Disc for cutting wood on the angle grinder

Wood discs for angle grinder

In working with wooden surfaces, the question arises whether the disk for the angle grinder when working with wood. Today, the angle grinder is used in various operations, because it has been made a versatile tool.

With such a device you can sand, polish, cut, saw and perform many more functions. It perfectly copes with such a material as wood, but before the work you need to study some recommendations.

In this article we will talk about discs for angle grinder, their types and attachments used when working with wood. There are many of these accessories for angle grinders, and they all differ from each other in purpose and characteristics.

Cutting wheels for angle grinder for wood materials

Operation of the angle grinder paired with a cutting disc for wood must comply with safety. Work must be carried out in special protective clothing, and the workpiece to be sawed must be firmly fixed in a vice or a clamp. It is important to hold the tool with both hands to avoid the possibility of knocking it out of his hands. Preference should be given to the angle grinder, which has a speed regulator.

Manufacturers produce discs for wood grinders of four main types, about which we will learn in detail:

  • Circular or toothed. appeared the very first, but have not gained wide popularity due to the possession of the effect of backfire. The blade has an external (face) arrangement of the large teeth. Manufacturers produce cutting discs for wood on the angle grinder with a maximum diameter of up to 180 mm. The teeth can be fitted with special carbide tips. Although these discs are the most common, they are the most dangerous attachment in action. Avoid using it if possible. It should be noted that you can use such discs on the angle grinder only if the tool is used as a stationary circular saw
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  • Chain. look like a disk, only on the outer circumference instead of the teeth is a chain, like on chain saws. This type of bit is safer and makes it suitable for cutting medium-density chipboard. On this type of circles, the danger of jamming and the occurrence of backfire is minimized. This is achieved through a special design of the nozzle, which is similar to a chainsaw bar. The circle consists of two parts, and on the end side there is a slot. This groove accommodates the saw chain that moves as a result of the chain’s inertia. This design eliminates the jamming of the disk, and thus is a safer option compared to the first type. It is categorically forbidden to saw wood with nails. Teeth are quickly blunted and fail
  • Universal is so called because it allows not only cutting wood, but also metal and making slots. The multi-purpose nozzle has the appearance of an ordinary steel disc, but with three extra teeth in the form of slots. Teeth have hard metal tips that increases life of the cutting head. The advantage of the universal cutting disc for angle grinder is that it is as safe as the chain wheel, but costs half as much. Manufactured by the company Graff, hence the name “graphsky”
  • With a tungsten carbide edge. manufacturers do not rest on their laurels, and are constantly improving their products. Another type of cutting disc that is completely similar to a concrete cutting nozzle. The only difference is that the end part of the circle is tungsten carbide sputtering (you can also find diamond sputtering). The disc is equipped with slots with holes that serve to dissipate heat when working with dense materials like wood. Tungsten carbide wheels are effective not only for cutting wood, but also other materials such as plastic, metal, etc.п. But it is better not to use such a head for cutting just metal, because it will break down quickly. The wheel is excellent for cutting wood that has nails, screws and other metal objects in it

Now it is not difficult to choose a wood saw blade for an angle grinder, knowing what kinds of them there are. For household chores, we recommend a wood saw blade that is either universal or with a tungsten carbide edge. They are not only considered effective, but also safe. Circles with a saw chain are more expensive, but they are also safe when cutting wood with an angle grinder. The most dangerous are toothed discs. They are recommended for use only in situations where an angle grinder is made into a stationary circular saw.

The use of grinding and roughing discs

It is known that cutting wood with an angle grinder is considered to be quite a traumatic operation. No special experience is required to perform sanding work. Grinding operation belongs to the category of basic, originally intended for the angle grinder functions. Even on this basis the tool has developed new possibilities and has been further developed. angle grinder is used for grinding the surface of completely different materials, by means of special grinding plates.

Each such plate is made in layers. For its production is used:

In addition, there are a number of other devices in addition to grinding plates. To perform grinding and polishing wood, most often use the blade disc. It has several rigid blades, the working surface of which is covered with sanding paper.

Petal discs are used for roughing surfaces. In addition, for removal of large layers you can use the so-called skinning tool, which is a metal cup with wire brushes fixed inside. It is worth emphasizing that sanding is considered one of the safest operations, which is carried out with an angle grinder.

What is the best wheel for an angle grinder to cut wood with?

You should never wear gloves when working with these tools.

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Such discs should not be used at all

Did you use them?? If not, don’t comment.

It’s scary to even look at such a disc without a handle

What kind of gloves. In general, this article is for potential handicapped persons.

Wear iron pants to work with these discs, or they could jam, rebound and cut the most expensive.

There’s nothing more stupid than cutting wood with an angle grinder! This kind of video is only for people who want to get handicapped!

♪ Try it wisely and you’ll like it ♪. I used to think so too.

This lunatic obviously dreams of getting a disability!

In our region.A separate room in the hospital for such craftsmen, someone has a nose stitched, someone has a glass eye, and some even worse, they are hurt

I had 2 comrades from Central Asia working for me They put a saw blade on an angle grinder Lucky it ripped his pants, a little thigh Almost lost his guts Don’t ever do that

The drive is really good and the homeland of the brand is Belarus, but they make it in China long time ago, like everything else

Only a moron would cut wood with an angle grinder and give advice to others about it

Only a moron would be clever not knowing what he is talking about!

I work in construction. They only cut small things with an angle grinder. Young people in general know about the knife. but I’ve never used a screwdriver. The last time I sawed with a hacksaw was about 20 years ago. Everyone who has an angle grinder has saw blades, as well as stone and metal blades. Everything you write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this subject is nonsense.

In principle, you can poke your eye out with a screwdriver. Let’s prohibit screwdrivers? I used to saw wet branches with this (but it was a Boshevsk blade). The main cause of rebound is loose twigs. When they wobble, the disc tends to bounce forward and upward. If you are prepared, no problem. I’ve tried to saw two branches at once (where the trunk splits in two) a couple of times causing jamming. Also without too many consequences. It’s much more efficient than the normal 60-toothed hacksaw. Clearly, a sabre saw is better suited for branches, but it is much heavier than a 125 mm angle grinder and cuts slower.

Sawed boards lengthwise and crosswise with a blade on an angle grinder. I split a forged wood into bars with an ordinary circular saw blade. It’s hard, but when there’s nothing else and it’s urgent, I have to work with what I have. Grown-ups themselves know what is dangerous and how to be careful not to get hurt. Someone made a good point that these tools can not be used with gloves or mittens.

angle grinder is not designed for cutting wood, no matter what kind of discs you use. That’s because of such unprofessional articles formed a general distrust of the Internet resource

Vlad, what do you think about angle grinder with adjustable speed? Even cars are polished with these tools

I don’t think any of them have ever worked with wood.) Either they’re piss-poor

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I used to cut with this special disc. True, not every day. The kerf is wide, you have to take it into account. I have never cut a large array of. To saw off a board, and even at an angle. I see no reason to blow bubbles. The main thing is to have a head, not a tuchis. You can foolishly break a dick.

I have a Makita 150mm. I’m down to 45 millimeters. I use it very seldom. For chipping and slicing 40s. With prayer and utmost caution. But I do. Sometimes there’s no other way out. 125mm angle grinder’s useless. ♪ Not even an inch can penetrate ♪. I don’t see any reason to saw branches.

I have a hard time with those imbeciles who want to improve their financial situation by disability allowance, while the common people get jigsaws, circular saws, 180 bars or some kind of multi-cutting machines for this kind of work. And the fools are still thinking about miracle disks. He’s making wooden shelves with an angle grinder, and he’s agitating other idiots. And then there are those who are interested in him.

Sawed planks similar disk installed on the angle grinder, was glad until sawed through 4 fingers, to use dangerous for this there are specialized tools.

If your hands are growing out of your ass, that in itself is an indicator of disability, this year I decided to try a wood disc in business. I was very satisfied, sawed off the seal and sawed firewood out of it as easily as a chainsaw)))))

Not right, those who unreasonably berate the angle grinder in combination with the disk on wood. I have more than a decade of experience with this tool. It’s great. The main thing is to hold tight and be attentive. than a year ago, feeling unwell, I held the angle grinder very poorly and when trying to trim rotten floor boards, I didn’t hold it. As a result, I took off part of my foot. But it’s my inattention, not the tool’s fault. Total experience with different grinders and discs for different materials, in the same conditions for 18 years. And also. Hold the angle grinder as in the video also do not recommend. It is still necessary to use a handle, it is safer. And not those kind of gloves.

I worked all summer with a Bosch wood blade. No teeth, corundum coating on the edge. Normal, but a lot of dust. And if your hands are only sharpened by a hammer, angle grinder can grind itself to pieces easily.

It’s all right to saw! I know these rims like the back of my hand!

A purely philosophical question: and what the fuck? Why such perversions, which can easily leave you crippled?? The sale is a lot of good and inexpensive specialized tools for working with wood. Why put your health at risk?

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I put a 4 mm thick PTFE gasket under the mounting nut on the blade. everything is fine.

You can cut it. Just use your head when you work with such disks.Handle is obligatory, gloves optional, depending on the time of year if outdoors.

A normal Bosch disc on an angle grinder. for people with a head and brains.

Don’t be a stranger to a fate and fate to a jail.It is the same here, it is dangerous, but you can work.

CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD?? (Tricks TipsCutting Wood With Grinders)

Umeesh uses angular grinder all will be fine

Such a disk is designed for working on wooden sculptures

There is also a Bosch wood disc for a clean cut

Of course, every tool has its purpose, but not always you have everything you need at hand, so this option saw blade on angle grinder very helpful. Just k soemu need to have the skill and, of course, comply with safety requirements, otherwise you can be crippled by any tool. And when working with an angle grinder, you must always be attentive, and it is rightly noted to hold the tool firmly. In fact, the angle grinder has a great torque and disks for metal and concrete at a warp, clamping and other unforeseen events are destructive properties, flying into pieces at high speed and often causing injury. Of course, if you do not interfere in the limited space handle should be obligatory and the workpiece must be firmly fixed. And such a disk is very handy, especially when the amount of work is not great and there is no need to look for or go for a special tool.

You need to work with your head and hands should be growing from a normal place. I built a 100/150 beam banya with a Bulgarian disk for circulation and nothing, safe and invisible.

Working with any tool there is a chance of injury. Even if you get married, you can become an invalid if you treat your wife improperly. The disk on the bulb specifically for wood. The most angular grinder should be with adjustable speed. I have different wheels. With tungsten carbide inserts that work perfectly even at 300 rpm. A rough cut, or in awkward places, is an indispensable thing. For other woodworking applications, other tools.

Angle grinder very extensive range of tools of the same class, called an angle grinder (angle grinder). The device can have a huge power and work with a disc of 230 or more millimeters. Or be characterized by compact dimensions and a modest 115 mm abrasive.

The disadvantages of large and heavy tools are obvious: it is difficult to work for a long time. In addition, serious skills and experience are required for precision woodworking. It is elementary difficult for a beginner to control a massive and powerful angle grinder. However, when a large area of processing or the need to remove a significant amount of material such an angle grinder is very good.

Small angle grinder also has disadvantages. Its disc diameter to housing dimensions do not allow for hard-to-reach areas to be tilled. In addition, it is difficult to select a large volume of material with such a tool because of low power and overheating.

Many craftsmen to work with wood prefer an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm. This is explained quite simply:

  • this class presents angle grinders in a wide range of working capacities;
  • It is easy to choose a tool with comfortable size and weight;
  • there are many accessories and attachments on the market designed for the standard 125 mm disc bore.

In addition, a medium-power angle grinder offers relative safety for beginners. It will not make you get tired quickly, allow you to control your movement more accurately, reduce the likelihood of scrap on valuable parts.

Wood saw blades for angle grinder

The best wood saw blades on the angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder, which is popularly called “angle grinder” you can not only cut and grind metal. Using special wood discs makes it possible to cut wood evenly and cleanly if you do not have a circular saw or a coping saw for wood at hand.

The entire danger of using an angle grinder to cut wood is due to the use of unsuitable discs for this purpose. Do not cut wood with an ordinary disc for metal, as well as use discs of the wrong diameter on the angle grinder.

Today you can buy good discs for wood in online stores on an angle grinder. However, to really choose the “best of the best” wood saw blade angle grinder, it is important to study reviews and familiarize yourself with the main characteristics.

Saw blades

Saw blades can be purchased at the Order’s online store at low with up to 230 bonus cashback for your purchase.

Many construction and repair work requires the use of special tools that make it easier and faster. Quite often there is a need to saw various materials, and it is important to get a clean cut in metal or wood. It is better to use a “turbine” for which it is important to buy a disk with the right parameters. Find the product you are interested in on our website and buy it in our online store.

  • monolithic. Made of solid metal, initially sharpened by laser technology. They are inexpensive, can be sharpened repeatedly. However, they wear out quickly when cutting hard materials and blunt quickly;
  • Carbide. Alloy steel is used for the core, the cutting edge consists of titanium or tungsten. Such saw blade for machine tools is characterized by sharpness of teeth, durability, clean cut and long retention of the original sharpening.

Cutting-off wheels also have different characteristics:

  • tooth shape. Chosen on the basis of the material to be processed. For example, a wood saw blade with variable teeth is optimal for cutting any wood;
  • number of teeth. if the material is to be cut crosswise, discs with a maximum number of teeth are appropriate, but in the longitudinal direction. with a few cutting elements. However, in the first case you get a precise and accurate cut, and in the latter. a rough cut;
  • disc thickness. Determines cutting depth.
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If you are looking for a high-quality saw blade for a trimmer or circular saw, then you can buy it at the store “Order”!

Diamond disc. features and benefits

It is used as a cutting tool for angle grinders. Outstanding durability and wear resistance, diamond wheel is suitable for cutting hard materials: concrete, ceramic, stone, brick, granite, marble. Some discs have vertical slots to keep the sawing area cool and free of debris. They are designed for dry cutting of material, provide the best result without dust and use of water.

Cutting-off wheels with diamond segments and a continuous diamond layer to give the cleanest cut possible. These discs can work continuously up to 80 seconds. After cooling, they can be used again.

Diamond discs manufacturers for angle grinder produce discs with different characteristics. For example, in the line of Hagwert there is a cutting disc Turbo, which can quickly and accurately process reinforced and heavy concrete.

The price of the disc is affected by its type, diameter, number of teeth, manufacturer. The “Order” store has a large assortment of saw blades with different prices. So you can buy the right cutting disc, taking into account your budget and the specifics of the work carried out.

Small-diameter tools are excellent for fine wood. 12,5 cm discs are recommended for use with mains and battery-powered angle grinders of compact sizes.

Rating of TOP 5 125 mm angle grinder wood discs by reviews and customer reviews.

Sparta 732395 125×22 mm

Made of special alloys, the saw blade Sparta 732395 has teeth with a carefully selected sharpening angle, allowing to produce high-quality and highly productive work on wood sawing.

Model is equipped with compensating slots, which reduce vibrations, suppress noises, prevent deformation of the element during intensive work.

The outer diameter of the disk is 12.5 cm, the inner diameter is 2.2 cm.

The set includes adapter rings, allowing the use of accessories with tools that have different bore diameters.

Technical characteristics:

  • The outer diameter is 12.5 cm;
  • the planting size. 22 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 36;
  • speed. 10000 rpm;
  • type of disc. carbide;
  • material. wood.

TUNDRA 1032324 125х32 mm

Circular saw blade for angle grinder TUNDRA 1032324 provides high-quality wood sawing due to the special scheme of sharpening the carbide teeth.

Equipped with compensating slots to reduce vibration, suppress noise and ensure that the tool is not deformed by heat from heavy loads.

Additional adapters (rings for 20/32 and 16/32) for angle grinders with appropriate slots diameters are included in the delivery.

The device provides a clean type of cut.


  • outside diameter. 12,5 cm;
  • fitting size. 32 mm
  • Number of teeth 36;
  • speed. 7000 rpm;
  • disc type. carbide;
  • material of processing. wood.

VIRA RAGE 125 mm

Saw blade VIRA RAGE. the ideal solution for cutting, profiling, scraping and other works on all types of wood and its derivatives with angle grinder.

External diameter of the device is 12,5 cm, internal diameter is 2,2 cm. Thickness of cut. 3,8 mm.

The design of the accessories guarantees minimum kickback during operation with an angle grinder, eliminates severe deformation as a result of heat during prolonged intensive work with hardwood.

Technical characteristics:

  • outside diameter. 12,5 cm;
  • seating size 22,23 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 3;
  • Speed 12200 rpm;
  • disk type. carbide;
  • material. wood.

STAYER Woodcut 36854-125 125×22.2 mm

STAYER Woodcut 36854-125 saw blade is a productive and safe tool that is suitable for a variety of tasks with perfect results.

Model provides clean and accurate cut.

The disc is compatible with STAYER angle grinder and can be used for crosscutting besides sawing.

Special geometry of hardened steel cutting elements allows to work with wood and plastics.

tooling ensures a maximum linear velocity of 80 m/s, no deformation as a result of heat.

Technical specifications:

  • 12.5 cm external diameter;
  • seating size. 22,2 mm;
  • Number of teeth. 3;
  • speed. 12250 rpm;
  • disc type. carbide;
  • material of processing. wood, plastic.

Sturm! 9020-125-22-36T 125×22.2 mm

Model Sturm! 9020-125-22-36T is a replaceable saw blade for longitudinal and crosscutting work in soft and hard wood, plywood, chipboard, laminate, and other materials.

Accessories manufactured by high-tech equipment.

Its base is made of carbon steel; the cutting part is reinforced with carbide plates.

Model has a footprint diameter of 2.2 cm and an outer dimension of 12.5 cm.

Special tooth shape enables high precision longitudinal and cross cutting.


  • outside diameter. 12,5 cm;
  • bore size. 22,2 mm;
  • number of teeth. 36;
  • speed. 9000 rpm;
  • disc type: carbide
  • material. wood, laminate, board.

Variety of sanding discs

At the present time on sale offers a wide variety of discs on the angle grinder, and the average person can be quite difficult to choose a grinding wheel for angle grinder on wood. To understand the existing types in more detail, it is necessary to divide the range into such categories:

  • Abrasive wheels. This type of consumable material is particularly versatile, so it allows you to carry out precise and high-quality activities with minimal resource-intensiveness. In addition, there is the possibility of additional polishing. Because of these characteristics, abrasive-type tools are among the best.
  • Diamond-coated circles. are very popular. Segmented and solid models are available on the market. Depending on this option, the areas of application may differ. Both solutions are able to provide precise cutting of any material with the highest density. They include: stone, metal and concrete products.

Angle grinder discs may resemble most modern saws, but they are made of a different alloy. Originally, such products were considered rare, but now they have spread very widely. Combination of carbide and tungsten is ideal.