Cut a hare of wood with your own hands. Lacing crafts

Decor and crafts from wood sawn

About what can be made of wood cuts, not only fans of folk art are thinking. This material has a beautiful texture, with proper processing it looks very aesthetically pleasing. DIY crafts, a wall of saws in the interior, drawings and a wooden owl, watches and other products. space for creativity is huge, you only need to make a little effort, and also choose the right wood.

How to prepare sawing?

Crafts and decor items from wooden processed boards or bars do not surprise anyone. The texture of the natural sawing is much more interesting and richer, on which beautiful annual rings appear. Decorative products are made from individual elements of a rounded shape that have undergone special processing. Ready crafts can be covered with varnish or other coatings, painted with moisture.resistant colors.

It all starts with the choice of material. The trunk or dump branches obtained by end sawing can have different diameters. The slabs of exotic trees, together with the bark, are used for the manufacture of countertops, small (up to 10 cm) are considered crafts. You can take raw blanks or treat them by drying at high temperatures. In this case, characteristic cracks will appear on the surface.

Particular attention is paid to choosing a tree breed. For wet rooms, decor arrangements in the garden, solid rocks are used: from inexpensive birch to luxurious oak. For interior design, creating children’s crafts and toys, it is better to take soft wood wood: pine trees, spruce, larch.

Preparation begins with the processing of the material itself. Cross the log, log or branch on even circles using circular or manual saw. With a small diameter, the part is fixed in a vice, cut by an electrician. You should not use chain saws: they leave an insufficiently even cut.

In general, the preparation of cuts includes six stages.

  • Selection of wood. It implies the search for a suitable breed, thickness. You can use logs that have a heterogeneous thickness, growths, knots. This will make the material more interesting, give it originality.
  • Training. The bark is removed from the logs, the surface is polished. For cutting them, they need to be securely fixed. You can use carpentry vice or supporting supports.
  • Cut. Drinking of blanks is carried out transversely, so that the entire cut is made in 1 passage. With a significant diameter of the log, it is recommended to use the circular saw. Branches are easily separated by ordinary hacksaw or jigsaw.
  • Protection. Drinking in the transverse direction makes wood vulnerable to fungus, mold, exposure to other factors. That is why immediately after processing the material is subjected to impregnation with special compounds, and then thoroughly polished.
  • Texture. The impregnation of deep penetration helps to more brightly show a pattern of wood. In addition to obtaining a more saturated texture, they can also paint the material in the right colors and shades.
  • Varnish coating. The composition with protective and decorative functions allows you to protect the saws of wood from the appearance of rot, mold, fungus. You can also replace aggressive chemicals with wax.

After decorative processing and sawing, the material is completely ready to create interesting decorative or applied products. Optimal if the purpose of the thing is determined in advance. Then the quantity, color and other important characteristics can be calculated even when harvesting raw materials.

Popular animals and birds in woodcers

Volumetric sculptural thread is one of the most complex (if not the most complex) types of carved creativity. Decorative animalism has been developing for a very long time, and today it is experiencing even some revival. If you want to learn how to cut out attentive owls and clumsy bears, peaceful ducks and piercing foxes, be sure to observe the natural behavior of animals in nature. To do this, you can just watch gears on animal channels. So you get acquainted with the plastic animals, their features, and these observations will help in creativity.

Probably the most popular figure in the world of animals in hackers is considered a bear. The hero of Russian fairy tales, the mighty lord of the forest will be a decoration of the cottage, a country house, the walls of a roadside cafe. From the birds of the carlers, the owl inspires most of all. For a country house, for a hunter’s room, we expect this option, but still interesting.

Huge eagles with an impressive wing scale, calm ducks, hardworking beavers and curious badgers. all these heroes can decorate the dwellings and premises that are inextricably linked with the very spirit of nature and forest. Carved owls can decorate chairs and massive chairs, the figure of the animal can become part of the furniture (like a bear’s head, for example, the throne can crown).

Volumetric animals and birds

An animals carved out of wood need to learn from masters who literally honed their art. Take, for example, the Japanese cutter of Mori Kono. The power of the skill of this specialist in amazing details of figures, sculptures of carved animals seem to be a frozen moment of forest life. The master represents a series of sculptures Barsukov, raccoons, bears, owls, rabbits. Mori always tries to portray animals in action, and this will differ the work of the pros will differ from the work of the beginner.

DIY Scrunchie �� | #shorts #youtubepartner #youtubeshorts #crafteraditi @Crafter Aditi

This is the difference between the master to the carvings of voluminous figures that he has to literally delve into the anatomy of the animal, study his habits, look at the smallest details. Beginners begin with static figures, while the pros specialize in dynamic sculptures. The goal of the work of masters is also important: their task, among other things, draw attention to fragile and vulnerable inhabitants of the forest, who often suffer from human actions. Carved sculptures unique in their accuracy are a kind of person’s call for environmental literacy, philosophy of reasonable consumption and careful attitude to all living things.

Master class “Figures of animals from birch saws

What interesting and original items can be made from saws of different types of trees!

Products from wooden saws can be an excellent addition to the interior that will create a cozy atmosphere in the house, office, and in the country. And also they will be a good option for decorating plots in the garden, park, in the yard, in the territory of the kindergarten and school.

For the manufacture of crafts, you can use drills of coniferous trees, birch trees. Buka, oak, etc. D.

Today I will present to your attention a master class “Figures of animals from birch saws”. The figures of two hares and the cat now occupy a place on the territory of our kindergarten.

But in order to make figures, Time and patience are needed:

hare, wood, your, hands, crafts

The necessary materials for the assembly of figures:

I collected hares with a hammer and nails

The cat collected with the help of a drill and screws

These are the hares and the cat turned out from the birch saws!

Children’s master class on making a voluminous figurine of a snowman from paper “Grits the children of a snowman from the very morning” on December 5th Snowman at the MAM. We decided to devote this winter day to snowmen. We had many interesting things. Played outdoor games.

Children’s master class “Mouse drive a round dance, on a couch the cat dozing” for the manufacture of a voluminous figure of a new year mouse. A magical holiday will soon come to visit us! And whoever is happy for the holiday, he is preparing for it in advance. Symbol of 2020.

Children’s master class on constructing figures of an angel from paper “And we have a holiday today, an angel came to us!»We bring to your attention a master class on the manufacture of crafts of paper” Angel “. Christmas angel is the brightest biblical.

Master class on making crafts “Figures Balerin” Dance is a living music and it is not for nothing that people say: the dancer is the embodiment of paradise, in dance peace with harmony reign. April 29, International Day.

Master class on creating “Books for the Baby. Riddles about animals »Material for the master. class: Matte.matte two.sided format A 4, Card index of riddles about animals, children’s creative.

How to Make Round leather Lace Without Using Specific Tool / Deri Sırım Nasıl Çıkarılır

Master class with step-by-step photos “Game” Multi-colored figures “Dear colleagues!Good day! I bring to your attention a master. Class for the manufacture of a game for children of a younger preschool age.

New Year’s decoration of the Snowmen from Spees, Kuban Winter, like any time of the year in the Kuban, is charming! And no one is a secret that very often our Kuban winter passes.

A snowman from wooden saws every year in our group before the New Year holiday is a thematic exhibition of crafts made by parents, children, and teacher.

The second life of poplars or the story of creating crafts from saws Summer is in full swing. I am glad to see you all again after a long “pause”! And today I want to tell you one story, the story of the appearance.

hare, wood, your, hands, crafts

“Funny figures”. Master class in the technique of origami folding any paper figures using the origami technique, we get positive emotions. We and I were offered for temporary use.

Options for crafts from birch logs

The main advantage of working with birch logs as improvised material is the simplicity of use. Even the most inexperienced master in this matter can saw the log in a necessary way: along, across, on the rings, a semicircle. And then, using a hammer and nails, very cute garden exhibits can be folded from the presented blanks.

Wooden donkey or pony

For manufacture, you will need logs of different lengths and different diameters. For the legs, it is needed to be moderately thin, but high (4 pcs.), for the body. short, but wide enough logs in diameter. For the manufacture of the muzzle, short (shorter than the body) is also used, but relatively wide logs, which will be connected to the body with a thin log playing the role of the neck. Ears are made of any segments (it is desirable that it be ovals) and a nose that can be from a small round pruning. Eyes and mouths are most often drawn. The parts presented above are connected together using a conventional hammer and nails. You can also supplement the received figure with a wooden rider (this can be, for example, a hare) or a wagon in which a flower bed will be placed. instructions for making a hare is almost the same as in the manufacture of a donkey. The difference is in the form of details, their size and location. It is quite difficult to make a hare standing on 4 paws, and such a figure made of logs will probably look like it will probably not be very attractive. The easiest way is to introduce an animal sitting on the hind legs.

To do this, the same size is taken shortfits. If there is such an opportunity, then you can make a depression in them in the middle for planting the body. The body is a log, which is in an upright position attached to the logs playing the role of the paws. If the recess for some reason is difficult to do, then you can do without it. Only instead of a drawn mouth, as in the case of a horse, it will be better to use 3 small circles placed nearby (2 above, and 1 below). The upper ones create the appearance of a mustache, and the bottom is the mouth. It is better to fix the logs on the sides, you can attach a factory or their own carrot dummy independently made to them.


The bear, like a hare, is made in a sitting position on the hind legs. The sizes of logs, as in previous cases, depend on the proportion of the figure. The peculiarity of the manufacture of the bear is that the muzzle should be large, in diameter it will correspond to the diameter of the body. Eyes and mouths can be made from old covers from plastic bottles, and a lid from a small jar is more suitable for the mouth. The mentioned details are pinned by nails. In such cases, the facial features of the bear acquire a funny-ugly appearance.

A cat, like a horse, can be made standing on 4 paws. To fix the head, as in the case of a hare and a bear, the neck will not be needed. To do this, pin a round segment enough a small thickness to the edge of the body. Semicircles are used as ears. Eyes can also be made of plastic lids from bottles. Nosik is a very small circle. The mouth is represented by two round log cabins, which must be more nasal and located under it. A segment of red fabric, which has the shape of a tongue, sticks out of these rounds, and the vine or branches of a broom that plays the role of a mustache is attached to the rounds of rounds.


Various little men from logs of different lengths and widths look unusual in the personal plot. Their creation is especially not different from the creation of the above animals. You need to be guided mainly by your imagination.

We use branches and leaves

Branches and leaves of trees well complement not only crafts from birch logs, but are also widely used to create a decorative ikebana on their own.

Using as additional material, from them you can make, for example, bird feathers, hair for Baba Yaga and any other character.

Portable flower beds look original in the personal plot, whose pots are glued in a circle in thin twigs, their length can be both the same and different. As a final stroke, it is recommended to tie the pots of color of the color of the colors growing in it.

If we consider branches and leaves as an independent material for needlework, then you can make several more options for crafts.

Panel, which is a square (the shape can be any) of dense branches. You can decorate the product with a birch bark flower or a flower composition of dry leaves covered with varnish. The bouquet is supplemented with thin twigs of different lengths.

From thicker branches you can make a staircase that descends from the balcony in winter with a figure of Santa Claus attached to it. For the manufacture of this composition, it is enough to bandage the branches with a rope on both sides. And if there is a drill at home, then for the durability of the design it is better to drill a small hole through the edges of the branches with a thin drill through which the rope is tied. After stretching the rope, do not forget to do the nodes from above and below so that the twin crossbar is fixed.

For street decor, an old frame is used from a picture, the angle of which is also decorated with a bouquet of dry branches and leaves. We insert the rope more authentic into the frame, decorating the tree at the porch or the porch itself.

A tall vase with the same high bouquet of dry leaves will look unforgettable. The resulting flowers (the easiest way to make roses) are put on high branches. For the manufacture of flowers, we take dry leaves of large sizes (it is advisable to take maple), fold them in half and, applying such details on each other, form a rose that is tightly tied with a rope below so that the foliage does not break up. You need to form a rose on a branch, otherwise then it will not be inserted. Ready.made bouquets can be varnished so that they do not break up and shine. It is better to choose different heights for the bouquet, otherwise it will look a head, since there will be no leaves on it.

Compositions, where there are dry leaves, it is better to use in the room or under a canopy as a decoration, since they will quickly become unusable from rain.

Detailed study

When the finished shape was in hand, a sketch and pencil will come in handy again. Now you need to apply a detailed drawing on the finished blank. Based on it, the jewelry work of the cutter begins. Before starting work, each master pulls all the tools. Sharpowing is carried out under the attentive eye of the master. A canvas on both sides is pulled on an emery circle. When sharpening, the blade is lowered into the water, cooled, then removed, then sharpening with a drop of water at the very tip of the blade continues. You need to carefully monitor her, because when it evaporates, this suggests that it is time to lower the blade again into the water.

After the blade is finished on the diamond circle or corundum, while the shaft rotates in the opposite direction from the tool. And finally, you need to rule the tip with the help of a felt or leather circle, greased with paste goy. As you can see in the photo presented in the article, wooden figures with your own hands can be processed with both a knife and a whole set of tools. The contour of the base of the figure is cut out by the drawing, then it is worked out in detail by chisels and other cutters.

We proceed to the thread

Depending on the degree of complexity of the figure, you need to choose the right tool and start work. The contour should be cut. If necessary, apply the outline again and make a cut. Then more and more, until the workpiece takes the desired shape.

At the next stage, you need to start gradually cut small parts. If you doubt that you will be able to do this without preliminary marking, do not risk, but use a felt.tip pen or pencil again, and then continue to cut.

After cutting all the details of the figure, you need to slightly clean the product with sandpaper, and then cover with sunflower oil or cook in it. The oil is polymerized, and the wooden surface will receive reliable protection against dirt and moisture.

Burning crafts

You will need an electric lodger to decorate our craft (for example, at the edges of the crafts). It can be very difficult to burn out beautifully. Burn patterns, you need to pre.draw the pattern with a pencil. How to work with an electric light and add patterns to the shelf you can read here.

If desired, you can transform our craft, covering it with varnish “on wood” better than colorless. Read how best to varnish crafts. Try to choose high.quality varnish. Produce varnishing using a special brush “for glue”. Take your time. Try not to leave visible divorces and scratches on the craft.


When drowning, we often get tired. Often fingers get tired as well as eyes that are always in tension. When working, of course, everyone gets tired. In order to reduce the load, you need to do a couple of exercises. Exercises you can see here. Do the exercises during work several times.

To clean the details of the future crafts must always be carefully. At the very beginning of work, you already cleaned the plywood with sandpaper. Now you have a small part of the cleaning of the plywood. “Middle Army” skin clean the ribs of the parts and the back of the plywood. The “fine.grained” skin is considered the final stage of cleaning parts. It is better to clean the front part of the details with a small skin. Do not rush when processing plywood. You can use a rounded file with which it is convenient to clean the inside of the holes. Try to make the details without burrs and irregularities.

Assembly of details

The assembly of the details of our crafts here is not so complicated. In order to carry out the correct assembly of details, you need to read the following article in which it is written in detail about all the details of the assembly. After the details are collected in one common craft without any problems, then proceed to glue them.

It is necessary to glue the details of the shelf using the glue “PVA” or “Titan”. You do not need to pour a lot of glue. It is better to tie the collected craft on the glue with a durable thread, tighten and put on drying. The craft is glued about 10-15 minutes.

The subject of images

In the selection of topics you actually have no restrictions. A novice carrier makes things simple, but charming. for example, on a cutting board using a contour thread, it can apply an image of an animal or vegetables.

  • Kitchen decor. Everything related to cooking, products, crops, tea drinking can appear in the kitchen decor (from cutting boards to carved spoons, from beautiful voluminous inscriptions on the wall to small figures of animals, bears and hares, which will serve as napkin holders, for example).
  • Pictures made of wood. These are real detailed images in the frame, where there is no trace of brush and paint, but there is beauty created by special knives and chisels. So decorate household items, furniture. And often, wood paintings are used in the design of baths.
  • Home jewelry. Everything that the interior can transform is the same openwork thread that structures the space and allows you to appear in it.
  • Jewelry for the garden. Everything that can decorate the garden plot is from large sculptures to small signs.
  • Souvenirs. Lovely small things that also contribute to the creation of a unique interior. For example, not so long ago there was a time when a cat carved out of wood was in great demand.
  • Kids toys. To replace cheap plastic, designers, game compositions, toys-heroes of fairy tales, pyramids and cubes made of wood. They are environmentally friendly and safe, and they can also be done yourself.

And this list can be supplemented, modern masters make real miracles from the tree, which are exhibited in the best galleries and on the first day they leave the auction for astronomical amounts. But if you do not have such ambitions, and I want to create something beautiful, bright, high-quality, it is time to select material and tools.


It is logical that not all wood is suitable for carved art. Materials differ in indicators such as humidity, strength, as well as flexibility and softness.

Wed.up wood carving rocks:

  • Linden. Proceeds of this wood are most malleable to incisors and chisels. The tree has a thin.fiber structure, which gives the masters the opportunity to perform the most openwork ornament. And even white wood is ideal for cutting.
  • Alder. It is chosen by those who are looking for a unique shade of a tree. This wood is inherent to change the color, the blank itself is first white, over time it becomes reddish, and, finally, acquires a light pink shade.
  • Birch. The breed, easy to process, therefore, it is used very often for embossed and geometric threads.
  • Oak. Ideal for creating a figurine or highly decorative furniture. Durable, durable and very resistant to deformation material.

Maple, pine, cedar, tis and fir are also used in carved creativity. But in addition to choosing rocks, it is important not to lose with the quality of wood. Do not take a tree with knots, growths and other defects. This material will be extremely difficult to process, because it consists of twisted fibers, and defects of a good final result do not portend.

Preparation of wood for work suggests:

  • drying. removes excess moisture accumulated in a tree (the perfect drying passes in the fresh air);
  • Shooting. suitable for preparing small blanks, plugging effectively removes intracellular moisture, but even this method requires subsequent drying (indicative. weekly).

Even the best wood will not turn into an elegant sculpture or carved furniture decorative insert, if you do not have a set of good, convenient tools.

Read more information about the correct choice of wood for carvings in our article: “Wood woodcuts: features of materials, and which wood species are better to choose?””.

How to make a bunny ears with your own hands in the form of a rim:

For sewing, fur, velor, velvet are suitable, it is advisable to choose a fabric with a pile. so the ears will look more natural. Work course: 1. We print or draw two pairs of ears by hand. internal and external

Cut the templates with chalk and cut out the ears: 4 large fur, 2 small ones of blue fabric

We put small ears on the front side of one part of the fur ears and add a car next to the cut

Excess blue fabric is cut close to the stitching line

Fold the details of the large ears with the fur side inward and stitch, leaving the lower slice uninhabited. If the fur with a large pile, it will be more convenient to use the line “Zig-Zag” for the connection

We turn the details on the front side through an unwell cut. Cut a piece of wire in size slightly smaller with the help of nippers. Wire is needed so that the ears are kept in shape and bend to the side. Suitable wire of at least 1 mm in diameter

We fix the ends of the wire well, wrapping them around each other with pliers

We insert the wire into the ears through the unsuccessful lower cut, the wire mount should be in the ends of the ears

We cut a strip of fur a little more than the girth of the child’s head, 9-10 cm wide

Connect the lower ends of the ears so that the fold is from below, fix it with hand stitches

In the middle of the strip we make small vertical incisions

hare, wood, your, hands, crafts

We insert the ears into these incisions and fix it well with manual stitches

Cut the elastic band along the head of the child’s head, attach the ends of the gum to the ends of the fur strip with a machine stitch

Fold the ends of the strip with an elastic band with the front side inside and sew on the machine

The longitudinal sections are connected by manually with hidden stitches, laying the elastic inside the strip

The funny ears of the bunny are ready, it remains only to give them the desired shape, which is easy to make at the expense of the wire located in them. It will not be difficult to sew a big tail from the remnants of the fur, forming them into the ball with hand stitches and sew to shorts.

You or an adult child, you, regardless of age, may need hare ears. Perhaps it will be a matinee in kindergarten, a performance at school or corporate walking in costumes at work. This article will tell you how to make hare ears with your own hands.

Ears for adults and for more young ages are different in type and manufacture, we will consider different options in master classes. Ears can be made of paper, from fabric, from various improvised materials. Let’s start with children’s hare ears that will look great both with a bunny costume, and just on our own.

With your own hands

It all started with the fact that the fashionable stylist Allezye to meet the advancing New Year, wearing a symbol of the White Rabbit, invited everyone to dress up in the ears of the bunny. They are quite simple and at home. You will need: a simple plastic rim, a meter of soft wire (in a flexible braid), a small piece of white lace and guipure, Fatin flap, mesh, a meter of beautiful braid of one centimeter wide. The order of the ears is also simple:

  • Bunny ears are formed from the wire. In this case, the ends of the wire should be such that they can be connected to the tip of the rim.
  • 4 lace details are cut in the shape of the hare’s ears: two for each ears. Details are neatly connected to the wrong side with each other, turn out and ironed.
  • The frame of the ears is inserted into the finished tissue parts and is fixed.
  • The blanks of the ears with the rim are connected and hid a beautiful ribbon, the edges of which need to be carefully glued.
  • The rim is decorated with a net or tulle in the style of a veil, fixed with beautiful beads or large beads. The outfit is ready.

The whole structure is based on a wire frame

The most beloved and most common among other New Year’s outfits is a hare costume. But what can be the hare, but without ears? Out of stock? We make ourselves! You can make them on an elementary rim. But if you have very little time, and the baby wants to reincarnate the hare only in the home “carnival”, then you can make a simple bunny mask with paper ears. But, with the approach of the New Year’s matinee in the garden or at school, it is more logical to sew tissue ears for a bail boy.

Felt, glue, scissors, rims and shadows for the eyelids. all this is in every house

Add colors with eye shadow

can be made of beautiful silver fabric, foam and rim on the head. First, a cardboard template of the bunny ears is cut out in real sizes. After that, two foam blades for the ears are made according to the template, and then according to the same drawings, but with allowances for the seams. four fabric blades. Do not forget during the pattern that the details of future ears should be symmetrical with each other. Then two blanks from the fabric are sewn along the edges, turn out and a pre.cut base of foam rubber is placed inside them. Foam inside tissue covers should be done well. Then a strip of fabric is cut off, 3 millimeters width more than the width of the rim, which is sheathed with the base of the base for fastening the ears. It remains only to sew the ears themselves to the rim. You need to do this very accurately and accurately so that the seams are not visible. After that, touching ears for the New Year’s costume can be considered ready.made. A bailman can be put on a butterfly tie on his neck. But the mothers of the tuning girls can be decorated with additionally ears with beautiful bows or a couple of flowers. Will complete the image of the bunny. a tiny tail. You can just make a fluffy pompom that needs to be attached with threads on shorts or skirts.

hare, wood, your, hands, crafts

Add to “ears” a tail of tulle or lace, lace mittens. and an outfit for a party is ready

You can attach the veil. it will turn out even nicer

There are many more ways to make hare ears at home

With a minimum cost and time. This most popular costume for boys is quite easy to execute and does not require significant costs. The main thing is that there is one main element: hare ears that will help to reincarnate the baby into a little bunny. And you need to make a hare‘s ears with your own hands in a company with a baby. First you should prepare such tools and materials: white dense cardboard, white fluffy fabric, hair rim, stapler, pencil, scissors, ruler and wire. The order of work is this:

  • From cardboard, a strip of 3 centimeters wide and a length corresponding to the size of the circumference of the child’s head is cut out from the cardboard. The ends of these stripes are fastened with a steple.
  • Again, two oblong details are cut out of cardboard, which will become the ears of the hare. Their location is determined on the strip, after which the ears are attached to the strip with a stapler.
  • The middle part of the ears can be tinted with a slight pinkish tint and circled them in black.

Small, purely symbolic ears for those who do not really like to dress up