Dilute Gasoline With Chainsaw Oil

Dilute Gasoline With Chainsaw Oil

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw?

As fuel for the chainsaw, gasoline with a high octane number is used: AI-92 or AI-95.

How to pour gasoline into a Stihl chainsaw?

The work of any chainsaw, a wide selection of which is presented at zakazik.ua/products/benzopila.html. Powered by a 2-stroke engine, which does NOT require an oil pump. That is why only a mixture of gasoline and oil is poured into them. It is strictly forbidden to use gasoline in its pure form.

The proportions of the mixture for refueling Stihl chainsaws

Specific proportions Must be indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use. Quite often it is written in them that it is necessary to fill in AI-95 gasoline. But the octane number in domestic fuel in most cases is catching up with various additives, which significantly reduces its quality. Therefore, for refueling modern Stihl chainsaws, it is recommended to use AI-92 gasoline.

Oils are selected specialized for a 2-stroke engine, Corresponding to the power class of the chainsaw. the best option would be mixtures of the Stihl brand of the same name. They are red (mineral) and green (synthetic).

The fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is prepared in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. For Stihl chainsaws, the proportions are usually 1:50, that is, 20 grams of oil must be added to 1 liter of AI-92 gasoline.

You can measure the amount of oil by any means. with a syringe or some kind of measuring glass. But the most convenient to use are the dispenser bottles in which Stihl oils are produced.

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw

In order for the chainsaw to serve for a long time and not cause problems with repairs, you need to properly prepare the fuel mixture. Internet forums are rife with questions on this topic. We interviewed experts and compiled a short guide.

To prepare the fuel mixture, use AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline. A lower octane number will not work. Gasoline must be NOT leaded (otherwise the engine will fail) and NOT old (octane number can change over time). It is forbidden to use oil for boats and four-stroke engines.

The main issue is proportions. Excess oil will cause carbon deposits on pistons and spark plugs. Excessive gasoline will cause piston seizure and early engine failure. On average, one liter of gasoline is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. Stihl and Husqvarna, for example, recommend taking 100 ml of oil for 4 liters of gasoline. The specified proportion is optimal for chainsaws up to 1.5 kW. For chainsaws over 1.5 kW of THESE brands, Use a ratio of 1/50 (100 ml of oil per 5 liters of gasoline). Recommendations from Partner and Jonsered: 1/33 ratio (3.3L petrol, 100ml oil). The supersynthetic oil is added at a rate of 100/1. These figures are approximate. Always use the data provided in the instructions for your particular chainsaw model. I trust the numbers on the oil labels to a lesser extent.

What to mix? On sale Presented cans with graduated marks and two holes. for oil and gasoline. Pour in the ingredients, tighten the lids and stir by tilting the container.

Many people use glass and plastic bottles, baby horns and syringes. Be careful with glass and plastic to avoid static electricity. Make sure that no solid particles or water droplets get into the mixture. Be sure to mix the mixture thoroughly.

Finished fuel cannot be stored for more than 25-30 days, because The oxidation process changes its composition. Engine breakdown caused by overexposed fuel is considered non-warranty. The amount of repairs reaches 80% of the cost of a new chainsaw. After the end of the working season, use up the remaining fuel, turn off the engine, remove the remaining fuel mixture.

Remember, your goal is to create a mixture that will keep your engine running smoothly, burning fuel completely without fouling, smoke or scuffing.

How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil

Dilute the gasoline for the chainsaw

For 1 liter of gasoline, add 30 g of special engine oil. The resulting mixture is poured into a special compartment for fuel.

To dilute the gasoline for the chainsaw. Before that, you need to consult with specialists. It is best to ask those who work in the service center to repair them.

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They ate their teeth on it.

And the sellers who advertise them in the supermarket and hang all sorts of noodles on our ears will not tell us anything about the track.

It was so with me, but not with a saw, but with a scythe. It worked poorly, did not start very well, detonated strongly and did everything to mix gasoline and oil, as the sellers said.

But when I went to the service center. Said a completely different ratio of fuel parts.

And everything is working fine now.

For a saw, you need to take AI-95 or AI-92 gasoline and mix it in a ratio with oil. In 1 liter of gasoline 40gr oil.

Important Tips

In order for a Stihl chainsaw to work productively for many years, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Gasoline must be fresh, not from a month old canister.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for 4-stroke engines. It will not be completely burnt out, which will lead to the formation of carbon deposits and the imminent failure of the cylinder-piston group (CPG).
  • In a 2-stroke engine, the oil should burn out without residues, therefore it is more advisable to use synthetics. Which is characterized by the formation of less combustion residues and smoke.
  • When diluting the mixture, it is better to add more than the recommended volume of oil, but within reasonable limits. 5 grams of excess per 1 liter of gasoline will not lead to coking. A larger amount can be a prerequisite for the formation of carbon deposits and damage to the CPG. If you pour 5 grams less than indicated, this is fraught with overheating of the piston and cylinder.
  • Do not use a prepared mixture of a month ago.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for mopeds. they are NOT intended for a chainsaw, as they are designed for a lower number of revolutions.
  • After the season, the mixture must be completely consumed or drained to avoid loss of gasoline properties, as well as wear of seals.

Fuel mixture: the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw

The chainsaw engine is the “heart” of the tool, so it is very important to use a properly prepared fuel mixture.

The fuel mixture for a chainsaw is prepared from two components. oil and gasoline. Chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, so oil is not added to the lubrication system (as in a four-stroke engine), but directly to gasoline. At the same time, it is very important to observe the correct proportions of ingredients, of course, in no case should you try to work on pure gasoline, because in this way you will very quickly “kill” the chain saw.

If we talk about what kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw, then it will be optimal to use fuel with an octane rating of A-95, in this case the savings on fuel can turn out to be deplorable. Often European manufacturers indicate that it is possible to use A-90 or A-92 gasoline, but in the post-Soviet countries the quality of gasoline is inferior to European, therefore, in our realities it is better to use higher quality gasoline.

As for the proportion of the oil-oil mixture itself, everything is simple here: you must follow the instructions for the tool. All manufacturers of chainsaws indicate the required ratio in the instruction manual or in the passport of the tool, in addition, the proportions for refueling the chainsaw may differ depending on the model of the chain saw. As a rule, the proportion of oil and gasoline to a chainsaw of famous manufacturers is a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part of oil for, for example, 40 parts of gasoline. Now arithmetic 1 liter of gasoline = 1000 ml of gasoline, divide by 40 and we get 25 ml of oil. If you do the same to a 1:50 ratio, you get 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. As for budget chainsaws made in China, the situation is slightly different. The ratio of gasoline to chainsaw oil made in China 1:25, that is, divide 1000 ml of gasoline by 25, we get 40 ml of oil. The thing is that in branded chainsaws, a solid assembly and the distance between the pistons and cylinders in the engine is much less than in Chinese chainsaws, therefore the required amount of oil differs almost twice.

In order to measure the correct amount of oil, use a conventional medical syringe of sufficient volume.

Another subtlety. Fill the dry gas canister with gasoline first and then oil. The procedure, on the contrary, is fraught with a low quality fuel mixture, because the oil is denser, it will stick to the bottom of the canister. what a good mixing here.

Be sure to prepare the fuel mixture in the Canister and fill the ready-made special fuel into the gas tank! Never ready and DO NOT mix it directly in the fuel tank of your chainsaw!

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If you figured out the question of how to breed gasoline for a chainsaw, then on storage conditions and shelf life of the fuel mixture it is worth saying a few words. It is best and easiest to prepare a petrol-oil mixture for 1 liter of gasoline, it is recommended to do this immediately before working with the tool. Chainsaw fuel tanks have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. In the conditions of domestic use, the entire volume of the prepared fuel mixture is rarely used in one session, so the remainder can be saved until the next session. It is necessary to store the fuel mixture in a special Canister for gasoline, in a dry, dark place. It is optimal to count that the shelf life of the finished mixture will be 7-10 days. The fact is that the oil on the market now is NOT synthetic, but organic, that is, natural. After 10 days, all lubricating properties are lost, gasoline simply “eats” the oil. Naturally, it is no longer possible to use such fuel, this can cause breakdown and failure of the chainsaw.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to drain the fuel mixture, start the chainsaw, the tool will stall (so that there is a dry carburetor in the saws) and now you can leave it in the next operation session.

Unsuitable fuel mixture must be disposed of.

What gasoline to fill?

The quality of the combustible material affects the engine thrust, speed and coordination of all system elements. In different models, dust is poured with fuel with a different octane number. Local tool manufacturers advise taking low grade AI-80 fuel. Sometimes a mixture is made from AI-80 with AI-92. For foreign models, the octane number should not be less than 90, therefore AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline is recommended. In all cases, unleaded fuel must be used so that it does NOT contain lead, which has a detrimental effect on the parts of the instrument. How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil? It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, it is easy enough to damage the instrument and violate all factory settings.

Chainsaw Mixing Oil

To lubricate the internal parts of a gasoline engine, special oils are used with the following properties:

  • High quality cleaning. narrow carburettor passages should NOT be clogged with fuel mixture impurities.
  • They must have low smoke when burning. oil, together with gasoline, burns in the saw engine. Large amounts of smoke have a negative effect on the exhaust system and the health of the saw owner.
  • Do NOT form excess carbon deposits. they adversely affect the operation of the tool, settling on the piston, and clog the exhaust system.

Using low-quality oil, the owner of the saw can face serious problems, which will result in expensive repairs. How much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw is indicated by the manufacturer on the package. It is imperative to adhere to this dosage, since incorrect proportions negatively affect the life of the tool.

Chainsaw Oil to Gasoline Ratio

Every chainsaw company tweaks engines and base carburettors to work with different amounts of lubricant. Therefore, the proportion of oil and gasoline for your chainsaw may differ slightly.

Most often, when mixing fuel with oil, manufacturers advise using proportions of 1:50, or 1:40. This means that 1 part of motor lubricant must be mixed in 50 or 40 parts of fuel, respectively.

It is quite easy to translate the proportion into a more accessible formulation. For example, 1 liter of fuel contains 1000 ml. If 1000 ml is divided by 40, you get 25 ml. This means that 25 ml of lubricant will need to be diluted for 1 liter of gasoline. The same formula should be used when the manufacturer recommends preparing the fuel mixture exclusively in a 1:50 ratio. To do this, divide 1000 ml by 50, resulting in 20 ml. This means that 20 ml of engine lubricant should be diluted in one liter of fuel.

Things are a little different with Chinese chainsaws. Their manufacturers advise to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw in a ratio of 1:25. This means that owners of Chinese tools need to stir exactly 40 ml of lubricant into 1 liter of pure gasoline. This ratio is due to the fact that in terms of assembly quality and selection of components, these chainsaws are slightly inferior to their Western counterparts. In engines of American, European and Japanese models, the distance between the cylinders and pistons is much less than in chainsaws from China. In this regard, the amount of lubricant required to operate the former. Far less.

Chainsaw “Huter”: how to dilute gasoline with oil?

The German company Huter has been on the Russian market since 2004. She mainly supplies gardening equipment. Chainsaws from this company are intended for domestic use only. For the preparation of the fuel mixture, manufacturers recommend the use of a high quality oil that is suitable for air-cooled two-stroke engines, complying with the API TB or API TC classification. Gasoline for mixing should be taken of the AI-92 unleaded brand. The ratio of the components in this case is 1:40, i.e. 25 ml of oil is taken for 1 liter of gasoline when no second data is indicated on the bottle with oil. Mixing is carried out in a separate container according to the specified proportions, and only then the mixture is poured into the fuel tank.

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For this, a bottle with graduations and a medical syringe without a needle are taken. All ratios Must be strictly observed.

How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil?

A mixture of gasoline and oil should be constantly prepared in a clean container, on the walls of which there are measuring marks. This will give the owner of the chainsaw the ability to accurately determine the amount of gasoline and engine oil they mix. The material from which the container is made must be resistant to gasoline. Metal vessels work well for this.

Pour fuel and lubricant through a watering can to prevent loss of components. In order for the used lubricant to completely dissolve in the fuel, the filled container will need to be shaken several times. As a result, the gasoline mixture should become uniformly colored. In this case, you need to Make sure that there is no precipitation at the bottom of the vessel.

What chain oil to use?

The oil for lubricating the chain is recommended by the manufacturer and indicates it in the tool passport. These are usually branded products with high quality. While the chainsaw is new, it is necessary to use it. Otherwise, if the tool breaks down, it is removed from the warranty and repairs are made at the user’s expense. Subsequently, the oil is replaced with a cheaper one, but it must meet the following requirements:

  • Protect the chain from corrosion;
  • Increase wear resistance by reducing friction;
  • DO NOT form carbon deposits;
  • Maintain the ability to work with the tool over a wide temperature range.

For long-term operation of the chainsaw in good working order on chain oil It is better not to save.


The main component of the fuel mixture for chainsaw engines is gasoline with an octane number of at least 92.

  • The opinions of experts on the use of different brands of gasoline are ambiguous. On the one hand, the incomplete compliance of domestic gasoline A-92 with European standards is recognized.
  • On the other hand, the quality of A-95 gasoline is questioned due to the high content of anti-knock additives. It is possible to use this fuel for the preparation of fuel for a chainsaw only if you are fully confident in its quality.
  • The difficulty lies in the presence of various improving additives, with the help of which unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors increase the performance properties of motor gasoline with a lower octane index.

There are also irreversible changes in the operating parameters of the fuel when it is stored for a sufficiently long time in a plastic container, regardless of the level of its petrol and oil resistance.

Why gasoline is mixed with oil for refueling chainsaws

It is necessary to dilute gasoline with oil in order to avoid the failure of the internal combustion engine. The reason for this is the design features of the lubrication system for two-stroke motors. These engines do not have an engine oil filling chamber, and if the fuel is filled without lubricant, the crankshaft, piston, bearings and connecting rods will NOT receive lubrication. This will significantly reduce the service life of all the listed parts, therefore, it is prohibited to fill in clean fuel.

Gasoline and oil for the chainsaw must be filled in the appropriate proportions, which makes it possible to effectively lubricate the rubbing parts. Lack of lubricant or its excess will lead to negative consequences in the form of carbon deposits. For the tool to work properly, it is necessary to fill it from the first day of operation of the tool Not only with high-quality materials, but also observe the correct proportions.

For the engine to work properly, the main thing is to fill it with clean fuel without contamination.

How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil: types of oils, choice of gasoline, proportions and mixing procedure

A variety of brands of chainsaws are purchased by owners of country houses. Miracle technique Indispensable for the preparation of firewood and the construction of outbuildings. Those who have been using this tool for a long time know all the intricacies of its maintenance. But beginners definitely need to learn how to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil. This will be discussed in the article.