August 13, 2019

Dog Box Do It Yourself Everything You Need To Know

The article will tell you about all the nuances of building a dog booth. You will learn how to make a spacious, reliable and warm home for your pet without any help. You will understand how to calculate the dimensions of the booth in accordance with the size of the animal. You will become aware of the main stages of building a house for your dog. You will receive recommendations on the choice of materials for construction. And also you can watch several videos with workshops on building a booth at home.

How to do it yourself

Making a dog house with your own hands is not at all difficult. The main thing here is to choose the right size and choose a good material for the future home. It is in the booth that your pet will spend most of the time, so you need to make it as comfortable and durable as possible.

Dog Box Do It Yourself Everything You Need To Know

Drawing up a drawing

Drawing up a dog box will help you not to be mistaken in the size of the structure and significantly speed up the process of its construction. No need to do too complex and intricate constructions: extra partitions and projections will only interfere with the dog. The best option would be a regular rectangular booth with a side exit.

Important! Make the roof of the booth removable, so it will be easier to disinfect it.

The dimensions of the home will depend on the size and breed of the dog. When building follow the following schemes:

  • booth height = dog height 5 cm;
  • manhole width = chest width 5 cm;
  • manhole depth = height of dog at withers 5 cm;
  • booth depth = dog length 5 cm.
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When the sketch of the future design will be ready, transfer to it all the necessary measurements. Now you can choose materials and proceed to the construction of the booth.

Selection of materials

Coniferous wood is best suited for the construction of the booth. It will be relatively inexpensive and safe for the health of your pet. Plywood sheets can be used for side walls and floorboards for flooring. The wood will be best treated with a special solution so that it does not damp and start to rot. Think in advance about the decoration for the booth and its insulation.

Dog Box Do It Yourself Everything You Need To Know

From the tools you will need:

This simple set will be enough for you to build a great dog house with your own hands.


  1. Start building a booth is best from the floor. To do this, cut wooden blocks to the required size and fasten them so that a rectangle is obtained.
  2. To make the floor warm, we need two of its layers. Between these layers is placed insulation.
  3. A foam is applied to the top of the future floor. After that, a finishing layer of the base of the booth is formed.
  4. The legs are attached to the floor with a height of 10 cm. This is necessary so that air circulates between the ground and the booth.
  5. Now attached to the floor 4 side racks. Two of them will be smaller in size, and two – more. This is necessary so that the roof of the future dwelling is located under the slope.
  6. The walls of the booth are screwed to the side racks.
  7. The joints of boards strengthened with metal plates.
  8. The inner walls of the booth are insulated in the same way as the floor with foam plastic.
  9. We impose plywood on top of the foam plastic and nail it with a hammer and nails.
  10. Now you need to make a removable roof. It is better if it is sled, because many dogs love to lie on it. Make the frame of the required size and sheathe it with insulation (felt, mineral wool or foam). Secure the roof to the booth, putting the roofing felt on top.
  11. Check that there are no cracks or serifs in the booth that could scratch the dog.
  12. The last item is the painting of the booth. Do it with environmentally friendly paints and varnishes. You can also sheathe booth siding.
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Dog Box Do It Yourself Everything You Need To Know

Place for the booth

The location of the booth also plays an important role. If you have an aviary in the yard, you can put a house right inside it. Note that the aviary should stand on a hill to avoid flooding. Make sure that the dog has a view from the booth to the main entrance to the house or the courtyard. So it will be easier for a pet to fulfill his mission as a guard.

Note! If you have several dogs of different breeds, it is not recommended to place their booths too close to each other.

Dog Box Do It Yourself Everything You Need To Know

Video with master class

We invite you to watch a detailed video on how to make a dog house correctly and how to connect all parts of the structure to each other. And also you will learn with the help of what it is better to insulate such a structure.

This video details the whole process of building a large booth with a staircase leading to the roof. You will learn what materials are best suited for building a dog’s home.

We hope that the tips on how to build a dog house with your own hands were helpful to you. You may already have experience in a similar matter. If so, then share your recommendations with other dog owners.

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