Cut Tiles Without A Tile Cutter

How can you cut tiles without a tile cutter

If you needed to cut the tiles and there was no tile cutter or glass cutter at hand, you can make a simple "cutting" tool with your own hands. This will require a thick and long nail or drill.

Cut Tiles Without A Tile Cutter

Next, we sharpen the selected workpiece on an emery wheel as sharp as possible and without edges, however, do not make the point thin, otherwise it may simply break. If we sharpen with edges, then in the process of cutting the tiles, the ruler or corner, which are used as guides, will be scratched.

After making our own tool, we start cutting the tiles:

  • We take a tile, and put it on a solid, perfectly flat part of a wooden block.
  • Using a ruler, apply mowing lines, along which we will cut.
  • We take a metal square and press it against the mowing line of the cut, we also take our own made tool and conduct it with medium effort along the intended mowing line. To obtain the proper depth, you can nail or drill several times. The square in this case acts as a guide.
  • After these operations, we put the tools aside, take the tile with both hands and break it with sharp short blows on the even and hard edge of the wooden block. After that, erase irregularities and sharp edges with sandpaper.

In search of savings, you can do without purchasing a tile cutter. You can cut, cut, cut floor or tile using a conventional glass cutter, angle grinder, sharpened drills or nails, or a jigsaw. However, before you get used to cutting even edges with these tools, more than one tile will deteriorate. Tile cutting requires great concentration and precision.

The better to cut the tiles if there is no tile cutter

Without using a tile cutter, you can trim the end of the material at a 45 degree angle. To do this, take an angle grinder, clamp the tile in a vice and, stepping back from the front edge a couple of millimeters, lead the angle grinder.

Do not be loyal to safety measures (wear safety glasses). A cut ideally under 45˚ will not work, washed down is masked with grout. Also, an angle grinder can be applied to a tile with a groove in sizes from 2 mm to 4 mm and broken along the mowing line of the cut.

How to properly cut tiles with a glass cutter

Please note that a diamond tipped glass cutter is not suitable for cutting tiles. It is worth using a glass cutter with a thin disc or with rollers. To properly cut tiles with a glass cutter, you need to follow the tile cutting order.

We hold the ruler on the mowing line of the cut and, applying force, we draw with a glass cutter along the intended mowing line. The metal ruler is the guide for the cutter roller. After the operation with a glass cutter, a wooden block must be placed under the tile.

It should be:

  • Correct form;
  • Equal length with tiles;
  • Lie parallel to the intended mowing line.

The tile must be pressed evenly so that it breaks exactly along the intended mowing line. Using an abrasive, sandpaper, we clean the sharp edges. This work must be carried out with gloves so as not to injure fingers.

How to properly cut tiles without a tile cutter. How to effectively cut tiles with a tile cutter

Devices are manual and electric. The manual tile cutter has the main parts: a bed on which the cutting mechanism is located, carriages with a roller and handles. Cutting takes place by pressing the cutter wheel against the surface of the tile material, which is firmly clamped in the body of the tile cutter. The manual tile cutter has guides that allow you to lean the tile straight.

The most budgetary version of a manual tile cutter can cost 470 rubles. And more, depending on the manufacturer and build quality. All manual tile cutters are available in different lengths and cutting thicknesses. An electric tile cutter is a device mainly for professional builders. It is equipped with an electric drive, with the help of which the diamond cutting disc rotates, which easily cuts tiles of any thickness and shape. To prevent deformation of the tile material during cutting, water is supplied, which cools the cutting site and flushes away dust.

An electric tile cutter can cost from 3 thousand rubles and more, depending on the depth of cut, the number of revolutions per minute, which determine the cutting speed. Cutting the tiles in this case will be easy and efficient. For those new to tiling, the handheld tile cutter is suitable.

Before using the tile cutter, in order to avoid damage to the tiles, it is necessary to check its performance:

  • All components of the tile cutter must be free of visible defects;
  • The cutting roller should move without difficulty;
  • The cutting roller must be free of chips and dents, it must be of the correct shape;
  • The carriage itself should move without jamming or jerking.

After we have made sure of the reliability of the tile cutter, we proceed directly to the process of cutting the tiles. On the surface of the tile, we apply a marking with a construction pencil of the required size. We place the material on the bed so that the marked part coincides with the carriage guides. To avoid cracking and breaking off the edges, the marking should not be less than 10 mm from the edge of the tile.

Further, after fixing the tile, carefully draw the carriage with slight pressure on its surface, and cut the ceramic tile, while it is forbidden to press hard. It is also forbidden to run the carriage several times along the mowing line of the cut, in this case the edges will be uneven. After one-time run the carriage over the tiles, we bring the handle of the tile cutter into working condition. Next, the handle must be lowered with a sharp movement to break the tiles along the mowing line of the cut.

Cutting tiles at 45 degrees

In conclusion, it is worth noting that this option is quite fast, however, obtaining an even edge remains difficult, since when working with an angle grinder, the hand can move to the side by a millimeter or more, and the cut curve will be visible throughout the laid out composition. If the ownership of an angle grinder is at a high level, then this option is the most optimal.

We cut tiles without a tile cutter methods and nuances

Ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles are very hard facing materials, similar in many properties to glass. Therefore, the methods of cutting it will be similar. The same glass cutter, but it is worth warning right away that not all material can be cut equally effectively even in this way.

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For example, a tile with a relief structure will be a difficult task and sometimes even unbearable for a glass cutter.

The main task when cutting is that its cutting side remains flat and there are no chips. Often, the cut edge is located under the plinth or covered with vertical tiles, in which case you can not worry at all, but boldly take an angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel. But even with this tool, you should be careful, as you can cut with a lot of chips.

Let’s consider the most effective methods of how to cut tiles without a tile cutter and with minimal scrap. Regardless of what you use to make a cut, drill a tile, you should always be extremely careful and not make sudden movements. You can accidentally move the workpiece and break the thin element. Especially dangerous when it is L-shaped and one side is thicker than the other.

Figured breaking

Figured breaking in ceramics is not easy. To do this, it is necessary to first make many cuts with a small step from the end to the figured cut. The smaller it is, the more accurate the bend will be on the ceramic. The cuts are made just short of the main mowing line. Then, with the help of forceps, each segment is carefully broken out and unnecessary ceramics are removed with small bites.

Using a grinder to cut slabs

An angle grinder is the most common way to cut tiles without a tile cutter. With its help, you can get perfectly smooth pieces of material with exact dimensions for specific requirements.

She can also trim the profile to the required value. To get a quality saw, you must use the right blade. Commercially available with integrated tungsten carbide tines and coated with diamond chips or cuttings. The smaller the crumb, the better the end is obtained.

Angle grinder angle grinder

Let’s take a look at how to cut tiles without a tile cutter using an angle grinder. This will require:

  • Machine with a diamond wheel of appropriate grit.
  • Smooth, stable surface to get the job done.
  • Ruler or pre-drawn line on the back of the tile.
  • Substrate under the tiles so that it does not wobble or slip during the cut.
  • It is advisable to connect a vacuum cleaner, because a lot of dust will be generated during operation.

After the tile is stable, you can start cutting. You should start from the near edge and lead the stone in such a way that it runs over the front covering. So chips will form only from the bottom, and the top will remain smooth. It is convenient to make incisions in the same way.


Another handy tool for cutting tiles is the electric jigsaw. To use it, you need to purchase special stone files. The peculiarity of using this tool is that it can be used to make curved cuts.

Applying a ruler to the surface of the tile and guiding along it, a fairly even cut is achieved, and the butt end remains with a slight roughness. To avoid chipping, direct the saw teeth to the glazed surface and guide the tool slowly.

How to cut tiles without a tile cutter: a selection of easy ways

Professional tools for performing high-quality finishes are always very expensive, but what to do if the tiles need to be laid, and to buy because of a couple of square meters. Do you have no money or desire for equipment? Then the question arises, how to cut ceramic or porcelain tiles without using a tile cutter due to its absence? You should immediately warn you, you can complete this task, but in order for the cut to be even and with minimal chips, strictly follow the technology.

Alternative to glass cutter

What if there really was no glass cutter in the house? To draw a furrow, you need a sharp object that is harder than a tile. A cutter from a lathe will do (what if there is one in the house?).

You can grind the edge of the file with emery to obtain a sharp angle. Alloy steel will cut a deep groove. Victory drill will work similarly.

Glass cutter

Every home has a similar tool. Even if you don’t have it, don’t despair. The next time you put things in order in the closet or on the Bal-KOne, you will definitely find it. And it will have the inscription "Made in the USSR".

The process of cutting tiles is no different from cutting glass. You mark the line, and slide the glass cutter along it.

If you do not suffer from hand tremors, you can do without a guide. By practicing on a few spoiled pieces, you will gain the necessary skill.

If the hand can shake, take any even object. It could be another tile or a steel ruler.

The main rule is that you need to cut in the direction "towards you", from the very edge to the end of the tile. The force must be strong and even throughout the cut.

If you do everything correctly, you will hear a characteristic crisp sound. Breaks in the crunch mean that the line is not solid. At the end, the glass cutter should forcefully slide off the tile.

After applying the scratch, the tile must be gently broken. No clamping between two bars! There are only two ways: on a table or on a nail.

  • Lay the tiles on the edge of a table or other flat surface. With one hand, hold the tile on the table, with the other firmly press on the free edge. Make sure that the broken part does not fall out of your hands
  • Place the scratched tile on a flat surface with an object under the cut. For example. a nail

Press down on the edges with both hands, the tile will crack exactly along the markings. By the way, this method is very popular for large volumes of work. less time is spent on transferring tiles from place to place.

The width of the tile break off is important. A strip of less than 5 cm, it will be difficult to break off qualitatively, and 2-3 cm is impossible. For this, there are special tongs. tile cutter.

They can be used to cut and break tiles. True, this goes beyond the concept of "how to cut tiles without a tile cutter" (tongs will have to be bought).

The alternative is to still use a bar and a clamp. Clamp the narrow part at the edge of the table, and break off the wide half with a sharp downward movement (in the traditional way).

Circular hand saw

Let’s make a reservation right away. this is not the best tool for cutting ceramics. There are special disc cutters (including manual ones) with revolutions of 14000. 18000. A conventional circular saw does not develop even half this speed. And yet, if there is such a tool, you can use it for emergency work.

First of all, select a disc for stone or ceramic with a diamond coating. It is not necessary to look for the most expensive one (it is simply designed for a larger resource), for small volumes, an economy class is enough.

Before touching the tile. accelerate the shaft to the maximum number of revolutions. Do not press hard, otherwise the speed will drop and the tile will start to burn and crack.

The cut can be made longitudinal (moving from the edge) or plunge (lowering the saw on top of the plane).

Is it possible to cut tiles without a tile cutter?

Of course, because it was somehow cut before the invention of this tool. Let’s recall the technologies of forgotten years, as well as use modern tools.

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Angle Grinder

Initially, this tool was used only for cutting marble and cutting porcelain stoneware.

However, owners of compact angle grinders quickly saw through the power tool’s capabilities. Unlike a hand-held circular saw. the angle grinder has a fairly high speed, therefore, the cut will be cleaner.

It is much more convenient to hold such a tool in your hands. Can cut small coated ceramic tiles.

And yet there are a few secrets on how to properly cut tiles with an angle grinder, for a few such tips, see this.

  • Install a disc as thin as possible. Let it grind faster. but the rotation speed will not drop. You can get the perfect cut
  • We hold the instrument correctly. Hold the angle grinder upside down when processing tiles. That is, the disc must rotate "away from itself". If the handle of your angle grinder does not move to the other side, it will be inconvenient to work
  • The movement of the disc along the cut. "towards yourself". That is, in the direction of rotation. This will reduce chipping, especially on fragile porcelain stoneware.
  • The right cutting table. The illustration shows that a gap is organized at the cut. Do not place tiles on the edge of the table; both halves should be supported. Be sure to secure both sides with soft foot clamps
  • It is not necessary to cut through the tiles in one pass. Better to make several passes, each time sinking deeper. The main thing is not to lose momentum. Therefore, you should not press hard
  • Again, it is necessary to wet the cut site. It is not worth pouring water continuously, splashes can get into the electric motor. It will be enough to moisten the cut line abundantly before each pass.

If you have several types of tools, choose the safest one. In general, try all the options on the broken tile, and choose the cutting technique that is convenient for you.

How to cut tiles without a tile cutter. some tips on forgotten technologies

  • Is it possible to cut tiles without a tile cutter?
  • Glass cutter
  • Alternative to glass cutter
  • Conclusion

Anyone who does home renovation is faced with tiling. Accordingly, this material must be cut. Modern technology mechanizes this procedure.

There are manual, electric tile cutters, and even whole homemade machines. It will not be difficult for a novice master to cut any material. tiles, ceramics and even porcelain stoneware.

But any equipment costs money. With a small amount of work, you can rent a tile cutter (though, again, not free). And if you have to do this task regularly, from time to time? A few visits to the tool rental and you will spend the cost of a brand new tile cutter.

It is recommended to use the invaluable experience of specialists

To cut material when carrying out facing work at home, you must have the following tools:

  • Smooth surface;
  • A straight edge with a right angle at one end, the so-called "square";
  • Drill with a victorious tip;
  • Glass cutter, stationery knife;
  • "Tile Cutter Tongs". miniature pliers with a wheel for cutting tiles on one side and a transverse convex plate on the other;
  • Drill with bits in the form of "crowns";
  • Jigsaw with diamond wire;
  • "Angle Grinder".

To cut off a part of the tile with high quality, you need to draw a clear groove on a glossy surface and then break it with a quick confident movement. This can be done easily using different tools: a glass cutter, a drill with a victorious tip, a cardboard knife and a ruler. The procedure in all cases will be the same:

Glass cutter is the most affordable tile cutting tool

  • We put the tiles on a flat surface with the inside side down;
  • We make the necessary markings and draw a clear line with a pencil using a "square";
  • We draw a furrow along the ruler, pressing with medium force on a glass cutter or drill;
  • We put a drill under the line of the cut, press on the tile from both sides and break it. Alternatively, the tile can be broken by placing it on the edge of the table along the cut line and pressing sharply on it.

With the "rolling pliers" it is much easier to break tiles as they are specially designed for this. It is enough to bring the transverse plate from above so that the cut groove passes exactly in the center of the pressure plate, and then squeeze the forceps. In this case, a quality fault is obtained.

Pinch the tile with tongs in the center on the marked mowing line and push down on the handles

At home, you can make quite suitable tools for cutting tiles if you cannot use a special tool. For example, a 6 or 8 millimeter diameter drill with a victorious tip can be ground on a diamond disc like a pencil. The main thing is: do not grind off the victorious layering and make the edge without edges. The rounded shape of the point allows you to make deep cuts when applied to the side of the "square".

All of the above methods are suitable for cutting wall tiles, but when working with thicker floor tiles that have a dense structure, use other tools.

For example, it is advisable to use an "angle grinder" along with the tools at hand. At the same time, in order to complete it, the most suitable discs for cutting granite with a smooth crown and diamond discs, which allow you to quickly cut the tile material.

The cutting process of an angle grinder is quite simple and accessible even to non-professionals

The sequence of work can be as follows:

  • First, you need to draw a sufficiently deep line with a glass cutter or a special drill. To do this, you can run it several times on the outer surface.
  • Then, using the "angle grinder", you need to start cutting carefully along the outer edge of the notch. In this case, it is desirable to deepen by no more than 3 millimeters. After performing this procedure 2-3 times, you can get a high-quality cut.

There are other ways to cut floor tiles:

  • We also draw a furrow on a glossy surface using the same tools at hand.
  • We turn the tile over and from the inside exactly along the outer marks we make an incision "angle grinder".
  • After breaking, it is recommended to sand the edges with sandpaper.

Tiles can be cut straight and shaped using an "angle grinder" with a diamond disc. The productivity of such work is comparable to an electric tile cutter. Although the quality of the cut with the help of an "angle grinder" is inferior, but if it is required to carry out large-scale mobile work, this tool is indispensable. After the incision, additional resurfacing will be required.

The secret to properly cutting ceramic tiles without a tile cutter

During the use of ceramic tiles as a facing material, the methodology and technology of working with tiles has been constantly improving. They learned how to cut the tiles efficiently and with minimal physical effort. The result is a smooth, rounded edge that does not require additional sanding. In the creation of professional tools for cutting tiles, the unique features of the material were taken into account and, based on experience, the most effective ways to influence it were formed.

A high-quality and productive way of cutting is possible with an electric tile cutter that uses a diamond cutting wheel and a water supply. This technology guarantees a minimum amount of dust, minimum expenditure of physical forces. How to cut tiles without a tile cutter? Is it possible to cut ceramic tiles at home with comparable results?

When laying tiles on a floor or wall, you will definitely need to cut ceramic tiles

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Professional tilers, having thoroughly studied the properties of tiles, have learned to use different tools for working with ceramic material. over, if for some reason it is not possible to use professional equipment, they are able to make a tool from available tools. It is easy to cut tiles with such a tool.

Particular attention should be paid to safety when working with the "angle grinder"

  • Work must be carried out in goggles and a respirator, as cutting in this way is accompanied by a lot of dust.
  • Do not use the tool without a protective "casing" and with a loose disc. In this case, cutting can only be done with a diamond blade.
  • Make the cut in the direction "away from you".
  • Tiled material must be rigidly fixed on a horizontal surface.
  • The "angle grinder" is a dangerous tool, therefore certain skills are required to work with it.

If you want to make holes at home and cut semicircular mowing lines, use a drill with special attachments, nippers with carbide clamps.

To make holes in the tiles, use a special drill bit

When drilling you need:

  • Prepare a point on the tile, having previously discarded the glaze;
  • Start drilling with a spear drill and then use the attachments.

The peculiarity of working with forceps is to "bite off" fragments of ceramics along a previously drawn contour. Remember that only small pieces need to be removed. In any case, after such procedures, it is important to grind.

Methods and technologies for cutting ceramic tiles at home without a tile cutter

When carrying out finishing work using tiles, there is always a need to cut the tiles into pieces, cut something out. A special tool is used for this, but how to cut tiles without a tile cutter? Many people think that this is not possible, but there are interchangeable tools and the tile cutter is no exception. The tile is cut using improvised means, you just need to be patient and time.

Tiles are cut by different methods

Tile cutting angle grinder

Initially, the angle grinder was used for cutting marble, porcelain stoneware. Cutting an angle grinder is a noisy job, but this method is widespread. Even difficult corners can be cut out of tiles using this tool. For work, you should prepare a tool:

  • Angle Grinder.
  • Roulette.
  • Marker (pencil).

Regardless of the type of tile (ceramic or porcelain stoneware), the first thing to do is markup. To do this, use a ruler, building corner, tape measure, marker or pencil.

When working with a tool such as an angle grinder, one should not forget about safety: the machine must be equipped with a protective cover, which in case of something will take over the main force of the impact. Be sure to wear safety glasses. After observing the safety rules, they are accepted to work.

Before starting work, check the reliability of the fastening of the diamond wheel on the spindle. Other types of disks will not cope with this task. After turning on the machine, wait until it picks up speed. Only after that they start cutting along the intended mowing line.

We cut the material on the front side to ourselves, i.E. As the disc moves. The machine is held upside down so that the disc rotates away from itself. Hold the angle grinder straight to obtain a straight cut. To get a cut at 45 degrees, the tool is fixed on its side. Thanks to the high speed of the blade, the cut is smooth, clean.

The cut can be carried out in several approaches, gradually plunging the saw deeper, without losing momentum, so you should not press. For a better cut, before each approach, the cutting line is abundantly moistened with water.

Alternative glass cutter attachments

When there is no glass cutter in the house, an angle grinder, then a strong sharp object can be used to mark the furrow. Will fit:

  • Cutter;
  • File sharpened with emery;

Cutting with a victor drill

  • Victory drill;
  • Construction knife;
  • Alloy steel, others.

The main thing is to hold such an object in your hands while drawing a furrow. To cut the mowing line with a construction knife, you will have to cut the line several times.

In emergency cases, a circular saw is used, although it has low revs. The appropriate disk (with spraying) is selected, the shaft is accelerated to the maximum speed. Then, slowly, without pressure, a cut is made along the intended mowing line. The cut is made submerged, longitudinal, always wetting the cutting point with water.

Cutting tiles with a glass cutter

An available simple method to cut tiles is considered to be the use of a manual glass cutter, which functions on the same principle as a mechanical glass cutter, only the operations are performed manually. The most suitable for the job is considered to be a tool with diamond tips and a roller made of durable alloys.

Glass cutter. an affordable method to cut tiles at home

When performing work, adhere to a certain sequence:

  • The first step is to mark the notch with a marker or pencil on the front side.
  • Lay it on a hard, flat surface.
  • A ruler is applied to the markup.
  • A manual glass cutter is applied to the farthest point from you.
  • Pressing on the ruler (so that it does not move) and on the glass cutter, with a confident movement with uniform pressure, draw the line from the far edge towards you. In this case, the cutter should not be pressed strongly. A crunch is heard when the mowing line is drawn, at the end the glass cutter should come off the tile.
  • The break line that appears is tapped with the wooden handle of the glass cutter.
  • The tile should be positioned so that part of it is overhang.
  • On the exposed edge of the tile, which is located on a table or other flat surface, they press, break along the mowing line that they drew. If the line is deep enough, then the break is obtained without chips, neat, even.

You can break the product along the breaking line of the mowing line if you put a carnation, a match under the tile, press it from 2 sides. This method of breaking is popular with a large number of cuts. it saves time on transferring the tile to a flat surface for breaking.

In this way, cuts into strips of more than 5 cm are well obtained, but it is difficult to break off smaller strips with high quality. To do this, at home, use a bar, a clamp: the narrow part is clamped, and the wide one is broken off with a sharp downward movement.

A manual glass cutter is used if you want to cut multiple tiles. In the case of a large number of cuts, it is advisable to use a special tile cutter tool, which has a large wheel that makes a deep cut.

Work technology. Alternative tools, features

There are tons of possibilities to cut tiles without equipment using the following tools:

Cutting attachments

Angle grinder. a grinding unit that, when using special attachments with diamond coatings, cuts tiles, other materials (even floor tiles, porcelain stoneware).

Glass cutter. a device that is the size of a ballpoint pen and perfectly copes with tiles, but it requires confidence and clarity.

Drill. suitable for rounding, holes, using different attachments (drill, ballerina, crown).

Pliers. the edge of the tool cuts the top layer of the tile, making the line break. Often used for curved cuts.

In addition to these tools, a spray saw, jigsaw, even a nail is used.