Doesn’t Develop Turnover Trimmer Echo Srm 22ges

Doesn't Develop Turnover Trimmer Echo Srm 22ges

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The country where the head office of the manufacturer is located. In the context of modern globalization, large companies are placing their production capacities not only in their own country. Factories can be located anywhere in the world.

    Fishing line

The more powerful the trimmer, the thicker the diameter of the fishing line can be set. Never place a line with a diameter higher than recommended on your mower. This will increase the load on the engine and tool shaft. There is also a risk of damage to the trimmer head. A fishing line with a large diameter allows you to mow harder and thicker grass, weeds, dead wood.

Some trimmer models have a collapsible drive shaft. This allows you to use the tool not only for mowing the grass, but, using various nozzles, use the trimmer as a cultivator, a garden hacksaw, etc. The necessary nozzles are purchased separately. In addition to increasing functionality, the mower collapsible shaft facilitates storage and transportation. A small drawback of this design solution is the additional connection on the shaft, which can result in breakage.

On modern trimmers, manufacturers install handles in the following forms or types: first. G-shaped; second one. D-shaped; the third. P-shaped; the fourth. Cycling. The first 3 options differ only in the form of execution. The fourth type of handle is more commonly used on lawn mowers. The bicycle handle provides a comfortable grip, the gas trigger / power button mounted directly on the handle.

In modern gardening and construction equipment, depending on the type of engine, three types of fuel are used. For two stroke engines. This is a fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and 2-stroke oil. For four stroke engines. Just AI-92 gasoline. For diesel units. Diesel fuel (diesel fuel).

Power is one of the main characteristics of any tool. This parameter for gasoline technology is usually evaluated in horsepower (l / s). 1 horsepower is 0.7355 kW. The harder the conditions, the more work to be done, the more powerful the tool should be. Improving the power characteristics does not always lead to an increase in the size and weight of the engine. Thanks to the latest technologies, leading manufacturers achieve the best performance without significantly changing the weight and dimensions of the tool.

Power. This is the most important characteristic for any power tool. The more powerful the tool, the higher its capabilities: increased productivity; increases the time of continuous operation. Please note that on the nameplate of the electric tool, usually, the indicated power is not transmitted to the drive shaft, but consumed from the network.

Engine displacement is the most important characteristic that determines its power and other operating parameters. Engine capacity is the sum of the volumes of all its cylinders. The higher the working volume, the higher the tool power.

The size of the fuel tank directly affects the runtime of the tool. Fuel consumption depends on engine power. It is made of plastic or metal. When choosing a fuel tank, pay attention not only to its volume, but also how easy it is to track the degree of filling.

    Fishing reel

The ECHO GT-22GES trimmer with a gasoline engine is a lightweight compact unit for domestic use. Equipped with an easy start system and a manual fuel pump (primer). This model is intended for mowing grass and effective weed control in areas up to 12 acres. The lawn mower is easy to handle, and both a senior citizen and a teenager can easily handle it.

The trimmer weighs 4.3 kg, is equipped with a curved bar and a small T-shaped handle, which allows you to work in tight spaces between trees and shrubs, in ditches where high maneuverability is required. The increased distance between the protective cover and the trimmer head eliminates the possibility of winding grass on the output output shaft. The shaft is mounted in a removable housing on two ball bearings and is easily removable during maintenance.

The ECHO GT-22GES petrol trimmer is one of the lightest among members of this class. This trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a forged shaft, connecting rod. A shaft mounted on a double bearing helps to reduce vibration during operation and increase engine life. Semi-automatic spool made of special plastic, which has high impact resistance, has a thick fishing line, qualitatively cutting grass of various stiffness. Ergonomically shaped handle with double safety trigger to prevent accidental operation for easy operation.

Video: Doesn’t Develop Turnover Trimmer Echo Srm 22ges

Advantages of the Echo GT-22GES trimmer

5-year extended lawn mowing guarantee! The extended warranty takes effect upon registration of the purchased instrument on the ECHO representative website and assumes passage paid periodic technical inspections at ECHO service centers, as well as the use of the tool for non-commercial purposes (working with the tool no more than 160 hours a year).
Made by Japanese technology.
  • Curved non-separable aluminum bar. Gives strength and lightness to trimmer;
  • Coil Tap’nGo". Semi-automatic line feed during mowing;
  • Safety. The trimmer guard reliably protects from flying grass and branches;
  • Convenient shoulder strap. Allows to adjust the position of the ECHO GT-22GES trimmer, optimum for mowing;
  • EZ pull easy start system. Reduces resistance when pulling the starter cable;
  • Adjustable handle "ring". Easily configurable depending on the growth of the operator;
  • Dismantling the air filter cover without using a tool. It simplifies its maintenance, the quick-release foam rubber air filter is easy to maintain; to clean it, just wash it in warm soapy water;
  • Adjustable carburetor allows you to adjust the lawn mower to work in any climatic thematic conditions;
  • The metal crankcase of the engine consists of two halves, rigidly fixed by bearings. This design is typical for a professional tool and significantly increases engine life;
  • A large fuel tank and low fuel consumption saves time at refueling;
  • The translucent material of the tank allows you to track the level of the fuel mixture and has protection against mechanical damage;
  • The symmetrical arrangement of the fuel tank provides excellent balance;
  • The presence of a rubber shock absorber between the rod and the engine reduces vibration during operation, makes the operation of the tool more comfortable;
  • Protection against accidental pulling the trigger of gas ensures safety during operation.

Delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region

Goods worth more than 30,000 rubles. Within MKAD are delivered free of charge.


Delivery across Russia

Delivery in the Russian Federation is carried out by transport campaigns.

Delivery to the terminal of the transport company in Moscow. 200 rubles.

Further, the cost of delivery to your region is determined by your chosen carrier.

Video from the official site of Echo

Echo GT 22GES trimmer review

5 year warranty for Echo trimmers

Instructions for trimmer / lawn mow / lawn mowing ECHO GT-22GES (ECHO-GT-22GES-manual.Pdf, 852 Kb) [Download]

It is easy to start, creeps everywhere, breaks into the VAZ 2110 through the tunnel from the trunk to the passenger compartment, while not interfering.

There are practically none. What they say, they say there is no belt, this is not a problem, I took it. Details on Yandex.Market

Lightweight, start up without any problems, unpretentious! He has been working for five years from June to October a couple of times a month for 6 acres without complaints. Recommend.

If the grass is like. Details on Yandex.Market

Easy, maneuverable. It is good to climb in hard-to-reach places. It is easy and always starts.

No belt included.

Great braid! I plowed for five years in two sections of 10 and 10 hundred parts and not always at full throttle, as prescribed. At low revolutions, he mowed a lot, mainly to trim the lawn. Of course, tall grass is difficult to mow, only in two or three steps, but this is quite doable. Dead wood did not dare to mow. In general, at. Details on Yandex.Market

trimmer is excellent. The seller in Lenin 140 well done will tell everything, will show. Starts with a bang. The best. Details on Yandex.Market

light nimble quite powerful quality.

-there is no belt. Not a folding bar for transportation.

chose gasoline – more powerful and more mobile. Starts well after winter (just do not drain the fuel, the vapors serve as a lubricant) Japanese. Details on Yandex.Market

It is very easy to start, low fuel consumption, thick (3mm) twisted fishing line cuts well even fresh raspberries and the like.

If you mow tall, juicy grass, but it is periodically wound between the cutting head and the protective cover and slows down the rotation of the head. It is necessary to turn off the engine and remove a skein of grass.

Has worked for 3 seasons, but overall "mileage" only 12 hours. Koshu is irregular, two. Three times a season. Often you have to mow fairly tall grass. Details on Yandex.Market

The launch is actually easy. Do not be afraid to stifle once again. It is very convenient for work in cramped conditions (under trees, between bushes, on rough terrain). Mows both lawn grass and weeds. Light in weight and easy to maintain. Economical. Quiet enough, if it can be said about the lawn mowing. In any case, we do without headphones. Compact By lenght. As the main garden tools. It fits in the trunk without any problems.

A shoulder strap is not provided in the package, although there is a mount for it on the braid itself.

For the garden plot. Optimal. For large open areas. Details on Yandex.Market

Easy start-up, economical, quiet enough, reliable.

Vibration is present.

In operation is the 3rd season, this year it has already 5 times mowed the entire garden and everything behind the fence around.
2 times pulled and starts on the suction, does not stall, removed the damper and go.
Honestly. Details on Yandex.Market

unreliable, expensive repairs