July 22, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands

To make a dog house with your own hands, you will no doubt need the drawings and dimensions of the building. For example, if it is intended for the German Shepherd, it will require not only a large box, but also increased mechanical strength, as it is a heavy and strong dog. Of course, the principle of construction will remain unchanged, no matter what the size and blood of the dog, but he also wants to sleep in a place well protected from bad weather and frost.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

It’s warm and cozy here

Dimensions and drawing booth

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The proportions of the doghouse relative to its owner

To build a dog kennel in compliance with all the rules, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the animal – height, length and width. We will not talk about any individual case, but simply dwell on the three most common types:

  • For small breeds, for example, the dachshund needs a room of 70-75 cm in length, 60-65 cm in width and 55-60 cm in height.
  • For breeds of medium size, the same German shepherd, you need to build 120-125 cm in length, 75-80 cm in width and 80-85 cm in height.
  • But for large animals like the Portuguese Mountain Shepherd, Caucasian, Dirhaunda, Moscow Hound or Mastiff you need a building 140-145 cm long, 100-105 cm wide and 95-100 cm high.

You can also use the table below to determine the parameters of the kennel for your pet.

In this case, you are familiar with the general requirements that can be followed when drawing up a drawing or a sketch in construction. But if you wish, you can make a VIP project that is suitable for your pet – this is not patricianism or elitism at all, but quite reasonable and reasonable pet care.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Another scheme of the doghouse size

Measure the chest width of your dog – it should pass unhindered into the manhole of the booth, therefore, the resulting parameter should be added from 5 to 8 cm for a total width (2.5-4 cm on each side). Lazy height can be calculated by determining the growth of the dog at the withers and add another 5 cm to this indicator, so that the dog could get into the kennel, just bending his head.

To create a VIP kennel project you need to take into account the height of your pet from the ground to the tip of the head (H is the height of the box), height at the withers (h 5 cm is the height of the manhole), and the width of the booth is approximately equal to its height.

What you need to build structures

Since it is possible to make such a construction only in the presence of certain materials and tools, we will consider these points in more detail. But I want to specify all possible options, and you can choose according to the specific situation.

What materials are needed

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Moisture-resistant plywood of different thickness

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Here is a list of materials that may be useful to you during construction, but you will need to make a choice of them:

  • unpolished bar – 50 × 50 mm;
  • batten – 40 × 25 or 50 × 25 mm;
  • board 100 × 50 mm or 70 × 40 mm;
  • A planed edged board, but better groovy – thickness is 20-25 mm (for walls) or wooden lining of the "collective farmer" type;
  • planed edged board, but better groovy – thickness 40 mm (for the floor);
  • moisture resistant plywood or OSB-3 (OSB 3rd class, waterproof);
  • insulation – foam plastic, extruded polystyrene foam (penoplex) or mineral basalt wool;
  • roofing material – decking, metal (roofing material, as an exceptional case);
  • fasteners – screws, steel corners and lining;
  • solid brick – ordinary or double (red) or silicate;
  • cement, sand, crushed stone.

In order for you to make a mistake when choosing plywood, you should pay attention not to the assurances of the seller that he is not afraid of moisture, but on the labeling of products. For this, I specially made a table where all the markings are listed, which belong to moisture-resistant plywood.

Tools for work

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Cutting plywood with a hand-held circular saw

Of course, building a structure is most convenient with the use of power tools, but you may not have them. Therefore, along with them, I will come and the usual joiner’s tools for manual work:

  1. manual or stationary circular saw and / or electric jigsaw. You can use a hacksaw;
  2. electric drill or screwdriver (cordless drill) with a set of drill bits. You can use the curly screwdriver and curly;
  3. roulette metric pencil;
  4. building corner

Watch the video on the construction of a warm kennel for a dog.

Video: Warm doghouse do it yourself

Stages of construction

Installation of the entire structure can be divided into stages. But the very first of them (making the foundation) may be unnecessary for a portable structure. Besides. The roof can be made single or double slope, but it will also affect the manufacture of the frame.

Pillar foundation

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Pillar foundation for a doghouse

It is very simple to make such a base: for this you need to dig four holes with a depth of 10-15 cm, where the supports will be constructed. When you build a dog house with your own hands, then, of course, you should already have the necessary drawings and sizes, but you can also just sketch a simple sketch on a piece of paper. Therefore, it will be easy to determine the perimeter – make holes in the corners.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Standard parameters of an ordinary brick

At the bottom of the fill sand-gravel pillow height of 5-7 cm and tamp it, and then pour back the same layer of concrete. The next day, fold the columns of brick (its dimensions you see in the image above) – they will be 250 × 250 mm in the perimeter, according to the standard. The height of the pillar from the ground should be about 10-15 cm – this will not allow water to flow into the kennel during heavy rains or snow melting. Level support on level.

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Framework for a gable roof

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Frame for wooden floor

The next step in the step-by-step instruction will be the manufacture of a frame for flooring a plank floor. In this case, the board is suitable 100 × 50 mm, 70 × 40 mm or a bar 50 × 50 mm – it depends on the weight of the animal and your desire. It is not necessary to use the dimensions shown in the image – they may not be suitable in your case. It is best to build on the specific dimensions of your dog.

If you cut off all four blanks, exactly observing their length, then there will be no problems with the diagonals – they will be the same. Strengthen the joints of the boards with perforated steel corners with reinforcement and then check the diagonals – they should be the same.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Hem the bottom frame with moisture resistant plywood

To make a warm floor in the kennel, you need to hem the bottom frame with moisture-resistant thick plywood (select the marking and thickness using the table). After you screw the sheet to the frame, any play will disappear. If the area is large, then you can add a transverse or longitudinal jumper from an identical board – it will serve as a log.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Ready frame for the doghouse

Now it’s up to the vertical uprights of the frame – start with four risers in the corners, fix them with steel corners and fix them with temporary drawstrings from the scraps so as not to knock down the vertical level. After that, fasten the top trim and insert the intermediate racks. In this case, you can use a board 100 × 50 mm or 70 × 40 mm, or a bar 50 × 50 mm – it all depends on the size of the dog house and dog.

Rafter system

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Simple gable truss system

The next step is the assembly of the truss system, where the number of pairs of truss legs depends on the depth of the booth and can be from two to four. This number also depends on the roofing material (hard steel sheets or soft roofing material).

In the installation of rafters there is another nuance – it is the insulation of the roof. For example, you make a dog house with your own hands, the drawings and dimensions of which are determined by the dimensions of your animal, but at the same time live in a cold region. If this structure is intended for the husky, then everything is in order – they are quietly sleeping in the snow even in the 50-degree frost, but other dogs cannot do it. So, under the rafters you need to install a continuous crate of thin edged boards, plywood or OSB, put insulation and waterproofing (thick polyethylene will do) and only then screw the crate under the roof.

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Dog Box With His Own Hands

The method of support truss foot in the mauerlat

The most convenient way to make rasters on rafter legs is as shown in the photo above. So the legs will rest against the mauerlat (upper strapping) and moreover you will fix them with perforated steel corners on the side. Screw 50 × 50 mm bar as a ridge beam.

Walls, floor and roof

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Warming the floor in the doghouse

In this case, the same insulation materials that you intend to use for walls and roofs will do. There are no special recommendations either – a layer of waterproofing between the lags, if you doubt the waterproofness of the subfloor, then insulation, waterproofing again and then installing the boardwalk.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The principle of wall cladding plywood

You, most likely, will also insulate the walls, so it is more convenient to start the lining of the sidewalls and the ends from the inside of the box. You can use different lumber for this purpose – plywood, OSB or plank, but in any case there should be no gaps. After the inner lining, install a heater between the frame posts and close it with a waterproofing film, and then lined.

Dog Box With His Own Hands

The booth is ready for operation

Now it remains only to lay the insulation under the roofing material on the bottom solid sheathing. After that, close it with polyethylene for waterproofing and install the lining itself. In the top photo you can see that the booth is covered with a metal tile – this is not only reliable, but also beautiful, besides you can choose the color according to the roof of the house. A decorative metal corner is installed on the ridge, which not only decorates the building, but also prevents leakage.

Shed roof box

Dog Box With His Own Hands

Doghouse with a lean-to roof

In this case, the frame is modified in accordance with the slope of the roof. That is, the front pillars are higher than the rear, and the intermediate pillars are of medium size, but they are installed only after attaching the top trim. Everything else is no different from a structure with a gable roof – the same need for insulation and waterproofing, as well as wood treatment with antiseptic.


It’s up to you to decide what kind of dog booth you will make with your own hands. Here you can take as a basis the drawings and dimensions given in this article, but it is best if you, using the manual, draw up a project, starting from the dimensions of your pet. He will be grateful to you, although he will not be able to express feelings in words that you can understand, but he will compensate for this with his devotion.

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