July 11, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Doghouse with their own hands: remove the main dimensions

For a comfortable location of the dog we select the correct dimensions of the booth according to the size of the dog. We will understand what measurements we need to do:

  • walls height – 15 cm plus the height at the withers of the dog (taking into account the layer of bedding and the bevel of the roof to drain the water);
  • walls width – front wall two tambour widths (approximately from 45 to 60 cm) while taking into account the size of the dog from the tip of the nose to its tail base 10 cm – the back wall is the width of the front plus the width of the tambour;
  • the opening for the entrance of the dog should not be very large, the dog should crawl there, slightly leaning to the floor, we count on the height in the dog’s withers;
  • there must be enough space in the depth for a reclining dog – the distance from the withers to the tips of the claws.

Insulated booth box

Any construction involves the calculation of forces and means, and this is impossible without a drawing with dimensions. For the drawing (sketch) booth, enough school knowledge.

The sketch of the future booth we draw in view of the measurements made by us. The picture you see is a version of a booth for a large service dog – top view. We see the entrance and the option of a bed for warm weather, and then the passage to the warm bed.

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We can build a dog house with our own hands with a warm square bed with smaller dimensions – this will increase the chances of heating the animal in the cold.

Step by step how to make a booth

Guided by the drawing, we cut the panels into walls and assemble them into a single structure. Fasten the bars to each other with screws. We use bars for walls with a section of 50x50mm, 50x25mm for a roof.

This is how the frames of the front and side walls look.

Inside the booth sheathe clapboard and plywood. The photo shows how the wall paneling and plywood are flush flush in the bar.

We assemble the walls according to the drawing and get a rectangular box with a top view that does not have a roof or floor.

To the bottom of the box to the bars with screws, fasten the floorboard. The best option for a doghouse floor would be a real grooved board. With board fasteners, it is necessary to unite it and not allow gaps between the boards, so that the animal does not damage the paws.

It was the turn to collect the ceiling frame. We file a plywood sheet to the bottom of the frame, lay insulation on plywood (the best option is mineral wool – it is not subject to rotting and is well preserved). We nail a sheet of plywood on top or immediately sheathe the clapboard.

This will be the type of roof with insulation. Ordinary door hinges will be attached to the roof and booth, so that the roof can open for tidy inside the booth.

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Like a roof we warm the walls of a doghouse. The upper part of the walls is insulated with mineral wool, and for the lower part we use foam. We foresee the dimensions of the foam sheet more than the internal dimensions of the wall panels by 2-3 mm, for a tight (without cracks) fit insulation.

You can sheathe the walls of the booth with plastic or aluminum clapboard.

The dog house is made with its own hands, but not finished, until the floor is warmed. To do this, the box of the booth is placed on one of the walls and the floor is insulated with foam from the bottom. Then it is sewn up with a sheet of plywood.

Comfortable home for our pet is ready.

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