September 2, 2019

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Building a comfortable home for a faithful friend is a worthy response to the love and loyalty of a four-legged pet. The dog needs a place where you can hide from the weather, relax and gain strength.

How to build a dog house with your own hands? About this in the detailed instructions below.


At the first stage you should choose a place. to accommodate the future home of the dog:

  • the building is located on the territory from the windless side;
  • a broad overview of the terrain from the booth is desirable, including entrance gates;
  • the kennel is built in a well-lit place, but at the same time near the site where you can hide in the shade from the heat;
  • the place is chosen slightly elevated, so that the dwelling is always dry.

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Booth may be so


The dog box with his own hands from scrap materials is built, most often, using coniferous wood. This is the most harmless, affordable and convenient material.

The wooden box keeps heat well.

The floor in the kennel is lined with dry planks, tight to each other.

For the frame useful wooden bars 40×40 or 40×20 millimeters. To sheathe the booth outside is best wooden clapboard. The inner walls are lined with clapboard or waterproof plywood.

Foam or mineral wool is suitable as insulation. Thanks to their use as a pad, you get a warm dog box with your own hands.

The degree of insulation is calculated based on the region of residence and the breed of the pet. For example, the Moscow guard dog is relatively unpretentious and tolerant of frosts; the American Akita will prefer to live in the courtyard of the house.

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After all the calculations and the creation of the drawing, you should prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • saw, handsaw, hammer, level;
  • pencil, tape measure, ruler;
  • paint, antiseptic;
  • galvanized nails, screws;
  • building materials (it is obligatory to clean boards and lining so that the dog does not get hurt).

The use of metal is not recommended. Glowing in the sun, he will make a pet’s rest in the home unbearable.

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Drawings and dimensions of the booth

For the correct construction of the kennel it is necessary to determine its size. First of all, the doghouse should be comfortable, suitable in size for the tailed pet. More does not mean better.

The dog feels more secure in small spaces. It is enough to be able to easily turn around and sit freely. The presence of extra partitions or steps only hampers movement.

Dog box with their own hands: the drawings and dimensions "fit" to the dimensions of the dog. In drawing up the drawing, you should rely on the size of the pet:

  • the height of the building is 5-10 cm more than the height of the dog with the head raised;
  • in depth the kennel is the same as in height;
  • the width of the manhole in the booth is equal to the width of the chest plus 5-7 cm;
  • the height of the entrance corresponds to the height of the dog at the withers minus 5 cm;
  • the roof can be flat single or dual gable.

It is more correct to double-check all the calculations several times so that the result would be an ideal comfortable construction. A kennel for a dog with their own hands: the drawings and dimensions, which were originally made up to the completion of the work.

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Assembly sequence

When all the necessary tools and materials are prepared, the assembly of the frame begins. The first stage is the installation of the bottom. We construct a frame from the bars and tightly reinforce the floorboards on it. To preserve heat, the bottom must be slightly raised from the ground or strengthened with additional bars. In addition, the bottom is sheathed with ruberoid.

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Treat the bottom with an antiseptic to prevent rot.

At the corners of the bottom are mounted vertical support bars, which serve as the basis for the walls. On the top of the bars is strapping for the roof.

At an angle of 40 degrees, two bars are fixed on top of the booth frame. Four such framework angles are established.

The nails are hammered from the inside of the frame, and additional screws are used for reliability.

After installation of the frame, the required size of the blank for covering is cut out of plywood. On the outside of the kennel is clapboard trim. For its fastening galvanized nails are used. Boards are installed so that there are no slots.

The roof is mounted close to the walls of the booth, but not nailed tightly.

The roof of the dog house should be removable for cleaning and sterilizing the room.

For convenient lifting of the roof, nails with a diameter of one centimeter half a length are driven into the ends of the corner boards. The caps are cut down, and the gables, with pre-drilled holes, are put on the rod.

It is better to warm the roof of the booth and cover it with roofing felt. As the roofing material, you can use tile.

Dog Box Do-It-Yourself Drawings And Sizes

Possible mistakes

In addition to the correct size and location of the home, there are a number of points to which you should pay attention:

  • after installation the kennel must be checked for availability protruding screws or nails;
  • a curtain is installed on the hole from dense material as additional protection against bad weather;
  • if the dog has lived in the house for a long time, it will not immediately want to settle in a new dwelling. To teach her to the new booth, you can put your favorite toys there and feed them with a treat near the kennel;
  • in no case do not use as a punishment to send a dog to a kennel;
  • exclude the presence of a dog during the sanitary treatment of the dwelling.
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Doghouse is a prerequisite for proper maintenance of a pet in the street in the yard. It can be an addition to the self-made aviary. Even a guard dog adapted to outdoor conditions will be glad to have a cozy dwelling and feel the care of the owner.

Additionally, check out the video on how to build a dog kennel for yourself:

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