Cut which type of communication is not available to the subscriber. Network malfunctions

What does this type of communication mean are not available to the subscriber

In addition, it is important to monitor whether there is an established connection (aren’t seconds). Since fraud was widespread at one time: the newspaper announced an announcement with a very attractive vacancy and a paid premium number was indicated

After that, the scammers included the message “The subscriber is temporarily unavailable” when calling. As a result, people who called this number several times paid for the connection and for all the time of listening to this message.


What’s next? Perhaps the last alignment is the most common case

The caller heard instead of the beads “the number you dialed temporarily blocked”? “Beeline”, MTS or any other operator is not so important. The main thing is that the reason may be the negative balance of the SIM card

The thing is that modern operators automatically block numbers with a certain minus on the account. At such moments, a citizen can neither call nor accept calls. over, even exchange messages (including receiving them) will not work.

How exactly? If someone has heard a message like “the number you dialed temporarily blocked” (“beeline”, “megaphone” or any other mobile operator-it does not matter which company the citizen uses), then the caller must tell his future interlocutor about this. A person whose SIM card is not available for a call, replenishes the balance to a zero or positive indicator

Then, in response, an SMS manner will come, which will talk about a successful unlocking number. Accordingly, the indicated problem will not bother the calling. From now on, it is recommended to carefully monitor the balance of your SIM card.

Someone said that he heard when calling the word “the number you dialed temporarily blocked”? How to be in this case? It is worth paying attention to some tips that often help. The algorithm of actions may be as follows:

The algorithm of actions may be as follows:

  • The person whose SIM card is blocked should contact the mobile communications operator and find out why the interlocutors instead of beeps hear the previously mentioned message.
  • If the number has not been used for a long time, then you can write a statement of the established sample for unlock. The same thing is done if the subscriber once used the “Voluntary blocking” service. All operators have a similar possibility.
  • Replenishment of account often solves all problems. In particular, if the reason lies in the negative balance of the SIM card.
  • You can unlock the number right on the phone, during a conversation with the operator. This service is provided for by many companies.
  • The company’s unlock numbers are proposed to be carried out through the use of “Personal Account” on the official sites of operators.

What does “this type of communication is not available to the subscriber”?

To get through to the interlocutor and cope with difficulties, you need to find out what the phrase heard means.

Typically, the message “This type of communication is not available to the subscriber” is a notification of the inaccessibility of the interlocutor.

The foregoing should be divided into several important components:

  • Difficulties with telephone communications arose at the receiving call;
  • the calling in order has a phone, and a SIM card, and communication;
  • The lack of a connection is not related to the person’s position or turning off the smartphone, since in such situations the notification sounds different.

Given what has been written, the reasons for the difficulties with restoration of communication and the decision of difficulties become obvious. The source of the problems is removed, therefore it is noticeably more difficult to deal with it than it seems originally.

The reasons

Having figured out the essence of the malfunctions, you should find out why the malfunctions appeared. Among the most common reasons is found:

which, type, communication, available, subscriber
  • lack of funds on the balance of SIM cards, which is why the interlocutor cannot be called (relevant for cases when incoming calls are paid, for example, in roaming);
  • with the negative balance of the personal account and the absence of replenishment of the balance for a long time (in such situations, the operator blocks the SIM card);
  • When voluntary blocking the SIM card by the user who decided not to use the operator’s services for several months;
  • Occasionally, the source of trouble is a failure in the work of a telephone company.

Sometimes, among the reasons for the lack of a connection, an unsuccessful location of the addressee does not allow him to answer the incoming call.

Such cases include the period of passing state borders, when the user loses the opportunity to receive a signal from the radio rack. In addition, in some cases, the cause of difficulties with a call is damage to the SIM-card of the interlocutor. But these cases are rare and do not deserve a detailed consideration, especially, it will not work to cope with them on their own.

Network failure

Despite the reliability of the telecommunication infrastructure of MTS, depending on the region, there may be a failure on the network. The message that the answering machine gives that “this type of communication is not available to the subscriber” in rare cases may indicate an failure of the equipment. On this phrase, you cannot accurately determine the cause.

which, type, communication, available, subscriber

Information about accessibility can be clarified in telephone mode about the operation of the network segment in the support service for 0890. Try to also send a message, perhaps the subscriber will get in touch himself.

SIM card

Another problem when you can hear a message about the inaccessibility of the connection of the person you need, this is a faulty SIM card. It is determined by the operator, but does not provide the correct work. In this case, even if you have funds, you can hear such a message.

Try to contact the subscriber in another way and report a possible problem.

If the payment for the service package is entered, the problem is repeated, the card can be checked and replaced in any communication department.

If the debt has been formed at the same time with an unused issue, we recommend that you check the costs of expenses on the site and make some money to establish a positive balance.

In what situations is the autoinformer “this type of communication is not available” is included

Firstly, it is worth noting that if this standard automotive is turned on, it means that you do not have problems, but from the one to whom you are trying to get through. If it were in you, then you would hear “your account is not enough funds” or “SIM is not registered on the network”.

Next, we consider in more detail the reasons for the appearance of the message.

Lack of money to receive a call

The one with whom you are trying to call, there are not enough funds to receive your call. Such situations arise only in cases when incoming paid ones, mainly in roaming, while the balance is close to zero. How to get through if your question requires an urgent solution? In this situation, you can send SMS, in roaming incoming messages are mainly free. Or replenish the balance of the interlocutor.

Negative balance

Also, the interlocutor cannot answer when his account is negative, the replenishment periods have passed or minus significant. The operator resorts to a forced blocking number. It will not work to contact until the user replenishes the balance, then SIM will be unlocked automatically. Typically, such situations arise when using a trust payment. The problem is solved by simple payment.

Voluntary blocking or restriction of incoming calls

Voluntary restrictions imposed by a subscriber on the number can also cause that when making a call, you will hear “this type of communication is not available”. People often use this service when they go abroad and do not plan to use MTS connection for some time. In this case, it will not be possible to make a call until the user of the MTS removes the lock.

Technical difficulites

There are situations when no one is in the current situation to blame. In the work of the mobile operator, there is a failure or technical problems that can be associated with various factors, ranging from human and ending with natural anomalies. Usually, such periods of failures do not last long and problems are eliminated as soon as possible. In order to contact the subscriber you need, you just need to call back after some time.

There are few options in which the words of the autoinformer “this type of communication is not available for the subscriber” sound, so do not despair and you should try to contact the one you need. But it is also worth remembering: if you decide to replenish the invoice to the subscriber to make a call to him, then there is a need to make sure that the subscriber is still using the number, because there are times when the SIM card is simply thrown onto the distant shelf and a new number has been bought.

Sometimes suspicions arise that your number is included in the black list and therefore does not pass. We hasten to reassure you. This automotive is not used in such cases, but to calm down, try to call from another phone.

Balance at zero: the operator block incoming

The problem of the fight against the reluctance of subscribers to pay for communication is part of the “corporate culture” of communication operators. And many subscribers, having a negative balance on the account, did not replenish the score, continuing to work “to the reception”. Therefore, the operator invented such a preventive measure as “blocking for financial reasons”.

If the balance of your subscriber is negative (pay attention, not zero, but less than zero), he is blocked by incoming calls, and the “type of communication” becomes “inaccessible”. There may be two options for solving the problem:

  • If you need to urgently contact, you can simply replenish your subscriber number. It is enough to throw a hundred so that the number is unlocked, and you can make a call.
  • Contact the subscriber via spare communication channels, including SIM cards of other operators, electronic channels, etc.P.
  • Try to send SMS. Blocking by the SMS operator is not practiced by the operator.

Roaming call banning

Another reason that the voice connection is not available to the subscriber even to the reception may be that the subscriber is in roaming, while:

  • Either he has little money (not even 1 minute of incoming calls)
  • He independently established the ban on incoming, as he does not want to pay for them.

By default in roaming, the connection is active. But incoming calls are very expensive, in some countries the price is measured several dollars per minute. Therefore, such a scenario is quite possible: a person went abroad, and you call him. Then the call is disconnected, and after you call him back again, already hear that “this type of communication is not available to the subscriber”. This just means that the money on the account instantly has disappeared, and now the incoming subscriber cannot accept.

In this case, you should also use SMS and send a message. Or try to call on other numbers if they are available.

Option #1: The device is busy due to forwarding

Recently, the Objects of Calls has gained great popularity. People actively connect this function, as it is free and has a variety of setting. For example, on Tele2 you can activate this option by the absence of an answer or at the time of the busy line.

The most interesting thing is that the subscriber could not include this function. For example, for television subscribers, forwarding is assigned automatically to the voice mail number if they are connected to the service “Who called” or “Voice Mail”. In the latter case, the “Auto.Coater” will be active. You can wait for the robot to finish its message, after which the signal will sound, and you can record a short audio community.

At some tariffs, the forwarding service is included by default

If, when recruiting another subscriber, the notification of employment constantly pops up, contact him in another way and ask me to check if redirecting is active on the room. The most easier for him to do this through:

which, type, communication, available, subscriber
  • Support specialist, he can also be asked to turn off this option.
  • The most easily is done through your personal account, you need to look for in “connected services”.
  • To configure or point shutdown of the types of redirectations, each operator has its own short USSD teams. There is a lot of information on this subject, but the team of cancellation of any redirections for all operators is common: ## 002#. Let the problem subscriber use this command and restart his device.

The support specialist will indicate what type of forwarding is established

Option #2: The device is busy due to technical points

Also, an important moment should be recognized as the general quality of communication that block the settings on the device itself, or the general problems of the device. In any case, if the disconnection of the forwarding did not give the effect, the subscriber called should be checked by the following:

Cancelling Cable. SNL

which, type, communication, available, subscriber
  • Check if your contact is made to the list of blocked. Sometimes the black list is not on purpose. slipping on an extra function when working with contacts. Another point. entering an emergency at the operator level. All the operators of the big four have this blocking function in their package. In general. check this moment.
  • If the device has applications such as “calves” or “Auto.destiners of numbers”. it is better to turn them off for a while.
  • Everything happens much more banal. the owner accidentally activated the autonomous mode on his smartphone (aircraft on the plane).
  • In very rare cases, a viral malignant can sit on the phone, which affects incoming and outgoing challenges. Try to go through an antivirus scanner, in any case. it will not be superfluous.

If all this does not help and the robot constantly dictates the phrase “The apparatus of the called subscriber is busy”. we can talk about the problems from the operator himself. Perhaps the work of the cell tower is temporarily broken and you need to wait a bit.

There is an option that the phone itself will fail (Antenna chip). Of course, in this case, the phrase “apparatus of the called subscriber is turned off or located outside the network of the network” should be displayed by the bot, but there are several reviews on the forums that it was after the change of mobile message about the subscriber’s employment that was stopped and it was possible to calmly call. In any case, this moment cannot be excluded, so read our detailed material on this topic.

The phone is disabled

When a mobile device is turned off, a voice message is usually issued that the subscriber cannot accept a call or is outside the network zone. In some cases, users confuse it with the inability to provide a service. If the subscriber has a “call” service, you will receive a message when he will be available on the network again.

We also recommend sending a message or make a voice entry using an answering machine. With a long.not extinguished negative balance, all free and paid services can be disconnected. In this case, a mobile operator’s message usually sounds about the inaccessibility of the services that we are talking about.

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Zones of uncertain reception

In some cases, a message about the inaccessibility of the communication service for the subscriber can be issued with an uncertain signal. For example, in separate zones of the coating 2G. The choice of the reason for the inaccessibility of the subscriber is selected automatically, therefore, when a person is in the area of ​​uncertain reception, you can get such a response to the company. Viewing the coating map is available on the provider and other resources website.

Border crossing

Such a message is often characteristic of being in the border areas, during the road, when, for example, the train moves through the territory of another state or in the area of ​​the cell towers of foreign operators. This is well traced on the example of Blagoveshchensk, near the border of Finland and Belarus. To be constantly in touch, you need to replenish the account and connect roaming.

You can encounter a similar problem when using the LTE 4G card. usim. For example, if you are trying to establish a connection with a subscriber who does not use the possibilities of LTE or located outside the coating area. Try to change your phone settings and call the subscriber strictly in 2G format. Usually newer devices allow you to do this without problems, but there are certain restrictions in installations.

Negative balance

On the phone by zero or balance in minuses is a fairly common reason because of which the operator fully blocks the SIM-card of the subscriber. The only correct solution will be the instant deposit of funds for the balance.

  • The subscriber uses a tariff without a monthly fee, then to unlock incoming calls, the balance should be replenished with a small amount.
  • Tariff on the prepaid calculation system, to unlock the number will have to be replenished with the amount of equal monthly fee.

In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, many subscribers of mobile television systems connect a comfortable auto.payment service. The function makes an automatic replenishment of the balance of the attached number, so you do not have to constantly check the score and worry.

Number blocking

When making a call, the answering machine tells the unpleasant news that this type of communication is not available in two cases: the user did not try to replenish the account in time or independently blocked the SIM card.

  • The company constant blocking the number in case of prolonged ignoring the reminder that it is necessary to make money on the account. Such non.compliance with the terms of the contract leads to its termination.
  • The number is temporarily blocked by the user. Many subscribers are taking such measures in order to save. For example, when traveling abroad, the MTS client does not want to use tariff services in roaming, other reasons are possible why the subscriber blocks his own card on his own.

On a note! If you need to turn off the number, but I do not want to miss the necessary calls, the operator recommends activating the option of redirecting all incoming calls to a new valid number.

It is not your fault!

When a similar phrase comes from the dynamics, some begin to panic, believing that the problem lies in their device or faults from the operator. In this case, the “subscriber” is meant not you, but your “failed” interlocutor.

The reason for the “defect” lies in the lack of funds in the account of the responsible for accepting the incoming call. How is this possible? Everything is very simple: if the subscriber is in another country (roaming), then there should be a certain amount of money to answer on his balance sheet. If it is not on the account, then contacting it will be problematic.

Often, the owners of mobile devices themselves activate the blocking of incoming so that no one bothers them or for other reasons, for example, so as not to spend a lot of money in roaming. This is possible after loss of the phone, then the shutdown is quite justified.

One of the common factors is a failure in the work of a mobile operator. This happens infrequently and is short.term in nature. It is enough after a couple of minutes to repeat the attempt to connect, and the connection can be established.

What to do?

If this type of communication is not available to the Beeline, Tele2 or Megafon subscriber, then you should try to send him SMS-ku. It is likely that this type of service is free for the recipient, which means that the notification will be successfully delivered to him.

It is worth noting that owners of SIM MTS cards most often complain of the problem described in the article. What is it connected with. it is difficult to say!

  • If you really want to talk, and not correspond with SMS, then send the interlocutor a message with a proposal to replenish the account. Most likely, he forgot to do this, and the operator after a long “downtime” used the automatic blocking of incoming. It is enough to put on the balance the amount sufficient to get out of the “minuses”, and all prohibitions will be lifted.
  • The second option is to independently transfer money to another number. The operation will be carried out within a day (it happens in different ways: from several minutes to a couple of hours, or even longer). Then you can try to type a person.

If the owner independently blocked the reception, then no ways will help you. Therefore, I recommend not rushing with replenishment, but immediately write SMS.

The most important thing is to show a little patience, even if you very urgently need to hear the interlocutor. Perhaps it is better to use Viber, WhatsApp or Skype messengers. This is completely free, only the Internet is needed.

I wish you never to hear the message of the answering machine “This type of communication is not available to the subscriber”. At least you already know what this means at MTS and other operators.