DIY metal cutting saw

Features of work

Of course, you can even make a saw with your own hands, but it is better to opt for Makita tools, and whether it will be a pendulum or circular saw depends solely on you.

The cutting saw for metal is distinguished by its simplicity of operation.

To make a cut on it with your own hands, you just need to correctly set the workpiece on the desktop and apply a certain effort to a special handle.

In addition, the blade itself affects the depth of cut, and the more you choose its diameter, the deeper you can make a cut in the metal surface. Makita tools have a huge selection of discs.

The most optimal are those devices that perform an incision with a depth of about fifty millimeters.

At the same time, for processing thin metals, it is better to use a tool with cutting parameters of the order of forty millimeters.

In order for the circular saw to be able to cut through thicker material, it is enough just to apply a stronger physical effort, while its speed will slightly decrease.

It should be noted that such a pendulum saw has a special electronic system that monitors the speed when the tool is loaded.

Also in the tool with a soft start, the load on the power grid is minimal, which is especially important for a powerful machine.

The tool also provides for a convenient replacement, if necessary, of carbon brushes.

The circular saw for metal is protected from possible overloads by a belt drive.

This allows you to avoid overheating of the engine, and, accordingly, to increase its service life.

The pendulum saw may have different weights depending on the model.

The weight of machines for home use is, as a rule, about twenty kilograms. In turn, professional units can weigh about fifty kilograms.

The most popular are products under the Makita brand, the price of which is within reasonable limits.

A circular saw for metal for home use is easy to use.

It is easy to do work on it with your own hands, as well as to carry out regular maintenance.

Changing the old disk with your own hands will not be difficult. In addition, such a unit is easy to move from place to place.

Cutting disc machine for metal with your own hands

It is much easier, safer and more comfortable to carry out the process of cutting metal and metal structures using machine tools than using manual devices and tools. But not every amateur can buy a high-quality machine.

This is the reason that many people prefer to design such mechanisms with their own hands, using what is in everyday life, for example, a saw or an angle grinder.

Additional recommendations

Despite the fact that the metal cutting machine has some protection, this unit is still considered source of increased danger.

You should work on a cutting machine with your own hands in compliance with all safety rules. When choosing this unit, you should carefully look at its safety.

In this particular case, the Makita pendulum metal saw has a sufficiently effective protection system that allows the master to maximize the safety of the master when doing the processing with his own hands.

In general, Makita cut-off machines are distinguished by increased reliability and good functionality.

Makita offers a wide range of aggregates for a wide variety of purposes.

Among the cut-off tools under the Makita brand you can find both for professional use and for household.

Makita brand cut-off machines are in high demand and affordable price.

When choosing a Makita metal cutting machine, you should check all of its operating parameters, as well as the degree of protection.

metal, cutting

When choosing a cutting unit for metal, you should not do its cost, since you can buy a low-quality machine for a lot of money.

It is better to opt for machines of popular brands, for example, Makita, which have already managed to show themselves from the best side.

In any case, cutting units for metal are nowadays available in a large assortment, which somewhat simplifies their choice.

Cut-off saw for metal: assembly, cut-off, electric

Despite the fact that many are accustomed to cutting metal workpieces using an angle grinder, the most accurate and safest way to do this is if a metal cut-off saw is used.

The tool works on the principle of an angle grinder, however, it has a solid base and a special mechanism that allows you to adjust the cutting speed with your own hands due to the applied force.

The cut-off saw has a fairly compact size and relatively low weight, which makes it easy to move it from place to place.

Its main cutting tool is a disc of certain sizes.

The electric chainsaw for cutting metal workpieces is a highly mobile tool with the power to tackle even thick workpieces.

The price of this versatile tool is within reasonable limits and depends on several factors.

The most popular models are the products of Makita and Interskol, which offer a wide range of this tool.

Basic concepts

The cut-off saw can be safely attributed to the class of a professional tool, while it is quite easy to do the necessary work with your own hands on it.

Such a chain saw can handle both non-ferrous and ferrous metals with ease. This mobile tool is also highly secure.

If with the help of an angle grinder you can simply cut off the reinforcement or not a thick pipe with your own hands, then this unit can easily cope with more complex materials.

In addition, for a cutting machine of this class, the speed at which the disk rotates is somewhat lower, which reduces the risk of breaking the working tool.

The electric saw has great potential for work, which is a significant indicator for this category of tools.

Some saw models from brands such as Makita or Interskol may additionally have some functions that greatly simplify the cutting process.

Choosing a saw of this class today will not be difficult, especially since the price for them is within acceptable limits.

It should be noted that the cutting-off circular saw has a high level of safety, which makes its use quite simple.

Its rotation speed is selected at the stage of creating the tool empirically.

On saws of this class, the disc changes in the same way as in grinders, and for this a special socket wrench is used.

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Many tool models, for example, Makita or Interskol, are equipped with a special compartment, which makes it possible to always have a socket wrench at hand.

The electric chainsaw is connected to a regular network of two hundred and twenty volts, which makes it possible to use it in almost any conditions.

The Makita circular saw has many other features, which have a positive effect on its operation.

An ordinary disc of a certain size is used as a cutting tool.

Such a pendulum saw also has a high cutting accuracy, while the cutting speed depends mainly on the applied force.

The price for this Makita mobile tool is within reasonable limits, which explains its popularity among DIYers. The Makita pendulum saw is a great choice.

Subtleties of choice

Today on the market, the mounting pendulum machine for metal is presented in a large assortment.

Particularly popular is the Makita-branded cut-off tool, the price of which is within affordable limits.

In order for the disk machine to be used as efficiently as possible, when choosing, it is imperative to take into account the expected operating parameters.

So, if it is necessary to get a clean cut without burrs, it is recommended to use a pendulum-type metal cutting tool.

This cutting unit has a special frame with a vice, in which you can easily unfasten a metal workpiece.

Further, the operator will only have to smoothly lower the cutting tool and make the necessary gash.

A conventional stationary circular machine works on a similar principle, but only without a rigid attachment of a metal part.

The disc used is of great importance for the cutting unit. In this case, a cutting disc should be used, which consists of industrial diamonds, specially fixed on the basis of.

When the assembly cutting machine is running, the disc cuts the surface, while the technical diamonds and mesh are erased.

It should be noted that the choice of a blade for a universal cut-off saw depends mainly on the metal itself.

Here, such an important parameter as the softness of the disc used is important. If the mounting universal cutting machine is used to cut workpieces made of hard metal alloys, then it is recommended to use a disc with a softer base and vice versa.

This is mainly due to the fact that when the installation machine is working on soft material, the destruction and deformation of diamonds is slower.

Metal Cutting Slide Miter Saw With Circular Saw

In this case, the disc must have a more rigid base, otherwise the diamonds will simply fall out.

On the other hand, when the disc saw is working on a hard material, the diamonds wear out much faster than the soft base itself.

When choosing a disc for a universal cutting machine, price should not be a determining factor, first of all, you need to look at the quality of the cutting tool.

In universal cutting machines for metal, saw blades can be used, the price of which is higher than diamond blades. Despite this, they have a higher cutting speed and much less effect on the workpiece in terms of temperature.

Any assembly cut-off machine, including Makita, has a certain power, rotation speed and protective systems that should be considered first.

Metal cutting machines, cutting machines at a low price

The size of the canvas. Width x Thickness x Length For example: M42 13×0.6×1440 10/14 TPIM42. Tooth cutting edge material 13. web width, mm 0.6. blade thickness, mm 1440. blade circumference, mm 10/14 TPI. tooth pitch

27×0.9×4140 13×0.65×1640 20×0.9×2362 27×0.9×2455 27×0.9×3300 27×0.9×3035 27×0.9×3200 27×0.9×3660 34×1.1×4100 27×0.9×2655 12.7×0.65×1638 13×0.65×2100 54×1.1×5000 34×1.1×4300 2360x19x0.9 12.5×0.63×1300 27×0.9×2616 27×0.9×2770 34×1.1×4115 27×0.9×2730 34×1.1×3950 41×1.3×5330 13×0.6×1440 13×0.65×1470 13×0.65×1638 12.7×0.9×1735. 9×2480 27×0.9×2750 27×0.9×2925 13×0.6×1300 13×0.6×1640 20×0.9×2360 27×0.9×2655 20×0.9×2110 20×0.9×2100 27×0.9×2460 27×0.9×3280 27×0.9×3035 27×0.9×3215 27×0.9×31.9 27×0.9×3100 27×0.9×3380 34×1.1×4020 20×0.9×2085 27×0.9×2445 27×0.9×3940 34×1.1×5330 27×0.9×3940 32×1.1×4150 27×0.9×3660 54×1.6×7050 34×1.1×5060 13×0.6×1540 12×0.65x 27×0.9×2455 27×0.9×2450 27×0.9×2825 27×0.9×3960 27×0.9×3505 27×0.9×4360 41×1.3×5470 41×1.3×6450 13×0.65×1730 13×0.65×1385 20×0.9×2490 2600x27x0.9 27×0.9×2810 27×0 9×4130 41×1.3×6030 12.7×0.65×1435 12.7×0.65×1638 19.05×0.8×2362 27×0.9×3280 13×0.65×1325 34×1.1×4180 13×0.65×1440 13×0.65×1735 27×0.9×2730 27×0.9×3160 27×0.9×3810 27x1x3820 41×38 20×0.9×2110 20×0.9×2360 27×0.9×2725 34×1.1×4020 27×0.9×2965 20×0.9×2463 41×1.1×5890 41×1.3×5840 54×1.6×8300 34×1.1×4420 41×1.3×5450 54×1.6×6600 34×1.1×4450 275×1.6×6600 3×5000 13×0.5×1140 34×1.1×4550 54×1.6×7600 54×1.6×9400 3870x34x1.1 2710x27x0.9 13×0.9×1735 27×0.9×2760 41×1.3×4870 34×1.1×3880 41×1.25×6460 41×1.25×6860 67×1.6×10.9800. 3 6000x41x1.3 4150x34x1.1 4115x34x1.1 54×1.6×8730 20×0.9×2285 54×1.6×9800 54×1.6×8925 13×0.65×1435 2750x27x0.9

We make the frame of the machine

Cut off two long pieces and two shorter ones from the profile pipe.

We weld a rectangular frame from them. Grind off all the irregularities.

Use a magnetic square to maintain all required angles. 3

Inside the smaller side, we weld a piece of a profile pipe for attaching the swivel mechanism.

We remove the bracket obtained in step 1, outline and drill the places of its attachment to the frame.

We install the bracket in place and fasten it with bolts, nuts and washers.

Cut the plate from a piece of sheet metal along the width of the frame and weld it on the side opposite to the bracket.

Cut off two triangles from a sheet of metal and, welding them, make a stiffener for shock absorbers.

For further fastening of the angle grinder, we drill 2 holes in the profile pipe connecting the shock absorber rods. Insert a bolt and nut into one of them and weld it.

We install the block with shock absorbers in the bracket.

At the end of the bracket, we drill a hole for the output of the power wire.

We weld a bracket for attaching a furniture gas lift to one of the shock absorbers. We weld the same bracket to the machine frame. We attach the gas shock absorber to the brackets.

engine’s type

Modern pendulum machines can be equipped with two types of electric motors:

The first type is distinguished by its high power, but has a serious drawback associated with the fact that it uses carbon brushes, which have an extremely short service life. Asynchronous models are more durable and do not make much noise during operation. However, this type of motors is limited by the type of pendulum machines on which they can be installed.

Making a chain saw from an angle grinder

With your own hands, with the ability to easily make a chain saw. this is a hand tool, and an angle grinder is used as a drive. The high speed allows the use of a low power angle grinder.

The main element of this design is the bus. It must be secured so that the axis of movement of the saw chain coincides with the installed drive gear. Therefore, when making a bracket, you cannot do without a milling machine. Any minor deviation is fraught with tragic consequences.

  • The bracket is made according to the drawing of the working version for a specific model.
  • Two studs with nuts are screwed in to secure the tire.
  • The bracket is fastened to the body in the holes for fixing the protective casing.
  • A gear is put on the shaft of the angle grinder. It is fastened with a clamping nut. The outer diameter of the nut is larger than the gear, which prevents the chain from falling off.
  • After the chain is put on, it is necessary to tighten it and fix the tire with nuts.
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Among the disadvantages of such a chain saw, it should be noted that it runs without lubrication, which leads to significant heating and rapid wear. The oil should be applied by hand. The absence of a brake allows the chain to rotate for 30 seconds after removing the voltage from the electric motor. The small size of the angle grinder and the long bar affect the ergonomics of the design.

Varieties of machines

Depending on its purpose and device features, there are several types of metal lathes:

  • Universal ones are designed to perform basic metal work:
  • drilling;
  • milling;
  • turning.

This is the most demanded type of device. with their help you can process parts inside and outside, work with flat, conical and cylindrical surfaces. Complex work can be carried out on cutting accurate threads, machining the ends of parts and drilling holes of almost any diameter.

  • Pipe-cutting devices are designed for various types of processing of pipes and their connections. They are mainly used in mining and exploration.
  • Numerical control (CNC) lathes are a separate class of modern machine tools that are used in almost all large industrial facilities. With the help of electronic settings, you can achieve high precision of cutting, manufacturing of parts of any degree of complexity. over, all processes are fully automated, which excludes the human factor.

Depending on the location of the bed, there are such types of machines:

  • Inclined (at angles from 30 to 60 degrees). In this case, all the chips are poured through a chute into a special waste container, due to which the production process becomes fully automated.
  • Flat bed. these devices are equipped with a mandatory cover that prevents the spread of waste during operation.

A few words about the desktop

The table, or the base of the machine, is no less important than the cutting element itself. It looks like a frame that is best made from a channel.

You can make a base from an ordinary metal corner using a welding machine to connect the elements. An additional channel can be installed on the base, which will play the role of a guide for the workpieces.

A carefully crafted base will be the key to successful work and safety during its implementation.

How to choose

Choosing a pendulum machine for a home craftsman is not an easy task. To do this, you need to pay attention to the performance characteristics, which are not always the same for different models.

Few recommendations

A home workshop or a complete garage is the pride of an amateur to work with his hands. To make devices and fixtures with your own hands, you need to choose the right drawings and materials of manufacture.

Among the most common options for home equipment, you can find not only a knife sharpener, press or machine for cutting metal, but also other options:

  • pipe bending devices;
  • woodworking machines;
  • many accessories for the garden;
  • juicers for large volumes of grapes and much more.

Circular saw table for safe woodworking

Whichever option you choose for arranging your garage, you should think about shelves for tools or boxes for equipment. The main thing is to use hand-made devices, it was convenient, easy and safe.

Do not be afraid to experiment and turn scrap materials and tools into real useful machines for your home workshop and garage.

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DIY pendulum saw

Homemade pendulum saw made by a craftsman with his own hands: photo, detailed description, as well as a video showing the saw at work.

When working in a workshop, very often it is required to cut an even corner, channel or profile pipe. I decided to make a homemade pendulum saw, the structure should not take up much space in the garage and be mobile.

I would also like to say about the engine. I looked through examples of machines, most recommend installing motors for 3 kW, ideally connecting to a 3-phase network or through a capacity to a single-phase.

I had an engine for 1.2 kW 1450 rpm, I decided to use it for making a machine, increase the speed on the circle with pulleys, so as not to lose power, which was already small, I used a frequency drive.

Circle size 230th, with the possibility of installation and 300th.

The process of making a pendulum saw is shown in the photo.

On the pendulum unit used a rotor shaft from a burnt-out engine. Bearing supports made of water pipes.

The shaft and support were made by a turner. The frame for the engine and shaft is welded from a 40 x 40 mm profile tube.

The table is made of a corner 45 x 45 mm and a profile tube 40 x 40 mm.

Wheels 75 mm on two table legs, on opposite legs. adjustable supports.

Worktop covered with 2 mm steel sheet, protective cover made of 1.5 mm sheet

The easiest way to cut steel. Machine build DIY

I will dwell a little on the frequency converter, the price for them starts from 100, I did not look at the characteristics, and I do not need it, because I was not going to buy a ready-made one. I made a homemade chastotnik, I will not describe it, there are diagrams and a detailed description on the Internet. I’ll just show you a couple of photos of what the one I made looks.

Frequency converter in housing, will be fixed under the saw table.

Fastening the cover of the protective casing on elongated nuts, which are used in conjunction with construction studs.

I am completely satisfied with the self-made pendulum saw, I do not like the way sparks fly when working, you need to be wise with something with a spark arrestor, as is done in factory trims. The machine freely saws a D50 pipe with a wall thickness of 3 mm, while the engine copes without tension, there is enough power. Overall dimensions of the machine:

  • Length. 700 mm.
  • Width. 400 mm.
  • Height. 700 mm.

Powerful do-it-yourself metal cutting machine

In this review, we will consider how to make a powerful metal cutting machine with your own hands. This time, not an angle grinder, but a 1.5 kW electric motor is used as a drive.

A homemade machine cuts steel very quickly, and the cutting itself turns out to be quite accurate.

  • blade diameter for metal cutting. 355 mm;
  • gear ratio of pulleys 1: 1.

The stand on which the circular saw for cutting metal is located is rotatable, which allows you to cut workpieces at different angles.

To securely fix the workpieces during the cutting process, the author uses a homemade locksmith vice. How to make such a vice with your own hands, read in this article.

The cutting machine is installed on a table with wheels, so the design is mobile and easy to transport.

The main stages of work

For the base of the cutting machine, the author uses sheet metal.

You will need to drill a hole in it for attaching the post and make an arc-shaped slot so that the post can rotate.

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To fix the rack at a given angle, the master uses a wing bolt.

After that, you need to drill holes in the base for attaching the bench vise.

From sheet metal, the author cuts out a platform on which an electric motor and a shaft with a pulley will be located, on which a disc for cutting metal will be located.

On the back side of the platform, we attach two housing bearings so that you can fix it on the rack.

We start making the rack

The author cuts out two parts from sheet metal. They need to be welded together. We drill 2 holes in the resulting workpiece.

After that, you will need to cut off two more plates. We weld them to a previously made workpiece parallel to each other.

The author welds a piece of round steel to these plates.

The gaps between the plates will need to be welded using suitable sized pieces of metal.

Assembling the machine

Install the cutting disc. Instead of a return spring, the author installs a gas lift: one end is attached to the platform with the engine, the other to the rack.

A mandatory structural element is a sheet metal guard, which is installed above the cut-off wheel.

Additionally, you will need to make a protective cover for the belt.

At the last stage, the master makes a table with wheels, on which the cutting machine is installed.

We paint all the structural elements, and proceed to the final assembly.

You can watch the step-by-step process of making a cutting machine for a workshop in the author’s video.

This idea belongs to the author of the YouTube channel Workshop From Scratch.

Materials and tools

  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • set of dies, taps, wrenches.

You will have to buy an electric motor with a power of 1.5-2 kW, single-phase or three-phase. In addition, you will need two pulleys, a shaft, bearings 204 or 205, a metal corner, sheet steel 2-4 millimeters thick. When all this is assembled, the actual production of the machine begins.

Drawings can be made by yourself using material from the Internet, or you can use ready-made ones, for example these. But experience shows that it is best to adapt the drawings to the materials that you have in stock. As a rule, do-it-yourself constructions work best when you “customize” them for yourself. Naturally, in this case, certain rules and requirements should be observed that are put forward for a tool of increased danger, such as a cutting disc machine or a pendulum saw, both home-made and industrial.

It consists of several main nodes:

  • electric motor;
  • pendulum;
  • drive mechanism;
  • cutting disc;
  • desktop.

Console (pendulum)

A bushing shaft is horizontally installed in the holes of the racks, to which a rocker arm is welded, consisting of two levers, the ratio of which is one to three. A platform for installing an electric motor is welded on the short shoulder. On the long arm, the cut-off wheel drive shaft. The ratio of the levers length is approximate, it must be calculated so that in the idle position the weight of the engine outweighs the weight of the assembled saw unit (with protective covers). To bring the disc of the turned-on machine into contact with the metal, it is necessary to apply a small but perceptible force.

For convenience of work, a return spring is attached to the lower part of the engine platform, and the angle of deflection of the pendulum upward is adjusted by a cable or chain, fixed at one end to the table, and the other to the lower part of the long arm.


If there is a three-phase motor with a capacity of about 3 kilowatts, it can be connected to 220 volts, using the place of the “star” circuit, the “triangle” circuit. But it should be borne in mind that its power will decrease by 25-30%. The main thing is that the number of revolutions indicated on the nameplate will remain.

For installation on a metal cutting machine, the engine must have a number of revolutions equal to 2500-3000 per minute. This is due to the fact that it is at such speeds that the cutting disc works optimally.

For a homemade metal cutting machine, circles with a diameter of 300-400 millimeters are used. Here, too, one must proceed from the needs of production. It is not worth chasing a too large disc diameter. the farther from the center the working edge is, the less cutting effort, and a more powerful motor will be required. The optimal ratio of engine power and disc diameter. 2 kilowatts at three thousand revolutions and 300 millimeters in diameter.

A self-made metal cutting machine must first of all be safe. The cutting discs indicate the maximum number of revolutions at which they can be operated. As a rule, it should not exceed 4400 rpm. If you get more, the disk may be destroyed, which is unsafe. If the number of revolutions is less than 3000, then the cutting speed will be insufficient, and the disc will overheat and wear out. It is these figures that should be taken as the starting point for calculating the power transmission.

Drive unit

To tension the drive belt, the motor is fixed at the rear of the swingarm by 4 bolts located in the longitudinal slots. It can move in the direction of the central axis of the machine (perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the motor shaft) by 5-7 centimeters. This will maintain the correct belt tension and prevent slippage. It will also be easier to replace the belt if the previous one becomes unusable.

Homemade cut-off machine with an electric motor

It is not difficult to make a cut-off machine for cutting metal with your own hands. For this you need: an electric motor, a pendulum, a drive, a work table.

A metal cut-off machine is an indispensable tool in a home workshop, a locksmith’s shop, on a construction site. Many industrial models of these tools are produced, but their price is sometimes not available not only to a private craftsman, but also to a small enterprise. There is a way out. it is not difficult to make a cutting machine for metal with your own hands. This requires only certain skills in working with a welding machine, locksmith tools, and some qualifications of an electrician. From materials, too, you do not need anything scarce, or not available in free sale.


It is not particularly difficult to mount a disc-type cutting machine for a qualified locksmith. It is important to adhere to some fundamental requirements:

  • correctly calculate the rotational speed of the disk;
  • adjust the angle of rotation, it must be strictly perpendicular to the plane of the desktop;
  • set the feed force of the disc to the cutting zone;
  • install an emergency stop button on the handle;
  • equip the cutting machine with protective guards for the disc and rotating parts.