August 12, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dog Box With His Own Hands

In today’s article we will talk about how to build a dog house with your own hands. So let’s get started.

The appearance of the doghouse should be in harmony with the design of the dacha. To do this, it is best to draw a sketch of the future building for the animal, to determine its size.

The size of the booth depends on the size of the dog and the temperature of the external environment in which it will operate. A large booth is much more difficult to heat than a similar design of small dimensions.

The dog should be able to comfortably unfold inside the booth and lie down freely. When constructing a booth for several pets, you can use the internal partition.

The size of the dogs determines the dimensions of their future premises. All dogs, depending on the size, can be divided into three groups:

1. Small breeds of dogs (dachshunds, pugs, spitz-dogs, etc.). For them, suitable booths with a height of 60 cm and internal dimensions of 70×55 cm.
2. Breeds of medium size (Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Huskies). For them, booths with a height of 80 cm are suitable, with internal dimensions of 120×75 cm.
3. Large breeds of dogs (Great Dane, St. Bernard, Sheepdog, Alabai). They need booths with a height of 95 cm, with internal dimensions of 140×100 cm.

These are reference data, from them it is worth making a start towards expansion of space.

Drawing a dog house with their own hands

Making a drawing is not difficult. The entrance is best placed in the long part of the structure, slightly shifting it from the center of the wall. The roof can be single and dual slope. The latter option is more interesting in appearance, in addition, if you foresee a small attic shelf, then on it you will be able to store the toys of your pet.

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At production of the box for a dog it is the best of all to use natural materials. The best option would be a wooden canvas: wall paneling, narrow plinth, slats, flooring, three types of timber (100×100, 100×50, 40×40).

For the manufacture of the bottom of the booth, you will need two beams of 40×40 cm. In order for the floor to be double and warm, you need to sew a batten on the floor and turn the formed element, repeating the operation.

At the entrance to the booth, you need to install two bars of 40×40 in size. Timber size 100×100 need to gash and install in the corners of the structure. The length of each timber should be equal to the height of the booth plus 45 cm.

Intermediate racks, the size of which corresponds to the internal height of the booth, need to be further strengthened – so that the ceiling can lean on them.

From the outside, the booth will need to be sheathed with clapboard, using small nails with small hats. Vertical racks should not be broken.

The roof is best to make removable. Additionally, you can attach a handle to it. This will allow efficient cleaning and processing of the booth if necessary. If the pet is sick or injured, a removable roof will provide direct access to the dog by the veterinarian.

The removable roof is made using 40×40 cm bars. A plywood sheet reinforced with intermediate bars is sewn into the roof perimeter. In order to insulate the roof, it is best to use mineral wool or foam.

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A second sheet of plywood is mounted on top. In the ends of the corner bars need to drive nails. Then the nails need to cut off the cap and onto the pins to implant gables. After that, the roof lathing is performed. It is made from edged boards or lining. The ends of the crate are trimmed with platbands and lined with plywood. After that, you can block the roof with roofing felt and lay the tiles. It is best to fix it with staples.

It is necessary to saturate the bottom of the booth with senegem – an antiseptic composition that prevents the formation of mold. In addition, to the bottom you will need to attach two 100×50 lumber and a sheet of roofing material. Thus waterproofing booth is carried out.

The walls and floor are insulated the same way as the roof: a layer of glassine, insulation, a layer of glassine. Then you need to nail the finished floor, make the threshold and frame manhole.

The inner surface of the booth should not be treated with anything, and the outer one with pinotex.

The booth is ready! It is best to install it on a small hill with which the entire surrounding area is clearly visible.

We sincerely hope that our article helped you answer the question of how to make a dog house with your own hands.

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