July 12, 2019

Dog Box With His Own Hands To Make Very Simple

Dog friend of the people. Tse know bagato people. However, not all my dbati about my friends. Zokrem, not all people think about more comfortable things for their dogs. Aja tse so important! Zvichayno, Mova not yde about quiet dogs, yakі live in apartments, there і so all zrozumіlo. And the axis in private homemade dogs trims mainly on the streets. Well you can learn about your vihovans and earn a comfortable booth for you, in a yak wi i will live. Yak same pobuduvati box for dogs? Everything is as simple as that. Golovne – dotrimuvatsya basic rules.

The rules are supposed to add a booth

Dog Box With His Own Hands To Make Very Simple

Naygolovnіshche rule – not warto pospіshati, іnkkshe booth for dogs, with their own hands zablena, you can no less ardent and beautiful, but you want a bug, scab on all the harmony of everything. To the very end, everything is thought out in the first place, and i will earn it, use the booths in terms of the optimal dimensions. The stench will be the rest of the dog’s rozmіru. More generally, the rule of thumb is how to make a dog’s booth – not a warto robiti zadto a great booth, but your dog will have a cold charge, as well, more importantly, to do so. Ale і tіsno in this Budinochku buti is not guilty.

Folding Escort

At eskіzі slіd namalyuvati povnisty those scho vizbiraєttesya pobuduvati, tobto booth from assim її elements. What is next?

Dog Box With His Own Hands To Make Very Simple

Looking at one side outside the center, a dog could easily get into a good mood, and at that time it wouldn’t be good enough for him. Namaluviat slіd i dah. Form її mozhe buti absolutely be-yaky. If you want a dog, for your dog, with your own hands, you can find a beautiful dog, just look at your house and your little bit. Immediately on eskіzі potirno poznachiti all rozmіri. Tіlki pіslya tsogo can start before budinitstva, aja so bude easier zorієnttuvatsya.

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Robo the bottom of the booth і стіни

Sobacha booth is guilty butti warm. In the first place, there will be a rest, in addition to that. Tommy zmeistrute yogo z dvoh bar – it is suitable. On them, put another piece of wood. On the sides of the house you will find a chotiri bar, they will be able to move to the front of the booth. Pіslya tsogo slіd proceed to the entrance. There are two small bars in this place. All construction is necessary and covered with carpeting. Prostuzhte, schob dog box, with his own hands vigotovla, bula ivno vistavlena.

Robo stele and booths

Dog Box With His Own Hands To Make Very Simple

Robyla stele і dah, neobhіdno vrahuvati those scho ponny but they know it. This is necessary in order for mothers to directly access the dog in different ways, so as to assist the veterinarian and so on. Before that, after an active hour, spend the day in the country, and make it easier for you to go through the dog in order for the dog. Try to warm dah. Vicorize for tsogo pergamіn i mineraralnu vatu, since your vihovanets definitely are not frozen. You can also put all the middle of the pіnoplast. To show trophies of imagination – a dog booth, with its own hands, is sparred, you will not be delighted by your vihovans, but by your first gospodariv, adzhe її you can beautifully pofarbuvati or simply vigotovit the most beautiful mothers. Ale naygolovnіshe – pamyatayte about those scho ponov guts but safe for the health of the creature.

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