July 12, 2019

Dog Booth, How To Choose The Right Booth, The Size Of The Dog Booth

Many dogs are kept in the yards of private houses, so the question becomes: how to choose a booth for your dog. The booth will be a good protection from hot weather or from precipitation, in the warm season, and cold in winter.

When choosing a dog booth, first of all, you should pay attention to the size of the dog, since the larger the animal, the greater will be our booth. The animal should easily lie in the booth, stand and unfold, but it should be noted that an oversized booth will become a problem during the cold season, as it will be harder for the dog to warm it. Therefore, in the manufacture or purchase of the booth should take measurements with your dog.

It is also necessary to take into account that there must be a sufficiently free entrance to the booth (manhole), it must be of such a size that the animal can easily enter and leave the booth, too small manhole will result in the animal not being able to get inside, and too large will lead to the fact that the animal will be cold in winter. It should also be taken into account when purchasing a puppy that he will grow up sooner or later and the booth should be selected based on an adult animal, if you take a puppy in the cold season, you should take care that it does not freeze, as the booth is based on an adult animal will be too cold for him (until he grows up).

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To simplify calculations, I propose the following calculations:

– chest width – increase the value by 5-8 cm and get the width of the manhole.

– height at withers – subtract 5 cm and get the height of the manhole.

– from nose to tail – the length of the booth.

– the height of the dog – the height of the booth.

– The width of the booth, as a rule, is approximately equal to the height.

booth, choose, right, size

These calculations, of course, are approximate, so when building or buying a home for your dog, consider its individual characteristics, breed, size, physiological state (pregnancy) and other factors.

The roof is also an important part of the booth. It should be made so that it retains heat and does not get wet, it is used for this (metal-tile with insulation). Usually a removable roof is made in the booth, this will allow you to get your dog if he needs help, and in this case it will be much easier to clean the cage and disinfect it.

Also, an important moment when choosing a booth is the material from which it is made. Usually, environmentally friendly materials such as coniferous wood are used for the booths, it allows you to make the animal’s home warm enough and to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer well. You should also pay attention to the walls were double, as it will significantly warm your pet’s home, between the walls, as a rule, insert insulation. Insulation should also be made of environmentally friendly materials such as mineral wool or sawdust.

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The important part is the floor of the booth. It is recommended to make it out of wood, no less than 3.5 cm thick, and it is advisable to make it 5-6 cm thick, since it must be warm. Usually the booths are put on low legs, this will allow to air the bottom of the booth and avoid premature rotting of the structure when interacting with moisture. Also, to protect the booth, it can be painted with paint on the outside, but you should remember that you can not paint it inside.

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