Cleaning screwdriver attachment

Countersink tool for holes 20.5 mm Yato YT-44726

Set of countersinks for holes for Yato screwdriver YT-44729

Bits, nozzles, holders, drills for a screwdriver

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Conical countersink for holes 12.4 mm Yato YT-44724

Conical countersink for screwdriver 10.4 mm Yato YT-44723

Countersink for metal and wood 8.3 mm Yato YT-44722

Conical countersinks from 5.5 to 19 mm

Bit set with magnetic holder MTX 113879

For pipe cleaning

This nozzle is fully capable of replacing the standard “spring” for cleaning pipes. Thanks to the fact that the spring can be twisted with a screwdriver, it is possible to seriously save time and eliminate the need to use corrosive chemicals that can corrode the blockage.

Drill Brush Detailing: My Secrets are Getting Out!

cleaning, screwdriver, attachment

This nozzle is a 1 mm thick stainless steel wire, which is twisted into a spiral with a diameter of 16 mm. In this case, the length of this nozzle reaches 4 m, that is, like the usual “spring”. An uncomplicated product easily penetrates to great depths and passes the bends of the pipeline.

Original bits for screwdriver and drills from AliExpress

Lawn Mower Knife Sharpener

The accessory is a special disc made of abrasive stone. The product is equipped with a standard shank. The width of the disc itself is 5 cm.

Dust collector attachment

This nozzle is designed for a hammer drill, drill and screwdriver, but also deserves special attention. Of course, you can use a plastic cup, but it will be much more difficult to work with it, since it does not differ in special plasticity. But the universal dust collector, which is installed on a perforator, is inexpensive and greatly simplifies the work.

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The product is a rubber bowl, which, unlike a plastic cup, can fit snugly not only to perfectly flat surfaces, but in general to any. In addition, the nozzle has a large volume, so you don’t have to shake off the debris that has accumulated in it every few minutes.

Firewood splitter

If you use it with a screwdriver or drill, only small boards will be chopped. But for full-fledged logs, you need a puncher. The nozzle is a steel cone that is screwed into the wood, thereby splitting it into pieces.

Angle Grinder Attachment

This product is suitable if you do not have an angle grinder or you have one, but it cannot be used due to the fact that the place is too hard to reach. In this case, a more compact tool will come in handy, into which you can turn a regular screwdriver.

The attachment is a 10 or 6 mm grinding disc. The set includes a special wrench for installing the accessory and all the necessary adapters and tightening.

Wire twist attachment

Usually, to expose the wires, you have to use an additional tool (for example, pliers) or go to the trick of melting the plastic sheath with fire. It turns out that this torment is not necessary at all, because Chinese manufacturers have come up with a special nozzle that simultaneously exposes and twists up to 5 wires at once.

The product is suitable for wires with a cross section of 2.5-4 mm.

Sheet metal cutter

Quite an interesting cutter for sheet metal. Allows to cut metal up to 1.2mm thick. Naturally, for work you need a powerful screwdriver or drill. Sponges are sold separately. Unlike the second, it is more convenient to cut.

The second link is a less powerful version, but managed to gain popularity among “handy” masters.

Angle adapter chuck

Simple and reliable adapter chuck for working in awkward places. Made in a metal case, the angle of rotation is 105 degrees. Has a bore for a hexagon, that is, you can fix various bits and drills with the corresponding shank. Very inexpensive.


Mega convenient and most importantly, inexpensive adapter. For work, it is desirable to have a powerful screwdriver or drill. Suitable for facing loggias or balconies, installing fences and barriers with sheets of corrugated board or other sheet materials. Compared to a manual riveter, like heaven and earth. This is a new version in a metal case. Now the price for it has been reduced, I recommend!

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Useful Screwdriver Bits and Adapters on Aliexpress Sale

Useful screwdriver bits and adapters on Aliexpress. The topic presents the most useful adapters and accessories for a drill or screwdriver, which will help to solve almost the entire range of tasks without resorting to buying a specialized tool.

Self-tapping nozzle

A very useful thing for finishers and builders, especially for those who often work with drywall and gypsum fiber. There you have to wrap hundreds of self-tapping screws, and very often under the ceiling in an uncomfortable position. With this attachment, these problems are solved by themselves, because you no longer need to support and feed screws. The main thing is to adjust the ratchet.

Furniture conductor

As I understand it, this is an updated version of the furniture jig, designed for drilling holes at an angle. The first version was very popular, this one seemed to get even better. If you are somehow connected with furniture production or woodworking, I recommend purchasing!

Reciprocating saw adapter

Quite fresh and interesting adapter for turning a drill or screwdriver into a reciprocating saw or jigsaw. Sabers and jigsaws are good for their tasks, so if you can’t get them, use this adapter. I use a full-size saber myself, I’m happy as an elephant.

On the second and third links, there are slightly other modifications

Spindle adapter M10

Quite a useful adapter. Allows you to work with various discs from an angle grinder (angle grinder), but from a screwdriver or drill. As for me, this adapter will be indispensable for various polishes, where sometimes you need to work at low speeds. At the same time, the angle grinder burns from lack of cooling, and the shuriki feel great. I do not recommend working with cutting discs, because there is no casing.

Blockage nozzle

An extremely unusual attachment for a screwdriver, which is a metal cable pulling device with a dense spring at the end, which is designed to clean complex contaminants in the sewage system and pipelines that cannot be cleaned with chemicals. The cost of such an installation on a screwdriver is certainly very surprising, but there is also a more democratic manual version. On the other hand, the utility for certain types of work is also considerable, since in the absence of such a device, you will have to completely disassemble the pipeline to the point of blockage.

Anti-slip bit set

A set of bits with an anti-slip relief coating on the head, which will allow you to unscrew even screws and cables, even with a slightly torn groove. The set includes ten bits of various sizes. The bits are made of steel and have good durability. Metal hardness Most importantly, for newly registered users, the set will cost only 0.66. The nice pole is that every bit is magnetized.

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Drill bit

Colds have already captured most of the planet, which means that many will not deny themselves such a pleasure as winter fishing. A drill bit for a screwdriver will help to make a hole. In the summer, it can be used to drill holes in the ground for planting various plants. The drill is 450 mm long, so stock up on an extra handle for the screwdriver.

Brush attachment

A very useful drill attachment for cleaning stubborn dirt that mainly appears on gas stoves, bathtubs, sinks and toilets. Also with this nozzle you can clean dirt on tiles and grout. If you want to eat, you can even wash the wheels of the car. For a fairly low cost, there are three nozzles in the kit. The device will greatly save time and allow you not to waste energy on wiping off dirt.

Stripped Thread Extractor Set

What a selection without a good set of nozzles for unscrewing screws with a hole cut off by the threadman. With these attachments, you can forget about drilling out stuck screws. I am glad that the set comes in a small case with grooves for accessories, which will not allow them to get lost among the pile of tools.

Pump nozzle

One of the most popular screwdriver attachments, the buyers of which find it very useful in everyday life, since it allows you to make a full pump from almost any screwdriver. With the help of such a compact pump, it will be very convenient not only to distill water, but also to refuel the car from the canister without lifting it. The most important thing pleases the autonomy and independence of such a pump from wires.

Continuous screw feed

An attachment that will allow you to make a tape screwdriver from an ordinary one, the most important feature of which is a small one, and this attachment will cost you less than one-fifth of the cost.