Disassembling the Ggt 1300s Trimmer Coil

Disassembling the Ggt 1300s Trimmer Coil

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Trimmer Huter GGT 1300S

Lawn mower Huter GGT 1300S belongs to the garden equipment of the light class. Designed to perform work of medium complexity, the permissible work area is up to 500 sq.M.

The model is a non-separable device, if desired, you can purchase an analog of the Huter GGT 1300S of a collapsible type – its name contains the marking 1300T.

The purpose of the Huter GGT 1300S gas trimmer is:

  • Mowing small and medium-sized lawns;
  • Cutting of bushes, small branches, dense weeds;
  • Processing grass under the trees;
  • Alignment of the landscape near the curbs.

Petrol trimmer Huter GGT 1300S – equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine, there is a manual start function, electronic ignition is also available. Engine power is 1300 W or 2.3 hp Type of engine location: top.

Huter GGT 1300S has the following options:

  • Vibration damping function;
  • All control buttons are located on the handle, because the lawn mowing is convenient to control;
  • The handles have a dense coating that increases grip with the hands of the operator;
  • The trimmer has a relatively light weight and compact dimensions.

Basic equipment of a lawn lawn-mower of Huter GGT 1300S

Advantages of the gasoline trimmer Huter GGT 1300S

  • Anticorrosive coating of the rod and all metal elements;
  • Good power for medium-sized lawns;
  • Presence of anti-vibration system;
  • Quick and easy cooling of the motor after turning off the trimmer;
  • Ease of use and ease of assembly.

The disadvantages of the gasoline trimmer Huter GGT 1300S

  • Noticeable noise during operation;
  • There is a fairly high noise level at the time of operation.


Type of food petrol
Engine power 2.3 h.P.
Fuel tank capacity 0,7l
Fishing line thickness 2.0 mm
Engine volume 35 cm cube
Mowing width mm 255
Weight, kg 7.0

User manual

Huter GGT 1300S trimmer operation features:

  • The trimmer is not included if there is no fuel cap;
  • Regularly clean the lawn mowers from grass and dirt with a damp dense cloth;
  • If long-term work is planned, technological breaks should be present every 20-30 minutes of lawn mowing;
  • Do not use the trimmer during rain.

Maintenance with the Hunter GGT 1300S trimmer:

  • Regularly clean the fuel filter, cooler, monitor the condition of the cooling system;
  • If there are problems with the engine winding, pay attention to the condition of the spark plug, it may have accumulated a lot of carbon deposits on it or it needs to be replaced;
  • Before storing for a long time, perform a few simple manipulations, namely drain the fuel, clean parts of the trimmer from any contaminants, start the engine and wait until it dies out yourself, unscrew the candle, grease the hole for the candle with engine oil, and then put it back.

Video: Disassembling the Ggt 1300s Trimmer Coil

Video review

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  • Trimmer Huter GGT 1500S
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Trimmer Huter GGT 1500S

The Huter GGT 1500S petrol trimmer is a versatile gardening technique that can be called semi-professional. Lawn mowing is designed to work with tall dense grass growing both on lawns and previously untreated areas of soil. It is allowed to work with this trimmer in parks, gardens, in adjoining areas.

The device’s engine is two-stroke, its power is 1500 W, cooling is forced by air. Such a cooling system allows you to operate the trimmer for a long time. Huter GGT 1500S is used for different tasks with the installation of two different types of cutting elements, these include a three-blade knife and a trimmer head with fishing line.

Thanks to the electronic ignition, starting the Huter GGT 1500S is very easy, even a woman can cope with this task. The collapsible bar allows you to save space during transportation. You can also adjust the position of the handle according to your height. If you need a trimmer with a solid bar that does not understand, pay attention to a similar model marked 1500T.

The main purpose of the Hunter GGT 1500S trimmer

  • Hay mowing;
  • Lawn care;
  • Mowing dense thick grass in wild areas;
  • Mowing soft varieties of grass in the country, in the area in front of the house;
  • Shaping soft shrubs with thin branches.

Due to some technical parameters, it is very convenient to use the Hunter GGT 1500S trimmer. For example, to change a worn fishing line, the operator can simply hit the coil with the coil on the surface of the earth, after which the fishing line will automatically be replaced with a length of the desired length.

Basic equipment of lawn-mowers of Hunter GGT 1500S

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hunter GGT 1500S gas spit

  • Convenient quick ignition;
  • Vibration suppression system (allows the operator to be less tired in the process of work);
  • Easy fuel tracking thanks to a translucent fuel tank;
  • Powerful engine;
  • The tool is convenient to hold and carry because of its light weight;
  • Collapsible bar saves space when transporting lawn mowers;
  • Good build quality and key parts for a price higher than that of the Chinese counterparts.

Disadvantages of the gasoline spit Hunter GGT 1500S

  • Trimmer noise;
  • A small list of functionality (mainly lawn mowing is used to treat lawns, mowing grass);
  • Higher price (middle price segment).


Type of food petrol
Engine power 1500 watts
Engine volume 42.7 cm3
Mowing width mm 255
Weight, kg 7.3

User manual

Rules of operation and maintenance of lawn mowers Huter GGT 1500S:

  • Maintenance must be carried out for the air filter, spark plug, muffler and cooling system;
  • The air filter should be cleaned every 100 hours of operation, as well as the spark plug, if necessary, the spark plug is replaced with a new one;
  • Maintenance of the muffler is reduced to cleaning the spark arrester;
  • Every month you should check whether the gearbox needs lubrication;
  • Hunter GGT lawnmower cooling system is cleaned with a cylinder of compressed air (cylinder ribs are cleaned);
  • When working with the device, use overalls – a mask, glasses, headphones, wear closed shoes;
  • Do not use the trimmer without a protective cover and silencer;
  • Be sure to turn off the trimmer at the end of the mowing process;
  • Clean the cutting elements of the mower from grass fibers after turning off the engine and cooling it.

Video review

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