Do-it-yourself snow rotor for a tiller

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Standard factory tiller snow blower

A snow blower for a tiller is a mechanical unit that connects directly to the tiller’s power take-off shaft. The gripper blade is the main element in this fixture. Also, an important role is assigned to rotating discs and a bell. thanks to them, snow is thrown aside at a certain angle. The design of all modern devices allows you to adjust this angle at the request of the operator. During the operation of the unit, you can control its speed and direction of movement.

Even a wide path can be cleared quickly with the snow blower, and with a shovel it would take more than an hour. There are slight differences for all snow blowers for tillers: working width, dimensions and parameters, throwing distance, productivity, weight. The number of disc revolutions is also different. Each device has a description that indicates which tillers they can be used with.

The snow blower is installed in front of the tiller. Usually snow is thrown up to 12 meters, which can be affected by the consistency of the removed snow.

Choosing a snow blower for the Salyut tiller

Consider a snow blower for the Salyut tiller, its purpose is to remove snow on flat surfaces, at temperatures from 5 to 20. It is produced in two modifications, the differences of which are in the method of attaching to the tiller.

  • The main characteristics of the snow blower:
  • length. 600 mm; width. 640 mm; height. 820 mm;
  • maximum capture width. 500 mm;
  • the maximum thickness of the removed snow is 17 cm;
  • screw speed. 1900

2100 rpm;

  • weight. 60 kg.
  • Motor-block snow blower device: transport handle (1); screen (2); visor (3); screw fixing the position of the visor (4); screw fixing the position of the screen (5); a handle for adjusting the position of the screen (6); screen stand (7); drive pulley (8); V-belt (9); protective closure (10); bolted connection (11); support of the screen stand (12); snow blower body (13); support plate (14); base plate fastening bolts (15); screw auger (16).

    PullFlow Siphon Info Video

    The snow blower is a prefabricated welded structure. The main working body is a screw auger (16). When it rotates, the removed snow moves from the edges to the center. The blades installed in the center of the auger feed snow into the nozzle of the housing (13). The direction of snow throwing can be adjusted by turning the screen (2), which is fixed on the support of the screen post (12). The throw distance is controlled by the engine speed and the position of the visor (3), which is fixed with a screw (4). on both sides of the lower part of the body (13), support plates (14) are installed, thanks to which the height of snow removal is adjusted.

    Useful tips to keep your snow blower longevity

    • 1. After the first 30 minutes of running a new snow blower, stop the tiller engine and check that all snow blower hardware is tight. If necessary, tighten the fasteners.
    • 2. Before each use and no more than every 5 hours of operation, it is advisable to check:
      – condition and tension of the V-belt;
      – reliable tightening of threaded connections.
    • 3. Every 5 hours it is necessary to adjust the chain tension using the adjusting bolt located on the snow blower body. The amount of chain deflection from the force of pressing the hand should be 10 ÷ 15 mm.

    Mounted snow blower for tiller “Neva

    We will also consider using the example of a factory SM-2 snow blower, but with a different configuration.

    To install a mounted snow blower for the Neva tiller, you should:

    • – remove the pin for attachments and weights from the trailer unit of the tiller;
    • – install the tiller and snow blower on a flat surface;
    • – attach the hitch to the body of the snow blower and fasten with two bolts without tightening;
    • – insert the hitch into the trailer brace. aligning the hitch holes and the hitch groove with the holes in the trailer bracket, tighten the connection with two bolts;
    • – remove the protective cover of the power take-off shaft pulley from the tiller. Put on the V-belt of the snow blower drive;
    • – moving the hitch along the beam of the snow blower body, set the relative position of the tiller with the snow blower in such a way that the grooves of the tiller drive pulley. the driven pulley and the belt tension roller lay in the same plane. the belt should be in mesh without distortions;
    • – put in place the protective cover of the pulley;
    • – attach back and bolt the protective cover;
    • – provide the required belt tension with the lever;
    • – start the tiller engine and start driving.

    Do-it-yourself snow blower for the Mole tiller

    To make a snow blower for the Mole tiller with our own hands, first of all draw a drawing and place a canopy for clearing snow. The base of the snowplow will be a massive frame, with a pair of drums. You also need to place the shield.

    So, we are constructing a trolley for a snow blower. For this we use pipes and corners. It is important to find the right wheels. Two pipes are welded to the metal base of the trolley. They will need to install the Mole tiller. Further, we cut out eight circles with a radius of 100 mm from metal sheets. In addition to them, we make 4 more circles, slightly smaller in diameter. We combine them with bolts and nuts. We put the discs on the shaft, and we get a screw auger that will remove the snow.

    We install it on the trolley frame and use a pulley to connect it to the tiller engine. After installing the auger, the construction is complete. After turning on the tiller, determine the productivity of the snow blower, and adjust the settings for the operator.

    How to choose a factory tiller snow blower

    In winter, heavy snowfall brings not only joy, but also the need to remove it. This is usually done using a shovel. This kind of work is quite difficult and unpleasant. Especially if you have to clean a large area, and even in the shortest possible time. In this case, the standard factory snow blower for the tiller will be an indispensable assistant. Nowadays, you can quickly buy a snow blower, but using a tiller will be much more economical. To do this, the tiller is aggregated with a shovel-blade, or mounted auger snow blowers are connected.

    How to install a snow blower on the Salyut tiller

    To install a snow blower on the Salyut tiller, you should:

    • – disconnect the footrest from the tiller frame by removing the cotter pin and the footboard mounting axis;
    • – install the tiller and snow blower on a flat surface;
    • – insert the hitch into the tiller frame. In this case, the bolt with the spacer sleeve must enter the hitch groove;
    • – attach the hitch to the body of the snow blower and fasten with two bolts without tightening;
    • – remove the protective cover of the power take-off shaft pulley from the tiller. Put on the V-belt of the snow blower drive;
    • – moving the hitch along the beam of the snow blower body, set the relative position of the tiller with the snow blower in such a way that the grooves of the tiller drive pulley. the driven pulley and the belt tension roller lay in the same plane. the belt should be in mesh without distortions;
    • – tighten the two bolts securing the hitch to the snow blower body;
    • – moving the hitch inside the tiller frame, pre-tension the V-belt and tighten the bolts;
    • – Reinstall the protective cover of the power take-off shaft pulley of the tiller;
    • – install the protective cover back by bolting;
    • – lift the belt tensioning lever and install the protective pulley cover on the tiller;
    • – start the tiller engine and start driving.

    How to make a snow blower with your own hands on a tiller

    We offer everyone who wants to make a snow blower for a tiller with their own hands, so that once and for all get rid of the dependence on snow drifts and plans in the country and keep the access roads to the house in excellent condition.

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    What are snow blowers

    • Air-ventilation type. snow masses with great force are drawn in from one side and thrown out on the other, according to the principle of a vacuum cleaner;
    • Auger. the auger captures the snow masses and, advancing along its entire length, throws it in the other direction;
    • Bulldozer. a blade is installed in front of the unit, which captures and cleans snow from the road;
    • Fan-blade. hitting the fan blades, the snow rises into a special inclined pipe and is thrown through it to the side.

    Do-it-yourself snow blower for a tiller, drawings

    To make the device of all these types of snow blowers more understandable, let’s take a closer look at the drawings of these mechanisms with you:

    Rotary snow blowers

    If we convinced you of the need to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands, then prepare all the necessary tools:

    • All kinds of keys;
    • Fixed bolts and nuts;
    • Drill;
    • Angle Grinder;
    • Screwdrivers of all sizes;
    • File and hammer;
    • Vise and pliers;
    • Electrohock;
    • Chains;
    • Welding machine. as without it;
    • Metal sheet and shaped pipe.

    In order to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands, you need to understand the principle of its operation, now we will tell you about it and we can get to work.

    Rotary snow blower, working principle

    The most popular are rotary snow blowers, since it is they who are able to throw snow to the greatest distance from the tiller, sometimes the range of the snow “flight” can reach up to 12 m.

    A rotary snow blower is a conventional metal body in which a rotating auger shaft is fixed. Snow masses are captured by the augers and move to the impeller, where they are captured by its blades and fed first into the cavity of the mechanism, and then into the exhaust pipe.

    Thanks to the reliable and powerful adapter and belt system, this snow throw is quite powerful.

    To make the snow blower work, you need to make the correct connection through the belt drive of two shafts: one for the tiller, with the second for the snow blower.

    How to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands

    To begin with, we return to the drawings and approach the lathe with them, which, of course, “accidentally” stands in your workshop. And now, working strictly according to the drawings, we are sculpting all the attachments of the future snow removal unit. If there is no lathe. do not be sad, turn to turners for help, they will gladly and for a reasonable fee grind all the necessary parts for you.

    Now you need to make the most important part of the snow blower. the auger shaft! You will need a metal pipe with two trunnions at its ends, and 8 pieces of half-discs made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm. From this all the goodness, you will make screws, and then weld them to the pipe, as shown in the figure.

    You should have a double helix.

    After your hard work is crowned with success. we start assembling.
    We put the shaft with augers on ball bearings 03, aluminum AMg3, or AMgb, is ideal for the glass body. Everything is bolted to the sides of the unit. The snow is captured by the augers and fed to the rotor. To correctly make a drum in which the rotor rotates, it is enough to get an aluminum 20 l boiler. Attach this boiler to the snow thrower body using 4mm rivets. Thanks to such a device and special blades, the snow entering the drum will go on a “long-distance flight at 3. 8 m from the snow blower.!

    Now let’s get down to connecting together two units, a tiller and a snow blower! Do not forget about the torque, which can be recreated in a snow blower using a special A-100 belt with a pulley of the right size. Our V-belt drive transmits torque first from the engine to the tiller shaft, and then to the snow blower shaft. everything worked out!
    All shafts and augers, transmissions, we must place in a reliable metal case, steel 2 mm thick is ideal. Take the sheets and weld them so that the corners are 20x20mm. Rivets with a diameter of 4mm and special M4 screws will help to fasten the joints. Put the unit on homemade skis.

    tiller with blade, diagram:

    Those wishing to make another type of snow blower can familiarize themselves with the typical scheme:

    How to make a snow blower with a tiller blade,

    We saw the diagram, and now watch the video instruction and get to work as soon as possible!

    How to choose an engine?

    To make your own snowblower, you should select the type of its engine:

    • Electric. Needed to use near home and electrical outlet. It is economical, but reduces the maneuverability of the unit. You will need high-quality waterproofing, as moisture can get into it.
    • Petrol. It is a versatile device, but it is expensive and requires a lot of money for maintenance. You need to take an internal combustion engine (you can use an old lawn mower) and manually start the engine. It should be installed on a platform that can be quickly removed to facilitate repair and maintenance.

    The choice must be made depending on the amount of work that the homemade snow removal device will perform.

    Construction of a homemade snow machine

    In this product, the main working part is the auger inside the metal body. This element is a rod (shaft), along its longitudinal axis is a solid spiral surface. The shaft rotates on bearings and moves the spiral profile.

    A model of a homemade snow removal machine could be:

    • single-stage (screw construction), used in areas where snowfall is rare;
    • two-stage (screw rotor design), used in regions with severe snowy winters.
    do-it-yourself, snow, rotor, tiller

    The manual snow removal device contains several elements:

    • a wheel frame for attaching the control stick;
    • bucket or shovels with guides (skis) to grab snow;
    • pipes to dump snow;
    • engine;
    • fuel tank.

    How to make a snow blower with your own hands

    A zealous owner of a summer cottage or a villager seeking to solve snow removal often asks the question: “how to make a snow blower with your own hands?”.

    Everything is quite simple, because materials that are available in almost any garage are suitable for its manufacture.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade electric snow machine

    Before creating such a device, you need to select wires that have insulation that can withstand the load and do not crack from severe cold.

    Change TIRES on Tillers Mowers Snowblowers Go Karts Tractors

    The electrical unit has a number of advantages:

    • quiet functioning;
    • for not just looking after;
    • no need to refuel;
    • weighs little;
    • no smoke;
    • no big expenses needed;
    • has high efficiency.

    But it has disadvantages:

    • has a low power (maximum 2 kilowatts);
    • you need to control the integrity of the electrical cable;
    • the radius of action sets the length of the carrying;
    • movement takes effort.

    Creation of auger and frame

    To make a snow machine, you need to figure out how to make the auger and frame. To make them you need:

    • metal sheets or a box made of iron;
    • a corner of steel 50×50 millimeters in the amount of two pieces to make a frame;
    • plywood 10 millimeters thick to make side parts;
    • metal pipe for the handle of the device (diameter 0-5 inches);
    • tube for the shaft (¾ inch diameter), which needs to be cut through, equipped with 4 rubber rings (their diameter is 28 centimeters) and bearings No. 205.

    To throw snow, a part of a plastic pipe with a diameter of 160 millimeters, fixed on a pipe of a similar diameter and placed on the auger body, is suitable.

    In order to make an auger for a snow blower, you must:

    • cut 4 iron discs;
    • cut the discs into two equal parts and bend them in a spiral;
    • by welding, fix the disks in a spiral on the pipe on both sides;
    • put bearings on the pipe along the edges.

    For the manufacture of the frame, corners of steel 50×50 millimeters are used, welding them to one another. A platform for the engine will be attached to the resulting structure. Skis, which are based on wooden beams, are adapted for the snow purifier. They are equipped with plastic overlays made from an electrical wiring box.

    Tiller snow removal machine

    For high-quality snow removal, you can rely on a tiller, then you will not have to choose the type of engine.

    It has a special attachment, but you can use other options:

    • Rigid brushes that are mounted under the auger canopy and rotate. Suitable if the snow has recently fallen or you have to work on a site with a decorative coating.
    • Suspended shovel equipped with knives. Its lower part should be covered with rubber so as not to damage it and the surface. Attached to the towing device with a hitch. Suitable if the snow lies for a long time. Acts like a small bulldozer.
    • Rotary snow thrower, has the highest performance and, in its composition. paddlewheel auger.

    To create a snow plow tiller with a rotary snow thrower (an aluminum body and a screw shaft inside it), you will need closed bearings. The auger bodies are bolted to the sides of the device and tightened with hooks. The drum, where the rotor rotates, is made of a twenty-liter aluminum boiler and is attached to the front wall of the body with rivets, the diameter of which is 4 millimeters. You will also need adapters so that the rotor can move, and an A-100 belt with a pulley to make a twisting mechanism.

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    Tips on how to make your own snow blower

    In order to achieve long reliable operation from the made snow blower, you need to follow some recommendations:

    • only light components should be used so that it is convenient for a person to work;
    • it is necessary to supplement the machine with special safety bolts or bushings to prevent ice fragments or stones from entering the engine;
    • good quality bearings should be used as they contribute to the longevity of the snow thrower;
    • it is necessary to choose a belt drive, and not a rigid one, since there is a high risk that parts that move may jam when a stone or ice gets into them;
    • in winter, it is necessary to store a snow removal device made from a tiller in a warm room, which will save time for warming up the engine;
    • at some intervals it is necessary to change the oil for the gearbox; in winter, use liquid oil, because it thickens quickly at low temperatures.

    Features of the manufacture of dumps

    To make a homemade blade for the Salute tiller, you will need the following tools:

    • Drill with a set of drills.
    • Angle Grinder.
    • Welding machine.

    An ordinary steel barrel with a capacity of 200 liters will do as a material for the dump. This barrel must be cut into 3 equal pieces that will act as curved blade segments.

    The two parts must be connected by welding to each other, as a result of which a product necessary for the manufacture of a blade with a thickness of 3 mm will be obtained. This thickness is considered optimal to ensure the required rigidity of the equipment.

    Bulldozer type snow blower (with blade). drawing

    A snow blower with a blade is a tiller with a special adapter to which a nozzle in the form of a homemade blade is attached. The blade is the main working body of this type of snowblower. Skillful needlewomen can make an adapter for a tiller with their own hands.

    For the manufacture of a knife plate, a sharp metal sheet is used, with the help of which the snow layer is trimmed and folded back.

    Blade parts are made of steel, then welded with a welding machine. A knife is attached to the bottom of the blade by welding. Using rods and brackets, the blade is fixed to the tiller. Traction mechanisms are held in the holes of the blade and are attached to the controls through tubes.

    The fan blade snow blower consists of the following mechanisms:

    • Drum and bearing.
    • Impeller.
    • Blades. Are located along the axis of rotation.
    • Blades welded to the drum.
    • Sheet steel bucket.

    Using a torque transmission system, the drum axle is connected to the motor shaft.

    The snow mass, falling into the box, moves strictly along the guides to the blades, which throw it out.

    Dump for Tiller Neva

    The blade for a snowblower from Tiller Neva is made using exactly the same technology. A bracket mounted on the tiller runners can be used as a blade attachment. The bottom of the folding support located in front is also attached to them.

    For fastening, use bolts of the M 10 range. The shovel blade for the Neva motor-cultivator is bolted, measures 0.31085 cm.

    Crafting tips

    The holder-holder for a homemade blade is L-shaped. One of the ends of this component is attached to one hole in a semicircle, and the other is screwed to the tiller structure with bolts.

    The height of the blade can also be changed, for this, bolts are used that need to be screwed to the section of the profiled pipe.

    The principle of operation of a rotary and auger snow blower for Agro and Cascade tillers

    A snow thrower for Agro or Cascade tillers looks like a huge bucket that rakes snow inside the machine and moves it with a thin stream onto a special screw conveyor. auger.

    Below is a video of the auger snow blower for Tiller Agro:

    The mechanism consists of two paired non-cast screws made of strips with sparse teeth located along the outer edge of the strip. This design allows you to connect the halves of the bucket in such a way as to provide the greatest width of coverage of the snow mass.

    Below is a video of a snow blower for Tiller Cascade:

    The screws are screwed to the center of the shaft where the snow falls. The force of rotation of the shaft is so great that it is capable of crumbling even hard layers of snow into small lumps.

    To ensure that the throwing barrel is always free and not clogged with snow, the screws are overlapped. this makes it possible to maintain a constant slow motion of the snow stream.

    Auger snow blowers are called single-stage, since from the moment the snow mass enters the unit until it is thrown out, one processing stage is required. movement along the conveyor.

    Another type of snow blower is considered to be two-stage, that is, such machines consist of two main working elements. an auger and a screw. Such models of snow blowers are installed on Tilleri Agro and Ugra, and the advantage of such a mechanism is the long range of snow throwing. up to 25 meters.

    The following is a video of a snow blower for tiller Ugra:

    Rotary snow blower

    Rotary snow blowers are considered the most powerful of the entire range of snow blowers on offer. Machines of this type are capable of throwing snow over a distance of more than 12 meters. Read the article on how to make a rotary snow blower.

    A homemade rotary snow blower for a tiller is a metal box with a screw shaft located in it. The rotating shaft is considered the main working mechanism of the snow blower.

    As additional accessories in the manufacture of the mechanism, you will need controls and clutches, as well as some spare parts for the drive. Read about spare parts for a snow blower. here.

    For more details, see

    The principle of operation of such a mechanism consists in capturing and moving snow into the mouth of the machine due to the operation of the screw-rotor device. The possibility of operation of such a device is obtained due to the flexible connection of two shafts using a strong belt.

    Another important mechanism in the design is the impeller, which is necessary to eject the snow mass through a special hole brought up to the top.

    The shaft is a piece of pipe around which a gear unit. auger. moves in a spiral. In order to maintain a constant torque, and therefore efficient production of work, the shaft is mounted on bearings.

    The toothed auger is made of metal in the form of blades that are identical and equidistant from each other. From below, to the bottom of the shovel, a plate with a sharp edge is attached to cut the snow cover.

    On our site you will find several articles dedicated to different models of bulldozers. In them you can compare their characteristics and prices. Here is the description of the T170.

    T130 is a multifunctional machine that can be used as a tractor, all-terrain vehicle, excavator.

    Bulldozer B10m with increased productivity has been produced at the Chelyabinsk plant since 2004.

    Do-it-yourself shovel on a tiller: how to make a blade and a homemade bucket Neva. drawings

    A snow blower is an indispensable machine in winter at any summer cottage (read how to choose). If the list of your irreplaceable iron assistants already includes such a device as a tiller, then try to make a homemade snow thrower for it with your own hands.

    A snow blower can also be made from a chainsaw. Find out how. here.

    To make a snow blower from a tiller, you will need the following tools:

    • A set of keys.
    • Bolt set with nuts.
    • Drill with a set of drills.
    • angle grinder.
    • Screwdriwer set.
    • Hammer.
    • Pliers.
    • Vise.
    • File.
    • Electric hacksaw.
    • Chain kit.
    • Welder.
    • Metal sheet.
    • Profile pipe.

    Features of the manufacture of different dumps

    The moldboard for the tiller can be made of steel sheet with a thickness of at least 3 mm, the size of the device upon completion of work will be 852245 cm.

    Internal auxiliary posts should be made of a material of relatively large thickness, since they protrude in the form of a kind of stiffening ribs. Holes are also drilled in them to attach the shovel to the tiller rods.

    Some more tips from the owners

    Having searched the forums for information about the Neva snow blower for tillers, you can find several tips on how to properly work with the equipment. Some of them are presented below. These tips are written by people who already have experience with a snow blower attachment:

    • If it is necessary to carry out long-term snow removal work, check that the chain is tensioned every five hours. But before that, it is imperative to turn off the engine and inspect only after stopping the rotating parts. If necessary, tighten them using special bolts;
    • Do not immediately start long-term snow removal. After starting the snow thrower for the Neva Tiller, let it run for 30 minutes. Then stop its operation and check if all fasteners are tightened well. Re-tighten them if necessary.
    • Before starting, the clutch handle should be in the off position;
    • Do not tighten the belt with great force and create overvoltage, it may be damaged and broken;
    • Before starting work, it is necessary to put it on “idle” and let the smb snow blower to the Neva tiller to warm up for several minutes. Likewise, upon completion of the work, he must work for some more time in order to eliminate the remaining snow. Otherwise, it may turn to ice and make it difficult for the blower to operate the next time it is started.
    do-it-yourself, snow, rotor, tiller

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    Snow blower for Tiller Neva is small.

    • It is 79 cm long, 73 cm wide and 78 cm high.
    • With these dimensions, its weight is 55 kg.
    • It is capable of handling 70 cm of snow in one pass.
    • The snow blower is efficient at snow levels up to 20 cm.
    • Snow plow on Tiller Neva is capable of throwing snow up to 8 meters.
    • Snow removal with the tiller Neva with a blade occurs at a speed of 4 km / h.

    The principle of attaching the Neva snow plow

    To hitch the snow blade to the tiller, you must perform a number of sequential steps:

    • Remove the connecting flange on the snow removal equipment;
    • Using two bolts, connect the snow plow attachment and the tiller;
    • Then place the hitch in the bracket on the trailer. And secure with two bolts;
    • Remove the side protection on the power take-off shaft and install the drive belt;
    • Install protection back;
    • Adjust the tension using a special lever;
    • Start using the equipment.

    This non-tricky process takes relatively little time. Also, it will not need to be disassembled until the end of winter.

    Snow cleaning equipment for tillers Neva

    Snow removal equipment for Tiller Neva has long been an indispensable assistant in everyday life. Since the land plot requires not only summer processing, but also maintenance in winter. You can, of course, remove the snow with a good old shovel, but the costs of physical labor in this case are simply enormous. Therefore, people came up with a technique that would help with this. She was known even during the Soviet era.

    Neva is considered one of the best tillers since those times. This company does not stand still and is constantly developing, thanks to which it retains its leading position in the market today.

    A distinctive feature is a large number of compatible attachments. One of them is a snow blower SMB “Neva”.

    Operating instructions for the Neva snow blower

    To prevent improper operation of the equipment and possible harm to health to yourself or others? It is necessary to study the instructions and understand exactly that:

    • Before starting snow removal, it is necessary to carefully examine the surface to be treated for the presence of solid objects, since they can cause significant damage when flying out of the gutter;
    • It is necessary to ensure that there are no people or glass objects in the snow throwing area;
    • You can not stay in front of the Neva snow removal equipment during its operation;
    • If large objects get into the auger, turn off the tiller immediately and remove the foreign object;
    • It is not allowed to remove snow after drinking alcohol or at night, since the Neva snow removal equipment is not equipped with headlights;
    • Work on roughly level ground as snow removal equipment may tip over when working on sloping soils.
    • Long-term operation without stopping is not allowed, it is necessary to periodically allow the equipment to cool down.

    By following these simple rules, you can significantly extend the life of this equipment. And also to avoid possible injuries and injuries.

    Construction of the “Neva” snow blower:

    • Metal body;
    • Snow bucket
    • Diversion
    • Panel and handle for control

    The whole structure is made of metal. In front, there is a special bucket that shovels snow. Then a special screw mechanism directs it into the chute for removal.

    The auger is an axle with toothed elements. These elements make the snow looser and easier to throw.

    Also, a blade for a tiller can occasionally be used to remove snow, but it certainly cannot be compared with a snow blower.

    A person can manually adjust the direction of snow throwing through the chute. This allows the snow to be directed in the desired direction.

    Plastic runners are installed at the bottom of the bucket. This makes the running of the snow blower smoother and easier.

    How easy it is to look at

    Homemade snow blower for a tiller with your own hands

    Many people ask the question, is it possible to make a snow blower for the Neva tiller with your own hands? In fact, it all depends only on your skills and desires. This requires a minimum of equipment and skills.

    In particular, we need:

    • lathe (or a familiar turner who can make the necessary parts),
    • metal
    • welding machine.

    The main working element in snow removal equipment is the auger. It can be made from a pipe and 8 half-discs, which must be made of 2 mm sheet steel. Thanks to them, a kind of spiral of the right and left sides is created.

    Their attachment points must be carefully welded. Because they work with a heavy load.

    If you accidentally have a screw of some other technique, then you can use it.

    The auger is placed on bearings. The body itself is made of aluminum. The auger is attached to the middle of the body with bolts and nuts.

    The next working element is the rotor. Snow after passing through the auger gets there. On the forums, you can find people who made it from an old aluminum boiler. It is attached to the walls of the case with rivets.

    Usually snow flies out at a distance of 3-5 m.However, build quality and wind direction are of great importance here.

    The torque is transmitted from the tiller itself to the snow removal equipment. This is done with a strap. And the corresponding pulley on the snow removal equipment.

    Here is a detailed video instruction on how to make a do-it-yourself snow blower for the Neva Tiller:

    This is just a general sequence and principles of how you can make a snow blower on a Tiller Neva with your own hands.

    On the forums, you can find a large number of different options and detailed instructions, as other people have done. They often post detailed video instructions on how they made a snow thrower for the Neva Tiller with their own hands, what happened in the end, and give practical advice.

    This is much clearer when everything is presented not just in the form of a video, and not dry drawings.

    Snow blower for tillers Neva. Snow removal, work overview

    A do-it-yourself snowmobile from a tiller. the best home-made devices and mechanisms. 110 photos and videos of the construction of a snowmobile

    In modern times, few gardeners and gardeners do without a tiller. In warm weather, this technique is very often and densely used in ordinary daily affairs and never stands idle. But in the winter period, it is difficult for a tiller to find an application, and this suggests that the car will simply stand idle.

    Home remodeling masters have come up with a use for the tiller and in the cold. I don’t want to move through the snow on my own, especially since in some places the snow reaches impassable volumes.

    That is why a snowmobile is made from a tiller for the winter. This is a benefit both for the owner and for the equipment itself, since the tiller does not stand idle.

    In the photo of a snowmobile from a tiller made with your own hands, you can clearly see that everyone makes such a model as he wants. For those who decided to create such a useful unit, you will need to choose which option is closer to him.

    In this article, we will cover some important points for creating a snowmobile.

    Summary of the review:

    • How to choose an engine
    • Features of the constructive plan
    • How to decide on a move option
    • Do-it-yourself photo of a snowmobile from a tiller

    How to choose an engine

    In order to create a snowmobile, it is necessary to consider the most important and central part of the entire mechanism. the motor. The motor must have a decent amount of traction to move the entire machine in tough snowy conditions. To make everything work out as needed, a powerful motor from Tiller Neva will do.

    With such an engine, one or two people will be able to move around on a homemade snowmobile from a tiller with their own hands. Engine power has 6-7 horsepower, which is quite enough for moving on snow.

    If you add a snowmobile stand to the tiller, the load capacity increases and you can easily load your tiller for snow rides.

    Why is this engine good, many people ask. In fact, there are many more advantages than one might think:

    • First of all, this is a democratic cost.
    • Good quality is also proven by Japanese production.
    • The motor has an additional air cooling system.

    Also note that gasoline can be used as fuel.

    Features of the constructive plan

    The simplest version of a snowmobile consists of a part that leads and one that is driven first. The second part consists of a seat, shock absorbers, a steering part and runners, thanks to which this part moves. The second part is much more complicated, since it contains all the elements that set the snowmobile in motion.

    First of all, in the second part, it is necessary to correctly provide for the power unit, that is, the motor itself. The frame on which everything will be equipped and the drive is also important.

    Diagrams and drawings of a snowmobile from a tiller with your own hands must be done in advance, and you can find the necessary option on the network or in various kinds of literature.

    To begin with, before drawing up a drawing, determine the purpose for which the snowmobile will be used. After the drawings, you will need to select parts, and, if possible, do some with your own hands.