September 4, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Doghouse with their own hands: remove the main dimensions

To make your pet comfortable in a new house, you need to choose the dimensions of the booth correctly. Now we will consider what measurements need to be done before there, how to make a doghouse:

  • the height of the walls is calculated as follows: we add 15 cm to the height of the dog in the hall (if you plan to lay a warm rug, we also take into account its height);
  • the width of the booth is equal to the sum of the width of the tambour (from 45 to 60 cm, depending on the build of the dog) and the sleeping place (the distance from the tip of the dog’s nose to its tailbone plus 10 cm);
  • the depth should allow the dog to relax comfortably and stretch the paws (lay the pet on its side and measure the distance from the withers to the tips of its paws).

Insulated booth box

Before you make a warm house for the dog, you need to calculate and draw a sketch. Drawing for a dog house with their own hands is simple and you can build it without special knowledge.

After you have done all the measurements, you can start drawing a sketch for the construction of the booth. In this master class is presented the option of building a home for a large dog. The top view shows how the house is designed for a pet. The animal has an entrance and a summer version of a berth. Next, there is a special partition and the entrance to the second part, where the sleeping place is insulated.

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We will build a dog house with a slightly modified construction – the sleeper is made square and reduced. This allows the animal to warm up faster, but feel comfortable.

Now consider step by step how to make a dog house.

  1. According to the drawings, we cut out the parts of the panels and assemble them together. Bars among themselves fasten on screws. For work, bars of 50×50 mm (for walls) and 50×25 mm (for the roof) are used.
  2. This is how the front wall frame and side frame will look like.
  3. From the inside it is necessary to sheathe all plywood and clapboard. The photo shows that the paneling is recessed into the bar flush with plywood.
  4. Further we connect among themselves all parts of the box. It should be a rectangular box without a roof and floor.
  5. At first we fix the floorboard to the lower bars with self-tapping screws. It is best to use flooring grooved. Make sure that cracks and gaps do not form, otherwise the animal’s claws may get stuck.
  6. It’s time to assemble the frame for the ceiling. Inside, we sew the ceiling with plywood and fill the space with mineral wool or other insulation. Then we cover everything with a sheet of plywood or clapboard.
  7. Here is the ceiling with insulation. In the future, it will be hinged so that you can flip the lid and get out of the booth.
  8. Thus it is necessary to warm the wall panels. Laying mineral wool on top, and in the lower part it is better to use foam. The foam sheet should be 2-3 mm larger than the internal size so that it fits tightly between the bars and no cracks form.
  9. We sheathe the walls with clapboard made of plastic or aluminum alloy.
  10. To make a dog house with your own hands warm and comfortable for a pet, the floor must also be well insulated. We turn over the side construction and lay a sheet of foam. Then fasten a sheet of plywood.
  11. Dog box with her hands ready!
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