August 2, 2019

Dog Box Drawing

And again about our smaller brothers.

If you have a cottage or a house in the village, then you can entrust the protection of such an important object only to a reliable person.

Your faithful dog and can be the designated person. You can’t argue about tastes, you can get yourself an Australian arrogant terrier or an even more exotic breed. But there is no guarantee that such a medal carrier would protect your property from uninvited guests, and not bask on the feather bed of your bed.

So, you have a shepherd dog or, in extreme cases, a dvorterer, that is, an ordinary mongrel. She needs somewhere to sleep and shelter from rain and weather. For this you need to build a dog house – a kennel. The dog box whose drawing we consider below is quite universal.

The most important thing in this business is to determine the size of the booth. If it is great for a dog, then in winter it will be somewhat chilly or completely cold. If it is too small, then the dog will be crowded, but why offend her?

Therefore, before building a dog house, measure the size of your pet. Having determined the size from the tip of the nose to the middle of the tail, as well as on the withers, you can proceed to construction.

You can build from the waste left over from the construction of your summer houses, although it may not be enough to buy some materials.

The figure shows one of the easiest summer options.

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Dog Box Drawing

The summer version is somewhat different from the winter, more material-intensive.

For the winter one will have to add internal walls and hem the ceiling, most likely from a cut board, although it is also possible from the wall paneling.

In addition, insulate the cavity between the two surfaces. As a heater, it is highly undesirable to use such things as glass wool, isover, urs, and the like. Foam is also not the best. Insulators in the environment can always be microscopic suspensions, it is easier – the smallest glass dust, or stand the smell of chemistry. What does not contribute to the improvement of the dog’s sense of smell.

The floor is made as thick as possible and also insulated. Imagine yourself for a minute at the dog’s place, on the cold floor. And figure out how the unfortunate animal thinks of you, if you still do that.

As a heater, usually simple rags, rags, cotton wool from padded jackets, felts with the use of any thermofilm on the outer walls in order to avoid getting wet are used.

Some use altogether exotic in the form of old remains of sheepskin or oak leaves, which are quite densely stuffed. Oak leaves keep warm well and are not afraid of moisture, so at least old people say. Sometimes in old baths it was possible to meet ceiling insulation made from these oak leaves.

But do not get hung up on one thing. It is possible and not to look for a twig from an oak tree in order to pinch leaves from it, it is better to take elementary chips and sawdust, fill the cavities of a dog kennel and everything will be in chocolate.

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Moreover, in the winter, so that the kennel was warmer and the snow did not fly, you can cover the entrance with a tarpaulin or blanket trimming. Cut the closure vertically into two strips for easier penetration inside. When the improvised door is ready, teach the dog to use it. Put a piece of meat inside a couple of times and the dumbest dog will understand it.

Some owners believe that a dog kennel is a luxury. The wolves, the closest relatives of dogs, live in the winter just in the snow. And in the forty-degree frost on their wool a layer of snow, and they do not even cough!

But let’s not be sadists in relation to our pets.

With the proportions indicated in the figure, the dog, after grateful to you to the tip of the tail for the dwelling provided to him, climbs his muzzle forward, then he can fully turn his muzzle to the exit.

However, you should be critical to everything offered. What if you have a non-masculine dog and will bring 6-7 puppies each year? Then obviously the size must be increased.

A dog kennel can be made of a different design, but in this case the dog will fit onto its roof, especially if it sits on a chain. It’s okay, but then the roof must be made stronger.

In order to prevent the dog from lying in a pool of water from melted snow or rain streams flowing from the whole yard, install a dog kennel higher.

Regarding painting. It is best not to paint at all, neither inside nor outside. It will only benefit the animal. But not all their owners like the unpresentable view of a dog kennel, darkening from precipitation. Therefore, as a last resort, it is allowed to paint only on the outside with such types of paints, the smell from which wears off in a short time.

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Dog Box Drawing

In general, it is best to cover the roof with a sheet of cement slab 10 or more millimeters thick. Such will be strong enough for dog claws and from raindrops will rumble less, therefore, do not interfere with the dog, sensitively guard your rest.

Of the other features I want to remind you that dogs have the ability to carry with them such creatures like fleas. So these same flea passions do not like coniferous and resinous smell. Therefore, boards – only pine and spruce! No other. Moreover, as a litter – also shavings of pine and spruce. But not sawdust that will clog the nostrils of the dog. Do not overdo it, the excess resin and its drips may stick to the skin.

Dog Box Drawing

Kohl got himself a dog, tidy up after her!

Long live the dogs! And the more you recognize people, the more you will love dogs!

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