Doesn't Start Trimmer Petrol Patriot 555

Owners of cottages, gardens and personal plots should get such an assistant as a lawn mower. A worthy option for these units is the Patriot gas trimmer.

This technique is easy to use, efficient and versatile.


Over the short period of its existence, Patriot has become a manufacturer of equipment, which is currently in great demand. The demand for the brand is based on the use of quality parts, as well as modern innovations and technologies. The Patriot Lawnmow has the following features:

  • endurance;
  • high build quality;
  • ergonomics;
  • ease in management and repair.

Due to the fact that the trimmers of this brand are easy to use, even people with no experience can use them. This type of tool is able to simplify the life of summer residents and gardeners. They can work on the territory from the first spring days until late autumn, as well as perform snow removal in winter using nozzles.

Patriot petrol trimmers are available for domestic and professional use. The cheapest options are usually characterized by low power, so they may not cope with the tasks. However, it is worth remembering that buying a professional expensive unit may not always be appropriate.

When choosing lawn mowers, you should be guided by the tasks that will be posed to this technique.

When buying a gas trimmer, it is worth taking into account such nuances:

  • vegetation on the territory;
  • volume of territory;
  • relief features of the site;
  • the convenience of lawn mowing, the location of the handle on it;
  • engine type: two-stroke or four-stroke;
  • type of cutting tool.

The lineup

Currently, Patriot offers a wide range of petrol trimmers. The following products are considered the most popular.

Patriot PT 3355

This type of equipment is considered easy, it is usually used to eliminate a small amount of weeds, mowing lawns, leveling plants near trees, mowing grass in hard to reach areas.

The main distinguishing characteristics of this version of lawn mowers include an increased piston stroke, a chrome cylinder, and a good anti-vibration system.

Patriot 555

The trimmer belongs to semi-professional units. It is equipped with a professional starting mechanism, therefore it is effective at start-up even in the cold season. The engine of this unit is characterized by low noise. This model of lawn mowers has a light weight and consumes little fuel. The reinforced unit gearbox contributes to stable operation during high loads. Power Patriot 555 is 3 l / s. This type of trimmer can be used even when mowing dry tall wild-growing weed, as well as sprouted tree shoots.

Doesn't Start Trimmer Petrol Patriot 555

Patriot 4355

The lawn mowing machine of this model has shown high working efficiency even in difficult weather conditions.

Patriot 545

This lawn mowing is semi-professional, it is a fairly popular model among many gardeners, the plot of which is overgrown with weeds. The economical fuel consumption and high-quality aluminum gearbox makes such a trimmer simply irreplaceable when mowing a large area. The features of the unit include a single-cylinder proprietary engine, efficient cooling, a strong anti-vibration system, a reliable manual starter and a decompression function. Engine power Patriot 545 is 2.45 l / s. In equipping the trimmer, the user can find a straight, non-separable hose, as well as a durable casing made of plastic, which protects the worker from the ingress of vegetation and stones.

Video: Doesn’t Start Trimmer Petrol Patriot 555

Patriot 305

This garden type tool is an amateur one. It is characterized by low weight, but at the same time high reliability and good traction capabilities. lawn mowing can be used for high-quality mowing of undersized wild weed, a small lawn, elimination of a young shoot. A feature of the unit can be called the possibility of its use in combination with universal mowing heads. This trimmer can also be equipped with a plastic disc and a three-blade forged knife. Patriot 3055 has a capacity of 1, 3 l / s, while it weighs 6.1 kg.

Instructions for use and repair

Correctly getting a gas trimmer is a simple task for those who use the device for the first time or after winter downtime. Before running in the unit and using the starter, it is worth filling the lawn with oil. This substance must contain certain additives that easily dissolve in the fuel when exposed to high temperature. Such substances will ensure the correct patronage of the motor elements, protecting against the occurrence of friction even at high load.

Running the trimmer with a warm engine is not difficult. To do this, put the switch in the working position, and then pull the cord before starting. If you follow the instructions, there should be no problems with starting.

The most popular startup errors are the following:

  • engine start if ignition is switched off;
  • start when the shutter is closed;
  • poor or improperly composed fuel.

Depending on what kind of work you need to do, the corresponding nozzle is put on the trimmer. Running the lawn mowers involves using the engine at the lowest speeds, without loads. For running, it is worth starting a lawn mowing and working with it in idle mode. This stage is best done by inserting a fishing line, gradually increasing the load level and increasing engine speed. After break-in, the first operation of the unit should be about 15 minutes.

Patriot trimmers, like any other similar technique, should be used carefully, avoiding sudden movements, as well as collisions with extremely hard objects. After each use, let the lawn cool down. Also, the user should not forget about putting on the belt before applying the technique: this element will help optimize the return, as well as distribute the stress throughout the body. The belt must not only be worn, but also adjusted for you.

The fact that it is fixed correctly is evidenced by the absence of rapid tiredness of the hands, as well as unpleasant sensations in the muscles.

It is worth remembering that the use of a gas trimmer is extremely undesirable in wet and rainy weather. If the unit is wet, then it should be sent to a dry room, and then dried. Continuous operation of the Patriot lawn mowers can last from 40 minutes to an hour. When working with this unit, it is worth remembering the following safety measures:

  • dress in tight clothing before working with the trimmer;
  • keep a distance of at least 15 meters from people;
  • use earphones or earplugs;
  • Use rubber gloves, boots and glasses for your own protection.

There are situations when the Patriot trimmer fails, namely: it does not start, does not gain momentum, the coil broke. The reasons that caused this situation may be a lot, but the main one is considered incorrect operation. In the event of problems and malfunctions in the operation of the unit, you should seek the help of specialists, but if the warranty period has already expired, then the user can try to solve the problem on their own.

If the engine stops starting, this may be the result of a dirty filter in the fuel tank. Replacing the filter will help correct the situation. It is also worth regularly monitoring the condition of the trimmer air filter. In case of contamination, the part should be washed with gasoline and installed in its original place. Spare parts for Patriot lawn mowers can be found in the service centers of this company.

Reviews of owners of gasoline trimmers indicate the power and effectiveness of this type of equipment. There is information that the units start up easily, do not stall and do not overheat.

For a detailed review and test of the Patriot PT 545 gas trimmer, see the video below.