August 17, 2019

Dog Box With Their Own Hands – Drawings, Sketches And Sizes

For many years, the dog is a devoted friend of a person, or rather, a member of the family in which she lives. Naturally, it is difficult to get a large pet in the apartment, but if a person is the happy owner of a private house, then the faithful watchman and friend – the dog should always live in the yard.

But to ensure a comfortable living environment for a shaggy pet, you need to worry about a convenient and comfortable housing – a booth. And in order to independently make a simple apartment for an animal, you need to understand the drawings and design features of such a structure. This will make a doghouse as comfortable, comfortable and warm.

Sizes and location of dog housing

Before you start assembling a structure with your own hands, you need to choose the right place for its location in the courtyard. First of all, this will allow to turn an ordinary booth into a kind of security post, through which no stranger will pass. In addition, when placing facilities The following factors should be considered:

  • When installing a dog shed it is important to take into account the direction of the wind, since the structure should not be blown;
  • the place should have a good illumination, while located next to the natural shadow, where the animal can hide from the scorching sun;
  • the dog house should not be located in a valley where rainwater can accumulate, it is better if the kennel is on a small hill;
  • it is better to have a box close to the entrance to human housing.

It is important to take into account that regardless of the shape of the kennel for a pet, its dimensions should correspond exactly to the physical data of the dog. Therefore, the basis of the calculations is the height, length and other parameters of the animal with small allowances.

Based on the breed of dog on which its physical data depends, for the construction of a booth in accordance with the drawings use the following sizes:

  • for a small dog, such as a dachshund, a house with dimensions of 70 cm in length, 55 cm in width and 60 cm in height will suit;
  • medium-sized dogs, to which shepherd dogs can be enrolled, will come in booths with dimensions of 120 by 75 by 80 cm, respectively, in length, width and height;
  • for Alabay or Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, which are the largest representatives of dogs, suitable housing with dimensions of 140 cm length, 100 cm width, 95 cm height.

Due to the fact that even in the same breed, dogs can differ in their size, the kennel for the animal is adjusted according to individual parameters. And for the correct determination of the dimensions of a dog’s house, you need to build on the width, the entrance of the booth, which must correspond to the size of the animal’s chest, with a margin of up to 100 mm, height 50 mm below the dog’s tail and the depth corresponding to the length of the pet.

Drawings and design features of the booth

After the installation location and dimensions of the booth are determined, it is important to transfer the image and the exact parameters to a schematic drawing made on paper. For high-quality production of a doghouse with their own hands, it is important to correctly design the structure in accordance with the physical data of the animal and the characteristics of its nature.

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To the doghouse turned out to be a real shelter for a pet It is important to consider the following nuances:

  1. The space inside the dog house should be enough for the animal to rise to its full height, as well as lie down stretching along the entire length. That is, when making measurements and calculations, it is necessary to leave allowances.
  2. In the construction of a dog house, only materials that meet all environmental criteria should be used. Wooden boards are best suited for this.
  3. If the climatic features where the dog will live, are characterized by strong cold, it is important to take care of the quality weatherization of the structure. You can also make a two-room building with several manholes, one of which is located from the street, and the other closer to the back of the booth, protecting the dwelling from direct wind penetration.
  4. Also often a booth for large breeds of dogs is built inside the enclosure. In the first place – this is due to the fact that not all animals are accustomed to sit on a chain.
  5. It is also important to determine the shape of the roof of the future booth. If you use a sloping, flat construction, then a pet can be placed on it, and a gable roof will allow you to make an additional attic.

Only taking into account all the nuances possible make an accurate drawing, dog kennel, based on which the calculated amount of consumables.

Tools and consumables for the booth

Before you make a dog house with your own hands, it is important to prepare tools and consumables. In addition to the prepared sketches of the booth, you will need:

  • simple pencil and construction meter;
  • hand saw or jigsaw for wood;
  • shovel and water level;
  • construction hammer or screwdriver;
  • nails or screws;
  • impregnation for wood against rot and fungus;
  • Paint with the shade you like.

Body dog ​​kennels better to make from pine wood. Such wood species breathe perfectly, retaining heat, are easy to process and have a long operational resource. If you plan to build insulated dog housing, you should take care of the following materials:

  • several meters of roofing material or polyethylene film;
  • high-quality insulation – foam or mineral wool.

It is important that all boards used in the manufacture of booths are sanded with sandpaper or a sander, so that your pet does not hurt itself or put a splinter into its paw. For the treatment of the structure inside it is impossible to use chemicals with a pronounced smell or containing toxic components. Dogs have a very strong scent, and a sharp scent can damage the snuffing receptors of the animal.

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How to make a booth with their own hands – assembly technology

After the preparatory stage you can go to the assembly dog kennels with their own hands. Such work is quite simple and under the force of all comers who are not afraid of physical labor.

  1. Dog Box With Their Own Hands - Drawings, Sketches And Sizes

    At the first stage, the bottom of the structure is assembled. The wooden bars 40 to 40 are sawn in accordance with the dimensions and the frame is assembled from the received blanks, onto which the flooring board is stuffed, as close as possible to each other so that no gaps are formed. If the booth is going for a large dog, then it is advisable to install several lintels from the bars so that the floor does not sag under the weight of the animal.

  2. 10 by 10 cm bars will be attached to the finished bottom in the vertical position. They will act as a basis for the walls. Structurally, the resulting system should resemble a table with its legs upside down. To support the roof between the bearing vertical bars, you can install several additional blanks 40 to 40.
  3. Outside the walls of the dog house it is better to sheathe wooden clapboard, which qualitatively resists external environmental factors and does not stratify like plywood. To fix the outer skin, it is better to use galvanized nails or screws on wood.
  4. After preparing the walls go to the ceiling design. If the doghouse will be installed under a canopy or in a covered aviary, the ceiling thickness does not play a big role, and the ceiling surface can simultaneously act as the roof of the structure. If the booth is located under the open sky, then in addition to the warmed ceiling it is necessary to assemble the roof protecting the structure from precipitation.
  5. For the construction of the ceiling is better to use plywood and bars 40 to 40. For insulation, on top of the plywood sheet, fasten mineral wool or foam, which is covered with a second plywood sheet. If the additional roof is not planned according to the drawing, then roofing material or other material that does not let moisture pass over the ceiling.
  6. At the next stage, you need to make a gable for the roof, for which a frame is being constructed of 40 by 40 mm bars. The resulting construction is sheathed outside clapboard.
  7. At the final stage it is necessary to close manholes to the booth from direct winds. For this, a curtain of thick tarpaulin is suitable, the upper edge of which is fastened on top of the manhole on the stud, and the lower part remains free so that the dog can freely enter and exit the kennel. To the bottom of the curtain does not dangle from the wind you need to hang any load to the bottom edge.

After the basic construction of the booth is built, it will remain just to refine it, covering the outside with a layer of paint or varnish.

Comfortable dog housing with insulation

Even if the pet living in a kennel has a thick and long hair additional insulation of the booth will not be over. Moreover, the process of insulation does not take much time and effort.

  1. It is important to remember that the wooden booth, installed directly on the ground, will quickly begin to rot from moisture. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, bricks are additionally installed on the ground, and the dog house itself is placed on them. This will allow to protect the kennel from moisture.
  2. The construction should be turned upside down and treated with a high-quality antiseptic, on top of which you should nail a piece of roofing material, which should be fixed with 10 x 5 cm bars impregnated with a water-repellent. The design is returned to its previous position and a layer of insulation is laid, which on both sides is replaced by glass canvas, on top of which a clean floor surface is fixed.
  3. The same technology is used for wall insulation only for finishing from the inside lining is used. Such insulation will turn the kennel into a kind of thermos, which qualitatively keeps the heat inside the booth.
  4. If the house for the dog was made of thick bars and planks, then the wall insulation is not necessary, but to warm the roof and the floor does not hurt.

Thanks to such simple events you can build a booth with your own hands, qualitatively protected from the effects of natural factors, which means that the animal will feel cozy and comfortable.

Features care for the booth

Cleaning in dog housing should be at least once a month. All that needs to be done is to sweep away the remnants of food, wool and other garbage that the pet dragged into its kennel. It is also important to keep in mind the regular disinfection of the dog’s home.

In the winter season, disinfection is carried out no more than once per season, and from spring to autumn once a month. It is also important to deal with parasites in a timely manner. You can handle the internal surfaces of the booth creolin, lysol or formalin. At the time of disinfection, the animal is better to move to another room.

If during the construction of the booth to take care that its design was collapsible, then in the future it will greatly simplify the arrangements for its care. You can make the roof was folding or at the booth walls were put forward. Also, if a separate part of the structure breaks or deteriorates, it can be replaced without completely reworking a dog kennel.

After simple construction work on the site near the house, a beautiful and comfortable dwelling for a pet canine will appear. The dog will surely be delighted with his booth and will be able to feel how much the owners love her, responding to them in the future with devotion.

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