Circular Saw With The Possibility Of Stationary Installation

Circular saws
Circular hand-held circular saws for wood. With laser line guide, tungsten carbide discs from 150 to 335 mm and variable speed!

Professional circular saw for wood Energomash CP-50185P. Circular saw BlackDecker CS1550. Hand-held circular saw BlackDecker CS1250L. Plunge-cut circular saw. Features.

It is not always necessary to cut the cut from the edge. If the task is to get an internal rectangular hole, then it is impossible to carry out a neat plunge cut not from the end, but from the top of the workpiece with a circular saw.
Having installed the disc on the markings and turning on the engine, it will inevitably be displaced from the path and burrs on the edge. And a clear verticality of lowering manually cannot be achieved.

The disc design consists of a fixed base and a movable protection for the lower part of the saw equipment. The submersible “head” is spring-loaded, and the wide base is fixed. When you press on the body, the disc is recessed straight down. The first light touch of the teeth on the surface ensures that there are no chips. The return to the starting position is automatic.
If you set the immersion depth less than the thickness of the workpiece and make several cuts, you get a groove.

Hand circular circular saw Titan PCP15-185. Circular saw Sthor 79254. Installation of the saw on a stationary mount

  1. We attach the legs: we take out the cap-bolts and instead of them we screw in the bolts to fix the legs.
  2. We attach the plate securing the protection. The guard must be pressed into the body and pressed down with a plate.
  3. With the help of clamps we attach the tool to the workbench by inserting the hooks into the special holes.

Only specially designed models are installed “upside down”! Otherwise, the tool may be overloaded or the disc will jam, resulting in costly repairs. Many manufacturers of hand-held circular saws warn against using the tool upside down. For information on this, see the operating instructions.

There are few models on the market with the possibility of permanent installation. These are mainly domestic products. Distinctive properties. Large circle diameter and powerful electric motor.

Soyuz TsPS-50200 Caliber EPD. 2100St Craft CCS 2200 Baikal Rebir RZ 2-70-2 Interscope DP-2000
Power, W 2500 2100 220 1500 \ 1800 2150 2000
Idling speed, rpm 6000 4800 5500 3700 \ 4100 6000 4200
Disc diameter, mm 200 200 200 200 205 235
Max. Cutting depth, mm 58 65 68 70 72 85
Tilt angle, degrees up to 45 up to 45 up to 45 up to 45 up to 45
Weight, kg 7 6.6 5.7 6,7 7.8

Table 1. Characteristics of some models of table-mounted circular saws on the domestic market

Additional accessories

A laser pointer is a convenient option that allows you to cut a part with markings covered with sawdust. Increases the cost of equipment, but is welcomed by professionals.

Disc replacement. Modern models are equipped with a spindle lock that allows you to quickly and easily remove the disc for replacement. Otherwise, the disk is removed with two keys. A long and inconvenient procedure.

Cutting depth

This is also an important parameter, although it does not differ very much between large and small saws. Pay particular attention to the maximum cut at an angle. Modern models have the ability to cut by degrees. The value of the cut per degree is always much less than in a straight line, it is this indicator that you should pay attention to when looking for a small hand saw.

Circular device with stationary installation

The circular saw is designed for cross and longitudinal cutting of relatively soft materials: wood, wood-based panels, plastics, non-ferrous alloys. Hand tools work quickly and accurately, therefore they are widely used in various carpentry works, as well as in:

  • Performing roofing works;
  • Flooring;
  • Making furniture.

By replacing the blade on the hand circular, you can cut soft metals and profiles. And having installed it on a workbench using a special device. Turn it into a machine.

The main elements of the circular saw:

  • Electric motor;
  • Gearbox in the housing;
  • Guide;
  • Platform;
  • Protective box;
  • Stationary mount.

The body of the tool is made of durable plastic and only a few models are made of metal. Since a lot of dust and chips are produced during operation, manufacturers provide a chip removal system. As a rule, this is an outlet for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. There are models with a built-in dust container. A convenient solution for one-off work.

On modern hand-held models, only 750. 2500 W collector motors are installed. This indicator determines the number of revolutions of the disc and the capabilities of the tool. The most powerful models have a speed of up to 5000. A powerful motor requires cooling, which is provided by the ventilation system of the case.

The platform is of great importance when choosing. She may be:

  • Stamped. Cheaper, suitable for the amateur;
  • Cast aluminum. Does not deform, strong and stable.

Often, a graduated scale is applied to the platform to help cut workpieces more accurately.

Guide bar. Serves to make a straight cut. Some manufacturers equip their tool with a guide. But this is not always the case.


Sawing wood requires a lot of effort, so powerful saws are more efficient. And the service life of the tool will be longer, because a powerful motor requires less effort, it does not overheat. However, the more powerful the device, the heavier it is. But the question is partially solved by the presence of a table stand.

The smallest and weakest mechanisms have a power of 1200 W, the largest 2500 W. The choice should be based on the mode of use of the tool.

Fixed mount for circular

This simple device slightly increases the cost of the saw, but significantly expands its functionality. This is especially true for powerful heavy devices. The stationary mount is:

  • A pair of clamps that fix the mechanism on the workbench;
  • A pair of legs;
  • Plate securing the protection;
  • Clip for the start button (the button is clamped in the “L” position).

Holes are provided in the upper part of the tool body for fasteners. After installation, three points of support are formed, which securely and firmly hold the saw upward with the cutting teeth. It turns out a mini-circular machine with a working surface equal to the platform. It is very convenient for cutting a large number of small parts.

Cutting depth

The value of this parameter is found in the range from 0 to 85 mm. The exact figure is determined by the class of the saw. Saws offered today can provide different cutting depths, which are determined by the power of the engine.

Tips for choosing

Considering the various models of circular saws, it should be remembered that this tool poses a threat to health. For this reason, it is important to select this tool with particular care, taking into account the following points.

Particular attention should be paid to the economic component. When choosing a saw, you should take it in hand, try to understand whether it is comfortable enough for you to hold it.

You shouldn’t think that the same model can suit two people, because each of us has a different body structure, skills and habits. Over, it does not even play a big role here, whether a circular saw from a trusted manufacturer is considered or not.

You should also take into account the material from which the protective casing is made. It should be of high strength, the ability to resist deformation in the event of a tool fall.

Try the regulators located on the model body. Set up a few different angles. Find out if they just twist and twist just enough.

Make sure you can easily get to the carbon brushes if you decide to replace them yourself.

Try to be very careful when studying the settings, as neglecting these points can lead to serious injury in the future.

Power Tool Care Tips

Don’t forget that you have to deal with a dangerous tool. Because of this, you need to be very vigilant and careful. Only in this case you can not only do a good job, but also protect yourself and the health of your family.

It is necessary to work with a circular saw only in protective clothing, gloves and glasses.

Before plugging in the saw, make sure it is turned off.

If you need to turn the saw on or off, it is advisable to do it at idle speed. If this is done under load conditions, it can shorten the tool life.

Make sure that the load does not exceed the permissible level. To do this, it is recommended to take breaks after every 15-20 minutes of work. This will prevent overheating of the engine.

Make sure the workpiece is securely fastened before operation. It is unacceptable for it to dangle and bend. Otherwise, it can be fraught with serious consequences for you.

Keep the area free of moisture.

Hand-held circular saw with the possibility of stationary installation

If you have ever been to a sawmill or in an ordinary carpentry workshop, then you probably paid attention to the presence of a machine there, with a disc with teeth peeking out in the center. This is the type of stationary circular saw. It is used to perform high-quality and accurate ripping of wood of different densities.

Nowadays, many ordinary amateur builders are beginning to show interest in most special devices. They did not disregard the circular saw. At the same time, not only a stationary model is available for sale, but also a conventional hand-held circular saw. In this regard, it does not hurt to dwell in more detail on the features of the choice of a circular saw, its varieties and main characteristics.

This tool is used to solve the same problem for which it was created and industrial version. We are talking about making longitudinal and cross cuts in wood, drywall, plastic and other materials. Of course, an ordinary jigsaw can also be used for such work, however, given the high intensity of work and the stringent requirements that the created cut must meet, it is much more logical to use a circular saw, which can perfectly cope with this task.

It is quite simple to use it, but for a start it will be useful to pay attention to its design. The role of the main unit in the device of this tool is performed by an electric motor, on the shaft of which the saw blade is located. To eliminate a minimum of discomfort when working with such a tool, it has two handles, one of which has a start button, and thanks to the second, the user has the opportunity to fix the tool with the other hand. The blade is equipped with a protective cover, the presence of which helps prevent injury to the operator. If necessary, the protective cover can be opened by gaining access to the saw blade by pressing the start button.

The action of this tool is as follows: to start the engine, you must push the power button, after which the saw blade begins to spin, as a result the main task is performed. The material is cut.


This parameter has a value in the range of 400-2000 W. The exact figure is determined by the class and scope of the tool. With an increase in power, the saw performance. This allows the user to spend less effort and time when sawing thick and dense material.

Adjusting the slope of the cut

Although this characteristic is mandatory for all modern circular saws, yet not all of them provide for the ability to tilt the tool to both sides. The tilt angle is limited to 45 degrees.