DeWALT 125 angle grinder with variable speed control

Angle grinder rating. Top 10 best and most popular models 2022

Angle grinder (angle grinder, although more common and used its other name. angle grinder). it is a versatile and multifunctional construction tool, which can be used to solve a large number of different problems:

cutting of materials. metal sheets and rods, ceramic tiles, stone, woodchip board, OSB boards, plastic, metal-plastic and metal pipes, concrete products;

Leveling and deburring (scraping) weld seams;

removal of rust, paint, plaster residue;

cutting grommets for laying cables or pipes in brick or concrete walls.

How to choose an angle grinder: important features

The main criterion for choosing an angle grinder. for what purposes and how often the tool will be used. According to the intensity of use, all angle grinders can be divided into three classes:

household. angle grinders of this type are designed to perform a wide range of tasks in the home and occasional use. These tools are small (up to 1000 watts) power, whose motor is not designed for continuous continuous work for a long time, because of the heat can shut down the angle grinder. Their important advantage. they are very compact, have a small (on average up to 2 kg) weight, it is convenient to work with them in hard-to-reach places, where it is necessary to achieve good quality even if the angle grinder has to be held by only one hand;

Professional. very productive and powerful (more than 2000 watts in the case of two-handed), designed for continuous long-term use. To increase the tool working time their design implements different variants of engine cooling (forced ventilation, use of special materials with increased heat transfer) and special materials of high quality and increased durability are used. Have more weight and dimensions, the vast majority are two-handed models;

semi-professional. by their features are in-between the household and professional models. Powerful enough (up to 1500 watts), they can be used for long operations, such as sanding surfaces in the workshop.

The main characteristic of angle grinders that determines how deep you can cut. The minimum size of the cutting disc is 115 mm (with its help, you can cut material up to 30 mm thick), the largest. 230 mm. There are several sizes of cutting discs that are the most in demand:

125 mm is the most popular size used in most household and professional grinders. angle grinder for 125 mm disc is very light, it can be securely held with only one hand, thanks to its mobility it is excellent for grinding, for most types of household works. Due to the popularity of this size, the construction stores have the largest selection of 125 mm discs for various works;

150 and 180 mm. a compromise option if you need an angle grinder and for cutting (especially when you have to cut pipes often), and for grinding;

230 mm. this is the maximum possible diameter of the cutting wheel, usually it is. a very powerful angle grinder, with which you can cut pipes, bricks, concrete, but the grinding of such a tool is not very convenient, because of the large weight of its mobility is limited. angle grinder under the cutting wheel diameter of 230 mm should be purchased if large construction or extensive work is to be done.

In addition, several other factors should be taken into account:

cutting quality of a thin disc is better than a thick one. But at the same time, a thin disk is not suitable for long cutting in deep sawing. because of friction the disk will thin very quickly. That’s why disc thickness is selected according to cutting depth. For example, for auto body repair, a 1.2 mm blade is usually used, but if you want to cut a pipe, a 1.4. 1.6 mm thick blade is better;

the larger the diameter of the disk, the lower speed should work angle grinder, wide (230 mm) discs are designed to work at a speed not exceeding 6.6 thousand rpm, medium (180 mm). no more than 8.5 thousand rpm, small (115. 125 mm). up to 11 thousand rpm.

Adjustment of blade speed

Optimal. the speed of the disc is selected according to the density of the material to get a quality line for trimmer cut, for soft materials (plastics, as well as thin aluminum alloys) you need to set a low speed. then the edge will not have time to get too hot and will not be blistered. For hard materials like steel plates/ bars, the higher the speed, the easier and faster the cutting will be. Many professional models of angle grinders have variable speed control, which can be implemented in different ways: by a selector switch with several fixed positions or by a smoothly moving lever. In domestic models, such speed adjustment is not common, because it immediately leads to an increase in the cost of the tool. Different manufacturers approach this problem differently, some grinders have maximum speed of 10. 11 thousand rpm, some have a compromise solution of about 6-8 thousand rpm (most often in models designed to work with large discs).

Dust protection

Aggressive and abrasive dust that builds up while cutting material is the main enemy of angle grinders, because getting it inside the housing can lead to tool damage. In addition, dust extraction allows you to extend the life of the cutting disc, at least. in 2 times. In different brands, the issue of dust protection is implemented in different ways:

Improvement of the assembly quality, use of special rubber seals;

The most common option, especially in low-cost models, is to protect the motor windings by coating them with several layers of extra strong resin;

installation of elements that block the entry of dust, but at the same time allow for effective heat exchange through the removal of warm air;

professional models have a system of dust extraction (drainage), which allows you to connect industrial vacuum cleaners. When performing a large amount of work, it allows you to save the cleanliness in the room, and most importantly. the builder’s lungs;

In some models, the dust exhaust system is implemented inside the housing by installing the impeller in front of the motor armature. As a result, the air flow picks up large particles and throws them to the walls of the body, so the dust, even passing through the body of the angle grinder, does not settle and does not accumulate on the important nodes and parts of the tool.

Top 10 grinders 2022: the best and most popular models

Rating is based on the results of sales in 2021, and it includes the best models of different classes (domestic and professional), as well as the best battery-powered model.

The Makita GA 5030 tops the rating of angle grinders. a very high-performance angle grinder for a wide range of tasks. The distinctive feature of this generation of Makita bolsters is a careful study of the housing design. Owing to the use of labyrinth seals they have managed to obtain a reliable and effective dust protection system which blocks the ingress of dust, small metal particles and abrasive debris onto the motor elements. This makes it possible to safely use an angle grinder to work with materials that are characterized by high dust production when cutting / sanding. concrete, brick, stone, etc. д.

Engine power. 720 W, it is enough to perform most tasks. relatively short operations, the diameter of the working disc. 125 mm.

Low weight of only 1.8 kg and thin body combined with an ergonomic rubberized handle (provides a firm grip and partially absorbs vibration) allows you to work with only one hand and lightly stress your hands even during long hours of work;

For more comfortable and secure grip the side handle is available, which, depending on the conditions of work and the wishes of the employee, can be installed either on the left or on the right. For more comfort in this model, the handle angle to the body is 100 degrees;

compact size allows working even in a very limited space;

relatively low noise level (96 dB).

Among the disadvantages is the lack of disc speed control, but it is rare for this type of machine in this price class. Another disadvantage. angle grinder comes in a cardboard packaging box, however, there is the same model (but under a different article number), which is equipped with a plastic case. In general, the combination of quality, functionality and affordability has made the Makita GA 5030 angle grinder a sales leader in 2021.

DeWALT 125 mm angle grinder

Angle grinder. universal equipment, which is successfully used in many areas of human life. It is widely used by builders and tilers, almost impossible to do without it car repair and maintenance workers. Such devices are also used in the domestic sector. during current and large repairs.

The DeWALT 125 mm angle grinder is perfect for all these applications. With their help you can:

DeWALT 125 mm angle grinder: key features

125 mm disc diameter. the most common variant for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, enabling all work with the material to be carried out as precisely as possible.

In addition, all models of the angle grinder DeWALT 125 mm are different:

  • Manufactured from high quality raw materials using the most modern engineering developments;
  • Sufficient power of motor to provide maximum spindle speed;
  • Decent level of safety at work for the operator, due to the presence of many useful features.

In Ukraine, the products of this brand is well known to the average consumer.

Since there are always devices with different power and technical parameters on sale, no one, as a rule, has any particular difficulty in choosing.

This page recommends units, mainly of professional class, which can withstand heavy loads. Their price is quite affordable for all categories of customers and varies from 2 to 4 thousand hryvnias.Almost all models are equipped with an effective cooling system, anti-vibration effect and dust-proof housing.

If you need to buy an angle grinder DeWALT 125 mm, it is best to do it in the online store. In addition to a great choice, we offer a convenient payment system, a decent level of service, as well as prompt delivery to any locality or city in Ukraine. Place your order right here, and get in the use of an excellent tool at the best price!

DeWALT angle grinder

Company Virgo Invest Ukraine offers angle grinders brand DeWALT (DeWALT).

No angle grinder (angle grinder), or as it is commonly called an angle grinder,

it is impossible to imagine an arsenal of tools for a real craftsman.

In a line of the angular grinder there are tools as amateur (for home masters), and professional class.

The lightest in the model range of grinders are considered angle grinders designed for abrasive and diamond tools with a diameter of 125mm. although there are also 115mm diameter circles. This type of tool is loved by a wide cohort of homemakers. The most powerful industrial angle grinder equipped with a housing designed for use with 230 mm discs. 150 and 180 mm intermediate values.

But even in this class of angle grinders, there are both domestic and professional models, designed for extreme conditions.

Like other manufacturers of grinders, the brand DeWALT regularly updates the model range, so it is not necessary to chase a specific model of angle grinder. It is possible that the latter is out of production, and the company replaced it with an analogue.

It is hardly possible to buy absolutely similar angle grinder, DeWALT tools are constantly improving, adding new consumer properties for the convenience of its use.

Advantages of a DeWALT angle grinder

Professional angle grinders, in contrast to household grinders are equipped with cooling systems, because the motors of the first more powerful. Special gearbox design minimizes vibrations and noise.

For use of works in the home from time to time will be enough less productive grinder. Such devices with spindle lock function can remove corrosion from cars, cut bolts from old gate hinges, cut bricks, etc. д.

Industrial angle grinders are protected by a system of involuntary start cut-off during peak fluctuations in the power supply. In order to maintain a long operating cycle, these devices exclusively use ball bearings. Gear housings are designed to allow the tool to work in hard-to-reach places. Electric motor windings are protected by a layer of epoxy resin.

Beyond angle grinders on the DeWALT website.You can also order tooling for angle grinders. Just contact our managers, who will readily advise you on matters of interest.

Reliable. the declared power corresponds to the work!

sturdy body. reliable brushes. quality wire going out to the plug. excellent blowing of the inside of the angle grinder protection against heating of internal parts. accessories made of good material!

The completeness of the package did not see a spare brush. there is no disc branded. Makitta kit lays the disk a lot of gimmicks. This is a different style of work!

Good afternoon reader ! Got another angle grinder DeWALT, starting with 125, 150, fall strongly showed itself, there is a difference in them, rotational speed, also rotating shaft! If you are not a professional, but an amateur to buy for home.

How to work properly?

When working with an angle grinder, it is imperative to observe safety precautions, because this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • hold the tool firmly, so it does not fall out of your hands, does not bounce off the material being worked;
  • install only those grinding wheels for which the angle grinder is designed;
  • Make sure the power cord does not get under the rotating disc;
  • stand on their feet as steadily as possible to avoid loss of balance;
  • turn on the sander only if the user is fully prepared to work;
  • Replace the accessories only when the angle grinder is switched off and unplugged;
  • Always turn off the machine after you have done some work, do not move around the room, the room with the tool turned on;
  • after turning off the angle grinder, include a lock for accidental pressing of the “start” button, if the model provides such a function.

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Buy official DeWALT angle grinder (DeWALT) in our online store

In our online store offers network and cordless grinder models. Each angle grinder is distinguished by its performance and high quality. A distinctive feature of cordless angle grinders is the reliable lithium-ion battery and the ability to work with the tool without connecting to mains power.

Most models of DeWALT grinders, in addition to filling the motor windings with epoxy polymer, also have a special patented system for protection against dust Dust Ejection System. This system prevents the stator and armature windings from wearing down. It is worth noting that, focusing on the features of the modern market and new technologies in the development of tools, the top models of DeWALT angle grinders have brushless motors and battery power system.

Advantages of the reliability of the official DeWALT angle grinder (angle grinder DeWALT) over other manufacturers in Ukraine

Also an integral part of such a tool as a DeWALT angle grinder is its motor, which is designed for constant overload and intensive work in harsh conditions.

The main part of the range of wheel saws from DeWALT is equipped with self-shutoff brushes, which prevent the rapid deterioration of the armature collector. Some models also have a soft start system and speed regulation, which are especially indispensable when working with grinders with large discs.

If you decide to buy an angle grinder in the online store, you need to place an order on the site or use the service online payment LiqPay. To buy the tool DeWALT at an affordable price in Ukraine, you should contact our managers by phone numbers listed in the contacts of the site, you will get competent advice and choose the tool for your needs.