August 20, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dog booth is useful to most owners of private homes. Who, if not a dog, will become the best guard of private territory. But, as a rule, if you have your own courtyard, the dog is not kept in the house, because this is excess dirt and hassle, and the animal on the street will be better.

However, not always, especially when there is no roof over your head – the dog also does not want to get wet in the rain, or to bask in an overly hot sun.

Many people think that it is very difficult to make the booth yourself, but in reality it is not so, because everyone can make a convenient house with his own hands for his pet, who will not only become a comfortable place for a dog, but also fit perfectly into any, even the most sophisticated, landscape design.

Dog box with his own hands

First, let’s figure out how to choose the best place for a future dog booth:

    booth should not be in places of constant drafts;

When we build a cottage, it is rarely taken into account that the booth should not be flooded. For her, you should choose a place so that the water under the booth does not accumulate, otherwise the dog risks getting sick, and the booth will quickly deteriorate and fall apart.

You should also place the booth so that if you have a mesh fence, people passing by will see that you have a dog. In the protected house is unlikely to climb, even if your dog is actually kind.

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It is better to install the booth in places where a full view of the courtyard is better visible. So the dog feels better, because the guardian instinct was originally incorporated into it. Even if the owner believes that the dog gets underfoot and interferes, it is better to put up with this little thing, because in an inconspicuous and poorly visible place the dog will not be comfortable.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

How to build a dog house

So, how to build a dog house with your own hands, if there are practically no raw materials

To begin construction, you need to understand that you have to create a booth of two parts: a berth and the main body, including the entrance.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

So, for the construction of a dog house you need the following materials:

  • bars of different sizes, depending on the height of the booth, its length and width, that you need to calculate in advance, preferably by sketching a preliminary plan;
  • batten;
  • plywood for dog booths;
  • lining;
  • ruberoid;
  • decorative slats;
  • polystyrene or construction wool;
  • tiles;
  • polyethylene;
  • pinotex;
  • nails;
  • sand.

Summer houses may contain more simple versions of booths, for which not all the material presented above may be useful, however, if you want to create a real home for a dog, it is better to stock up on building materials and tools.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Do not handle any antiseptic booth from the inside. Outside – yes, but from the inside – in no way. The dog will smell and she will definitely not like it.

It is also important that it is not necessary to build a particularly insulated booth, because in winter even in it the dog can be cold and in summer it will be hot. At the same time, if you build an ordinary booth for summer and winter, you should not make it too spacious, because it will create a lot of extra space, which means that in the winter it will be a lot of cold in the booth.

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If you have two pairs of boards of equal size, you can make a square booth and of them.

The boards should be processed so that there are no gaps, because the dog can also get hurt. This, of course, is the simplest option, which does not require much time and effort, but in this case, you are unlikely to make an original design of the booth and divide its interior into two compartments, one of which will become warmer.

Design and ideas for creating booths provide for the use of decorative boards that have initially equal parameters. From this material, you can lay out anything, fixing everything that was erected with nails.

However, in any case, it should be understood that the floor of the booth should be done without gaps, it will greatly help to maintain thermal temperature indicators in the booth. With the help of clapboard sheathed walls. You can, of course, take plywood, but it will quickly begin to crumble.

A dog house should also have a roof with its own hands, which is usually insulated with construction wool or foam. If the booth will be in the open air, you need to make an attic, which is subjected to insulation.

It should be remembered that the dog booth will last longer if its lower part is covered with an antiseptic. However, this should be done only from the bottom side, which practically will not be felt by the dog.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

That’s it, the house for your favorite guard is ready! And then, if you wish, it is possible to paint a house for a dog, but this will restrict the dog for a while, because the smell, after all, will not please her.

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