August 20, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

For those who want to make a dog house with their own hands, we have posted instructions on this page of our website. In our instructions for making a doghouse the dimensions of the parts from which you can sharpen the dog shed are indicated, and the collection scheme of the shed is drawn. The instruction for the manufacture of the booth shows how to build the most common and simplest model dog booths. Also on this page are tips for choosing a dog booth. Here you can read about how to determine the size of a doghouse, what material is better to make a booth, what kind of litter can be put in a doghouse.

Simple dog box with their own hands. Step-by-step instruction

We offer you step by step instructions on how to make a dog box with your own hands.

Before you start making a booth, you need to carefully measure your dog. After all, you need to correctly calculate the size of the booth. If you make a booth yourself it is very important to make a booth of such a size that it is sufficiently spacious and comfortable for your dog, so that the dog can turn around freely and lie down or sit down. But, at the same time, the doghouse should not be very large, otherwise your dogs will not be able to heat the booth and it will be cold there in winter. When you make a booth yourself, you can make a booth of the perfect size that suits your dog.

When buying material for a doghouse you need to seriously approach his choice. It is important that the lumber was “healthy”, without rot, blue, color changes. The material from which you make the booth should be dry, not treated with various toxic substances, which are often used for processing wood in construction. A dog that lives in a booth made of low-quality, raw materials, treated with toxic substances, will be sick and feel uncomfortable. She may even refuse to live at all in such a booth, as a result, time and money spent on building the booth will be wasted.

Therefore, we advise you to take a responsible approach to the choice of material for building a doghouse and calculating the size of the booth in order to avoid possible problems and frustration in the future.

To make a dog house, you will need:

A – 4 bars, section 5 × 10, 100 cm long,
B – 2 bars, section 5 × 10, 90 cm long,
C – 40 galvanized screws, 7-8 cm long,
D – 1 plywood sheet, 2 cm thick, 90×108 cm in size,
E, F, G – bars, section 5 × 5, for walls,
H – 2 bars, section 5 × 5, 105 cm long,
I – 4.5 square meters of moisture resistant plywood, 1.5 cm thick,
J – 1 sheet OSB, 1.3 cm thick, for roofing,
K – 1.5 sq. M of shingles,
L – 2 platbands, 2.5×7.5 section, 2 platbands, 2.5×7.5 section,
M – bars with a section of 2,5×5 cm., OSB, 1.3 cm thick and flexible tiles for the visor.

Hammer, tape measure, joiner’s square, circular saw, screwdriver or screwdriver, drill, grinder, protective gloves, goggles, level, joiner’s pencil.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

1. In the first stage, we will manufacture the base of the floor. Take a few bars, section of 5×10 cm, cut them according to specified sizes (4 bars should be 100 cm long and 2 bars – 90 cm) and connect, as shown in the figure below. Use the carpenter’s square in order to check the correctness of the resulting corners. To avoid splitting wood, before you screw in the screws, first drill the holes with a drill. In addition, do not overtighten the screws to ensure a reliable connection.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

2. Now, you need to cut a sheet of plywood 2 cm thick, 110×90 cm in size and fasten it with screws, as shown in the figure below. To secure the floor, screws need to be screwed into each bar, 100 cm long, at a distance of 21 cm from each other. At least 1 cm should be removed from each edge to avoid cracking of the wood. If you have properly assembled the floor, the plywood sheet should completely overlap the floor frame.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

3. Next, assemble the frame of the doghouse walls on the ground, and then screw the finished frame to the floor. The skeleton of the walls should be assembled from a bar, 5×5 cm in size and twisted with galvanized screws, 7-8 cm long. To make the construction rigid, the skeleton of one wall can be optimally assembled from 4 bars. As you can see in the figure below, the kennel roof should have a slope of 15 °. This angle is made so that water can freely drain from the roof. After you have collected the walls, the top bar and the wall itself should be fixed using the spirit level to get a free angle.

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Dog Box With His Own Hands

4. Now it is necessary to assemble the frame of the front wall of the booth. It is necessary to measure the distance between the side walls and assemble the front wall frame according to the resulting dimensions first on the ground, and then fasten it to the floor and to the side walls of the booth. The skeleton of the front wall, as well as the skeleton of the side walls, is assembled from a bar with a section of 5×5 cm and is twisted with galvanized screws, 7-8 cm long. Do not forget to make a hole, size 40×50 cm.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

5. Assemble the frame of the back wall of the booth and install it, by analogy with the other walls. To increase the rigidity of the structure, take 2 bars with a section of 5×5 cm and screw them from above to the frame of the front and rear wall, as shown in the figure below. Drill the holes with a drill before screwing in the screws to avoid splitting the wood.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

6. In the next step, you need to fasten moisture-resistant plywood, 1.5 cm thick, to the wall frame, as shown in the figure below. Measure the walls of the booth and cut the resulting size 4 sheets of plywood. Then nail the plywood sheets to the frame with 3 mm thick nails. Plywood is better to cut with a hacksaw with fine teeth, otherwise the cut may be torn, inaccurate. Cut a hole on the front wall of the booth. Before you cut the hole, draw a hole of the correct size with a pencil and drill a few holes along the perimeter of the drawn lines with a drill. The walls of the booth can be made double and put insulation inside.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

7. Before making the roof, fasten the platbands with a section of 2.5×7.5 cm at the top of the booth. Using nails of 3 mm thickness. Before you cut OSB for the roof, decide how much the roof above the booth will perform, according to your needs and taste. Then attach to the bars on the roof of the RSD, 1.3 cm thick, using nails or screws. To secure the roof, the screws need to be screwed at a distance of 25 cm from each other.

After that, mount the shingles on the roof. Installation of shingles should start from the bottom row. Use carpentry pencil and draw a few horizontal lines that will serve as guides when laying shingles. Secure the shingles with pierced nails.

You can also make a visor, as shown in the figure below. The angle of the visor should be 15 °. For the visor, use the bars with a section of 2.5×5 cm, OSB and flexible tiles.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

8. Fill all the gap with silicone. Plywood and all wooden elements should be covered with several layers of paint for outdoor woodwork in order to protect them from external environmental influences. The paint should be safe for the dog, so carefully choose the paint, you can use water-based paint.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

How to choose a dog house

1. The very first thing you need to decide what material should a booth be. In our opinion, the answer is unequivocal – only from wood.

At the moment, there are many modern materials, which are often made booths for dogs. For example, plastic, it is usually cheaper than wood and easier to maintain, it does not rot and is easy to clean. But, unlike plastic, wooden booths are much warmer and environmentally friendly. The wooden box will provide more reliable protection to your pet from rain, wind and cold than plastic.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Sometimes the booths are made of metal or concrete. Such material, of course, is very durable, and will last much longer than your pet will live. But, in our opinion, this is also not the best option. It is necessary to carefully isolate such booths, because the metal is very hot in hot weather and cools down very cold. Concrete, too, in the cold season will be constantly cold and your pet in such a house will often hurt. Booths from such material, as well as from plastic, will poorly perform their basic function, what they are intended for, create a favorable microclimate, and comfortable temperature for a dog at any time of the year. Inside these booths there is a high probability of overheating or freezing of your pet.

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2. Now, you need to decide what size should be a dog house.

Choosing the right size is very important. After all, if the booth is very large, the animal can freeze there in the cold, and if it is very small, then the dog in such a dwelling will be uncomfortable. Speaking in simple terms about the size of the booth, it should be such that the animal inside is comfortable to turn around and lie flat, completely stretched out, but no more. So, to determine the optimal size of the booth can only be based on the size of the dog, if you still have a puppy, the size of an adult dog can be determined by parents or by catalog.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The size of the booth can be calculated. There are several methods of calculation, select the one that suits you best.

First method:
Booth depth = dog length 30 cm.
Booth width = dog length 45 cm.
Height of the box = height of the dog 8 cm. (On the low side), height 22 (on the high side)
Second method:
The depth of the box should be 1.5 lengths of your dog.
The width of the box should be 0.7 of the length of your dog.
The height of the booth should be 1.2 of your dog’s height, which is measured from the ground to the top of the dog’s head. Height can also be calculated, so = height of the dog in a sitting position 5 cm.
Third method:
The length and width of the booth should not be less than the size of a dog, but should not exceed the size of a dog by more than 30%, since it will be difficult for a dog to heat such a booth.
The height of the booth should be no less than 20% and no more than 45% more than the height of the dog in full growth.

3. It is time to decide what size should be the doorway in the booth.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The entrance must be large enough for your dog to freely enter and exit the box. But at the same time, if you make the entrance too large, it will lead to excessive heat loss and wind, rain / snow penetration into the dog house. Keep in mind that, unlike people, a dog is not difficult to bend his head when he enters the booth. The dog can easily pass through the doorway, less than the height of the dog in full growth. Therefore, the doorway should be no less than the height of the dog to the withers, but also no more than the height of the dog in full growth. The width of the doorway should be a few centimeters wider than the width of the dog.

Often the doorway is made in the center. Despite the fact that such a booth looks quite beautiful, it is not the best option. It will be much better for your dog if the entrance is shifted to the left or right edge of the booth. In this case, your pet will be reliably protected from external atmospheric influences (rain, snow, wind, etc.), it will be easier for the dog to heat such a booth, and the animal will have an additional personal place hidden from prying eyes.

At the entrance you can hang a special transparent curtain, which will serve as an additional barrier to rain, snow and wind. The shutter must be transparent so that the dog can see what is happening on the street. It is better if the curtain is removable so that in hot time it can be removed and thereby improved ventilation in the dog house.

four. Booths are usually with a dual roof or flat roof, made under the slope. As roofing most often used shingles, wood or roofing material. What is better to choose?

Dog Box With His Own Hands

If you live in a region where there are very cold winters, then you should opt for a flat-roofed booth. Since in a booth with such a roof it is better to keep warm in the cold season due to more limited space. In addition, such a roof can serve as a platform for a dog where it can lie in good weather. There is one more advantage of a flat roof over a dual-pitch one; under a dual-pitch roof, wasps and hornets start up much more often, as there are more secluded places. If you choose a house with a double-sided roof, then in this case it will be possible to warm such a booth in winter by adding an additional ceiling there. In the summer, this ceiling should be removed to improve ventilation in the kennel. It is very good if the roof in the doghouse is removable, so that there is an opportunity to clean the box from time to time, disinfect, and get to the dog if it suddenly climbs into the booth and refuses to go out for any reason.

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As for the roofing, most often the roofs of dog kennels are covered with wood, tile or roofing material. The advantage of shingles is that, with proper insulation, it retains heat well, looks good, does not require special care. The roof of wood has excellent thermal insulation properties, in a booth with such a roof is cooler in summer than in a booth with a roof of flexible tiles. And in the winter in a booth with a wooden roof is also warm, as in a booth with a roof of flexible tiles. If you make the correct roof of larch, then it will serve for a long time, without much care.

If you have chosen a dog house with a flat roof, then you should not use roofing material as a roof covering. Dogs like to lie on a flat roof, and as a result, scratches, and chewed roofing felt, which often have to be changed. In addition, the roofing material on hot days will be very hot and create discomfort for your pet. Sometimes metal roofs are made, we do not recommend doing such roofs, because they require very careful insulation, and these are additional costs. Such roofs are very noisy and not every dog ​​will be able to stay in the booth, for example, when rain bangs loudly on the roof. Roofs with metal roofs get very hot on sunny days, therefore in the summer in such a booth it will be hot. In winter, in a booth with such a roof, the dog will be colder than in a booth with a wooden roof, as it has the worst thermal insulation properties.

five. As for the floor.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

It is better to choose a booth that is raised a few centimeters above the ground. The airspace that forms as a result serves as additional insulation and as a result the floor in the kennel becomes warmer. It will also serve as an additional protection against the infection of the dog with fleas, which can occur from hatching eggs in the soil. If the floor is raised above the ground, then it is better ventilated, and, consequently, the wood will be less susceptible to rotting.

6 In the booth you can put a litter.

Often, different blankets, carpets, hay, and straw are used as bedding. All these materials are bad because they are easily bred for fleas, and they are also very susceptible to various types of mold and fungi. Therefore, such litter should be changed frequently. A more suitable material for bedding is cedar shavings, because cedar oil will deter fleas. However, it should be noted that in a small percentage of dogs, cedar oil can cause allergies. You can also use a polyurethane travel mat as a litter. It will remain dry and no fleas will penetrate it, but note that its dog can chew easily.

7 Above the entrance to the booth you can make a visor.

It will provide additional shade on a hot summer day and will serve as an additional barrier to rain and snow.

Do not make doors in the booth, as in this case, the booth will be poorly ventilated. In the summer due to poor ventilation in such a booth it will be too hot, and in winter moisture from the dog’s breath may accumulate.

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