July 17, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

If you live in a private house and decide to have a dog, you will definitely need a good box. You can build it from scrap materials. It does not require special skills in the field of construction, and its assembly will require only one day with the necessary tools.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Before buying materials required to calculate the size of the future booth. They will depend on the breed of your dog. Typically, the height of the kennel to the ceiling make ten centimeters higher than the height of an adult dog. The width and height should be such that the dog could turn around in the booth, lie down, stretched out its paws, etc. But do not make the booth too big – it will be harder for the dog to warm it.

If the booth is built under a small puppy, you should use reference materials. There are dimensional tables for different breeds of dogs, in which the recommended dimensions of the kennel are written:

  • For dogs of large breeds, according to the type of dogs and mastiffs – 120x100x100 centimeters
  • For dogs of medium breeds, like the likes, satters, labradors – 100x80x100 centimeters
  • For dogs of small breeds, according to the type of dachshund – 80x60x80 centimeters.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Dimensions are excluding the inner lining of the booth. So, if you decide to insulate the booth, add the wall thickness to these dimensions. The booth can be a single continuous room or can be divided into a vestibule and the main room. But usually the dogs are most comfortable when the booth consists of one room.

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Install the booth is on the boardwalk platform, which is elevated above the ground. Above the exit from the booth, you can make a shelter and put flooring there, as dogs love to be outside. Inside the booth should be treated with antiseptics or preparations of ectoparasites. And outside it can be painted or sheathed siding.

The roof of the booth is better to make a shed, with a slight slope back to drain water. Since dogs often lie on the roofs of their booths, such a roof would be the most convenient option. For easy cleaning and disinfection of the booth, the roof should be made removable or foldable. Periodic cleaning of the booth is necessary, as over time, organic particles and wool are collected there.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The best material for the booth is considered to be a coniferous tree, since such material better keeps warm during the cold time of the day. But in any case, the booth is better to further warm. The following materials are suitable for this:

  • Felt
  • Foam rubber
  • Expanded clay
  • Styrofoam
  • Mineral wool

In cold weather, lay straw on the floor. The dog itself will make a "nest" for itself, and the excess will be thrown out.

The width of the passage in the booth depends on the growth of the animal. It is usually made 5-10 centimeters taller than a dog. And the width is made by 5-7 centimeters wider than the dog’s sternum. Too wide an entrance is not necessary to do – more cold will penetrate.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The “door” should not be done at the center of the wall, but should be moved to one of the corners. This way the dog will be able to shelter from the rain and wind.

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You can cut the old cloth of coarse fabric into wide strips and hang or enter the kennel. This will penetrate less wind.

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