July 23, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Making a dog house is carried out in a series of steps:

Size of dog box

The main advantage of the booth is comfort and convenience. Making attempts to build a dog house, complete the list of measurements.

  • Height. The dog in the dwelling should not feel discomfort, the height of the booth is chosen appropriate. Often the dog gets up on his paws in the house, the height of the booth is not done end-to-end. The formula for the height of the booth: the height of the dog at the withers plus 15-18 cm. Consider, if there is a rug on the floor of the booth or other thick things, the height of the booth is calculated from the insulation.
  • Width. Similar parameters correspond to the width. As a rule, the width of the room is 45-60 cm (depends on the dimensions of the animal), the length of the booth is calculated as follows: the length of the pet from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail plus 10-12 cm for free space.
  • Depth. Imagine the pet’s position in the booth. The depth of the room is built with intention, so that the animal calmly stretches its paws forward, without touching anything.

Dog box should be like a pet. If the beast is not satisfied with the dwelling, it will not go there.

Material for the booth

Booths for dogs made of wood – the best. In a similar material is warm in winter and cool in summer. Wood is a natural material that is important for the health of your pet.

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We recommend using only softwood in the manufacture of interior walls, floor and ceiling. It is preferable in terms of economy and environmental friendliness. It is possible to make external walls, a ceiling and a floor of lining. It will turn out beautifully and reliably.

Warming dog booths

Dog Box With His Own Hands

A large dog box means finding a pet inside in winter and summer. In summer, the dog is saved from the heat and sun in its own shelter, and in winter it is necessary to ensure sufficient heat in the house so that the animal does not get sick and die.

Reliable insulation booths for dogs – insulated walls and ceilings. How to insulate a dog house? Suitable wood chips or foam. With the help of these objects make the walls and ceiling of two- or three-layer. It is forbidden to use fiberglass as a heater. It is an allergenic and unhealthy material. In addition to allergic reactions on the body of the animal, fiberglass will contribute to the weakening of the protective forces of the animal.

The laying for a dog in a box is warmed due to the double layer of polyfoam. It is not recommended to put the booth directly on the bare ground, it is wiser to make small legs at the booth, then have a dog’s house. In winter, you need to put additional litter in the room for the dog. For example, an old wadded mattress, folded flannelette or wadded blanket. Sometimes old down or feather pillows are used as winter litter.

With the right approach, a warm booth will become a favorite dog’s place during frosty evenings.

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Schooling a dog to a booth

The main question is: how to make the constructed building become a reliable rear and a cozy cottage for an animal?

How to teach a dog to the booth:

  • Do not immediately hook the dog to the chain to the new booth. Bring the animal to a new dwelling, do not tie it, allow free sniffing of the dwelling, climb inside and on the roof. Do not force the animal into the box, otherwise the dog will begin to experience negative emotions at the sight of a warm kennel.
  • When the rainy, chilly weather begins, release the animal to run around the yard and watch from the window. You will see: in the rain the dog will run to look for a dry and reliable shelter and, on his own initiative, will climb into a new doghouse. When the animal realizes that the new home is comfortable and cozy, the dog will love and protect the new home.
  • If you teach a puppy to the booth, put there toys or objects that are fascinating to the animal. Out of curiosity, the puppy will climb into the kennel and understand that protection, warmth and reliability are waiting inside – the main thing for the little guard.
  • Go to the trick: put treats in the booth, the dog will understand that in this house they will feed deliciously.
  • About feeding. From the day of the appearance of the new booth in the yard, there should be a bowl of a dog next to it. Now you need to feed the animal only near the booth. There also put drinking water.
  • Gradually, when you make sure that the dog is not afraid of the new dwelling, it is permissible to tie the animal. But do not leave the dog immediately after binding, stand beside him, pat him on the head, say approving words and put the tasty bone in the booth. When the dog gets into the booth and lies down, enjoying the delicacy, the owner is allowed to leave.
  • If a dog tied to a new booth starts to whine or howl, do not punish the pet. Unhook the animal, let it run, then move it to the booth again. Try to caress, treat and treat and fasten on a leash. Get ready, the procedure will need to be done several times. Gradually, the dog will get used to the new house and he will begin to ask there after the walk.
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Remember, if the dog in the booth feels discomfort (it is cold or uncomfortable to rest), the animal will desperately begin to resist, will not live in a new house. For this reason, the dog box must meet the necessary requirements of comfort, comfort, reliability and protection.

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