July 10, 2019

Cozy Dog ​​Box With Their Own Hands

Dogs should live on the street, to keep them in apartment conditions far from everyone can do. So, since you do not live in a high-rise building, then you must take care of the house for your pet. A doghouse is not just a wall, a roof, a floor, it should be a real house in which in summer you can hide from the heat, and get warm in the frosty season. Later we will talk about how to warm the booths for your favorite animals.

When you start a dog, you simply have to do everything so that your pet will live happily ever after. In return, he will pay you true loyalty and devotion. You can make a booth and an aviary yourself, only from scrap materials. It does not require special education, any building skills.

We will describe in detail how to quickly make and how to build a simple but very practical dog booth. There are many training videos on the Internet with detailed diagrams, so after reading the detailed instructions, for a better understanding of the work ahead, we recommend that you still watch the video.

Before you go into construction, you need to determine the location of the house, as well as how to choose the right material.

Of course, it is best to opt for a tree or DSP. As a result, you get a beautiful booth that can be insulated. Fiberboard, chipboard, plywood is not recommended, as these materials, although strong, are not particularly moisture resistant. Any roofing material is suitable for the roof. When building you need to consider the following nuances:

  • the entrance should be wide;
  • walls, roof – reliable protection from cold, rain;
  • choose a location so that there are fewer drafts and the dog can observe most of the territory;
  • a small attic under the roof will not interfere, you can put different accessories for your pet there (dishes, toys, leash, collar);
  • the roofs are gable, single-pitch (there is not much difference for a pet’s house);
  • for large dogs it is recommended to immediately build an aviary, and place a booth on its territory;
  • make the entrance along the long wall of the booth so that the dog can comfortably enter the house.
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So, now let’s take a closer look at where to start the construction process, what and in what sequence should be done.

  1. Choose the exact size of the booth. There should be very careful, because too small or too big booth will not be a comfortable dwelling for a pet. So choose a house under the dimensions of pets. Dogs are small (dachshunds), medium (German shepherd), large (Caucasian Shepherd). As a rule, the depth of the booth should be the same as the height, and this is about as much as your dog’s height plus a few cm. Do not forget that the kennel really needs to be comfortable so that the dog can lie down, turn around, stand up.
  2. Independently make drawings or download ready-made schemes from the Internet.
  3. Stock up the necessary tool, proceed to action. At first they are cut, boards are prepared. In parallel, get ready to make a frame according to the drawings. Do not forget that if the roof is single-sided, then immediately make the back wall of the booth shorter (after all, rainwater should drain for the structure).
  4. The interior of the frame we sheathe building material and in parallel make the roof. All boards are recommended to be sanded so that the pet doesn’t hurt itself.
  5. And the last thing we do is enter. The size of the manhole is determined according to the measurements of the dog (adult only). Do not forget to grind another entrance, because the boards are often a lot of chipping, fragments.
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And now it’s time to think about the insulation of the house, as it is very important for its inhabitants.

How to warm the kennel dog for the winter?

We need to take care of the wintering of the home for dogs for the winter prematurely. On cold winter evenings and nights, the animal should be warm and cozy in its house. There are several options than to warm the internal walls. It doesn’t matter here if you are building a house for a large or a small dog.

Use different materials to choose from as insulation: foam plastic, mineral wool. Often people choose foam plastic because this is the simplest, most affordable and practical option. If you build a booth from boards, then you should do the insulation inside, between the frame and the main surface.

Insulated booth will not be complete if you do not take care of flooring. It can be just an armful of hay or a warm straw mattress. Warm the floor, roof and walls with foam, and then use the material for interior decoration (you can even clapboard). The best, but not cheap option will be wooden siding. Be sure to seal the seams, you must be sure that the winter booth is not blown by the wind, there are never drafts, the roof does not leak, the walls and the floor are not flooded. Remember that for dogs, their tiny homes are first of all weather shelters and a roof over their heads at night.

And already when all construction works have been completed, you need to think carefully about the location of the dwelling. Do not forget to put the booth on a certain elevation, so that during the rain moisture and moisture does not penetrate. If you have time, then try to make the booth even more comfortable and cozy. You can sew curtains that are hung at the entrance. They will be useful at any time of the year: in the summer they will be protected from the sun and heat, and in winter the wind and snow will not penetrate the dwelling. Treat the tiny room with an atheseptum, paint the booth and you’re done!

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Well, now you know what a warm, comfortable, cozy doghouse looks like.

There are economy options for buildings for dogs. These are cabins from the wheel, loungers from automobile tires. Of course, this model of the booth is not suitable for a thoroughbred sheepdog, and yard courties will be grateful for such generosity.

So, the bed house is suitable for medium sized doggies and is constructed as follows. Take the usual car tire and carefully cut off the inner edges. Then choose any color for painting. At the bottom of the need some kind of litter. That’s all, it turns out a nice and cozy little house. You will not spend a lot of effort and finances, and a four-legged resident will be just happy, because it is still better than nothing.

Also a good option is the booth from the old wheel. Take a few tires, fold them with a pyramid and firmly connect with wire. Turn the building on its side, one side is covered with plywood, and the second hole will happen as an entrance. Fill the inside of the material on which the dog could lie comfortably.

Often, tiny apartment dogs also dream of their own little corner. After all, every living creature needs a personal space. If you do not want to buy ready-made houses, then you can quickly and efficiently sew a small house of foam rubber. Use sheet foam as a base, well, sheathe the outer layer with any material to make it beautiful and fit into the overall interior of the apartment or room.

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For a decorative house will need to make a pattern on paper, with the size must be natural, without scale.

Take a sheet of foam rubber with a minimum thickness of 2 cm, and determine the size according to the dimensions of the quadruped. The interior is sheathed with natural fabric so that it does not electrify to the wool of the little inhabitant, does not cause discomfort. Of course, nothing will turn out without a sewing machine, scissors, thread and a sharp needle. Just a few hours and the chic building is ready!

In general, decorative booths are so cute and beautiful that you can even envy their owners. If desired, and the availability of material, you can make a kind of decor, decorate with ribbons, sprigs, sheathe the corners of a beautiful braided rope, sew colored litter and so on. Float all your fantasies, as if you are creating a real dollhouse. Only your doll will be alive and grateful.

Let your pet be happy and have a housewarming party!

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