July 5, 2019

Dog Box Nuances Of Making Various Designs With Their Own Hands

In most cases, kennels are made of wood. In this regard, in this article we will focus on the construction of the kennel for the pet of the relevant building materials. There are similar at each cottage, so they often make booths from scrap materials.

According to the types of booths are divided into one-pitch and two-pitch, insulated and non-insulated, with or without a tambour.

After reading the material, you will get acquainted with each of these types and learn how such buildings are made with your own hands.

Tools and materials for construction

Calculation of the overall size of the booth. (Click to enlarge)

We will need:

  1. Building materials – boards, timber, plywood, chipboard.
  2. Insulation – foam or polyurethane foam.
  3. Impregnation – to protect the building material from environmental conditions.
  4. Nails or screws.
  5. Hammer, screwdriver.

Before you build a booth for a pet, you should make a project.

First, it must take into account the size of the future home for the dog. The size of the building depends on the parameters of the animal. Accordingly, for different breeds of domestic dogs (Alabai, Huskies, Labrador, Huskies, Rottweilers, Sheepdogs, Spaniels or Dachshunds), the size of the house will vary. They are usually made five centimeters more than the height, length and width of the animal.

Secondly, the project considers whether the booth will be warm. From a construction point of view, the only difference between them is whether the insulation is laid inside or not. Note, for the Russian climatic conditions, the best option is a warmed booth.

Dog Box Nuances Of Making Various Designs With Their Own Hands

Thirdly, the project assumes the existence of a scheme for construction. The scheme is in the form of a drawing. A drawing is an architectural document that takes into account the model of the roof of the booth (single or twin) and the number of “rooms” (with or without a tambour). Consider these points in more detail.

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Shed roof model

These booths have a flat roof, which is inclined to the side at a slight angle. The slope is done so that water can flow down the roof or the snow rolls during precipitation.

A flat roof offers several advantages – a pet may lie on it while it is warm outside.

  1. To start the construction of such a booth is necessary with the erection of the floor. For this, four bars are used, which are applied to each other, forming the perimeter of the future foundation. If it corresponds to the dimensions of the drawing, the bars are fastened with nails or screws. After that, boards are nailed to these bars, which will be the floor covering. For the heat-insulated version, both sides of the perimeter are covered with boards so that a heater can be placed inside – foam or foam.
  1. Next to the finished floor side racks are attached to which the walls of the dwelling are subsequently nailed. They can also be single-layer or double-layer. The outer side of the walls is made of boards. They are simply nailed to the side racks. The inner side can be made of boards, plywood or chipboard. The last two materials cannot be used on the outside of the wall because they are afraid of moisture. Between the two layers of walls fit insulation. After the construction of the structure on the walls can be applied impregnation. Keep in mind that you do not need to saturate the booth from the inside – the unpleasant smell will scare the dog.
  1. It must be borne in mind that in one of the walls there must be an opening for the dog. Note, Laz does not need to do too big. It should be average so that a dog can comfortably walk into it, but it does not produce much heat.
  1. When the floor, walls and opening are ready, you can proceed to laying the roof. In the case of a lean-to model dog house roof must be removable. Collapsible booth easier to clean and handle insects. The roof is made the same way as the floor. The difference is that it is not nailed to the racks, but is screwed to one of the walls with the help of door hinges. They will allow it to open. Having attached a roof to one of the parties, from above it can be covered with roofing material or tile. This will extend the life of the structure.
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Model with a gable roof

The first three points related to the construction of a single-sided booth, refer to the construction with a gable roof. The only difference is that here all side racks must be the same height.

Given this circumstance, you can immediately proceed to the final stage.

In the process of manufacturing a gable roof, the frame is first assembled. For this are used rafter. This is a regular timber, in which a triangle is cut so that it can be held at an angle on the wall. At the same time, each rafter should have the same angle so that they converge among themselves, forming the “cages” of the gable roof.

When the number of rafters will be sufficient, they are sewn together with the help of a bar that fits onto the rafters from above. After that, the frame can be sheathed with boards.

If you make a winter booth, then between the frame and the boards you can lay insulation. So that it does not fall out, the roof must be sheathed from the inside.


Tambour is a separate room that serves as a waiting room. In other words, it keeps the cold air in itself so that it does not get into a warm room.

Tambour is usually made big. The space in it should be enough for the dog to stretch out to its full height, or to turn in any direction.

In turn, the warm compartment of the kennel can be made small. Animals, as a rule, sleep, curled up, so they do not need a lot of space for this.

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To build a vestibule is very easy. It is enough to install a partition inside the booth. The partition can not be insulated. Functions to contain the cold will perform the floor, walls and roof. The only thing that needs to be foreseen is the presence of a manhole for the dog in the partition.

If you follow all the recommendations given, you can make a booth correctly, for which your pet will be grateful to you.

Watch the video in which the user explains in detail how to make an excellent dog house with his own hands:

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