July 3, 2019

Comfort And Beauty Cheap Dog Box Do-It-Yourself

Dogs also need housing, especially in winter! You can build a good dog house in one day. Materials for this construction can be found on any construction market.

Having built a high-quality, beautiful home for a four-legged pet, you can make the dog’s stay outside comfortable in any weather.

In addition, the structure will decorate the local area.

In this article, we will figure out how to make a booth, how to warm a kennel for a big street dog for the winter and how to decorate a dog house! So, we build ourselves, our conscience and the envy of enemies!

The size

Consider how to determine the size of the booth based on the fact that your pet has already grown:

  • to determine the width of the structure, measure the dog’s height to the ends of the ears and add 5 cm;
  • the depth of the structure is the length of the dog from the tail to the tip of the nose with the addition of 5 cm;
  • To properly equip the hole, measure the dog at the withers and add 5 cm.

You have a puppy that will live on the street from the first days, then you should refer to the table below, which gives the reference dimensions of the booths for dogs of different breeds:

The entrance to the facility is better to make closer to the corner, so the dog will have a small closed nook. German Shepherd Doghouse

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Drawing and Scheme

Before you build a doghouse, you need to submit its drawing! It is not necessary to make a special drawing for a booth, since the design is not complicated. You can simply draw a diagram on a simple sheet of paper and determine the dimensions of the structure on it.

If you want to build a booth with exact dimensions, the drawing is necessary. To execute the drawing correctly, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • the internal space should be spacious enough for the dog to turn around freely. If a booth is made for a puppy, then you need to understand that he will grow up very soon, so it is better to build a large doghouse at once;
  • If a warm kennel is supposed to be built, then it is better to use wood as a material – it is practical, environmentally friendly and is an excellent heat insulator;
  • if in the region of residence there are frosty winters, then it is better to prefer a kennel built like a sandwich panels, with insulation between the walls;
  • if a big dog booth is built, then it is installed inside a special enclosure for a four-legged pet;
  • it is also advisable to determine the shape of the roof at the time of drawing up the drawing. For a big dog it is better to build a kennel with a lean-to roof. Dogs love to lie on it in the summer. The gable roof is suitable for a small booth when you need to increase the usable area of ​​the internal space.

The development of the drawing will help to foresee all the nuances of the building and the kennel for a four-legged friend will be of high quality and comfortable.


Before you start the construction of the structure is to prepare the necessary tool:

  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • hammer;
  • marker;
  • ruler or tape measure;
  • plane – if purchased unstunned material;
  • scissors for metal.

Also, before starting work, the material is prepared:

  • fasteners – screws, nails;
  • bars, boards, lining;
  • roofing material;
  • insulation;
  • plywood or chipboard;
  • impregnation to protect the tree from external influences.

On the insulating material also need to take care even before the start of assembly, and choose the best option for environmental friendliness, practicality and accessibility.


The material deserves special attention, because of its choice will depend on how comfortable the dog is. We recommend building a kennel from wood. For the construction of the structure should be preferred larch or pine wood. Pine material, if properly processed, serves up to 13 years. Larch serves much longer, but also costs more. Which of these two breeds is preferred depends on the financial possibilities and preferences of the host.

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As for the roofing material, it is better to give preference to natural materials, such as tiles.


The floor in the kennel should be of warm materials, it is unacceptable to construct concrete, stone or brick flooring, if you do not plan to install a system of warm floors to warm the booth. The best option would be dry, planed boards, fitted to each other. When flooring, it is desirable to make a technological slope, to simplify cleaning in the kennel.


The walls in the booth should not be blown, so the interior is better to use plywood. Walls made of sandwich panels can become an ideal option, then it is worthwhile to choose the right insulating material, and then there is a high probability that rodents and parasites can build up in it. The manhole in the design for the winter time is curled with a thick fabric.

To keep the kennel for a pet out of order ahead of time – wood is exposed to rotting in a humid environment, consider a good system for removing moisture from the structure. Do not treat wood with impregnations that promote moisture repellency – this will have a detrimental effect on the health of the dog.


Which roof to install on the booth: single or dual, depends on the preferences of the owner. We will examine the pros and cons of each option.

Simple lean-to

Dogs love to spend time on the booth, especially in a warm period of time, so a kennel with a lean-to roof is most preferable. Roofing should be done with a minimum slope. It is desirable that it was on the hinges – this will allow you to do the cleaning without much effort and to disinfect the structure if necessary. At the construction stage, it is necessary to warm the booth to protect the dog from the winter cold.

Consider a step-by-step instruction with a photo of how to build such a kennel yourself:

    Flooring construction
    To create a flooring, you need to take a bar of 4×4 cm, cut off two elements in length and 2 in width. Lay the bars on a flat surface and with the help of screws and corners to build a frame. For greater strength, install crossmembers from a bar of the same size. On the frame on one side sew boards.

Floor construction
Assembly frame booth
For the framework, 4 bars of 5×5 cm will be needed. Two bars should be equal to the height of the structure, and the second two should be 10 cm higher. The pieces of bars should be set at the bottom corners and fixed with self-tapping screws. In the front of the booth will be long racks in the back – short. All the bars are checked by level. To strengthen the structure, additional elements are installed in the center of each wall, and in the place of the manhole arrangement, two parallel bars are stuffed at a distance from each other equal to the entrance width.

Wall cladding
Once the frame is ready, it is sheathed from the front side of the railcar. The inner part of the structure is sewn with plywood or chipboard. The inner lining is attached to the screws, and the caps need to be inserted into the plywood by 1-2 mm, otherwise the pet may get hurt.

For the roof use bars 4×4 cm and OSB. Of the components assembled frame, which is equal in size to the inner perimeter of the kennel. Cut out OSB and sew it on the inside of the flooring. Roof warmed. Then cut out a sheet of material to the external size and sew the roof structure. It should be remembered that the top sheet of the RSD should protrude beyond the booth – from the sides by 10 cm, from the front part by 25 cm. The roof is fixed to the hinges on one side, the roofing material is placed on top.

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The booth is almost ready, it remains to make the finish. To do this, the bottom of the booth must be sheathed with roofing paper with a bend on the walls to prevent wetting and rotting. Exterior walls treated with antiseptic. With the help of platbands revet Laz.

  • Installation of the kennel
    As soon as the construction is ready, it should be installed at the place prepared in advance. To do this, choose a flat hill near the house and with a good overview.
  • Photo of a typical, comfortable doghouse for a doggie:


    If you plan a small booth, then you just need to install a gable roof. The disadvantage of such a design is that they have a high specific gravity – dragging and lifting such booths is very problematic during cleaning.

    Step by step instructions on how to make a gable house:

      For the frame, you need to take 4 bars of 50×50 mm and build a bottom frame. In the corners to install the rack of the bars of the same section. From above racks to equip a binding. To reinforce the structure, install crossmembers on all sides and along the bottom. Install the bars, which will be formed hole.

    In this case, you need to design two frames that are interconnected at an angle of 40 degrees – the slopes of the roof. Set the workpiece on the frame for a temporary mount. The upper part of the blanks to connect with a ridge bar. Install the truss system.

    Rafter system – marking and installation

    Frame casing
    For exterior cladding use clapboard, it is worth ensuring that there are no gaps and gaps between the slats. The bottom is sewn up with a board and waterproofing is arranged.

  • Roof arrangement
    The frame, which was fixed temporarily, is removed. The inner part of the roof is sewn with plywood. Top stuffed roofing material.
  • "I told you, the owner, put a single-pitch!"

    Warm for the winter

    You understand that if the dog house is on the street – it must be made warm! How to insulate the booth? For the construction of winter insulated kennel, among other materials, you need to prepare insulation. The cheapest is foam.

    How to make a warm kennel (with drawings):

    1. Base for doghouse.
      Cut the bars 5×5 cm into 2 segments of 700 mm and two of 900, resulting in a booth 900×700 mm.
    2. Niche under the heat insulator.
      You will need 4 bars – 2 for 900 mm and 2 for 600 mm with self-tapping screws to fasten them to the base.
    3. Warming.
      Insulation cut to size and lay between the cubes.
    4. Floor arrangements.
      Cut boards 900 mm long and stuff them onto the frame on the outside of the kennel.

    Floor frame with insulation Floor insulation
    Side walls.
    We arrange the side walls. To do this, take the board with a length of 650 mm and 400 mm bars, assemble the frame, which is to fasten the board. Install the walls and fasten the corners to the floor.

  • Front and rear walls.
    In the front wall with the help of bars we construct a manhole, and fasten it to the frame. Install the back wall last. Fasten the walls with screws. To equip insulation, cut to the size of the walls.
    We sew walls with insulation boards or plywood.
    Wall insulation foam
  • Roof booth.
    Screw the plywood to the walls and sew bars on it. Lay the heater. To sew a roofing insulation boards. Lay the roofing material.
  • The construction is completed, it remains only to install the insulated structure in place.

    Photos insulated booth:

    What can and what can not be insulated?

    When choosing insulation do not forget that the dog relies on his instincts. It is impossible to tell her that it is impossible to nibble the rug, or one should not tear off the canopy of the closing manhole.

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    Consider several options for winterizing dog booths for the winter, their pros and cons:

    • the first thing to remember is that the insulation must be closed on both sides, otherwise the dog will simply break it;
    • if mineral wool is used for insulation, then perlite should be laid between the wall and the heat insulator. It will not only preserve the properties of cotton wool, which is capable of absorbing moisture and losing its properties, but also protects the dog’s airway from irritation;
    • canopy should choose from a dense and durable material, otherwise your pet will quickly tear it;
    • whenever possible heat-insulating material should be natural.

    Electric heating

    It is possible to carry out forced warming, if to conduct wiring to the booth. A warm heated booth (for example, a rug) has advantages:

    • the temperature in the kennel is constant, even in extreme cold;
    • electric heating dries the air in the design, which is important.

    But there are also disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

    1. The dog is an active and curious animal, and can get to the elements of electrical heating. There is a danger of a shock.
    2. With constant dampness, a short circuit may occur.
    3. You can try and protect your dog from these troubles, but then the cost of the kennel will increase significantly.


    The simplest and inexpensive insulation that can be mounted in a matter of hours:

    1. Clerical or construction knife to cut the elements of the desired size;
    2. Secure material from the inside of the kennel with a stapler and staples.

    The result – high-quality insulation with natural material, which is not afraid of wind and frost. The important point is that this heat insulator has high vapor permeability.

    Mineral wool

    It is better not to use this heat insulator, since for high-quality insulation it is necessary to construct a structure with thick walls, while it is necessary to equip a vapor barrier. It is also worth noting that mineral wool has the properties to settle, and get wet at high humidity, and from this its insulating capacity decreases almost by half.


    This heat-insulating material has a lot of advantages:

    • provides high-quality insulation of the structure from the cold from the outside;
    • the material does not absorb moisture, does not shrink over time, and its properties will not be lost over time;
    • to insulate the booth is not difficult, it is enough to cut the insulation board and install. At the same time it is not necessary to apply vapor barrier.

    Improvised means

    But you can warm the structure and materials at hand, such as old jerseys or a blanket. Warming will be no worse than with the above methods. The minus is that this isolation is short-lived, and rodents can be got in quilted jackets.

    Or just invite a cat 🙂: In the cold not to disagreement!

    Photos are beautiful

    If the plot is designed in accordance with the rules of landscape design, then a simple dog booth, made of boards, may not fit into the general view. Constructing the structure with your own hands, you can turn on the fantasy of the artist and decorate the house for a four-legged friend. For this you can use both available materials and wood carving.

    Useful construction video

    Learning to build on video:


    As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating a house for your beloved dog. You can build a standard design or develop your own individual project that will decorate the site. Share your experience with us, maybe someone on the site is a real work of art. Describe your experience in creating a kennel for a dog in the comments. We will be glad to see photos of your favorites.

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