Disk saw Makita which to choose. Features of the model

Makita or Bosch circular saws. What to choose?

Disk or circular manual saw is not the only tool that cut different sheet material. But when compared with a manual saw and an electrician, it gives out an even slice, perform it with it is much more comfortable. The circular is highly performance. There are many models of this tool of both little.Known and popular firms on the market: Metabo (Metabo), Devolt, Bison, Intercommers, Bosch, Makita. Many people prefer the technique of the last two manufacturers, but they cannot decide that it is better than the circular saw Makita or Bosch, which tool for themselves to choose. Comparison of the technique of both brands can help in this.

Place Model
one. Bosch PKS 40 2015, 850 watts Prices Review
2. Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W Prices Review
3. Bosch GKS 600, 1200 W Prices Review
4. Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W Prices Review
5. Bosch GKS 235 Turbo 06015A2015A Prices Review
6. Makita HS7601, 1200 W Prices Review
7. Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts Prices Review
eight. Makita HS7601K, 1200 W Prices Review
nine. Makita HS7600, 1200 W Prices Review
ten. Makita SP6000, 1300 W Prices Review


The products of this company are known for its high quality, which explains the high interest in her from consumers.

However, before you opt for a particular saw or another, you need to compare all the proposed models according to key parameters, among which the main ones for most buyers are power and price.

So that the disc saw can fully satisfy your requests, when choosing it is necessary to pay attention for engine power.

If you decide to purchase high.Power equipment, then it will not be difficult for you to cut a thick tree, and you can also install a maximum disk on it. But remember that with an increase in this parameter, the cost and weight of the saw will increase. In order for the tool to cope with the whole circle of tasks that you have to solve, it is best to purchase a model with a power supply. This will be a guarantee that while using a saw with a powerful engine, the rotation frequency will be stable, and this will allow you to quickly cut dense material.

After familiarizing yourself with the assortment of disk saws, you will find out that today they are offered in three main categories depending on power:

The former are used to solve household problems, the latter are the choice of professionals, but others are purchased for industrial production, where this equipment is operated in continuous mode in particularly difficult conditions.

What to choose?

Types of circular saws Makita are presented in the assortment:

  • Stationary. These are large.Sized models requiring a separate dedicated place. They can work in a large amount of tasks and intensive mode. Most often they are chosen for large furniture production.
  • Desktop. A small tool that does not require a separate place for storage, it can be easily tolerated.
  • Manual. This model is used to cut a small number of plastic or wood parts. The circular saw of manual use is perfect for carpentry with slight performance.
  • Professional. Designed for full.Fledged production and daily use, with their help it is easy to make a large number of wooden blanks, and they can also work continuously for several hours.
  • Household models are designed for use in everyday life and small repair work.
  • For metal. Such a circular saw is universal, because it can be used for work not only with iron, but also with other materials (wood, plastic, profile).
  • Submersible. The tool will make it easy to make a groove on the surface of any part or cut a small hole. Now it’s easy to make a cut on any site. The circular of this type is convenient for working with parquet, multilayer material or laminate.
  • Battery works from battery.This is ideal if you need to work in an inaccessible place, at a height or in the absence of a network source.
  • Electric circular saws can work for a long time without respite, but they can only be used near the power source.

Makita brand provides a large selection of circular saws for homework with different materials, as well as professional use at affordable prices.

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Technical characteristics of the model

Considering the circular “Makita” saws, you should pay attention to the model 5704 R, the planting diameter of the disk of which is 30 mm, but the weight of the equipment is 4.6 kg. At right angles, the maximum cut depth is 66 mm.

When choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it does not have a speed adjustment function, as well as the possibility of working with a guide tire, as well as a smooth launch. However, there are other positive features in the type of cable length of 2.5 m, as well as an impressive depth of cut at an angle of 45 °, this parameter is 46 mm.

How to choose a circular saw for a home or cottage

When choosing a specific model from TOP, the best disk saws should pay attention to parameters such as:

  • Diameter of the saw disc. The higher the indicator, the thicker and wider the workpiece can be processed.
  • Engine power. It shows the duration and stability of the tool. For simple repair and summer cottages, 800-1000 W will be enough.
  • The depth of the cut. For homework, there will be enough middle class with a depth of 5-7 cm or primary class in 3-6 cm.
  • Disk rotation speed. The larger the turnover, the faster the saw. But even cut cannot be guaranteed. A small number of revolutions suggests that the work will be more slow. However, the cut will be more even, and dust and noise will be less.

A circular saw can be cut not only of wood, but also other materials

Also, when selecting a certain disk saw for the home and cottage, it is recommended to adhere to the following principles:

  • The stationary device is convenient when there is a need to constantly do Driving blanks for construction.
  • The electric jigsaw is suitable for small homework. For example, cutting skirting boards, creating an opening for a hob in a countertop or under a sink.
  • A powerful engine ( than 2000 watts) Ideal for large construction.
  • A tool with a small disk diameter and a battery is needed for a saw In hard.To.Reach places. They can work on weight and easily hold in their hands.
  • Circular saw of low power with a depth of cut 35-45 mm Suitable for work with laminate, plywood and pine thin boards.

Rating of the best circular saws

When buying tools, most buyers are primarily looking at the price, but we need to study the rating of budget circular saws. To work at home You do not need a high.Power device and with great functionality, therefore a successful solution will be the acquisition of an inexpensive better wood saw on wood. The review presents models that differ in performance quality and perform all the necessary functions.

Makita HS7601, 1200 W

The design of the circular is manual. Equipped with network cable 2.5 m. From functions: spindle lock, engine braking. To clean the surface, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The kit includes: a disk, a 6-type key, a pipe for a vacuum cleaner, parallel emphasis.

How to Choose a Straight Edge for a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W

Hand tool with 4-meter network cable. There is an electronic engine protection, smooth start, spindle blocking.

Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W

The device has an option. Engine braking. Complex: parallel emphasis, carbide saw disk, dust.Off adapter, key.

Interskol DP-140/800, 800 watts

There is 4-meter network cable. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner and block spindle.

disk, makita, which, choose

Bosch PKS 40 2015, 850 watts

Disk electric model with a function. Spindle blocking and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Included: parallel emphasis, saw disk.

Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts

Professional disc saw. The operator is protected mobile protective casing And starting starting. The latter excludes involuntary operation. There is a backlight and the airfield of the cutting of the sawdust from the cutting line.

Dewalt Dwe560, 1350 W

In this model you can connect a vacuum cleaner. There is Sanding system of sawdust. The kit includes: parallel emphasis, a dust tutor adapter, a key, a saw disk with teeth in an amount of 24 pieces.

Metabo KS 55, 1200 W

Disco saw cuts at a speed of 37 m/s. Equipped network cable 4 m long. You can connect a vacuum cleaner. There is a spindle lock. Summary: key, vacuum cleaner adapter, parallel emphasis, saw disk.

Makita BSS610Z

The output capacity of the device is 360 watts. There is a spindle lock, engine braking, backlight. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. Supplied without a charger and battery.

Zubble PDP-65, 1600 W

The disc saw is equipped 3-meter network wire. From functions: connecting a vacuum cleaner, spindle blocking. Included: guide, saw, key.

Daw Makita UC4051A

Makita UC4051A saw has a rating 5.0 for 4 user reviews.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the Makita UC4051A saw, which users wrote about in their reviews.

disk, makita, which, choose

Everything works fine, well, in general it is felt that a quality thing.

disk, makita, which, choose

I use a little, 2-3 weeks, according to the same power as that of Stile, 260 oil does not flow like other models, the start is smooth, it’s nice to work.

MAKITA vs RIDGID! All New Ridgid Octane Circular Saw vs All New Makita 36v LXT 7 1/4″ Circular Saw.

One. Capacity with income is enough for cutting a tree. (Passed the logs along the fiber for the rolling logs of the bath. Drank at 5, without chopping) 2. The lift of the chain pleased the entire brigade. Do not be tormented by running after the key (which is always “unknown where it lies”. Well, you understand, at the construction site is always the case) 3. Visual level tank for oil. No need to open the lid every time and throw the sawdust into the tank with butter by negligence.4. The lid of the oil tank is unscrewed even in gloves. There are large ribs on the barrel.5. Rubberized pen that is confident to hold in the hand.

There is, but not to say that this is a drawback. I took a makeup with a short cord, there is a special lock for the extension cord on the cord, so if the extension cord “Chinese” (the fork easily enters the socket socket), then there were cases when with active saws (sustained saws from above down) a fork with a socket was disconnected. But this drawback of the plum is compensated by carrying saws to another place. I took it and immediately carried it, and when you use different tools and have to go to one and the same rosette different tools, here the short wire and it came up with it.

Damn, I almost forgot about the most important thing. This is the oil supply regulator (I will not fit into the virtues, the digits are laziness, so that there is a regulator in the second place), in winter when the oil is viscous add oil consumption and oil immediately in the chain, details do not receive oil starvation. Or oil is of different viscosity and here without a regulator, well, you can’t get there (not always branded oil at hand, sometimes it came across too liquid)

The saw is nice to pick up.A widely known time.Tested manufacturer with high quality manufacturing, the design is corrected by the shortcomings of the previous model, there will probably be no problems with the search for consumables.Complete.Set: all that is needed and nothing superfluous. A cardboard box, a tire, a protective casing, a wire fixer, detailed and understandable instructions in Russian and English. In performance with the letters AX1 in the kit two chains of Dolmar 511 492 056 which is very convenient. While one chain in sharpening can be worked as a second.Smooth start, smooth stop, does not pull, the brush does not twist.The emergency brake is strip, stops instantly and also without jerks.

This model is the correction of the shortcomings of the legendary and time.Tested UC4030AA CHALLECTION OF THE CLOSE OF THE CLECTION. Now there is a latch that prevents spontaneous opening on the fastener lever, and adjusting the tension of the chain with a plastic gyser with large teeth.The lever is still plastic (a metal nut is pressed into it), but does not look too flimsy to fall apart from the first effort.If this plastic lever does not suit you, buy UC4050A. It has a lid mount with two nuts (twist the end key), and adjust the tension of the chain with a screwdriver.The possibility of adjusting the oil supply is added, in the lid of the flood neck there is now there is a plastic thread that does not allow the lid to get lost.Wire length 30 cm. (thirty centimeters). Knowledgeable people say that the wire is made in such short, for safety reasons, so that in the case of an emergency, the fork is always at hand. But not at all because the manufacturer is sorry for the wire.They promise that the driven gear anger with the electric motor shaft is made of metal. Unfortunately, I can’t check this and disassemble the case, I drank more under warranty. By the sound of work, it is quite possible that it is so. The sound is like from a grinder, with a metal ringing.Made in Romania. When buying in November 2018, they sold the saw made in February 2016. Two years and eight months of the year saw in the warehouse.

Type electric chain structure manual power 2000 W number of speeds 1 step chain 3/8 inch

Guide to testing and comparing Makita circular saw

Therefore, you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Your own Makita manual saw Choose a bestseller

Hi, I’m David, and I love “do it yourself”. Before the master comes to my house, I try myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. This scratches in my image if I had not tried at least. Although sometimes there are failures, I am studying on every mistake.

You can too. Show that in you. This is why I have it for you Makita manual comparison saw Compiled. From the big Makita manual saw offer I have five Best manual circular saw Makita and the best.Selling models selected and compared in the table.

My research on customer reviews, surveys or opinions Makita manual saw TEthis is it Independent guide portals were reflected in my vast guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a group of products, as well as the criteria for choosing that are important for buying.

Maybe you already have your own personal Winner of the manual saw Makita Found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and express your personal opinion. I’m glad of your publication!