easy to operate, compact, weighs only 24 kg. Equipment class. semi-professional. The manufacturer has installed a sufficiently powerful electric drive. It is single-phase, power 2 kW. The cut is carried out with a disc equipped with 48 teeth. And also comes another 65-tooth blade for a clean cut. The cutting blade is protected by a guard, which increases safety during work. The cutting head tilts at an angle of 45 degrees, right and left, which expands the capabilities of the machine. With a straight cut, the depth reaches 73 mm, with a cut at an angle of 45 degrees. 53 mm, depth adjustable. the cutting line is illuminated with a laser. The dimensions of the working table are 640×430 mm. The table is durable, metal, equipped with three extensions. on both sides and back, which increases its area. Dust and shavings are collected in a cloth bag. Installation on a four-legged stand for a stable, level surface.

    • The electric motor can withstand long-term operation, since forced air cooling is involved;
    • The set includes a stool-type stand on metal legs, which allows you to install the machine directly on the floor;
    • Laser pointer accurately marks the line to be cut;
    • The saw head has the ability to tilt, the depth is adjustable;
    • The adjustable stop ensures the accuracy and quality of sawing;
    • Robust thick metal work table with reamers on three sides for machining large workpieces.